Sunday, December 28, 2014


Can we describe all of life experience to a single nutshell. Many try to explain the tree by examining the leafs, branches and the roots. The tree of life , the tree of knowledge and it is so we can learn a lot from the tree.

We can also learn from the nutshell , which is experience.

The nutshell is simple , it is Zen.

Be still and know that I am the Lord. In the quiet and stillness of the mind you will find bliss.

To know you need to be unknowing. In order to feed the spirit , you must starve the ego. To experience infinity , you must first experience nothingness. These are not riddles your mind in a nutshell.



Saturday, December 27, 2014


Philosophy means the Love of Wisdom. It is a pure process in which the philosopher poses an idea to answer a question. The philosopher is an abstract thinker that merely poses theories to the unknown. Using all the available resources and thought processes throughout their lifetime, they engage heavily in debate with other philosophers to arrive at the best outcome. They also use observation and of course wisdom.

What is the wisdom of philosophy versus the wisdom of religion. You will find the philosopher is more concerned with  questions where the religious person is more concerned with answers. Some have the same conclusions however the philosopher leaves the answer open where the religious person may commit to it by faith. The religious mind will sometimes create a myth as a place holder to provide an answer. That is where a lot of confusion comes in about religion and the various belief systems.

Science is normally thought of as non-abstract and is purely reason. However we are finding that science is evolving to abstract theories such as quantum physics and big bang theories. Every system whether Science , Religion or Philosophy has its fringe thinkers. Sometimes they come up with a theory of everything (TOE) which is actually a form of religion. We see the ego is rampant in religion and in science. The ego is identified in philosophy. The religious man says I am, the scientist says I know, the philosopher says I know nothing. Socrates and the Buddha were the greatest philosophical thinkers who became nothing. Perhaps we should focus on unknowing , empty ourselves, still the mind and enjoy the bliss.  

The religious mind is best explained by the story of Moses. Moses went to the top of the mountain to receive from God. He waited patiently upon the Lord many days. The tribe below became impatient and had built a golden calf. Moses had a set of tablets upon returning from the mountain and seeing the people of Israel with the golden calf he destroyed the tablets. Later these tablets were reproduced from the Moses memory.
This story explains religious impatience.
The religious mind says I have the answers and you will accept it or go to hell. The mind that is also sweeping across the middle east killing and maiming. The mind that brings guilt and shame - mental instability. The mind that breaks up families and whole countries. The mind so divided it splinters into a million fragments of dispute. It even recognizes the harm caused and calls for unity.

The science mind is explained in the medical practice drilling a hole in the head to relieve a headache. The shaman produced an herb and was put to death for practicing magic when science was popular. Later the scientist tried the herb , packaged it and sold it as aspirin. The scientist unleashed the atomic bomb which was described long before in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Oppenheimer who was in charge of the project realized this at that very moment he unleashed death. It was dropped upon a civilian population killing nearly a million. It was justified by saying it put an end to the war that had already killed millions more.
What caused the war? The root cause was ego. The Germans , Italians and Japanese formed a pack to obtain power. It did not start out that way however the ego got out of hand. These events that lead to the tragic death of millions started with the ego. Science realizes the harm caused and calls for disarmament.

The philosophical mind acknowledges science and religion. The philosopher just injects wisdom with more questions. What will happen if we release the atom is the reward greater than the risk? What will happen if we use energy and release it into the atmosphere? What will this religion do for me and my family bring us apart or together? What will state religion do for a country divide it , cause more suffering? We need more questions not just answers.

PATIENCE is the key to all WISDOM. If you do not understand something , say I don't know like Socrates often did and pose another question. The light will eventually unravel the truth. The light was always there, the truth was always there- there was never a mystery.

Wait upon the Lord with patience. The Lord is Truth.



Thursday, December 4, 2014


Filio in the Latin has (2) distinct meanings the first being son. The second meaning which we will explore is branch.

In Jesus words he often referred to himself as the vine. In prophesy we are told a branch will grow out of the root of Jesse. We are also told by Jesus he is the vine and we are the branches. We are also told the story of the fig tree that did not have any figs growing on it. In this story Jesus caused the fig tree to dry up or whither.

We know that we have many physical characteristics some have blue eyes , some brown or even green or even hazel. We are sometimes characterized by the color of our skin. We can be short or tall , skinny or obese. God's image was not a physical characteristic what was this image?

The image was transferred from Father to son, similar to the root , vine and branch. In my belief it is in our very DNA given at birth. With modern science the discovery of DNA has opened new meaning to the image. We also can understand how all the various people of the world came to the same stories of the Great Flood.
The kingdom of God is within us all. How different cultures arrived to similar conclusions , the golden rule. Why the Buddha taught similar lessons as Jesus or the many of similarities of religions that are found even amongst aboriginal peoples with no other human contact. This is because their humanity alone entitles them to knowledge , this intelligence is inherent.

Those that look within for knowledge , the mystics are constantly revealing thoughts of divine origin. Over many years have discovered the answers or truth was within not just me but us all. We have from birth received this image in our DNA. Remarkably every living human being has the capacity to unravel mystery and find the truth.

In gnostic belief and per Carl Jung there is also a germ , this belief is also held by Hindu mystics. Myself believe this is a bean or seed. As you will see later explained in modern program techniques.

My belief is all knowledge comes from God , all of it. It is in each human being from the beginning of birth. We unravel the knowledge - sort of like decompressing and decrypting it in computer science only at a much higher level through experience and introspection.

Today we find the worlds most powerful computers are being used to try to unravel this DNA externally. To discover the biometrics of the human anatomy for heath science and other uses. Imagine this all the super computing just to unravel one strain of human DNA. This DNA can be taken from a single hair from any human. DNA is a substance of protein a material it is however capable of coding. Similar to the machine code of a computer it can run micro programs as experience or introspection touches them.

Imagine the entire history from the tree of Life in our every strand. The kingdom of God within our very being. Imagine all the knowledge of God in every human entity nothing is hidden - no mystery.
This is one of my core beliefs that God is truth , mystery is just emptiness waiting for the truth. Plato also believed as I do though this idea did not come to me from Plato it was realized.

The very reason  the internet came about was to spread the knowledge across many diverse locations in the event of nuclear attack it could be recovered. Are we Gods version of the internet all the knowledge spread across billions of humans. Is it our purpose to store and recollect that knowledge of the aeons. With each experience we unravel another piece or with each introspection.

The Hindus were told to desire the primal seed and the germ of the Spirit. In Gnostic belief it is the nous or germ in every human entity that through the use of a divine guide can uncover mystery. I think the Hindu has more clearly defined the primal seed long before the discovery of DNA it was known about for thousands of years and taught we had this primal seed and the germ of the Spirit is used to decipher the seed.

I believe we all have the primal seed. The mustard seed explained in the bible is this germ. We think of germs as having disease in modern times that is the most common use. For a seed to grow it must be germinated this is learned in horticulture. In the germination process the seed already contains all the nutrients to start the growth process. What is need is water or moisture to break the outer shell to release the nutrients. Later after the seed has broken the surface it needs light and when the roots start to form good soil to continue feeding.

So will the scientist uncover the cures for diseases in the DNA and the origins of the species? It is my guess they have already uncovered some answers. We will also find that the mind itself which is more powerful than all the supercomputers in existence and we can unravel these microcosm of books contained within each of us.

I always say, My favorite book is you. We learn through horticulture that branches are often grafted to produce a more robust variety of fruit. Perhaps the original races of intelligent species were not able to conform to the climate or environment of the age. A new species needed to be created that had the necessary characteristics to hold information and survive in the present - humans.

The human body contains billions of tiny factories at the molecular level, the brain can hold more data than the most advanced computers. Our hearts are constantly in motion more powerful than any machine that will ever be invented. Each living human being has all these characteristics and more.
Whats even more fantastic is each is has a record of all human history. Why do some have the ability to speak different languages and some are scientist, some engineers, some are farmers and some nurses. The list goes on and on , we actually all have the capacity (not all have the ability or desire) to unravel the knowledge within.

So we are endowed from birth with all the information of the aeons - Yes. Some have the ability to tap into the resource using meditation or simply thought. In the computer world there is a language called java. Java has the ability to execute within the machine language it is called a java bean. There are also enterprise beans that work at the server level to execute shared programs. If we can create such a powerful computing tools today , what do you think our creator can do?

We are constantly searching for our identity in fact searching for knowledge. Nothing is hidden it just needs to be unraveled like tiny bits of code stored in our primal seed.

Is this what Jesus was trying to tell us in the lesson of the vine and branches? I think so in a more simplistic analogy. I think science has its place and religion also has its place in humanity. The main point I would like to make is simply how precious we each are and how amazing is our creator.



