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A woman has fainted - it is said she has lost consciousness. No breath, no heartbeat - no life. She is resuscitated brought back to life by breath , by pumping on her heart by a will to live - life. It is said she was just brought back to consciousness.

What really is consciousness ? If you  could understand consciousness it would help to know who you are and that is a good beginning. The wise men of the Hawaiian culture were called  the kahuna. I spent years in the islands of Hawaii and the pacific learning a little of what was an amazing cache of knowledge. Similar to many experiences in life you can learn from other cultures knowledge that is considered sacred. The very word sacred is magical because if misspelled will be scared. When we enter into higher levels of consciousness we overcome fears. These fears sometimes take on actual form and by understanding this in the view of the sacred they are overcome.

We have (3) levels of consciousness as it was understood by the kahunas , the subconscious was the lower level where spiritual beginnings take place. It is subliminal often effected by suggestion and even hypnosis. You are not weak by being open to suggestion or made powerful by being the hypnotist. The brain is open to suggestions because it is how we learn. Socrates who said I know I know nothing, this most famous saying from the greatest philosophical mind of all time realized he must leave the door to his subconscious open to continue harvesting knowledge.
In Christianity we are born again in effect given life - like the women in the first paragraph through the subconscious. We are given a suggestion - we begin to believe , the belief takes form. It is subliminal and like a seed once explained to be like a mustard seed one of the tiniest. In the beginning was the Word , the Word was with God and the Word was God. A word is all it takes to create a thought , a single thought in the subliminal mind becomes faith. Faith is a seed, it is also a leap into the spiritual kingdom , the kingdom of God within you.

Then there is the middle consciousness - here is where angels live. This is the where the intermediary spirits dwell. In the Japanese culture it is where the reiki spirits live. The middle path is often spoken of in buddhism. Many are content to live in the middle consciousness it is perfectly acceptable. To the spiritualist it is a safe place. Some will master this area of the consciousness after all it is above the subliminal . They seek out the intermediaries , guardian angels , spiritual guides and it can be a magical world to some. They may hear voices in the subconscious - they may feel the presence of the intermediaries. Sometime the intermediary could be an actual person, a priest a guru or a teacher. Often they are mediums in the spirit world weaned to master this area of the consciousness. The middle consciousness is so powerful it can create its own religion or belief system.It is a safe haven for more than 80% of the worlds religions and those that practice psychological sciences. Beware of hitch hikers in the middle consciousness  they can point you in the wrong direction.

We can spend thousands of volumes of books just dedicated to what is the middle consciousness. They are the most popular safe from fear the scared and sacred become in view. By recognizing fears we can begin to overcome them. This is also a world that expands to our dreams often the masters and prophets will take you beyond the subliminal it is a place of travel. We still rely on intermediaries as the next level of conscious few will ever reach - the Super conscious.

We can reach the higher level of conscious through an intermediary - in the Hindu culture it is customary to have a guru. In Christianity Jesus is the mediator between God and man. In Buddhism - a Buddha is the mediator. We do not actually see Jesus or Buddha it is simply teachings and principles that we are left to follow. Often known as the Way , the mediator is the light to the Way.
Then we have the transcendentalist , the mystics  and those that have left form. Often these are poets or writers in the 1920's there was a great transcendental movement. In the Sikh world there was a progression of gurus and finally guru Nanak the final guru. In the Hindu world gurus will always be integral to reaching the super conscious , there was a movement in the 20th century call TM (transcendental meditation ) that through a simplified rhythm  of thought brought one into an elevated state of consciousness. No religious dogma , no books, no belief system  just a mantra to get the to higher consciousness. What to do when you leave this blissful state of elation. You can become depressed when reality sets in or irritated. You may even become angry when you find others cannot understand this transcended state. You learn patience , you learn to love those around you - you learn to understand the other levels of consciousness are just steps and safety zones. If someone is in their zone it is OK. Learn to be loving not judgmental  many mediums or gurus can take themselves to this level. Some have learned the place of the mind which is outside reality. They may even leave their physical body at least in thought to be with the super conscious.

In my experience it very much the pure land the Buddhist speak of though they will say the middle path is sufficient often will take time for the pure land . To me it is the beauty of the mind, remembering as a christian to let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus who thought it not robbery to live in a parallel universe with God. Now it may not be written in exactly that way- it is my experience.
What we find is our soul becomes one with God , we are a part of the Greater. Each part contains the code that makes up the whole. Jesus said I am the light of the world, he also said We are the light of the world. I often return back to a verse or a book and learn something new.

So where do we dwell , what level of consciousness. Many will make the mistake  of thinking they have become enlightened and there is no other place to go. Tell that to Socrates who said I know , I know nothing - this may sound like an act of humility actual Socrates was only saying keep the subliminal conscious or door open. Continue to learn and question everything. To the Buddha the middle consciousness was followed yet keep the pure land near. To Jesus and many Sikhs oneness with God was essential to try to maintain a continuous presence. They do not use intermediaries the final guru is the Word , to the Sikh the word of Nanak.

Whether you have a spirit guide or guardian angel, whether you are content as Socrates to keep an open door to all knowledge, whether you have been enlightened. All levels of consciousness are life. As in the beginning so it shall be in the end - Life. Celebrate Life - you are counted , you are wonderful. Lets not judge others - lets transcend to a better understanding. We can learn from other cultures whether the kahunas of Hawaii or Seneca , the Greek philosopher , the parish priest or the guru. We should understand consciousness is life. Breath , heart beats when I go into a temple or church my mind is not centered on the gossip or the clothing - I hear each heartbeat.

Peace and Life.


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