Sunday, November 2, 2014


Living in Pennsylvania most of my life I am fortunate and blessed.

There was a time (era) where this was a vast flora of plants and trees ,where dragonflies had six foot wingspans. Ferns where everywhere the beauty was beyond our current day imagination. Life was was more abundant than anywhere on earth. Insect life, plant life and many species of animals. If you were to catalog it all , it would take an immense technology.

Then something happened a climate change, an environmental change. Life was converted to energy and over time the six foot dragonfly disappeared. Man became the main inhabitant cutting down the forest and building roads. We found all that life that was once abundant became energy. Vast coal, oil and natural gas reserves. Pennsylvania ,though the era of flora had passed is still an site of great beauty , canyons and streams. Wild game - turkey , bear and deer.

We do need to however be careful in harvesting the energy left behind by the flora era. To maintain the beauty , we see lately parks are being closed. My childhood was spent with many family  picnics in the state parks. It was exciting to swim in the fresh spring fed lakes (a little cold). We had food and laughter, running and playing. Nature itself is a spiritual experience lest we forget. There are placid places.

I pray we hold onto this space while we have a demand for energy. We also see the sores left behind by strip mining and fracking. In essence we have marred the landscape to keep ourselves warm and mobile. We also see there are those who chose to live a quiet live here a simple people not in mind , in lifestyle. The Amish or brethren have rejected the ways of the so called - english. They prefer a simple way of life to be self sufficient in as many ways as possible.  There is a lifestyle journey along with a spiritual one.

My fore fathers were early founders of the brethren , from the land in Switzerland, to northern Italy, to Germany and eventually here in Pennsylvania. Some went on to Ohio , some to Oregon and others to western Canada. We were and still are the brethren. Holding the bible as a main guide for living especially the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. My heritage was built upon these values. Though the Brethren have a sense of peace ,it it often infringed upon. That is the reason they had many times moved on. To avoid persecution , we have a basic belief that war can be avoided and should be. We accept diversity - yet hold onto our own basic beliefs.

I have friends who are Hindu, some are Islamic and many Christians of various sorts. I feel at home in a Brethren community, Lutheran or Catholic. There is no reason to kill each other over beliefs. We are in the end all a part of each other. Whether you believe in human consciousness or god consciousness is irrelevant. We are connected by our very nature and design. We are of the same image a result of many eons of evolution or dynamic creation.

To find peace we must first start within , we must tame the ego. As we preserve the natural resources that surround us by considering our future generations. Every decision should be made with our children and grandchildren in mind. When we plow or dig into the earth - what can be replenished. Should we take a shortcut that will effect future generations all these things must be thought out carefully.

Peace to you,


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