Friday, November 21, 2014

A dogs life

Often we say it would be nice to live a dogs life or to be a child again. Free of care and worry.  However you will discover it is not always so. Many animals go without care , many children go without food. Be careful what you wish for.

What is really beholden is to be free of debt or worry. That would mean to control our desires to an acceptable level. We can still desire food only develop our tastes for less expensive food. At one time lobster was considered a food for the poor or unfortunate that goes for many crustaceans - crab and shrimp. Now they are considered delicacy and fetch a good price.

Most food can be found on trees or growing in the wild. Shelter is a matter of social show and often people live in a house with many bedrooms even though they can only sleep in one. My favorite actor Jimmy Stewart (the thin man) lived in a townhouse between two building even though he could have afforded much more. Minimalism is not just a lifestyle it is living debt and worry free.

I was often told by my son to buy a bigger house to impress his friends. It was possible only my other son other  is handicapped and we often needed to carry him living on one floor was better for us. He still lives with us in the same house and my other more ambitious son has moved on.

A dogs live depending on your master for every crumb or to be often forgotten except to bark when someone approaches. No thank you!  To me it would be better to be a person just make better decisions.

peace to you,


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