Sunday, April 27, 2014

Prison or Prism

The mind can become a prison or a prism. It can hold us in fear or refract the light in various directions.

The imprisoned mind is bound, it cannot think for itself. It can be bound by a society or school of thought or even a religion. It can be imprisoned by fear or guilt. It can represent a cult or a self imposed judgement. It can be imprisoned by material things or corrupt thoughts.

 The prism mind is one of balance, reflection and refraction. It is creative , it takes light and passes it on- sometimes in a million directions like a star. The prism mind is open to new ideas or discoveries.
Yes if we meditate on a prism allowing the divine thoughts to flow through us and become dispersed it will bring joy.

 Ask yourself this question is my mind a prison or a prism. Then work toward making that change it will bring you peace.

joy and peace.


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