Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Gift

One question that often comes up is did God create the world for himself or for us?

Are we here for the pleasure of a divine being like fish in an aquarium? Are we merely pawns in a game?

First after many years found out that creation is an act of love. Creation and life itself is not a game - it is a gift. We can say life is a gift of love. We may choose to experience this life as a gift of love or make it into a game. I do not believe it was intended to be a game where there are winners and losers. Are some are here for the benefit of an elite group? These type of conspiracy theories, UFO's , Aliens can seem to say humanity is a controlled environment like an aquarium. That we are controlled by alien beings or ghosts or any power outside our own minds is just fear mongering.

We have been given this gift called life and also the gift of the power of change. I would not be selfish to say we are just receivers of gifts. The gift is to be returned with gratitude. It is a life of receiving and giving. As freely as you have received also do give.

Does evil exist? Is it a struggle between angels and demons? I found that this type of fear is often imposed by religious archetypes. I have experienced spiritual forces and overcome them , simply put that we are to overcome such beliefs. When first in my journey such things did exist as no longer allowed evil to exist it did not. We let evil exist as a concept, we allow dark forces to be present. My reality evolved to going toward light not trying to escape darkness.

Are they the same thing escaping darkness and going toward light. No - they are different escaping from darkness is a life of fear. Going toward the light is a life of love.

Enlightenment is being in the light of love , accepting the gift of creation and being in harmony with that gift. I believe the Christian path can lead to enlightenment ,  is there also elements of fear in the dogma. I think there is both fear and love in the christian elements. It bothers me to say this that some are only moved by fear. I would reason that eventually it will lead to love.

In many belief systems including Buddhism there are levels of hell. In the Torah I do not find demons emphasized however they were used by Solomon to subdue his enemies. Did Solomon create them as a fear to use against his enemies. Or did Solomon recognize a weakness that could be utilized a tool of fear. I think it was the latter. Yes- fear can be a powerful weapon or a tool of control.

The gift was not fear it was love and creation.



Abstract versus Logic

The Logical mind is viewed by Plato as being the chariot that oversees the white horse and the dark horse.

In the Abstract mind we find hypothesis where various theories are thought out until a logical conclusion is reached. So really the Abstract mind is a one where new ideas are created. Imagery and art are often used in the abstract thought process.

Where the Logical mind takes preexisting concepts and ideas and utilizes them such as used in engineering. The Abstract mind is more creative than constructive.

Where do we find the source of creativity - it  is often compelled by imagination. As imagery and art are utilized to create new ideas the abstract view may appear to be out of place to the logical mind. Picasso was one of the greatest abstract thinkers of our time and also a catholic. He started out with a pencil and then painting his way to greatness. A typical painting will sell for millions at prestigious art auctions.

Picasso had love affairs and periods of inspiration from Africa. We find some of his most famous paintings were inspired during his African period. We also find that a lot of abstract thinking was found in African art.

So did abstract thought originate in Eastern philosophy or in the continent of Africa. I believe religion originated with the homosapiens in the Sahara Africa.  Though in Africa abstract thought  was more expressed in art than in writing.

I tend to believe all religions originated in Africa and Egypt being a part of Africa not in the middle east. So we can trace abstract or religious thought back to Africa. In fact it was probably spread by the slave trade that went on for thousands of years throughout the ancient world. It is also speculated that voodoo is the worlds oldest religion several thousand years old. The first concept of an invisible world coexisting with a real world.

In China logical thought is embraced they were not importing slaves as in the middle east or other ancient civilizations. In China a person  became a slave voluntarily it was a completely different culture as they had an abundant work force. They mostly and still do today embrace logic. We find a culture based on logical wisdom.



Energy has a lot to do with religion as the ancient religions of Greece and Rome often viewed energy as gods. The god of lightning Zeus was an example of the immense static energies released that could produce enormous damage deserving respect. The god of the sea Neptune could reduce a small fishing village to rubble. Then we have Odin and Thor from Norse mythology. We find energy has had it's place in mythology throughout history.

