Friday, November 21, 2014


My wife is a fan of the comic character Wonder woman, when asked what super power was her favorite she said to be invisible. Really? over flying and super strength you chose invisibility. My choice was flying. We all have desires of these super powers it is built into our nature. We sometime express them in our dreams.

Though many believe in invisible religious entities with various abilities the most popular is in fact invisibility. The fact is if we started seeing the things we are told to believe in - we would be hauled in for evaluation or go insane.

It is hard to let go of the ego - to realize we are all one. Our mind can take us many places invisibly and possibly we often recognize pieces of another reality here. We may think of a past life moment or deja vu  and try to figure it out or come to terms with it. In sharing my experience we are all part of a collective consciousness. We tap into the experiences of others past and present at times. We do however choose to remain invisible in that state of consciousness as it is the preferred entry.

Hats off to all those that were able to fly in their dreams and experience super strength to overcome adversity. The truth is the greatest super power is to remain anonymous and keep invisible. As Shakespeare was also in agreement. To be or not to be. Buddha taught to become this nothingness was the greatest level of consciousness , it was taught by other great masters. To become nothingness does not mean obscure it means to subdue the ego. Humility does not mean giving up your super strength or power to fly.

If we were to remain quiet and not speak unless there was absolute reason our words would be powerful. Not like one who would state his whole affairs in a single conversation. Does it bother you not to receive the prize or glory? Are you satisfied that achievement will be received by all and the glory be given to anonymous. Most likely you are enlightened if so.

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