Friday, January 30, 2015

Shepherd and Sheep

Who is the sheep?

Who is the Shepherd?

Who is the Lamb of God?

Our Heart is to be like a Lion and is also to be the Shepherd. When Christ is in the heart , we have the good shepherd.

Our mind is the sheep which the shepherd is leading to pasture. When we lean to our own understanding and try to let the mind lead we will get lost. Our heart is the shepherd and knows the way to Truth.

Beliefs may vary between one group and another. What matters most is the focus is on the heart. In the end when you are in the presence of the creator will you say I was a follower of religion or my philosophy was sound. If you present the mind to the creator after passing it will be too late. You must present it now as a sacrifice and let the shepherd, the heart guide you.

The Lamb of God Jesus was called the lamb because he presented his mind to the creator. He willfully became fully compassionate, fully love. When we let our heart become the shepherd then we are being led by the Lord.

Let Christ into your heart.



Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mind Science

I have read many of the mind science writings especially of the christian venue and some Hindu.
We can find many inspiring writing amongst the mind science teachers. As a mystic you would think that the mind would be my central focus. It is important to understand the teachings of the great masters. It will surprise you though my focus is on the heart.

The religious mindset is about answers and many of the internet personalities seemed to have answers. There is a new trend of these internet gurus that have fragments of these teaching and some of it sounds good. My spirit does not always bear witness with the answers , partly because they are trying to explain things to appease the mind. The same is with philosophy which tries to satisfy the mind with questions. There are many good philosophers and they can quiet the mind by removing the desire or asking another question.

Heart science would be a good study only not many would be interested in examining the heart. What does the heart have to offer?

The kingdom of heaven is within you --- where? your heart.
You must be as a child does not mean gullible. It means to have the heart of a child.
Heart is about attitude , it is about love.  The mind can only store what it receives and compute from it. The heart is where the journey begins and ends.

In reading holy books we are told not to lean to our understanding and this means using the mind. We are to use the heart which is pure. Minds can vary from one to another ,  the oneness is found in the heart of humanity.

Preparing for prayer does not involve the mind or a fancy set of words, even a mantra. If only to repeat words that condition our attitude. Silent prayer is sometime the most effective. Mystics are not always teachers as some may reason, they are not always the most intelligent. The mystic life is about the heart , learning to love deeper not think deeper. The philosopher is the thinker , the religious man the practitioner and the mystic the lover.

Often I say inner peace is all that matters, this is related to the heart.

All my heart,


Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Musketeer

We can study teamwork in the family, in the workplace and in the community. The best example of teamwork and one of my favorite is the Musketeer. They were the soldiers that used muskets which required they work as a tight unit. While one was reloading the other was firing their musket it took precise timing and ultimate teamwork.

The famous motto of the Musketeer was all for one, and one for all.

The three Musketeers would hold their swords toward the heavens and shout those words. They had their escapades and adventure while protecting the royals or going on missions.  In life when things seems to be going wrong in the family, workplace or community we can apply this simple principle.

The Musketeers had only a few seconds to fire a shot however it took over a minute to reload. It was nice to know someone had your back during the reload. The Musketeers could not go it alone they literally needed each other to survive.

If you pick your friends based on the Musketeer principles you will never have to worry again.

Peace and Joy,


Sunday, January 4, 2015


We hear a lot about kingdoms two of them we may dwell in are the animal kingdom and the kingdom of God.

In the animal kingdom we see a phenomena known as mobbing. It is where an animal or even bird will pick or peck at one that is different. Sometimes they will devour it afterwards to remove all traces. This also goes on in the workplace which is where someone is picked on by the team either discredited or bullied with innuendos or rumors. It is part of the animal nature in humans to do this, the beast nature.

What separates us from the animal kingdom is intelligence however we still live in an animal kingdom. Racism , bullying and mobbing all stem from the animal nature. It is a natural phenomena which is why it is so hard to defeat. Whether it is religious , nationality, color or gender it goes on in society and in the workplace. The only way to escape it is to create a new environment to dwell. This means putting rules in place or laws that forbid animal behavior.

In the kingdom of God we find the beast is tamed , we live by rules that represent freedom or liberty for all humankind. In America we tried to create such a kingdom and the process is ongoing. One nation under God, which means to put aside animal behavior. Then someone will say the kingdom of God is within, Yes -it starts within developing the right attitude toward others.

We can learn a lot about ourselves by studying the animal kingdom, we can learn a lot about the primordial beast. We have to identify our nature in order to change it. We find that the Buddha after searching for enlightenment found it within. He called it his Buddha nature, there was a nature inside him that existed total joy , total peace and love. This nature was pure and bliss. We find that Jesus also said, the kingdom of God is within you. Seek you first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added. Perhaps we need to change our attitude before expecting things from God. 

We are just a part of the whole of humanity.

Peace to you,