Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

A familiar disney favorite and folk tale. Actually my favorite because it is not only just a story , it is a relevant map of the human mind.

The BEAST , those who have ventured into the half of the brain that houses primordial information and have faced their utmost fear, the inner beast , know what I am talking about. Most will never go that far into their consciousness. Few will ever encounter this beast and retain their sanity. At first you may think this was satan or some evil demonic force. It is actually the primordial self which we all have deep inside the very depths of our soul. Though we may try to give it character and perhaps name it , it is a part of us. By understanding everything works for the good , even this beast has a purpose. It was Solomon that knew how to harness the fear and use it for good. Religious minds will constantly choose to give it character and that is not good. You must take authority over the beast, after all it is really just part of you and the kingdom within. Keep the tiger in your tank, don't try to kill it. By understanding we can conquer fear. If you have encountered this inner beast , it is an honor.
For you have been allowed to face the primordial self.  Jesus after 4o days of fasting faced satan. Buddha faced Mara , it was a defining point in his life. I personally faced what was a primordial beast it seemed to challenge me , it was more like a goblin. Of course our minds may vary as to the caricature of the tempter. It is right of passage to a divine consciousness , consider it an honor.

The BEAUTY, who would know that this inner goddess dwells in the other half of our brains. Love , peace , joy all of these we an attribute to this part of our nature. Male or female we all have this loving being within us. Religious minds will try to give this character and name the goddess within. However no matter what you name this goddess , the goddess is a part of you. The love , joy and peace are the divine part of your being. There was  time in my life were i was taking care of an elderly woman and my own disabled son. Totally exhausted began to feel a sense of hopelessness. It was at that moment another being entered my consciousness. She appeared to come from the right side , then in front of me to the left. Kissed me on the left cheek and said I love you. The goddess travelled at a very high rate of speed. Even then she stayed with me for minutes. Was this a trick of the mind , or another right of passage. I believe it was just another experience to expand my consciousness. To feel perfect joy and love is a wonderful experience. Then I read that this also happened to the buddha, the experience very similar out of nowhere this goddess appeared. Then the buddha exchanged thoughts and became the goddess and the goddess became the buddha. Some of the Rishi or Hindu saints had experienced this also. They were kissed by a goddess ,

The Beauty and the Beast are you . As the buddha realized it , so should we. Eventually you will understand this and get them to work in harmony. When this happens everything will come to life. You will be one with your surroundings , all that mystery will become knowledge. Maybe the cups and tableware will not be dancing , it will be a jubiliant experience.

So a simple fable is the map of our inner consciousness.

Peace to you,