Beginning first with the harnessing of fire to keep warm , cook food and for protection. The earth, wind , fire and water all have been attributed to myths explaining energy. We have (2) basic types of energy static and dynamic.

Dynamic energies are often described as angels or demons. They are given similar caricature as gods except in lesser forms. Do angels and demons really exist outside of caricature? As there are natural forces, there are also super natural forces. They often take on caricature as our mind perceives theses forces. Negative energy was harnessed by king Solomon to build his palace we are told. We also see there are positive energies throughout mankind showing up on occasion during major events.

The use and harnessing of energy is what separates us from animals. Are we in control of energy or is energy in control of us?

It appears to be a co-existent relationship.

We are stewards of this power of change called energy. Whether it is wind, fire or at the atomic level. Whether we as stewards realize this gift, it is in fact a gift. The dynamic energy which Solomon utilized could have been electromechanical or magnetic. We only know this energy was referred to as demons. Our understanding always used caricature and put a face on the power of energy. We used caricature to express our emotions , our fears also.

Is energy the same as spirit? We find that new age and esoteric religions use terms such as life force or borrow some of the Hindu teachings in yoga forms. We find in the New Age teachings those similar to Hinduism that energy is channeled through the body through various chakra points.

The difference between just energy and the Spirit is having a teacher that comforts us and empowers us in our daily lives. The Holy Spirit is a more personal than just a force of energy.




If we analyze the quantum as Max Planc did when he studied photons we will find a lot of answers are in the electromagnetic spectrum which encompasses both sound and light.

At the lower end we have sound at the lowest end stillness. be still and know that I am God.

At the higher end we have radioactivity and light waves, I am the light.

What we see is that energy is presented in two forms static and dynamic.

We see that lighting is created from static energy being released. Other forms of enormous energy exists in a static form.

We see that the ocean is full of dynamic energy. Tsunami and tidal waves can wipe out whole regions. hurricanes and tornadoes can destroy inland areas just as much through wind. Earthquakes can be damaging by the shear movement of the earth itself. We find other forms of energy that exist in dynamic form.

So what are these other forms of static and dynamic energy?

It is said God is spirit. What is spirit ? Is spirit energy?

First we need to know our nature. What separates man from beast? Certainly it is not our five senses.
An eagle has better sight.
A bloodhound has better smell.
A lion has a lot better roar or sound.
A dog can hear much better than we do.
And we are assured a cat has a greater sense of balance.
I am sure a lot of animals sense of taste are better.

What makes humans so special? it is actually the sixth sense. The ability to to detect energy and utilize it. To make fire, to sail around the world, to fly in an airplane. We have this ability to tap into energy. To move mountains , to create weapons of mass destruction E=MC2 . We are constantly finding out more about the energy around us. We use it to heat , to cool down, to transport (motion).
We find that this knowledge of energy is what gives us power, power to change.

In the static form we called this energy gods. In the dynamic form Angels and Demons for lack of better understanding. We utilize emotions such as love or hate, fear or sorrow to become aware of these the static and fill a need.

In the dynamic form we find negative and positive feelings or desires that move us. We find things such as greed or war dwell in this realm. We find dynamic energy is in constant motion seeking to devour the innocent. We find there is also positive or angelic energy out there to helps us.

We have those who create caricature out of these energy forms to give them life. We have others who are satisfied just utilizing the energy around them , no need for caricature. Do we need to have a name for God, or just accept that God is I am that I am. It appears that many want to know the names of God. That by knowing these names or creating caricature it will give them ultimate power.

The same with the angels and demons they need to know their names to create caricature to understand the dynamic forces of energy.

I will propose that we do not need the caricature. That God does exist as do these dynamic forces without the caricature we can know them better. Without vain imagination or any belief system at all. The amazing part is Jesus was trying to explain this also.Jesus said: "God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth."John 4:24 " He also said , I am the Way , the Truth and the Life.
The life not being a higher consciousness of self, it is merely living a life where you can find joy in all things. James 1:2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.