Monday, December 1, 2014

Gnosis or Hypnosis

Gnosticism is a movement that has gone around for many years in various circles. We find there were several books not included in the four gospels that  gnosticism hold dear. We find they have derived their own theories regarding these new found gospels. Regarding these ancient books which can shed new light on the truth. I will not deprive them of the excitement of discovery. It is this crazy theology that always spring up from the ancient world mystery.

How about we look to the present and future for answers. If the truth is not fully known lets move onto something else until we are capable of perceiving it instead of just making something up.

Hypnosis is using the subliminal consciousness to make a person believe one way or another. Sometimes it is used to produce an altered state of reality. This is real - we cannot rely on our own thoughts if hypnosis is used by some false ideology to dominate our mind.

We read in the psalms I am a lamp unto thy feet. We are told not to lean on our own understanding. What does all this mean?

We are to be patient in our ways - even in seeking the truth. Even the Qur'an teaches to wait patiently on the Lord's decision. Noah patiently waited upon the Lord. What separated David from many in the bible was his patience. He waited upon the Lord for answers instead of just making them up.

Who is the Lord? His name is Truth , the Creator - Guru Nanak
The Torah teaches truth about G_d. 
In the christian bible Jesus states , I am the Way the Truth and the Life.
Buddha taught the four noble truths and stated also three things cannot stay hidden long the sun, the moon and the Truth.
Hinduism teaches Brahman , creator is the eternal spiritual Truth.

So we see the Truth is not a mystery to be hidden. Mystery is not Truth , Truth is revelation. When we awaken to the Truth this is enlightenment. It is simple to understand even a child can. Mystery is darkness , Truth is light. Jesus never said I am the mystery.

So is religion just a thinking mechanism to overcome mystery? 

I believe we should not live to try and understand our shadow, we must come away from the shadows and toward the light.  Jesus said "I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light."
We also see in Buddhism that the dark world is ignorance, and the light which chases away the darkness is wisdom.

The Native Americans sometimes referred to the great Mystery. However they referred more often to the great Spirit. The Tao represents both mystery and truth in a symbolic gesture. We are finding the purpose of life is to evolve our consciousness. An intelligent being does not hold the concept of good and evil. Wisdom teaches us it is more about mystery and truth. Many have it right when we cross the threshold of wisdom evil disappears. We remain in the light as consummate spiritual beings.



Sunday, November 30, 2014

Religious Text and Experience

What is more important a religious text or experience? We can argue that most religious text can be interpreted in many ways. Some can argue the bible has over 100 thousand versions and translations. This can be said of many holy books. The book itself should not be worshiped for though holy books contain divine wisdom they are text.

Often say my favorite book is you. Christians often refer to the bible, Jews to the Torah and the Muslim to the Qur'an. I have myself referenced books if we really investigate the origin of books we will find they are inspired. It is not as important what book you read as to what life you live. You are the important book.

When on a deserted island I was in constant reflection and cried out to the Lord. My experience was the Lords prayer, or sometimes called our Father came to me. The simple prayer is accepted by all major religions the main precedent of the Our Father is that the creator sees us all as children. We are not servants or beggars , we are brothers and sisters all. 

We have these books as reference also we have teachers. We have our own spirit that bears witness which many may ignore. Our spirit bears a witness , we have inner peace when we are doing the right
actions. We are to take each day as it comes - give us this day our daily bread. Daily bread some will say is scripture , some will say this is more than food for the body. Jesus speaking said , he was the bread of life. Daily bread is divine not just food , though food is important we can go for a day without it. I believe it is the bread of life or food for thought.

We sometimes say my gut feeling was this or that. If we study anthropology the gut was formed before the eyes or ears. We still hold this sense as even the ancient Chinese speak of Chi as originating in the gut area. We see verses where God is nauseous and spews out those neither hot nor cold. We also read in Greek mythology where Cronus the titan who represented time used to swallow his children so they would not become more powerful. One day Zeus gave his father Cronus a stone to swallow and he became nauseous and spewed up Zeus's brothers and sisters. Who helped him to overcome Cronus who represented time.

Throughout mythology and religion the stomach makes judgement in divine matters. Our nervous system surround the digestive area. A person can get sick to their stomach from an experience not just food. Especially those who are sensitive to the spiritual. There was one such apostle Timothy who would get a sickness in his stomach.

We are told not to rely on our own understanding this may seem a little odd. We may be taught something in our youth which our own experience contradicts. Experience goes hand and hand with common sense. If someone tells you to drink the kool aid and your common sense and gut feeling says otherwise , then don't drink the kool aid. Lessons learned by experience are less likely to be forgotten than those from books.

I like to hear others experience or testimony to quote again - My favorite book is you.

We find that Jesus wrote nothing, Buddha himself wrote nothing, Socrates the great philosopher wrote nothing. Everything written came from the students and inspiration.



Saturday, November 29, 2014


When we walk we usually look ahead not behind us. That is unless you have stepped in something that smells and sticks to the bottom of your shoe.

For better words lets call this Yuk.

When we discover this Yuk it usually starts with smell then we find sometimes it leaves a trail of its own. It makes us stop in our tracks we will then take off our footwear and check our steps.

This is somewhat how it is to be in sin. We realize the trail and stench are hand in hand. We have to check our path before going forward otherwise tracking it everywhere. It is Yuk -

It is traditional in most eastern homes to remove your shoes at the door. We find in the United States very few do unless asked. After all why take a chance of carrying in the Yuk. When you enter a  martial arts studio footwear is always removed or face the wrath of the teacher.

Walking in the spirit requires we do the same leaving our filthy habits behind. We can only do so much on our own. We hear many speak of enlightenment - they are probably talking about discovering who they are- self discovery. We may even feel a unity of the soul with all of creation and it may be called enlightenment. The spiritual cleansing that occurs to those who walk in the Lord or spirit is completely different.

Knowing or having knowledge is not enough.

You must use all your senses , including smell. Ask for the holy spirit to fill you. Be patient the comforter will come. Many look for alternatives - perhaps another face or a short cut. Maybe meditation or good works. All of this sounds wonderful , the requirement is holiness. That includes cleanliness and  to behave beyond reproach. It does not mean pointing fingers at others this is something personal very personal.

Check your shoes.



Wednesday, November 26, 2014


In Japan there is an art form which was perfected by masters of expression called Calligraphy. Pens that are used have flat and thin points to give a multidimensional effect on fonts. Earlier pens used by writers drew the ink from an ink well before dispensing it to the paper. One could easily have a blur or blob and this took concentration.

Today calligraphy is still used to produce art in writing.

If we think of the soul as the calligraphy of a divine consciousness representing millions of fonts many of these ideas perhaps we would understand ourselves. This art of calligraphy is more than on the surface it goes deep into the soul. This calligrapher I will call time , the paper I will call space. As in earlier Greek mythology the creator god Kronos represented time. The philosopher tried to explain this concept.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God , and the Word was God. This was also said by Jesus , I am the Word. The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. Was Jesus in his simple teaching trying to explain who he was. In essence also who we are.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Zen the power of Insight

Zen though it grew out of Buddhism is not a religion. Rather it seeks to take the mystery out of religion to a more practical and simple understanding of life.  No matter what your religious preference is Zen can be applied.

God is not the author of confusion - sound familiar.

Simplicity removes anxiety - Zen has no religious barriers. It is merely a thought process that means insight usually brought about by meditation. It is however not limited to meditation.  Zen is not limited to books of wisdom. Wisdom can come from nature or any source.

It is really Up to the Cup. If you  fill your cup with good overflowing thoughts that can be shared with others this is Zen.

Zen  is not mystery as some would think, it is actually simplicity. Originating in China it can be applied to anything in our daily lives. Zen is just a term for simplifying things to remove the anxiety. I often go to the bookstore and purchase the one for dummies - cooking for dummies or gardening for dummies there are many published by IDG. Which is somewhat of a zen publisher finding easy ways to get things done or understand them.

Zen is all about Easy , Relaxing and Healthy attitude. It is the opposite of Complex, Anxious and Sickness.

Zen is the power of Insight.

It is OK to laugh at ourselves.
My car would not start occasionally at first thought perhaps the starter is going or there is a short. After deciding to clear the  computer codes by removing the battery cable noticed it was the cable itself that was loose. Tightened it and the problem was gone, how simple yet all the worry for nothing.

We can also call it contemplation if the result is a smile or laughter. Fruitful contemplation is not looking into the past feeling Sorry for yourself or thinking if only I would have remained or left or done things another way. It is definitely not Worry. Take all the _orry out of life and learn to use this amazing gift from the Chinese. Take that fallen fruit and making it into a smoothie, a  cool relaxing drink. Take the lessons learned and maybe share it with others.

Peace and joy,


Friday, November 21, 2014

Implied or Applied

In science there is that which is implied and that which is applied. Similar to mathematics or philosophy and even religion.  What is implied first starts as an idea which is developed into a theory. Applied is absolute that can be used in various areas or in a new application.

