Saturday, June 29, 2013


So we are in a room and listening. Are we listening to the words being spoken by others. Perhaps we hear something interesting.

The other day something interesting happened instead of hearing words all that was heard were heartbeats. This has happened a few times once in ICU , and a couple times in a crowd of people in public places. Then it occurred that when we enter the world the first thing that is checked is the heartbeat. When we leave it is the last thing that is checked.

What does it mean to sense the heartbeat. Life is what is important , the noise and chatter all culminate in life. There is a constant search for identity in the words of others we look for something of interest. If we like it and can use that to build our identity or so it seems. Then we create the transition of to be or not to be, a question is posed.

However when we hear a heartbeat we identify as being alive and present. It is very basic and yet so essential to be aware of life not just the chatter.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Truths

When we refer to the truth it can often be taken a few ways.

The blind truth 

 The blind truth is something that is overheard or perhaps passed through many tellers. It often becomes
distorted over the many transmissions or over time. It is often spoken about the blind leading the blind.
When an ancient manuscript is translated it may have aspects of blind truth that need to be discerned to 
gather the real meaning. This is because of the effect of transmission and time linear regressions.

The narrative truth

 The narrative truth is written or usually in book form. It can also be historical record. Of course historical record is only as good as the reporter and the source. We can sometimes be influenced by conjecture or the opinion of the reporter , true reporting offers no opinion just the facts. Often people 
will believe everything that is written down. Yes- I read it in the paper so it must be true is a metaphor often used. A narration is usually opinionated , so it can be of poor or good quality depending on the narrator or source. We can say the narrative truth is closer than the blind truth if the source is proven to be good because it is a record that may be preserved over time.

The living truth
 The purest form of truth is the living truth. It encompasses experience and usually other witnesses - we also can conclude each of our senses is a witness. There is no substitute for personal experience , something that is felt by all the senses touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste. We cannot always rely on just one of the senses. We may smell something that is quite raunch but it may actually taste very good, something can taste awful and be good for your health. We may hear something that is not really true or a lie or gossip. We may see something that can be taken out of context, for instance a surgeon using a knife or a father yelling at a child perhaps it was a safety issue. Usually common sense is only taken into consideration when multiple senses are involved.

Actually of all the senses touch is the most reliable. Many people respond better to a hug or a kiss because the human nature understands this as being more reliable than just a compliment.

He touched me and made me whole. 

 When Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. It was a direct statement of the living truth , saying the truth he was speaking of could be experienced in life. Way , Truth and Life all blend in perfect harmony. Almost like a finely tuned instrument making the most wonderful music ever heard.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Probability and Possibility part one


 We hear the term all things are possible for those who love christ and called according to his purpose. We also hear that greater miracles than these shall they do. Faith is often spoken as being
without reason. Though we somehow are reminded of the Urim and the Thummim where we flipped
a coin basically and followed the will of God. Yes - if we are wrong - we can blame our ignorance.
If we are right - we can say it was prophetic. Is this what success is about - taking risks. Yes- it is
to a degree of 50% success. Eventually we will overcome our ignorance and may even succeed.
This is religious thinking. There is nothing wrong with it except the odds are even for and against. Sometime God's people used this thinking - a matter of drawing lots.


We learn that wisdom is constantly taught by men of God, even holiness which is divine wisdom.
The path of holiness is one of probability. The odds are far greater for success using wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps as high as 90% or more but very rarely 100% just to keep us humble. If we do not smoke chances are we will be healthier and richer. If we do not drink the chances are we will make better decisions and use sound judgement. If we keep better company the chances are proven to be more successful. If we eat right chances are our health will improve or we will have more energy.

Why would we leave our life to chance? Because it is really what life is about. The chosen are perhaps the ones who live in the realm of holiness because the probability increases with wisdom. Jesus taught that we should learn grace.

Ephesians 1:8 he lavished upon us wisdom and understanding.

This is speaking about the basics of grace.