Excuses and Limitations

One of the things I find myself doing is making excuses. Actually covering up for the past only makes the situation worse. What you can do is be in the now and say I will get it done now, or will find a way. Its is always best to tell the truth or nothing at all. I was once asked a questions about someones character and chose not to say anything.

Limitations are very real and we should not be ashamed of them. It only gets you into the excuse rut. Be positive and yet know your limitations. One of my biggest problems in life was being over committed not able to say "No". Then I ended up being burnt out and no good to myself or anyone. My last job was lost by being over committed and fighting a bout of pneumonia , I should have just taken the extra days to rest.

The story of my life being stretched thin , even with time management. Delegating to others in your network can also help if you have that in place. One of the most misunderstood verse is 'all  things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.' Yes you can do more things , all things is a little stretch. Even Jesus was tempted by the satan to jump from the top of the temple and refused to as it made no sense. We need to be able to divine the realm of possibilities and learn to act on good intentions not destructive ones.

In the realm of possibilities we also need common sense. You need to balance common sense with faith. Common sense is something your pappy taught you or your father.

Peace ,


The Dramatic and Stoic life

Stoic existence is avoiding emotions , not getting angry or tearful, avoiding emotional traps.
Drama is getting caught up in the emotions.

So what is the correct way to live life.

A man asked me the other day , do you love yourself. I had to ponder for a minute of course we all love ourselves to a degree. However after contemplation realized it not really about loving yourself, its about loving life.

Its all about life not self.

We exist to experience the drama and emotion , however it can be destructive to get caught up in them. We are all just actors in a divine play called life.

If we take a rose which is the perfect depiction of life , it has the fiery red flower in most cases and also the thorns. We need to experience the pain of the thorns and the soft petals - all of the rose.

In the past year I had totally eliminated anger from my feelings constantly meditating peacefully. However then not much was happening until my wife had an affair. I experienced the thorns and the pain of losing her. If I was totally wrapped up in self love it would have been devastating. I felt in the end it was all a part of the beauty of life. The drama was excruciating it did however add to the growth of my whole being. To be or not to be is this experience of the rose.

So should we all become monks and just experience the soft petals of the flower. Was the buddha correct in avoiding any desire that would lead to pain. I have to say No. This may come as a shock to most religions , everything that exists in life the petals and the thorns are needed. Worrying about whether we will feel pain if this happens or that is not about life. Protecting ourselves by becoming celibate from irrational relationships and totally devoting ourselves to a divine concept of petals is not life. We may be able to elevate the self by avoiding drama , becoming stoic will help.

The military and in the corporate society stoicism is desired. To become a finely tuned machine , to defeat an enemy without feeling , kill or fire people without emotion. This also goes on in the spiritual realm we take attacks upon us as a personal attack upon self. We learn to love self and that can destroy us. It will not destroy you if you just look and understand it is just another aspect of life.

As Shakespeare put it to be or not to be, that is the question. It is not do you love yourself or not.

When after a year of being in a peaceful bliss my life was turned upside down, the snow globe was shaken as my ex wife put it. I had different experiences and it was all a part of the beauty of life.
I am not saying the quiet peaceful contemplation was not good, it was. I also needed the drama to awaken me , it was all good. We quickly label things as good or evil , it is not about the good god or the evil satan, or attacking or enlightening self. It is about being , living and experiencing life.

To walk about in drab clothing all day avoiding conversation , protecting self as if self were a god. God is Spirit , life itself. If you want to find happiness , you will not find it in appeasing self or even self contentment, you will find it in the joy of life.

Jesus who was the perfect example of life, the rose felt the thorns, he also felt the softness of the petals, he wept. Jesus wept is one of the shortest verses. He did not come to bring us to a higher consciousness of self as some say, his mission was to show us the way to live life to have joy in all things. To not be totally sheltered , to be able to find joy and comfort when needed. He experienced the temptations , he experienced the humiliation all of the things life brings. If you have been through a divorce or a relationship breakup, it is humiliating it is humbling and you know what - it is ok. You are not defective , it is just another life experience , do not blame yourself.

Peace and joy to you,