So we divide ourselves into various schools of science and thought is either wrong?  No - we will someday realize what is implied can lead to creativity. We discover what is applied can lead to engineering marvels such as a bridge held by cables or a ship that floats made of steel.

Implied or theoretic thinking is sometimes improved upon. It may at first seem suggestive start a  ray of light or a tiny seed. All faith is implied much of it is without reason. It is abstract  and takes on different meaning depending on the eye of the beholder. Abstraction is an art form just as much as an exact image.

Valued in the art world is not perfection or photographic images. The value is in the imagination or the extended view beyond the eye. Dreams are where this imagination can flourish while the applied mind is at rest. Do not be afraid of dreams they may be abstract or exaggerations. The myth was an implication often formed to explain the natural evens like lightning or lava. Then there are things so uncanny they seem magical we later discover an explanation for.

Whatever cannot be seen , touched , heard , smelled or tasted has to be implied. The study of microorganisms or air , the ethereal. What is able to be sensed is ephemeral . The ethereal becomes clear through science and sometimes consciousness. We speak of the cosmos implied or the emptiness of a hole - which later we find colonies of micro organic life forms. We see things in 3 dimensions however it may be that we are just an part of a fourth dimension a mere expression.

We create games and videos as another dimension to our thinking is there another power where we are similar - just a creative image.



A dogs life

Often we say it would be nice to live a dogs life or to be a child again. Free of care and worry.  However you will discover it is not always so. Many animals go without care , many children go without food. Be careful what you wish for.

What is really beholden is to be free of debt or worry. That would mean to control our desires to an acceptable level. We can still desire food only develop our tastes for less expensive food. At one time lobster was considered a food for the poor or unfortunate that goes for many crustaceans - crab and shrimp. Now they are considered delicacy and fetch a good price.

Most food can be found on trees or growing in the wild. Shelter is a matter of social show and often people live in a house with many bedrooms even though they can only sleep in one. My favorite actor Jimmy Stewart (the thin man) lived in a townhouse between two building even though he could have afforded much more. Minimalism is not just a lifestyle it is living debt and worry free.

I was often told by my son to buy a bigger house to impress his friends. It was possible only my other son other  is handicapped and we often needed to carry him living on one floor was better for us. He still lives with us in the same house and my other more ambitious son has moved on.

A dogs live depending on your master for every crumb or to be often forgotten except to bark when someone approaches. No thank you!  To me it would be better to be a person just make better decisions.

peace to you,



My wife is a fan of the comic character Wonder woman, when asked what super power was her favorite she said to be invisible. Really? over flying and super strength you chose invisibility. My choice was flying. We all have desires of these super powers it is built into our nature. We sometime express them in our dreams.

Though many believe in invisible religious entities with various abilities the most popular is in fact invisibility. The fact is if we started seeing the things we are told to believe in - we would be hauled in for evaluation or go insane.

It is hard to let go of the ego - to realize we are all one. Our mind can take us many places invisibly and possibly we often recognize pieces of another reality here. We may think of a past life moment or deja vu  and try to figure it out or come to terms with it. In sharing my experience we are all part of a collective consciousness. We tap into the experiences of others past and present at times. We do however choose to remain invisible in that state of consciousness as it is the preferred entry.

Hats off to all those that were able to fly in their dreams and experience super strength to overcome adversity. The truth is the greatest super power is to remain anonymous and keep invisible. As Shakespeare was also in agreement. To be or not to be. Buddha taught to become this nothingness was the greatest level of consciousness , it was taught by other great masters. To become nothingness does not mean obscure it means to subdue the ego. Humility does not mean giving up your super strength or power to fly.

If we were to remain quiet and not speak unless there was absolute reason our words would be powerful. Not like one who would state his whole affairs in a single conversation. Does it bother you not to receive the prize or glory? Are you satisfied that achievement will be received by all and the glory be given to anonymous. Most likely you are enlightened if so.

peace to you,


Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Quorum

We live in a society where geo political decisions can effect us more than ever before. Things that happen abroad effect us here at home. We are more mobile than any point in our history. We have the ability  through this mobility to rapidly spread disease. We also have something that can effect all our lives in either a positive or negative way " the Quorum", not to be confused with the Quran.

The quorum is this - the mystery number or mark spoke about in religious text -666. The mark on the forehead which I will write about is not some ancient evil though it seems more appealing to some. It is a geo political decision. When the bible speaks of one third of the angels being removed from heaven we see 33 per cent of the spiritual forces being subdued. We do however see 66 percent remain for the good.

In the decisive nature of society a quorum is critical, it is the same way in the spiritual. Whether viewed as political or mathematical 666 is the number. The mark in the forehead is a decision - you will notice the mark is also spoken about the chosen or good. This is the essential point at which we make good or bad decisions. Though religion expresses this in terms of angels and demons, we must see the mark can go either way. It is the entire basis of our evolution, the basis of whether we face destruction or survival as a species. Whether we have peace or war.

Whether we apply this number to the law , to finance or to society as a whole. We should note it is biblical, it is practical and the quorum is 666. It is up to us to decide whether there is peace on earth. We must let go of our ego and unite together. The beauty of this unity brings us peace and harmony if the quorum goes the other way it is war and destruction. Keep in mind the quorum is within our being and society as a whole our very life existence.

The bible speaks of the beast in spiritual terms as we are in such an age of where geo politics can effect our daily live - we need to be careful what society we build for our children. Today I see economies that borrowed from future generations  deep in debt. This is all actually just a state of mind - we can erase all the debt by forgiving it and starting over. This is why we must have jubilee a restart every 50 years - a day of forgiveness. If you had accumulated IOU's over this time as a generation you must forgive them. It sounds simple and I am sure those that have achieved great wealth will disagree. However it states on the money in God we trust. We are told not to trust in mammon. Though we can touch a dollar bill it only has value if we trust in the backer.  It is all a matter of the mind and has no real value.

Learn to forgive.

Peace to you,



Living in Pennsylvania most of my life I am fortunate and blessed.

There was a time (era) where this was a vast flora of plants and trees ,where dragonflies had six foot wingspans. Ferns where everywhere the beauty was beyond our current day imagination. Life was was more abundant than anywhere on earth. Insect life, plant life and many species of animals. If you were to catalog it all , it would take an immense technology.

Then something happened a climate change, an environmental change. Life was converted to energy and over time the six foot dragonfly disappeared. Man became the main inhabitant cutting down the forest and building roads. We found all that life that was once abundant became energy. Vast coal, oil and natural gas reserves. Pennsylvania ,though the era of flora had passed is still an site of great beauty , canyons and streams. Wild game - turkey , bear and deer.

We do need to however be careful in harvesting the energy left behind by the flora era. To maintain the beauty , we see lately parks are being closed. My childhood was spent with many family  picnics in the state parks. It was exciting to swim in the fresh spring fed lakes (a little cold). We had food and laughter, running and playing. Nature itself is a spiritual experience lest we forget. There are placid places.

I pray we hold onto this space while we have a demand for energy. We also see the sores left behind by strip mining and fracking. In essence we have marred the landscape to keep ourselves warm and mobile. We also see there are those who chose to live a quiet live here a simple people not in mind , in lifestyle. The Amish or brethren have rejected the ways of the so called - english. They prefer a simple way of life to be self sufficient in as many ways as possible.  There is a lifestyle journey along with a spiritual one.

My fore fathers were early founders of the brethren , from the land in Switzerland, to northern Italy, to Germany and eventually here in Pennsylvania. Some went on to Ohio , some to Oregon and others to western Canada. We were and still are the brethren. Holding the bible as a main guide for living especially the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. My heritage was built upon these values. Though the Brethren have a sense of peace ,it it often infringed upon. That is the reason they had many times moved on. To avoid persecution , we have a basic belief that war can be avoided and should be. We accept diversity - yet hold onto our own basic beliefs.

I have friends who are Hindu, some are Islamic and many Christians of various sorts. I feel at home in a Brethren community, Lutheran or Catholic. There is no reason to kill each other over beliefs. We are in the end all a part of each other. Whether you believe in human consciousness or god consciousness is irrelevant. We are connected by our very nature and design. We are of the same image a result of many eons of evolution or dynamic creation.

To find peace we must first start within , we must tame the ego. As we preserve the natural resources that surround us by considering our future generations. Every decision should be made with our children and grandchildren in mind. When we plow or dig into the earth - what can be replenished. Should we take a shortcut that will effect future generations all these things must be thought out carefully.

Peace to you,


The Clutter

Yes - I am still alive. Though recently had gone through a terrible bout of pneumonia and moved back home with my wife. We were not separated in marriage only location as for the past year had to re- locate for employment. We have been soul mates for over 30 years and have (2) sons and (2) grandsons.

Upon returning home and moving my things into one home from an apartment in Reading, PA. We had one problem - the problem was clutter. Having more than you need for the time being things had to be stored in spaces so that we could travel freely through the home. An extra couch or chair until we could decide what to do with them.

