Thursday, July 31, 2014


At first mention of watchers were in religious texts actually in the bible and hindu text. These were spoken of as angels  that seemed to circle about watching over humans. Then they were attracted to the woman they were watching as the story goes had fallen and were discarded from heaven. They eventually had children to these woman (mighty men not sure if there were wonder woman) and taught them charms and other magic to control mankind.

So it seems the first of the witches were made by angels , angels that were once watchers. Whether myth or reality magic was born - sacred knowledge taught by fallen angels. These angels former watchers had angered God in such a way they were banished from heaven and so the story goes. There had remained a sufficient number of good angels approximately two thirds. The majority or quorum in heavenly terms. Interesting enough the quorum among angels is 66.6 percent a scary number if you are superstitious. Even if you are mathematical or political it is a quorum number.

In reality we should not be concerned unless the odds are against us , however you will find the quorum number is one that can make you rich if you are familiar with relative strength indexes and/or you need some cash. This heavenly quorum is not about cash or even fallen angels. It is about the mind - reasoning. Do angels reason or is it just left to men. Ah! Yes - angels reason - they think like we do. The watchers even know what we are thinking at least most of the time because after all they are watching.

Fast forward ----->>>>> the present . The invention of the satellite at first used for communications to bounce radio waves off of. These celestial devices can be launched into space and now we can be the watchers. We can hear the heavens add on a few telescopes and we can now see the heavens, we are the watchers. We can spy on each other and see how the crops are doing on the other side of the world. We can see vast forests being harvested in the earths jungles. We can see our enemies movements, and even spy on our own citizens. With all this power comes gratification perhaps one day we will abuse the power of the watcher - we will fall into the same trap as the angels- power and lust.

Believe it or not the time is coming , the first evolution was the fall of angels. The second will be the fall of mankind. Today there are more satellites in space  than cars in a major  city. Satellites often going unnoticed carry our mobile communications , they carry our video signals. Almost every nation has its satellites spying on each other. Lusting for what each other has, checking on major construction. Perhaps another tower , bridge or rail line. We can check on the movement of ships or armies. It is no longer a guessing game. It will be a war and in the end whoever has the quorum will win. Yes - that two thirds of power and magic number.

For now enjoy the quiet - the peace, the watchers are still just watching. The only consolation is it will only last till the next sym-bionic  takes over. Perhaps one that does not need to reproduce by contact - one that is part human and part machine. Perhaps the next generation of hybrid life form - evolution at its finest.  Dream to pod , pod to seed - seed to life again.

Good angels are still in the majority according to most religious scholars -  have the quorum.



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