Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Matters of the Heart

We often think of the heart as the center of life, it pumps blood throughout the body miraculously. This blood carries vital healing cells to all parts of the body. These cells are like miniature factories that can regenerate at an astounding rate.

More than just an organ we see the heart as a symbol of love. Our lives are measured by the first to the last beat of the heart.

What are the matters of the heart ? Whatever is dear and near, whatever you treasure in life. In the buddhist version it is a complete commitment to others, to Christ it was sacrificial love toward humanity, to the Sikh finding the oneness of God in others and yourself always aware of divine presence. To the hindu the compassion, forgiveness the manifestation of love. What do they all have in common love toward others. I was once told that kindness was a fault. That I would never get ahead in life. Perhaps success is not measured in material gathering. Happiness is when all matters of the heart are settled.

In the words of the Lord - it is finished.

Peace and Love,


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