My mind for the past year was tied up with data science ,analytics and various technology. I became certified as an information specialist. In the final result not one poem was written in the past year, my blog was frozen - my mind was full of clutter.

To me creativity and ideas were reduced to whatever the corporation needed. Yes- I won monthly and quarterly medallions for these in my job. However my spirituality suffered and to me that is the most important thing in life. there must be a balance between employment and spirituality. Like every experience things happen for a reason. I met some interesting people and discovered more about myself.

So this was a period of self discovery and reducing clutter. As we can see clutter in the home is one thing, clutter in the mind is another. As we are exposed to the internet and a huge dynamic of knowledge and ideas this all seems so wonderful. We do however need to sort through the information and find out what is truly needed and what is just clutter.

The mind is our temple - when Jesus walked into the temple and saw all the commerce going on that had nothing with spirituality , he grew angry. He overturned the tables - his Fathers house had become a den of thieves robbing us of the true things that were precious -joy .peace of mind our love.
In a  capitalist society where commerce is the key element- we tend to fall into the same trap. The sanctuary should remain a sanctuary - a place of worship .prayer and communion.

The we go back to the brain which is an amazing space. Truly it is just a space where things are stored - sometimes clutter. Until we can sort through the information and make sense of it. One note is that we all desire recognition, yet we are all one. We all have mixed thoughts and all have this craziness called clutter. It is learning how to deal with it - be patient , all things will pass.

Peace to you,


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Esoterics and Isometrics

The esoteric thinker usually is concerned with mystery or sacred knowledge. They are as many esoteric groups as any other. Many secret societies have esoteric views. They may believe they are in possession of some mystery or sacred wisdom. They should not sell this however as mystery, for wisdom is insight not mystery. Good will is for everyone not just a select society nor do I believe in oaths. To me anything that is pure or good should not be hidden.

I personally have been tempted by esoteric beliefs after all who is not enticed by mystery. It was until  Jiddu Krishnamurti explained cause and effect in thought and becoming. Jiddu believes in the oneness of thinking not in sectarianism or separation for survival or security. Stability must be thought in terms of all of humanity. Though he may have gotten some benefit from Theosophy , he chose to disband the Star of the East occult sect because to him it was more important to unite all of humanity than to start another division. He continued to teach observation and independence in thinking being labeled a mystic. It seems we are labeled mystic when we do not subscribe to intermediaries , angel or spirit guides. What happened to Jiddu is he was enlightened and could no longer bring himself to occultist views. In my own findings he is right we are all just a part of the greater. The ego mind will dispute this and hold a separatist view. We are actually connected in many ways and that is the evolved man. Religiosity , politics and separatism is not the answer. We have to find common sense , before we can live freely.

So in essence seeking of wisdom for the Theosophist is virtuous as in any religious order. I would not be so caught up in mystery - as I believe sincerely that wisdom has nothing to do with hidden mystery. Wisdom is insight not mystery. Unfortunately many Mystics are are thought to possess some magic or sacred knowledge or occultism. My experience has been the opposite it is simply clarity and has nothing to do with secrecy.

I do also believe there is a benefit from organizing which promotes charitable contribution to society in that respect. We see that Catholic charities and Lutheran social services do a lot of good works as do many of the Islamic or Jewish organization. Most religious organizations do good works - that is not in question. They also have been known to be the cause of major disputes in humanity leading to war and refugees. We can argue either way for or against religion.

There are those that would pose a mystery to hold us in mastery to control the masses. They have become clever , and posed a lie. The truth is there is no mystery nothing is hidden all is in view with eyes open we can understand it. Strength of perception and observation is key to finding the truth so avoid mysterious rituals and mysterious beliefs. We have been open to the subliminal suggestions of those that would lead us to ancient ignorance, the clues are not in the past - the future holds the key. The masters of illusion will paint a dismal picture of the future saying we must hold onto old beliefs even if they are proven wrong. If new light is shown on a subject and a clearer picture comes to view it is more defined. As time go on it may become even more defined.

 We can prune our thoughts to things we can easily understand like stretching a muscle we can also eventually through practice reach a higher consciousness. I will call this isometric realization. A gradual growth through time we do not need to know everything all at once let knowledge settle in with patience understanding will come.

Isometrics is freedom it is motion not stagnant. Like living water flowing in truth. Untangle the cords and let your mind flow in a positive more future direction. Let go of the past exercise your isometric freedom. The truth will set you free - there is no mystery only time and space with patience will eventually reveal all truth. Jesus said 'he who believes in me out of his belly will flow living water'. Living water is in motion - Isometric. The Lord was not caught up in ancient religion or mystery.  Often found himself trying to simplify ancient text by giving a parable.



Monday, August 18, 2014

Lost and Found

I was reading the writings of some very famous gurus that stated the only purpose in life is to find God. This may seem to be a religious statement more than a spiritual one. There have been those that dwell in the occult - in mystery and sometimes just religiosity. I do not believe God is lost or there is such a thing as a mystery. God is everywhere in creation and in the Spirit - we should not spend our lifetime looking for a lost God, we are in essence the lost. Omnipresent means everywhere not in a cave or a mountaintop . We need to find ourselves and change our attitude toward life and each other.

Our only commandment is to love one another - we are told. It is impossible to find God , God is not lost. We can experience God  more or less that is the choice. Are we going to hide from God ? Some may also think this is possible. Maybe if they hide under the covers or keep inside their homes. Go to a monastery or cabin in the woods. Whether in a crowd or a desert God is there. Only the experience is missing. Some find the experience through reading , some through nature or friendships. Some find the experience through meditation or simple prayer. Some experience in the quiet or others may hear a beautiful song or dance.

I was lost and now am found. We can lose the experience when the cares of life can take away our desire for communion. It is not about finding God , it is about communion , about experience. Imagine being at the dinner table and everyone is talking enjoying the wonderful fruit and drink. Similar to the Lords supper where all the disciples gathered for a last meal. Jesus said do this often in remembrance of me. He was talking about communion - experiencing each others company, and in his presence. Where two or more are gathered in my name , I am among them. This is talking about the Spirit of communion. You will find God in the communion and throughout the experiences of life.

Peace ,


Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Temple

The temple of the jews during the time of 40 years of wandering is divided into (3) parts. These parts are the main entrance where common people came to pray. The holy place where the priests mostly dwelled. The last place was the holy of holies where only the high priest was allowed.

The holy of holies high priest wore bells and had a rope tied to his ankles. It was said the ark of the covenant was located there and perhaps the rod and staff of Moses. It was carried throughout the desert carefully as to not disturb the contents. If the priest bell stopped ringing it was assumed he has performed the rituals improperly or lost favor with the most high. He would be pulled out of the holy of holies. More sacrifices would be required in the holy place and another high priest would be elected. This all sound mysterious especially the ark which was a physical object - where did it come from, what was the rod of Moses (sounds like magic) , what about the manna enclosed in the container inside the ark.

We find when we are in prayer we can sometimes hear the tingling almost like the bells of the high priest. These vibrations will sometime last for moments , hours or even days. The mind itself is a temple guarded by angels it contains power represented by the rod, nourishment represented by the manna and has a left and right side. Do we have to travel to Jerusalem to get a visage of the temple. It may be interesting for historic purpose to make the journey. It is however the mind that is the true temple for enlightenment.

We can go into Jewish history and discover how Moses went to Mount Sinai and received the commandments directly from God , how he descended only to find the tribes worshipping Ba'al. Then Moses destroyed the tablets and eventually the tribes of Judah repented and the Canaanites converted to the religion of Moses becoming Jews.

One of the great claims of Jesus was that his body was the temple and later the apostle Paul stated this that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

So we are given a body to hold a temple of the Holy Spirit. This goes far beyond the temples built by men of mortar and material. Jesus and the early apostles taught the body contained the kingdom of God - it was within you. Yes- the holy land is historic and sometimes peaceful however this inner peace, this indwelling of the Holy spirit by far is more important.



Thursday, August 14, 2014


A woman has fainted - it is said she has lost consciousness. No breath, no heartbeat - no life. She is resuscitated brought back to life by breath , by pumping on her heart by a will to live - life. It is said she was just brought back to consciousness.

What really is consciousness ? If you  could understand consciousness it would help to know who you are and that is a good beginning. The wise men of the Hawaiian culture were called  the kahuna. I spent years in the islands of Hawaii and the pacific learning a little of what was an amazing cache of knowledge. Similar to many experiences in life you can learn from other cultures knowledge that is considered sacred. The very word sacred is magical because if misspelled will be scared. When we enter into higher levels of consciousness we overcome fears. These fears sometimes take on actual form and by understanding this in the view of the sacred they are overcome.

