Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Infinite Possibilties

 When you explore the many life choices you can make, the possibilities are infinite. When you feel your choices are diminished , you are enslaved.

 Life choices are a matter of conscious thought. Perhaps you are praying for a mate and your mind explores many possible eligible persons. Perhaps a childhood sweetheart or someone you met through an acquaintance, the list appears in your head and eventually you select. A chance meeting is sometimes what happens.

 Who is actually doing the selecting is this the I in you? Are we responsible for the choices we make or are all choices predestined. Destiny has been a form of opinion and often division among the most elite of thinkers. What is often missed is not the thought or choice it is the one. We are actually a unique part of the one. When you release your individuality you realize in the second samadhi you are just one being with the universe. In the first samadhi you find yourself , know thyself, you discover the part that is you. In the second samadhi you are in the realization of the whole. Jesus put it simply "I and the Father are one. " Did this become the basis for Christianity? We must all eventually come to that realization.

So, as you pray the mind becomes heightened. You expect an answer from a hidden force , perhaps a light will click on in your head. Or maybe you will expect great things without knowing just let Gods will be done. In fact perhaps God's will be done no matter what we say or think. We are just to accept that fact. So are we praying merely for acceptance? Is there such a thing as free will , infinite choice? infinite possibility? Yes, we are part of the infinite. Part of the whole. In fact it is written in the book of Psalms , you are gods, all sons of the most high. In fact Jesus restated this , is it not written you are gods.

When you meditate , meditate on a singular particle - the part. Then meditate on the whole - the infinite. The space between the part and the whole is consciousness.