Friday, April 26, 2013

The Kiss

  It was an another night of caring for my son and an elder gentlemen who was full of anxiety.
 Reminded of the story of Jesus casting out legion or all the little problems looking like a big one. (post on Legion). As I was resting had a visitation - somewhere between the dream world and reality. A joyful being or spirit came alongside my cheek and gave me a kiss. It was a bit awkward as the little angel  spoke much faster than could be understood. My first impression was on no! not another data transmission. However it was different the angel just kissed me on the cheek and the words plainly understood were  "I love you".
 It was the first time nothing was expected or a volume of information was given. Such a simple message and something that was needed. Not sure why God uses ministering spirits but they are very real.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Boston Chaos

Recently hearing about the tragedy in Boston and also in Texas. What was supposed to be a healthy and happy event was attacked. In Texas what was a rural and safe environment was attacked. This kind of chaos happens at least weekly throughout the world.  A lot of it goes unreported and sometimes it happens in modern society or in tribal society. What is the cause ? Chaos.

Where there is no light there is chaos. The young men involved were not ignorant as some may think. Their actions were caused by deliberate chaos from spiritual forces. It is often a religious school will fall into a chaotic state. Unfortunately many will say religion is the cause of most wars and terrorism, actually it is chaos. There are two major forces in the world light and chaos. 

How did these two young seemingly promising young men fall into the trap. Even those young men in the 911 incident were entrapped. There is without a doubt spiritual forces in control of these men. They appear as angels of light but are actually of chaos. Once while in meditation saw the chaos - some of it is deliberate and some random. What is random is usually the forces of nature - hurricanes, lightning, these cannot be avoided. Deliberate chaos can be avoided by knowledge. 

Knowledge of the budhi and the blood. Knowledge of the wind and the water. Knowledge of light and chaos. Jesus had this sacred knowledge and so did many throughout time. Somehow it was perverted by men  and women or misunderstood. When the word soul was replaced by ego. When a prophet became a part of the world.  Did Mohammed have revelations from God? When he was revealed the Lord's prayer in an audible voice-  I believe that it happened. Were they also properly sealed and carried out? No. Any deviation from light into chaos means something went awry.

What are the seals?  Any prophet that hears a revelation must carry out the seal. It is one thing to hear the voice of God but it must also be properly carried out and sealed. The bible speaks of actions being sealed by the prophets. When something is sealed it is committed to light. God often uses the seals to separate the chaos from light.

When did the prophet become a political figure? Is it ok to rob caravans in the name of God, No. What about the story of the Good Samaritan. Where one was a robber and attacker , another a victim, another a thief, another a priest and the last the Good Samaritan. Jesus did not teach us to become the attacker or the priest that ignores calls for help, we are to be like the Good Samaritan. 

We also see in the Jonestown massacres and in the Waco incident a deviation from light. So it is not just in the Islamic realm. We are currently in a war in Afghanistan many are trying to create an exit strategy while claiming a success. Just as in many regions were democracy is proclaimed- what if the people choose to be Taliban or radical extremism not true Islam. Islam was meant to bring order out of chaos and and was taken over by religious zealots. Various caliphates used the Islamic teaching to gain power and control and some were virtuous and promising so it was thought being political was a good thing but not so if in the wrong hands. It was when Islam was used as a political tool that it became perverted.  We need to understand that manipulation of young people happens in all religious geopolitical societies not just in Islam. Politics is not a party with God. Jesus said - render unto Caesar the things that are his and to God what is of God. A separation of politics and religion - yet even in todays christian churches there is an involvement in politics.

My heart goes out to the loved ones that suffered loss of life and limb. Emotional suffering and life lost from recent gun violence  of disturbed individuals at various schools and public places. The only prevention of such acts is bringing to light what is right and wrong. Basic teaching of right and wrong - basic knowledge. Reveal the light , and reveal the chaos.

God is light. Not chaos or the author of confusion.


Rewards and Benefits

 Many are looking for favor and rewards from the creator. Even the bible says hope for nothing in return. Perhaps this is where many stumble when the financial or material rewards do not come. The prosperity gospel has been preached for years and the only one that prospers is the preacher. I remember being in evangelical meeting and the singing would go as follows- "Give as you give unto the Lord and the Lord will give it back to you." emotions raised and folks would empty their pockets as the evangelist would go to the next town with the same song. This is not the gospel - expect nothing in return says Luke.
 Now, there are many benefits to living a spiritual life. My friend was a heavy smoker over 2 packs a day , his wife also smoked 2 packs a day. The daily spend was over 24 dollars a day to smoke paper and tobacco product. The health benefits from giving up this habit were tremendous and the financial benefit was 720.00USD a month. That was enough for a new car in the garage and a vacation for the entire family to the San Diego Zoo. The next year they went on an Alaskan cruise all with the money saved from breaking the smoking habit. Sure the government and tobacco companies will miss that money as they were benefitting.
 Yes - the other major habit of controlling drinking is a benefit. The health benefit of giving up strong drink has been proven. Not to mention the safety concerns with lack of judgement. The financial benefit could average another couple hundred a month. So here we are at over 1k a month just by clean living.
 Another benefit is the medical savings from living under less stress. The practical gospel teaches how to relieve stress which is the major cause of heart failure and digestive problems. The bible teaches how to eat properly and not to be gluttons. Eat a healthy diet with less fats , the passover lamb was only eaten once a year. There is a great book , " What would Jesus eat" on the biblical diet.
 Peace of mind - learning to forgive others and yourself and having Christ there to assist is a great benefit. There is no price tag for inner peace - it is priceless. Many famous and rich persons have broken lives with no inner peace. Wealth does not guarantee inner peace it only adds to the desires because they are never satisfied by objects. Object wealth is not the same as contented wealth. Having contentment without keeping up with the Jones is real gain.
 So - what is the message here rewards or benefits. We will find in the long run it is benefits. Learn to build your faith and your life, make good life choices. I do not teach the gospel of sin, because it was what Jesus did away with. We should encourage others for the benefit to live clean lives and not use judgement as a tool. judge not lest you be judged. Enjoy the benefits - you deserve that cruise.


Friday, April 12, 2013


What is the purpose of spirituality?
Is it to have an out of body experience? 
Is it to escape from reality?
Is it to have inner peace?

No, No and Yes but partly. 

 We need first to take care of the body's that we have. Proper diet and exercise - then use them for a useful purpose. Before dreaming of your new heavenly body with angelic-like features or aura frame use what you have. Go to a elder care center or hospital and volunteer, even if it is reading a book or holding a hand. Use the hands and legs that you were given to make the world a better place.

 Escape is not the goal of spirituality , you may find levels of consciousness or experiences may come but that is not the end goal. We are spiritual to overcome diversity. The goal is to overcome , to be victorious not to be lost in meditation. Most of our meditation should be directed toward overcoming the barriers in this life.

 If you have a smoking habit or other destructive habit -use your new found gift to overcome it.
If you feel the desire to do some good in the world find a group or church that takes part in such things. If a church teaches you to gain spiritual gifts and does not have an outlet to use them , then find a place that does. We should be pillars in the community in which we live. Many have a sense of religion but have no charity to enforce that.

 Inner peace is very important - at one time it seemed to me all that mattered. Even wrote a poem inner peace is all that matters. Perhaps it was a little too congenial because the outer chaos also needs to be dealt with. As children of light it is important to not hide that light under a night stand - let it shine. Many are not willing to face chaos. We are placed here on earth to be a light to the world. Jesus said " I am the light of the world" also "you are children of light". It is not just about having inner peace though that is a wonderful place to be.