We have (3) levels of consciousness as it was understood by the kahunas , the subconscious was the lower level where spiritual beginnings take place. It is subliminal often effected by suggestion and even hypnosis. You are not weak by being open to suggestion or made powerful by being the hypnotist. The brain is open to suggestions because it is how we learn. Socrates who said I know I know nothing, this most famous saying from the greatest philosophical mind of all time realized he must leave the door to his subconscious open to continue harvesting knowledge.
In Christianity we are born again in effect given life - like the women in the first paragraph through the subconscious. We are given a suggestion - we begin to believe , the belief takes form. It is subliminal and like a seed once explained to be like a mustard seed one of the tiniest. In the beginning was the Word , the Word was with God and the Word was God. A word is all it takes to create a thought , a single thought in the subliminal mind becomes faith. Faith is a seed, it is also a leap into the spiritual kingdom , the kingdom of God within you.

Then there is the middle consciousness - here is where angels live. This is the where the intermediary spirits dwell. In the Japanese culture it is where the reiki spirits live. The middle path is often spoken of in buddhism. Many are content to live in the middle consciousness it is perfectly acceptable. To the spiritualist it is a safe place. Some will master this area of the consciousness after all it is above the subliminal . They seek out the intermediaries , guardian angels , spiritual guides and it can be a magical world to some. They may hear voices in the subconscious - they may feel the presence of the intermediaries. Sometime the intermediary could be an actual person, a priest a guru or a teacher. Often they are mediums in the spirit world weaned to master this area of the consciousness. The middle consciousness is so powerful it can create its own religion or belief system.It is a safe haven for more than 80% of the worlds religions and those that practice psychological sciences. Beware of hitch hikers in the middle consciousness  they can point you in the wrong direction.

We can spend thousands of volumes of books just dedicated to what is the middle consciousness. They are the most popular safe from fear the scared and sacred become in view. By recognizing fears we can begin to overcome them. This is also a world that expands to our dreams often the masters and prophets will take you beyond the subliminal it is a place of travel. We still rely on intermediaries as the next level of conscious few will ever reach - the Super conscious.

We can reach the higher level of conscious through an intermediary - in the Hindu culture it is customary to have a guru. In Christianity Jesus is the mediator between God and man. In Buddhism - a Buddha is the mediator. We do not actually see Jesus or Buddha it is simply teachings and principles that we are left to follow. Often known as the Way , the mediator is the light to the Way.
Then we have the transcendentalist , the mystics  and those that have left form. Often these are poets or writers in the 1920's there was a great transcendental movement. In the Sikh world there was a progression of gurus and finally guru Nanak the final guru. In the Hindu world gurus will always be integral to reaching the super conscious , there was a movement in the 20th century call TM (transcendental meditation ) that through a simplified rhythm  of thought brought one into an elevated state of consciousness. No religious dogma , no books, no belief system  just a mantra to get the to higher consciousness. What to do when you leave this blissful state of elation. You can become depressed when reality sets in or irritated. You may even become angry when you find others cannot understand this transcended state. You learn patience , you learn to love those around you - you learn to understand the other levels of consciousness are just steps and safety zones. If someone is in their zone it is OK. Learn to be loving not judgmental  many mediums or gurus can take themselves to this level. Some have learned the place of the mind which is outside reality. They may even leave their physical body at least in thought to be with the super conscious.

In my experience it very much the pure land the Buddhist speak of though they will say the middle path is sufficient often will take time for the pure land . To me it is the beauty of the mind, remembering as a christian to let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus who thought it not robbery to live in a parallel universe with God. Now it may not be written in exactly that way- it is my experience.
What we find is our soul becomes one with God , we are a part of the Greater. Each part contains the code that makes up the whole. Jesus said I am the light of the world, he also said We are the light of the world. I often return back to a verse or a book and learn something new.

So where do we dwell , what level of consciousness. Many will make the mistake  of thinking they have become enlightened and there is no other place to go. Tell that to Socrates who said I know , I know nothing - this may sound like an act of humility actual Socrates was only saying keep the subliminal conscious or door open. Continue to learn and question everything. To the Buddha the middle consciousness was followed yet keep the pure land near. To Jesus and many Sikhs oneness with God was essential to try to maintain a continuous presence. They do not use intermediaries the final guru is the Word , to the Sikh the word of Nanak.

Whether you have a spirit guide or guardian angel, whether you are content as Socrates to keep an open door to all knowledge, whether you have been enlightened. All levels of consciousness are life. As in the beginning so it shall be in the end - Life. Celebrate Life - you are counted , you are wonderful. Lets not judge others - lets transcend to a better understanding. We can learn from other cultures whether the kahunas of Hawaii or Seneca , the Greek philosopher , the parish priest or the guru. We should understand consciousness is life. Breath , heart beats when I go into a temple or church my mind is not centered on the gossip or the clothing - I hear each heartbeat.

Peace and Life.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Matters of the Heart

We often think of the heart as the center of life, it pumps blood throughout the body miraculously. This blood carries vital healing cells to all parts of the body. These cells are like miniature factories that can regenerate at an astounding rate.

More than just an organ we see the heart as a symbol of love. Our lives are measured by the first to the last beat of the heart.

What are the matters of the heart ? Whatever is dear and near, whatever you treasure in life. In the buddhist version it is a complete commitment to others, to Christ it was sacrificial love toward humanity, to the Sikh finding the oneness of God in others and yourself always aware of divine presence. To the hindu the compassion, forgiveness the manifestation of love. What do they all have in common love toward others. I was once told that kindness was a fault. That I would never get ahead in life. Perhaps success is not measured in material gathering. Happiness is when all matters of the heart are settled.

In the words of the Lord - it is finished.

Peace and Love,


Monday, August 11, 2014

Matters of the Mind

We often hear the phrase mind over matter. Actually the realm of the mind was not destined to control matter. In fact all matter will eventually disappear  or corrode into nothing. Matter will change into another form of energy as it is melted , burned or simply ages. We are then left with an amazing truth what is really important are matters of the mind.

The mind that has conquered fear , the mind that can find such heavenly peace that it is called the pure land. So what are matters of the mind versus matters of the heart. The heart full of passion and compassion. The mind has attitude not altitude - it has the ability to be both humble and steadfast. It has the ability to take a leap of faith and use imagination. Imagination that is creative and can see the future. Imagination that is finely developed through devotion or meditation. It takes practice  to develop the mind like any athlete or leader. The genesis of the mind is grounded in wisdom.

What if you had all the riches the world could offer and your mind was mud. It has happened many kings have been vexed over simple belief. They lost confidence or made a terrible decision as you will discover the higher you are toward the throne - the more wisdom you will need to just hold on. That is why a man/woman  with great wisdom and is humble cannot be conquered. Having an unconquerable mind means it must be guarded. Guarded by a thousand angels the mind that has found Christ. The heavenly vibrations that are beyond explanation. Rejoice in the mind , rejoice in the heart and rejoice in life.

Peace and Joy,


Thursday, July 31, 2014


At first mention of watchers were in religious texts actually in the bible and hindu text. These were spoken of as angels  that seemed to circle about watching over humans. Then they were attracted to the woman they were watching as the story goes had fallen and were discarded from heaven. They eventually had children to these woman (mighty men not sure if there were wonder woman) and taught them charms and other magic to control mankind.

So it seems the first of the witches were made by angels , angels that were once watchers. Whether myth or reality magic was born - sacred knowledge taught by fallen angels. These angels former watchers had angered God in such a way they were banished from heaven and so the story goes. There had remained a sufficient number of good angels approximately two thirds. The majority or quorum in heavenly terms. Interesting enough the quorum among angels is 66.6 percent a scary number if you are superstitious. Even if you are mathematical or political it is a quorum number.

In reality we should not be concerned unless the odds are against us , however you will find the quorum number is one that can make you rich if you are familiar with relative strength indexes and/or you need some cash. This heavenly quorum is not about cash or even fallen angels. It is about the mind - reasoning. Do angels reason or is it just left to men. Ah! Yes - angels reason - they think like we do. The watchers even know what we are thinking at least most of the time because after all they are watching.

Fast forward ----->>>>> the present . The invention of the satellite at first used for communications to bounce radio waves off of. These celestial devices can be launched into space and now we can be the watchers. We can hear the heavens add on a few telescopes and we can now see the heavens, we are the watchers. We can spy on each other and see how the crops are doing on the other side of the world. We can see vast forests being harvested in the earths jungles. We can see our enemies movements, and even spy on our own citizens. With all this power comes gratification perhaps one day we will abuse the power of the watcher - we will fall into the same trap as the angels- power and lust.

Believe it or not the time is coming , the first evolution was the fall of angels. The second will be the fall of mankind. Today there are more satellites in space  than cars in a major  city. Satellites often going unnoticed carry our mobile communications , they carry our video signals. Almost every nation has its satellites spying on each other. Lusting for what each other has, checking on major construction. Perhaps another tower , bridge or rail line. We can check on the movement of ships or armies. It is no longer a guessing game. It will be a war and in the end whoever has the quorum will win. Yes - that two thirds of power and magic number.

