Saturday, December 7, 2013


 We live in a world often which seems like randomness , particles bouncing off one another with no seeming purpose. Then a magnet appears and amazingly everything goes into alignment. What we see conceptually in the physical also happens in the spiritual. There are those that live random lives totally unaware of what is happening around them. 
 To make better use of the energy that is being generated by random particles many scientist have learned how to use magnetism. How to bring that energy into alignment and make it useful. 

 In life energy it is the same principal. Learn to use attraction to bring the random energy around you into alignment. At first you may think and may have heard this , It is what it is. Yes- we are all the product of many thousand of years of evolution and genetics. Probably 50% of what goes on around you may be random. You may have inherited a genetic tendency toward diabetes  or heart disease. That is all a part of the physical reality. Genetics are accountable for many of life's hardships in the physical.
 In the physical there are also other factors such as medicine or therapy that help relieve these inherited traits. We also have meditation and spirituality. We have wisdom which is not inherited and can be obtained. We learn to bring our lives out of the chaos into alignment. 

 Some think spirituality is a placebo and not a real cure for inherited diseases. Actually spirituality can be thought of as the magnet that brings the life force into alignment. 
 In Corinthians we are told God is not the author of confusion. This means exactly what it says there is no hidden message. Randomness or chaos is real and also order and alignment are real. We need to understand the principles of alignment to have a better life. Spirituality is more than just about order, it is about alignment. 
 It is about happiness , your true desires being met. Having order without alignment is like having the law without freedom. Alignment is having a good relationship , by saying good it means one that makes you happy. You should define the things that make you happy and learn to use the spiritual lessons to make it happen. The desires of the heart are important and we often think we have no ability to make any sense of the randomness or chaos. Actually we do ! Learn alignment. 
 Here are three easy steps to alignment and happiness:
Define your goals! The earlier the better and if you are already past your prime that is ok. You have all that past experience to draw from (lessons learned).

Let others know your goals and only compromise if your goals can be achieved! You set your course now sail for it. Yes, there may be storms or waves along the way , still keep focused. Keep an agenda because if you do not  have one , someone will put you in theirs. There are other magnets out there, you just need to keep your's intact.

Experience happiness! Once you realize - you are not just the product of the environment or thousands of years of evolution. You do not give into that 50% the scales will start to tilt in your favor. It only takes 51% then you will start to see that change. The 50/50 chance in life is only bested by alignment. This mean learning spiritual principles , learn to be positive. Learn how to attract those random particles into alignment. Become a magnet and experience happiness. It is not about physical beauty. It is about spiritual beauty. You will find spiritual beauty is charismatic , it is powerful , it is pure happiness. Always retain at least that 51% in your favor- never compromise beyond that for work or play or anything. If God is with me , who can be against. 

Peace and joy,