Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Temple

The temple of the jews during the time of 40 years of wandering is divided into (3) parts. These parts are the main entrance where common people came to pray. The holy place where the priests mostly dwelled. The last place was the holy of holies where only the high priest was allowed.

The holy of holies high priest wore bells and had a rope tied to his ankles. It was said the ark of the covenant was located there and perhaps the rod and staff of Moses. It was carried throughout the desert carefully as to not disturb the contents. If the priest bell stopped ringing it was assumed he has performed the rituals improperly or lost favor with the most high. He would be pulled out of the holy of holies. More sacrifices would be required in the holy place and another high priest would be elected. This all sound mysterious especially the ark which was a physical object - where did it come from, what was the rod of Moses (sounds like magic) , what about the manna enclosed in the container inside the ark.

We find when we are in prayer we can sometimes hear the tingling almost like the bells of the high priest. These vibrations will sometime last for moments , hours or even days. The mind itself is a temple guarded by angels it contains power represented by the rod, nourishment represented by the manna and has a left and right side. Do we have to travel to Jerusalem to get a visage of the temple. It may be interesting for historic purpose to make the journey. It is however the mind that is the true temple for enlightenment.

We can go into Jewish history and discover how Moses went to Mount Sinai and received the commandments directly from God , how he descended only to find the tribes worshipping Ba'al. Then Moses destroyed the tablets and eventually the tribes of Judah repented and the Canaanites converted to the religion of Moses becoming Jews.

One of the great claims of Jesus was that his body was the temple and later the apostle Paul stated this that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit.

So we are given a body to hold a temple of the Holy Spirit. This goes far beyond the temples built by men of mortar and material. Jesus and the early apostles taught the body contained the kingdom of God - it was within you. Yes- the holy land is historic and sometimes peaceful however this inner peace, this indwelling of the Holy spirit by far is more important.



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