For now enjoy the quiet - the peace, the watchers are still just watching. The only consolation is it will only last till the next sym-bionic  takes over. Perhaps one that does not need to reproduce by contact - one that is part human and part machine. Perhaps the next generation of hybrid life form - evolution at its finest.  Dream to pod , pod to seed - seed to life again.

Good angels are still in the majority according to most religious scholars -  have the quorum.



Monday, July 21, 2014

Knots and Nerds

Interesting that we are socially keeping more to ourselves lately. Becoming a familiar example of the nerd. Caught up in science and searching for answers in databases and yet we find ourselves feeling lonely. We feel more comfortable at a desk living for our work and solving the puzzle of the day. We may not even care what others think as we dress to our own taste and comfort. Most of the time I personally prefer sandals to sneakers except when shooting hoops my favorite past time.

The other day a friend asked me to go to the temple with him. He is a hindu and I always wanted to visit a temple and this was a great opportunity to meet others beside people shopping in the mall. I used to be a regular church goer mostly to be with other people and share a peaceful time of prayer and meditation. Then found myself losing time to work eventually missing sundays to a demanding job, corporate America does not respect quiet time , products must ship if you want to stay employed. It also seems we live to work rather than work to live. After a time felt like just another cog in the wheel a type of abuse.

The typical nerd - I did not even work for the money at times forgetting to cash paychecks for several months until my wife would find them in a drawer. Truly often forgetting to count the first button one side of the collar a little higher than the other noticed after half a day went by. As long as the data was flowing and the end users were happy my day was complete.

So my friend invited me to a temple , a hindu temple which I had never been. Already having an established relationship directly with God through the teachings of Jesus  at least felt comfortable in my faith. After all God was not lost , omniscient in every particle of light and molecular energy - certainly not lost.

So why do people go to the church if not to find the un-lost God that is everywhere we look throughout creation in the visible and unseen. Why would I go to the temple with my friend we both agreed God is everywhere , it was not to find but to unwind. The many knots twisted in our consciousness needed to be unwound. To greater experience the consciousness and light around us these knots had to be dealt with. Whether we became twisted by our own habits or by chance it did not matter. As a nerd it was difficult to even care about knots , I was lucky to tie my own shoes or button a shirt properly.

Deep in my consciousness once I faced off with the primordial self this was written in earlier blog entries. That was a major knot to overcome. The other knots included pre concepts that were taught to me as a child. I was not exposed to meditation practice or a deep concern for life. I ate at fast foods and was not aware of glucose or monosodium or all the things organic. Even unaware of the spiritual world around me. I did not care about non-christians even though they were humans the same as me. There was no real sense of unity with others a sort of oddness.

The knots eventually became untied - I felt peaceful assured - blessed assurance . My circle seemed to expand as did my consciousness. No longer felt odd or indifferent  toward others, though unique as a human learned we are all a part of this reality we call life. We learn to appreciate each other no matter how difficult it may seem.

Anyway the knot I was now facing was not anything so complex actually rather simple. It was the hybrid knot. I had become so attached to technology missed the warmth of the spirit. Found myself habitually going to a search engine or querying a database rather than googling should have sought first the place we call the kingdom of God, or to the buddhist the Pure land. To the hindu Nirvana and to some just a place of inner peace. In terms of awareness the consciousness which seems to reach to the cosmos. Yes - perhaps I could undo that knot at the temple.

I have not gone yet and will let you know how it went in the next post. I am sure many already have found peace out there and a lot of joy - just occasionally deal with the knots.



Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Hybrid Human

Since the beginning of human evolution the storage capacity of the human mind has always been limited. We eventually had to reason a single human brain needed to network with other humans, then eventually with machines. We have evolved to a hybrid society of humans and machine. If we have a question we ask each other and sometimes search archives of computers networked in the web or internet. As we advance even more human interaction and even more machine interaction.

I thought about the pendulum  of interaction switching more in the direction of machines. They seem to become more tolerant of our questions easier to access than other humans. 

Capacity of the brain is limited some are blessed with a greater capacity than others however in all cases it is limited. When we reach the limit of capacity we rely on communication or networking. Before machines or computers we searched a different realm the consciousness. This realm is still being explored for it is limitless. 

There will always be consciousness regardless of how we utilize our brains or extend the network to machinery or computers. We ourselves are just an extension of consciousness - we can communicate verbally or through airwaves or through consciousness. 

One of the principles that I hold similar to some Zen thinkers is that there are no mysteries. Nothing is hidden , and as the apostle Paul had said we see through a glass darkly- he also goes on to say then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

Even as also I am known--- What Paul is saying is that he is a part of something greater. He by himself sees darkly when he faces the fact that he is only a part of this greater life force of intelligence things become clear. This is how knowledge is acquired by sharing and the amazing truth is there is what Jesus stated, I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in darkness but have the light of life. He clearly understood the life force and wanted to share this with us. 

The buddha also explained this life force to his followers the buddha nature is explained to be the fundamental life force in the cosmos. Christ nature is the light of the world , the light of life.

The Hybrid Human is networked through  machinery and technology. Even with all this technology the   hybrid finds themselves depressed and empty. They have lost touch with consciousness  with the life force. Einstein also realized this would happen as did Max Planck father of quantum physics.

"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force... We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter." - Max Planck

We are one -part of something greater than ourselves. 

John 14:20 In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you.

This realization is that we are all one and the same , whether we call ourselves christian, buddhist or taoist , jewish or any other religious surname. Whether a scientist , a philosopher , a pagan or gnostic we are one part of a life force of much greater magnitude.

This is peace not division - unity. I loved the way Max Planck expressed this about the Mind being the matrix of all matter. I will state this in the past 40 years in computer technology - certified as an information specialist - trained for decades in storage technology , computing and databases. Developed solutions for many of the fortune 500 companies belong to user groups of members from all over the world China, India, Germany, Brazil, Canada etc, out of all my life experience seek first the kingdom of God, the greater life force. For to me this mind often spoken of as the mind of Christ is far greater more satisfying than the Hybrid we are facing today.

I am not saying the Hybrid is evil or technology is evil - it does not replace the consciousness. It should not be the first place we go - seek first the inner light , the kingdom of God. The mind of Christ , if you are a buddhist the nature of the life force. If you are a scientist the consciousness or a philosopher the Mind matrix. We have to come to the realization there is something greater than ourselves that our minds are connected and we are only a part. Within each part is the code of the whole nothing is hidden there is no mystery. 



Friday, July 18, 2014


Some have all the answers - it seems. They have an answer for everything.

In life you will find the most successful  persons are the ones with all the questions.

Socrates was known to answer a question with another question. This made the student think for to him the process of thinking was more important than giving a canned answer.

Questions are really quests - they are an adventure. More likely what if's? or possibilities are far more interesting than the old cliche it is what it is! Pooh that is the lazy answer to most anything. Maybe it is not what it seems is the better answer or things are not as they appear to be!

Q&A is a learning process not the beginning or the end.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cha Cha or Chant

Cha Cha is a phrase I will ping for spiritual dancing. Many religions include dancing as part of their ceremony from American Indians to Hindu or even biblical figures have danced before the Lord. It is an expression of joy and movement. Much more exciting than sitting in a pew for hours or just standing and singing. Dancing has been a part of spiritual revival since the beginning and will often accompany music. We hear a lot about stillness and quiet as with all activity there is a time for everything.

Chant along with meditation chanting is often used in eastern religions. We also see it in American Indian culture. This is something I practice on occasion to loosen the mind - to some it may seem like a loose screw ha ha ! What are some of the chants beside a popular Ommm which starts with a deep breath and rolls vibrantly off the lips. Thinking of the creator omnipotent and omniscient. We have a sense of praise. Hallelujah is a type of chant often used in Christian worship or praise. You can make your own custom chant whatever is pleasant sounding and to your own taste.

Last week trying some custom chanting to see what effect it had. Almost sounded like a sha nah nah or 50's musical however it was where the spirit led me. Whatever your beliefs are try mixing in some chants to spice up worship. How many times have we been on a long car ride and find ourselves singing jingles like row , row , row your boat or Do re mi fa so la to do voice exercises. These are all outlets for the mind much better than taking an aspirin for stress.

Cha Cha or chant mix it up there is a lot of energy in spirituality that needs to be expressed.

Praise and Peace,


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mad Scientist

 It seems curious that many of the religious icons in the bible were once considered mad.

2COR 5:13 So if we were crazy, it was for God; if we are sane, it is for you. apostle Paul.

and David acted insane in the old testament. We often hear the the term mad scientist  examples being Tesla and Einstein, and in the world of philosophy Socrates the greatest philosopher was once considered mad. Here we have just a few examples one a religious one , one of science and another of philosophy. All of these have one thing in common - the mind. Pushing the boundaries of the mind - can alter reality or produce an altered state. We read about the life of Tesla who was a great thinker often referenced thoughts of universal peace and took a few months of his life to study the bible.

