Monday, August 18, 2014

Lost and Found

I was reading the writings of some very famous gurus that stated the only purpose in life is to find God. This may seem to be a religious statement more than a spiritual one. There have been those that dwell in the occult - in mystery and sometimes just religiosity. I do not believe God is lost or there is such a thing as a mystery. God is everywhere in creation and in the Spirit - we should not spend our lifetime looking for a lost God, we are in essence the lost. Omnipresent means everywhere not in a cave or a mountaintop . We need to find ourselves and change our attitude toward life and each other.

Our only commandment is to love one another - we are told. It is impossible to find God , God is not lost. We can experience God  more or less that is the choice. Are we going to hide from God ? Some may also think this is possible. Maybe if they hide under the covers or keep inside their homes. Go to a monastery or cabin in the woods. Whether in a crowd or a desert God is there. Only the experience is missing. Some find the experience through reading , some through nature or friendships. Some find the experience through meditation or simple prayer. Some experience in the quiet or others may hear a beautiful song or dance.

I was lost and now am found. We can lose the experience when the cares of life can take away our desire for communion. It is not about finding God , it is about communion , about experience. Imagine being at the dinner table and everyone is talking enjoying the wonderful fruit and drink. Similar to the Lords supper where all the disciples gathered for a last meal. Jesus said do this often in remembrance of me. He was talking about communion - experiencing each others company, and in his presence. Where two or more are gathered in my name , I am among them. This is talking about the Spirit of communion. You will find God in the communion and throughout the experiences of life.

Peace ,


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