Sunday, August 24, 2014

Esoterics and Isometrics

The esoteric thinker usually is concerned with mystery or sacred knowledge. They are as many esoteric groups as any other. Many secret societies have esoteric views. They may believe they are in possession of some mystery or sacred wisdom. They should not sell this however as mystery, for wisdom is insight not mystery. Good will is for everyone not just a select society nor do I believe in oaths. To me anything that is pure or good should not be hidden.

I personally have been tempted by esoteric beliefs after all who is not enticed by mystery. It was until  Jiddu Krishnamurti explained cause and effect in thought and becoming. Jiddu believes in the oneness of thinking not in sectarianism or separation for survival or security. Stability must be thought in terms of all of humanity. Though he may have gotten some benefit from Theosophy , he chose to disband the Star of the East occult sect because to him it was more important to unite all of humanity than to start another division. He continued to teach observation and independence in thinking being labeled a mystic. It seems we are labeled mystic when we do not subscribe to intermediaries , angel or spirit guides. What happened to Jiddu is he was enlightened and could no longer bring himself to occultist views. In my own findings he is right we are all just a part of the greater. The ego mind will dispute this and hold a separatist view. We are actually connected in many ways and that is the evolved man. Religiosity , politics and separatism is not the answer. We have to find common sense , before we can live freely.

So in essence seeking of wisdom for the Theosophist is virtuous as in any religious order. I would not be so caught up in mystery - as I believe sincerely that wisdom has nothing to do with hidden mystery. Wisdom is insight not mystery. Unfortunately many Mystics are are thought to possess some magic or sacred knowledge or occultism. My experience has been the opposite it is simply clarity and has nothing to do with secrecy.

I do also believe there is a benefit from organizing which promotes charitable contribution to society in that respect. We see that Catholic charities and Lutheran social services do a lot of good works as do many of the Islamic or Jewish organization. Most religious organizations do good works - that is not in question. They also have been known to be the cause of major disputes in humanity leading to war and refugees. We can argue either way for or against religion.

There are those that would pose a mystery to hold us in mastery to control the masses. They have become clever , and posed a lie. The truth is there is no mystery nothing is hidden all is in view with eyes open we can understand it. Strength of perception and observation is key to finding the truth so avoid mysterious rituals and mysterious beliefs. We have been open to the subliminal suggestions of those that would lead us to ancient ignorance, the clues are not in the past - the future holds the key. The masters of illusion will paint a dismal picture of the future saying we must hold onto old beliefs even if they are proven wrong. If new light is shown on a subject and a clearer picture comes to view it is more defined. As time go on it may become even more defined.

 We can prune our thoughts to things we can easily understand like stretching a muscle we can also eventually through practice reach a higher consciousness. I will call this isometric realization. A gradual growth through time we do not need to know everything all at once let knowledge settle in with patience understanding will come.

Isometrics is freedom it is motion not stagnant. Like living water flowing in truth. Untangle the cords and let your mind flow in a positive more future direction. Let go of the past exercise your isometric freedom. The truth will set you free - there is no mystery only time and space with patience will eventually reveal all truth. Jesus said 'he who believes in me out of his belly will flow living water'. Living water is in motion - Isometric. The Lord was not caught up in ancient religion or mystery.  Often found himself trying to simplify ancient text by giving a parable.



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