 We as humans benefit from these great thinkers as they expand their consciousness. We have religious thinkers from all faiths that have contributed to humankind. We also have those great philosophical thinkers often at their own expense and demise have made great contributions.

 Then we have the mystic that seems to be alone - yet they are connected to everything. The mystic journey often will bring one to edge of sanity and some will recommend a companion or director to keep them in touch with reality. They deliberately push the mind into altered states to reach certain understanding such as truth or light. This understanding can come at a great price which we are given freely. In Christianity it is said faith reaches for understanding. Just as the scientist reaches for a theory or understanding of the natural world and sometimes the invisible. The philosopher may analyze something for days or even years before reaching a conclusion.

 So though one may appear mad or insane perhaps they are just on a discovery or reaching for the truth.

'the most beautiful and most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical.  It is the sower of all true science.  He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.  To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religiousness.'
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

 I would consider myself more of  mystic than a traditional christian often trying to explain experience in a way others would understand. To me God is spirit a light that brings understanding and nothing is hidden there is no mystery just lack of understanding.

Peace and Happiness,


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Expression and Suppression

 We have feelings brought on by inside and outside influence. Feelings are often tied to emotions.

 We need to note there are some days feelings will overtake emotion. Recognize feelings are influenced by inside and outside stigma. That means you need to have something inside to overcome the outside influence. This is being in control of your environment. Learn to suppress feelings when outside influence is not healthy or productive otherwise your credibility is lost.

 When having what seems like a good day learn to turn that into expression. Expression is art , it is creativity, it is musical - energetic and wonderful. Perhaps pick up a guitar or musical instrument. Maybe you have a woodcraft or knit blankets. To some it can even be spiritual.

 Once met a man who believed in bio-rythyms and studied all these charts to find out what days would be good ones and which would be bad ones.  We also hear the gypsy tales about were wolfs that become a wolf when the moon is full. Then there is astrology when there is a certain alignment of stars various events will happen. 

 Our feelings can be controlled by outside influence tied to emotion in many unexpected ways. The key to happiness is to have something inside to be stronger. It is said the kingdom of heaven is within.
We also need to know when to suppress our feelings and when to express them. This is often called anger management which without an inside influence is useless. Management of our feelings and thus emotions takes practice and above all understanding.

 Learn to breath properly by practicing breathing inward and outward at least 20 minutes a day. This is necessary to fight off toxins in the body and other influences. You will learn eventually to calm or suppress your feelings and avoid irrational behavior. This may sound too easy. You say the doctor prescribed a pill - perhaps it cost 5 dollars for each pill when all you actually needed was to practice breathing. Use the money instead to buy a good meal and enjoy it with a friend.

 You have a choice when to express and when to suppress , you also have a choice to keep a little heaven inside for the hard times.

Peace and Joy,


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Image of Christ

 We often think of the image of Christ as the portrait of the bearded man in the front of the church. In contemplating it would be different for each of us. To the Catholic or Lutheran one of many saints - men and women representing various life lessons and works of faith and charity. To many it could be a mother or father that have been examples of a life well lived. We are all called to be living examples of Christ. Whether you are a Jew, Catholic, Hindu or of any other faith or religion.

 To me Christ is for all not just a few. We all should strive to be more like Jesus or one of the many examples not only in the dead but the living. Realizing the truth is in us does not mean living in fantasy or in a virtual reality. It just means to face reality with a forgiving heart, a kind thought. To make a conscious effort to live a more purposeful life.

 When we speak of the image of Christ - that image is represented in all creation. In all the living not just the dead. We should also look for that image within. Instead of looking for the evil or the weakness. Look for your strength whether it be artistic or athletic. We all have strengths , we all have some ability to glorify Christ.

 There is much more than that portrait of the bearded man than most realize. To someone first visiting a church it may seem counter productive to hear gossip. We should represent that image of Christ as much as anyone that had gone before us. Many times it seems we can fall to our knees and admit failure. Then we must also build on our strengths and get off our knees. If we are able to walk - walk with Christ. All have ability and capability, there is not such thing as disability with Christ. I have a son severely handicapped and still he shows a smile and thank you.

 Often remember it is good to be with others and become a part of something. There is strength in a congregation of believers, there is strength in a common good.

Peace and Love.


Friday, May 30, 2014

Next Generation

We envision what we want the next generation to be like. Will religion be as predominant as it was in the last 5 generations. If you visit many of the current church families the youth is scarce in the traditional churches many are over the age of 55 , few children and teenagers. My prediction is the traditional church will disappear. The lack of funding for one and the internet and fast paced education another. People want a more customized religion one size does not suit all.
 Years ago ethnicity was a part of the church - today many are reaching out to the eastern thought. Of those that do become a part of a church very few remain. We find that because of the traditional methods of learning and lack of leadership many leave.

 There is still a great need to fill the spatial mind and there is always that looming primordial self that needs to be confronted. The modern church was good at this until people became more educated. They now demand more answers - questions. Years ago no one questioned faith it was almost unthinkable, now everyone is questioning and thinking for themselves.

 The new generation will not easily accept religion perhaps until they reach maturity. They will be more involved with technology and socialization. Socialization that comes from a click of  a button.
My grandchildren are only 4 and 7 years old and already have started networking, They no longer wait to go to school or church events it is a daily item.

 The advent of the cell phone , the tablet, and the personal computer - the internet have changed socialization forever. This is all positive and we should not be discouraging new learning techniques.
Children will still have the inherent desire to fill that spatial mind, and they will confront the primordial self in a more prepared state  and without dogma. They will learn to grow more spiritually than the previous generation. They will no longer be limited by geographic boundaries . Children in China will be working on projects with those in the US at an early age. Children in Africa will share ideas with those in Germany.
 The next generation will be at peace.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Scarab beetle

We have evolved as the early Egyptian once worshiped the sacred and interesting Scarab beetle then the god RA of the sun who eventually took on the title of creator god. We find the Jews lead from captivity were once idol worshipers and heathens themselves. They were then chosen to worship the one God who has many names. Instead of many gods with many names this was quite an improvement. This new faith gave them strength to defeat their enemies and endurance during the time of wandering as the compass was not yet invented by the Chinese.

 Why was the dung beetle such an advancement in religion as it's tiny hairs that surround it's body seem almost alien. Then it can be mummified and carried in a purse if you can get the smell out. The god Khepri was said to have been a scarab that created man from clay. We can trace the scarab beetle back to millions of years before man in modern science. It is also the view that the scarab is the most sacred symbol of all to the ancient Egyptian and other societies. They were often used as royal seals for the rulers to seal marriage documents or other writs of importance. This went on for thousands of years longer than most religions. At the center of the human brain is the shape of two scarabs quite interesting.

  So what does all this prove and how does it relate to religious studies. It is actually very important to realize religion is evolutionary. The scarab still looks the same as it did millions of years ago, however man was said to have changed from a reptile to a monkey then to a man in far less time. The bible story that man was created from clay could have been derived from the story of the dung beetle.
We have yet to know all the mysteries of our own creation. Did the insect roll us out of dung apparent creating an image of themselves in our brains? Well it would seem far fetched however this was once believed.

 Then we hope we were not created just for the dung beetles amusement as we speed around in our Volkswagen beetles. Adoring the most popular group of all time the Beatles now wait that is spelled 'beatles'. Fondly how we are so imaginative , so full of illusion and dreams. What amazing creatures we are and we worry about such nonsense like what another is wearing and the length of it.

 Can we take a minute for a sanity check when it come's to religion. What are we really looking for? Is it enough to shake the primordial self and seek enlightenment. Then we return to the earth and become rolled into another piece of dung thanks to those magnificent creatures.

 I would prefer to believe in a heavenly place that is as beautiful as the mind can imagine.