We also are not limited to the knowledge in books . It comes in all forms - mainly experience. Touching a flame we get burnt. Our desires can get the best of us , we can sometimes crave or have an appetite for a destructive habit. We can be overcome with a fear that if thought out sensibly may seem ridiculous. Fear of being alone , fear of crowds. Some are so dismal they seem to contradict. Fear of heights and fear of depths. Fear of small spaces and open spaces. Knowledge is the key it is the spiritual

Religion sometimes can border superstition in reasoning. The spiritual path is one of wisdom and understanding not ignorance. It is not God's will to be ignorant but wise and humble.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coming Home

As it were many a veteran realized the dream of coming home after a war. Sometimes the person you thought was waiting had moved on to another relationship. Sometimes the job you left behind was gone or the plant was closed. Your friends may have moved on. This is not the worst - believe me.

It is when you realize your unique identity was left behind and somehow no longer at home. Be aware that returning from war and separation from identity can be the worst loss. How do you find yourself or  reconnect to your old life. It can be very stressful and many will fall into sorrow. Jesus was often referred to as a man of sorrows. The smiling Jesus we see on the post cards recently is more like the salesman Jesus. Actually the shortest verse in the bible is Jesus wept.

It is ok to shut the door and weep. Afterwards take a moment to identify where you are going not where you came from. It is not a time to look behind but forward. There is no one there to give the order forward march. You have to re-claim your identity and now is a good time to start a new beginning. Learn to meditate and control your thoughts. Believe me a misguided thought can be worse than friendly fire.

The serenity prayer is often a good one:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Instead of hanging around with a negative crowd or whiners, find someone that is positive. Even in the work place it is easy to become a member of the whiners club. In a real company it is not us and them, it is just us. It used to be in the service fraternizing with the enlisted was forbidden. That is old school - in the real world we are all in it to survive - the army of one.

The switch from civilian to soldier, and then back to civilian is all about identity. You may even get angry that your identity was stolen but understanding can get you back on track. Some will ask you to be a part of a VFW or legion and it may be ok if the crowd is positive. Seek out positive companionship , do not try to go it alone. Maybe visit a local church that does charity work or find an optimist club.

My first decision was to go to college but was disappointed with the level of immaturity and left after completing one year, actually re-enlisted only to delay the process of finding identity. The second time went to college again and they seemed even more immature. Now the immature people in the first group were managers and getting into the workplace was hard. I ended up starting my own company and it worked out for me. There were still times of reflection and identity issues but it seems that practicing meditation helped a lot.

Unfortunately the civilian world does not always give you the credit for your experience and maturity. It is better to seek out a government job would be my advice, even it is a small position at first you can bid for others as they become available and you have seniority. My wife was in a MASH unit in the army and it was hard for her to work for kids just out of school that had never faced the same level of preparedness and action. Yet - she managed to get in at the bottom and work her way up. Taking some college courses as time permitted at a local community college. Many have online courses which are nice to try before attempting a class.

Wishing all the best for returning veterans as it seems to be harder with each generation. Pray the serenity prayer and choose positive friendships.

Peace to you.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dark Night

We hear occasionally about the dark night of the soul. As it may appears to be a very lonely and a time where the holy spirit does not seem to be present. It seems quite odd and many will not understand this. This is my explanation which is comparative at best.

When you were a little child your father gave you your first bicycle. You had on those training wheels after a time when you seem to have gained balance they were taken off. You were full of joy and knowing your father was giving you a push , then realized you were riding the bicycle with no training wheels and your father was not holding you up. Then you hear a voice "my son, I am well pleased". Our heavenly father will never leave us nor forsake us, but there are times when we are left to peddle alone- this is faith. Understanding this is normal and only temporary can help. We are spiritual beings and our spirit will be tested at various times in life.

This is not related to being separated by sin, which is something that you need to overcome. Once you have spiritual understanding grace replaces the law of sin and death. The separation of God during the dark night is more of a testing period or first bicycle ride unassisted. You just have to trust and this is a test of trust.

