Friday, October 14, 2016

Phobia and over thinking

Phobia is a fear of something and is damaging to mental health. In fact we can say all fear is unhealthy. Usually fear is taught and this can be through experience or formal , parenting, teachers or even culture. Religion is one of the largest components of fear even though it often claims to be a proponent of love.

Fear can take on caricature in which it is given a personality and even a name. Most fears are caused by over thinking and accompanied by worry or continuos over thinking. It is counter productive to our very existence as the stress from such over thinking can actually harm the heart. The mind controls all bodily functions not only the heart , digestion and every other body system are at risk.

Religion is one cause of mental illness as it is also a source of mental healing. Children often are more imaginative than adults, it is actually very normal for a child to have imagination. Our imaginations may be to play a super hero or have magical powers. 1 Corinthians 13:11 is about being a child in thought and speech , looking through a glass darkly then growing to see clearer. Jesus says we are to become like children's to receive the kingdom of heaven . It seems he wants us to use our child imagination to open the doors.  Almost a contradiction to what is stated in Corinthians.

When we grow older we seem to have less ambition and less energy. The mind seems to be both childish and mature. Often childish thoughts will bring a smile to our face. Then we must face the reality of the times and a wrinkle appears or a grey hair. Adapting to life from the aspect of maturity and also retaining our childishness is perfect balance. Imagine having the wisdom of age and the simplicity of a child.

I believe Jesus wanted us to retain that child like simplicity , not worrying,  to be happy.  He wanted to cast out fear and caricatures that came with religion. So in fact the greatest religious figure of all time was not very religious.When Jesus spoke of God , he said the kingdom of God is within us all. He said , you are gods. In King James romantic style ye are gods. He did not teach a cosmic God as most seem to believe. He actually taught us to believe in ourselves our own gifted ability which got him in trouble with the older religious types. He taught us to be moral and that blessings were more than just wealth. The old religion was one that respected wealth and power. He taught good character was needed for happiness.

Jesus cast out demons, demons are phobias with caricature. Often the first step in curing a disease is naming it or diagnosis. Casting out demons was very popular back in the day. Caricature is also around today where fear will have a mind of its own. The mastermind overcomes fear  and is in charge. We are to have the mind of Christ. Cast down vain imagination, which can lead to worry.  We are each super heros inside , sons of a living God , all things are possible.

Over thinking is like walking through a swamp instead of a crystal clear pool. Be still and know that I am God. Take a moment to go into pause and then rethink the idea. When you have a clear mind the results are much better. God is not the author of confusion. We all have this need to focus and allow the beauty within to bloom. The kingdom of heaven is within.

Peace to you ,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Franchise religion

In our modern age where franchising seems to be a popular business model , we find many churches are similar. Though we can usually rely on the menu being the same , there seems to be something missing. We are also seeing a lot of independent churches cropping up , offering a community format and sometimes other surprises on the menu.

The community church has been the format since the earlier days of christianity. We did not have denominations or sects. Timothy and Paul often referred to the church by their community and each had some unique attributes. They were not cookie cutter churches as some may believe. Some were praised by the apostles and some were even criticized. Even so they retained their own uniqueness.

As you may someday want to venture into a community church, I would highly recommend this. You will find a true wholesomeness often they are run by husband and wife. The elders are usually upstanding citizens in the community and many have just the basics of christianity no complex dogma. The community church is also more involved with the social aspects effecting their particular community.

Finding a good community church is easier today as they seem to be reaching out more, many still have the evangelical zeal of early christianity.

peace to you,