The Middle Path

 Having studied the great religions and thought of our time - there is a path that can lead to enlightenment - the Middle path or Buddhism. As with many philosophies close to religion there are may variations of Buddhism as there are Islam, Christianity or Judaism. Each variation suits a particular culture , each is unique yet a part of the middle path. Pure land Buddhism has always been my favorite along with Zen. It is so similar to my own spiritual experience that sometimes it contains many if not all of the elements of the same path.
 When Jesus said you must become as a child to find the kingdom of God, the Buddha remembered an experience he had as a child where he was close to enlightenment and returned to that train of thought after ascetic practice was not yielding the mind path he was looking for. Buddhism in the Zen format has the perfect middle path. It balances all things out to the result equation of nothingness. there is neither good or evil , there is no desire the cup is always full. Do the right action for the human reason not as a religious act. It is also my experience the christian has a full cup as they return to the well of prayer to fill it.
 Jesus was very much in the same way as he was human first , he wept , he ate did all things as a human. The Buddha never claimed to be divine and desired no worship. He even asked to be cremated that none of his remains became relics or would be adored. However it is said that one tooth survived and was fought over in many wars. The one who owned Buddhas tooth was said to be a supreme ruler.
 Comparing the life and works of Christ to the Buddha can be interesting. Buddha faced the Goblin and Christ faced off with Satan. It has been my experience we all will eventually face off with an internal primordial being that represents a new direction in spiritual evolution for us personally. It is a step in spiritual evolution we try to explain within our own cultural knowledge. Then we enter into  the pure land where the mind is free from its old distinctions and on to the path of truth. The master of lies is defeated our primordial self is no longer in charge. We are at perfect peace and that particular struggle is gone , the mind can then pursue higher development.
  To the christian it is to become more like Christ , in essence to become one with Jesus as he and the Father are one. In Buddhism it is to become the Buddha to obtain the knowledge of the middle path , through right thinking and actions. There are very few distinctions considering the Buddha existed 500 years before Jesus is not surprising to me. We seem to have a spiritual evolution every 500 years and each step or stone has a statement of the one to follow would be even greater or a return of an even more glorious one another messiah. The Jews had been looking forward to a Messiah , the Buddhist another Buddha, Jesus was coming again it is evolution in its finest. Greater works than these will be performed by those that follow me.
  Will we miss the next super guru , the next divine being? To the Sikh the granth guru sahib is the last guru the sacred book containing all the famous wisdom of the prior gurus , to the christian the bible has all the truth, to the Jew it is the Torah , to the Muslim it is the Quran and many others have their holy books. We have in essence collected the wisdom of our time and made that our Lord. To preserve wisdom is not such a bad thing only we need to recognize that wisdom is continuous like a tree of life - evolves. We are told this by all the gurus all the teachers all the holy men wisdom does not stop with one generation to look forward to the next revelation.
 The middle path is one of peace of mind it is not that the Buddhist does not care to take on a cause or be benevolent. Peace and purity are the middle path. Any personal desire will cause an inner conflict and the result would be contrary to inner peace. Once giving away all my worldly goods sought this path of no desire. I was recluse on a deserted island for a year in prayer with a bible and catching water in rain barrels , feeding on the the local honey and cocoanuts and what goods that were brought to the island occasionally it was like a spiritual oasis. As extreme as it may seem my experience was to continue it was merely another step. Similar to the Buddha going through his ascetic stage it passed. I returned from the pacific Islands with hair down to my back and beard to chest to another reality.
 We often hear the kingdom of God is within us. We search inward for answers sometimes escape from the life of everyday chores to find this inner peace. To me inner peace is all that matters and it is also important to share this inner peace with others through encouragement and kindness.
 We are told not to put the candlestick under a table - to let our light shine for others to see. This is harmony within and outside. The wisdom of the ages can be found many places and it is my contention we should keep an open mind. We learn to love others as ourselves for we may be all in the same boat - this planet earth. Am I a Christian or a Buddhist a Jew or a Muslim a Sikh it would seem that we can learn a lot from each other. Perhaps another stone in time created by living water.



Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prison or Prism

The mind can become a prison or a prism. It can hold us in fear or refract the light in various directions.

The imprisoned mind is bound, it cannot think for itself. It can be bound by a society or school of thought or even a religion. It can be imprisoned by fear or guilt. It can represent a cult or a self imposed judgement. It can be imprisoned by material things or corrupt thoughts.

 The prism mind is one of balance, reflection and refraction. It is creative , it takes light and passes it on- sometimes in a million directions like a star. The prism mind is open to new ideas or discoveries.
Yes if we meditate on a prism allowing the divine thoughts to flow through us and become dispersed it will bring joy.

 Ask yourself this question is my mind a prison or a prism. Then work toward making that change it will bring you peace.

joy and peace.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Mark

 So what is a mark? The world had been plagued by the mark for thousands of years. We have even heard of the mark of the beast. In gypsy circles the mark was used to take from the innocent it was a way to extract money from a certain people using - yes , fear. The mark of the beast is an old gypsy technique to extract money from the fearful. An ancient con that still goes on today.

 The mark is also a gambling term it is a give away a twitch , a nervous motion an indicator. The people that show their fear are an easy mark to a gambler. Life is full of gamblers and full of marks waiting to be taken.

 Religion can use fear there are many out there that use gypsy magic to take your money. Is this peace of mind?

 I am only telling you this not to embarrass or deceive you. For chances are if you believe in the mark you have already been taken by fear.

 I have found freedom from fear - the peace that passes all understanding, Love. The love that comes from the truth. The truth will set you from from fear - from the mark of the beast. There is another mark one of faith , one of love and peace. These can be detected in the forehead or in the hands.

 Always look at a persons forehead when speaking to them. Shake their hands , watch them if they are steady or shaky. If they do not offer a steady hand shake it probably means they are germ a phobic or have fear. Be careful though the politician has learned to disguise these traits , ha ha.

Revelation 19:20 - And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.
 Jehovah said, Go through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that groan and sigh for all the abominations that are done in the midst thereof; and smite; let not your eye spare; but come not near against any man upon whom is the mark (Ezek. 9:4-6).

Behold the Lamb standing on the Mount Zion, and with Him a hundred and forty and four thousand, having the name of His Father written on their foreheads (Rev. 14:1).

They shall see the faces of God and of the Lamb, and His name shall be on their foreheads (Rev. 22:4).

It was said that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, nor any tree; but only the men that have not the mark of God on their foreheads (Rev. 9:4).

The bible is a book that teaches all about defense from magic, gypsy magic. If you learn to read with eyes of wisdom and love it will be a valuable book and enlightening . If you read with the eyes of fear it will destroy you. It was written for the man of faith with the mark of God on his forehead and also a warning to the man of fear the mark of the beast. It is a two edged sword.

 You see our foreheads can show worry or enlightenment and our hands can be shaky or show honesty. It is the body language of the bible.



Sunday, April 13, 2014

Past , Present and Future

We can live in various states of thought. We can dwell on these for moments , days or even years. We can become historians , students or scientist depending on the degree of this contemplation. Often the monk that spent their entire life in prayer and meditation only highlight that one brief moment of enlightenment. The moment that creator and creation were united consciously. Even though they were never really parted.

The pure land is the place between the inner and outer. We often will say I remember the good old days, when taxes were not so high and the land was full of game and the waters fish. We did not need a license to hunt or fish or permission to  produce or sell goods.
We also say life is good -we no longer have to hunt game or grow food - there are stores and shops. We just need to get in our cars and go to the malls.

Future is here we can go online , we can stay home and the mail person will deliver us food or clothing. We can earn a degree or even work from home. We have Google glasses that will remember all we see and allow us to search other minds or sources with just a blink. We are integrating into technology. Soon we will spend less time bathing or in the bathroom. Our fluids and bionics will be regulated by technology. We will live in a virtual reality within a virtual reality. Our dreams will be replaced by programmed utopias not much different than now. Our memories will be stored on a chip, we will have redundant existences in various parts of the world to avoid extinction.  We will exist in a cloud like the angels we once hoped to be like.
 The cloud will hold our memories Past , Present and Future.


Mirage or Miracle

A man is alone in the desert - suffering from hunger and thirst. He see in the distance an oasis of trees sprouting with fresh fruit. He goes toward the oasis - the closer he gets the further away it seems. Like the enormous mountain ranges of the world they seem to take forever to arrive.

Is the oasis a mirage or a miracle? The mind can seem both kind and cruel. It offers both hope for survival and can see beyond circumstance.

In my writing mostly focused on comparative studies and uniqueness I sometimes mention scriptures or stories in reference. A fine line between hope and deception. I see the mind as being both within and around us. It is both present and beyond. We are told to have the mind of Christ in the christian life. To some to seek the Pure land. Where is this place the kingdom of God within , the kingdom of Heaven. To me it is the mind within and beyond.

As far as the the miracle - it is the future state of hope. The dream that came true whether it was a cure for a disease or a new birth. A miracle can be an outcome beyond the odds a spark of energy or creation. So if a man heads toward an oasis only to find it to be a mirage. Was it an act of a vain imagination or just someone that needed a miracle. The mind preserved the man in his journey toward this mirage had he not seen it perhaps he would have perished long ago. Then again it may had been the oasis was real. We have no way of knowing till we get there.

The mind preserves us through mirages and miracles. It seems we often dispel that life itself is a miracle , even though the odds of earthlings even to have made it this far are very great. The fact that we exist is a miracle. We live in a world of tides , both men and women go through changes in the physical and mental. We see the economies change , the governments change. The planet and universe changes. The internal tides and beyond tides are all connected to the mind. The mind can sense these changes.

We call this sense of change awareness. It is tied into our survival as a person and as a species. We feel a sense of peace when our survival is not threatened.

To sum it up Mirage or Miracle , all bring hope. The mind is kind.