Hebrew 13:5 and Deuteronomy state - I will never leave you, nor forsake you.

peace be unto you.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Every knee shall bow

 Every knee shall bow is asserting the divine presence of God. We often find a conflict between our personality and the divine character of God. How can we bow to a Spirit , since God is spirit. We are actually all who accept Grace endowed with the Spirit of God. It is in my belief that all will eventually recognize their own personality and will is no match for God's spirit.
 How can we distinguish between a personality and the Spirit of God , because there are some that will be overcome by strong personalities. These strong personalities are often the leader of a cult or following not of God. If God is present , we are uplifted and our own individuality becomes strengthened. If another personality is not of God our individuality becomes weak. Greater is the one  that is in you, than is in the world. Now the bible says HE , but God really is Spirit. A woman with the Spirit of God should realize that her gender will not changed but will be magnified. Her individuality will be stronger than any of the personality that surrounds her. She will become the stone in her time.
 In the last part of the biblical verse Every knee shall bow -  every heart confess Jesus Christ is Lord. This is stated in the bible more than once. Does that mean we will be forced to bow before Christ or does it mean the Spirit of One , God will overcome the personality of men. That all will eventually be at One consciousness with God and at peace. I believe it means that God will eventually draw all men unto the Spirit. It does not mean destruction or havoc as some may teach, for God is not the author of confusion - it means a reign of peace and harmony. In Revelations it is told of a thousand years of peace. We certainly have not seen this - yet.
 Those who are looking for destruction and chaos are wrong. Eventually the world will be at peace both Heaven and Earth , that is what scripture teaches. How this will be accomplished is through a direct encounter with a Divine being , it does not mean the destruction of free will but a Gift of understanding which will enhance individuality to a divine level. Will this be done through telepathic means or a scientific breakthroughs, not sure. It is hard to imagine a thousand years of peace , perhaps it will mean new energy sources that will replace our archaic oil guzzling technology and new sources of food similar to manna that is available to everyone or a change in the earth or science where climates are controlled not delivering rampant destruction. Perhaps all of these and more for those thousand or so years, it seems possible. Once I had an experience which prompted me to write a poem Angelic decryption, it was a transmission of sorts where an enormous amount of data was being received in a short period of time. I tried to find this in ancient manuscripts not sure of the source but later discovered it was encrypted.
 Perhaps this will be the way peace is achieved through some transfer of knowledge and it was only a sample.

-peace to all.

Why the Difference

Why are there so many differences among protestant christians? 
The very nature of protestantism is to interpret the bible for oneself. It also doesn't help that there are so many translations.

Does the catholic church offer more stability as the interpretation is by papal authority?
That is really for you to decide - some would rather have their religion defined for them. Most catholics have not even read the bible , which includes many priests.

Is there a true christian church?
The body of christ is real - Yes. Does it have a modern label or is it a religion - No. The body of christ is experienced not defined. There are people of all the churches mentioned that have something of value from their inner being.

It would be ludicrous to think that God would just scoop up one building and take everyone in it and leave the rest to burn. With love comes understanding, patience and kindness.

Can love be falsified?
The bible does speak of false prophets performing miracles in Jesus name. It also speaks of discerning the truth. The main test is the fruits of the spirit.
Galatians 5:22-23
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Against such things there is no law.... this about sums it up.

But I have seen Sikhs, Hindus and Jews etc. with these same traits.
Yes - being a part of God is not limited to a particular religion, it is a spiritual experience. God is spirit.


The Sacrifices

When we study sin and the ancient religious sacrifices it goes back to the time when the Jews were undecided in how to deal with sin and cast lots. They had prepared two sacrifices one for the Lord and one for Azazel. Upon the casting of the lot it was decided the Lord would bear the burden of sin. The goat prepared for Azazel was released into the wilderness, later this was called the scape goat. We often hear the devil made me do it or satan is blamed for your sin.

Actually the sin was placed upon the Lord in sacrifice, this is also represented by the cross. Then we find out that Jesus came to preach a new covenant of Grace. So even though it was a new covenant the law had to be also satisfied once and for all. Grace did away with sin, there is no reason to look for the scape goat wandering in the wilderness. The devil did not make you do it, you need to take responsibility for your actions.

In the covenant of Grace we are forgiven and given a measure of faith to overcome. How often can you  fail until you overcome. We can almost say it is like a man at the well, once I saw this in a vision. At the well sat a man and kept filling my cup as needed. How many trips were made to the well, that is between me and God. The man at the well seems to be Christ and the water is life. Perhaps you will see this another way as grace is revealed.

Have learned to ask forgiveness and take responsibility for my failures asking for another measure of faith. We only need to go to the cross once, but the well many times.