Saturday, November 29, 2014


When we walk we usually look ahead not behind us. That is unless you have stepped in something that smells and sticks to the bottom of your shoe.

For better words lets call this Yuk.

When we discover this Yuk it usually starts with smell then we find sometimes it leaves a trail of its own. It makes us stop in our tracks we will then take off our footwear and check our steps.

This is somewhat how it is to be in sin. We realize the trail and stench are hand in hand. We have to check our path before going forward otherwise tracking it everywhere. It is Yuk -

It is traditional in most eastern homes to remove your shoes at the door. We find in the United States very few do unless asked. After all why take a chance of carrying in the Yuk. When you enter a  martial arts studio footwear is always removed or face the wrath of the teacher.

Walking in the spirit requires we do the same leaving our filthy habits behind. We can only do so much on our own. We hear many speak of enlightenment - they are probably talking about discovering who they are- self discovery. We may even feel a unity of the soul with all of creation and it may be called enlightenment. The spiritual cleansing that occurs to those who walk in the Lord or spirit is completely different.

Knowing or having knowledge is not enough.

You must use all your senses , including smell. Ask for the holy spirit to fill you. Be patient the comforter will come. Many look for alternatives - perhaps another face or a short cut. Maybe meditation or good works. All of this sounds wonderful , the requirement is holiness. That includes cleanliness and  to behave beyond reproach. It does not mean pointing fingers at others this is something personal very personal.

Check your shoes.



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