Sunday, December 6, 2015

The holes and the holy

We hear a lot about holy this or holy that. I can tell you what is holy ground to one sect is not always holy to another. What you consider holy may not be important at all to another religion. Because we pervade through religion what holiness is. It is more of a respect for a belief that holiness arise it has nothing whatsoever to do with the truth.

What is more important and what you should be focusing on is the holes.

Holier than though is a bad attitude.... Holy, holier and holiest -- most holy where does this end its all nonsense.

The hole is important , the need.

We describe electrons flowing to produce electricity. Then when electronics came into being , solid state devices were created the science discovered the electrons were not flowing ... the holes were moving. Outside forces may be moving as energy , where in our own sensitive structure we find our needs or holes are moving.

What we should understand is the need or hole  moving. The universe is made up of matter and more importantly holes. Once a void is created , it will be filled for certain and perhaps another void will be created. In Genesis the whole purpose of the created universe was a void existed darkness and emptiness , the there was light and life began filling all the holes, God saw it was good.

If you believe you know everything , there will be no room for anything. The energy comes and goes some is static and is released, some dynamic in motion. When we find the need within ourselves and others the spirit will move to fill the need.

What is more important the question or the answer? I would say the question is more important, the answer is already there. Answers are everywhere , you may only ask one question and perhaps 20 students will give an answer, some may be different answers ha ha. The question remains and is consistent.

We can take a theory and it may work for many years , perhaps until a better one comes along. Answers can change even over time , so the answer is not the truth. The truth is in the question, the void.  Look for a need a hole and fill it, God will bless you.

So where does creative power come from? the Question. The question sends you on a quest. The quest causes you to create a path, the path becomes a way. When you follow the way to the truth , you have created. To be or not to be that is the question. Or we can look at this algebraically and say the question is the state of being.

We have opinions and we have answers and we have the truth. How do we filter through all the bullshit to get to the truth. With better questions , ask the right questions. Unfortunately a person is often graded on the answers , they can memorize them and get good grades. The real creative intelligence comes from the better questions.

The method Buddha used to practice is to give different answers to the same question to different students. Sounds inconsistent however the Buddha was more concerned with the need than the answer. Jesus said "ask and you shall receive".

? is the most important character on the keyboard.




Saturday, December 5, 2015


Our body needs balance, our mind needs balance and we need to balance the two together - this is spirituality. The buddha taught that we are to have our lives in balance. The Tao taught this as a central teaching. The Quran teaches God helps those who help themselves.

So it is not enough to just believe in something , we need to have balance.

It can be hard to achieve balance in a bad economy or when the persons in power are full of greed and lust. It can be hard to achieve balance when our neighborhood is over run with crime and drugs. It can be hard to achieve balance when we are born poor or have a disability. However we must try it is our spiritual journey.

When we look around us we can see that most of our personal problems and with our family is because of an imbalance. Sometimes we view it as an unfairness and that can lead to anger. we should merely view all things as having balance or imbalance. Making at first a major adjustment as needed then smaller adjustments along the way, we can bring ourselves back into balance.

What we don't want to do is to try and bring others back into balance before making those needed adjustments to our own lives. Everything must first start within our own being or temple.

Balance between our own body and mind is spirituality. How we achieve this balance may differ from each of us. All of our needs are different, some may need food or shelter others may just need a hug. Something we all must consider once our lives are in balance is to help others achieve balance.

It is not really  journey of rights and wrongs - it is one of balance. That is why we are told to cast out the mote in our own eye first, and also not to judge lest we be judged.

We can seem overly religious or overly absorbed in our desires. Even a man that reads the bible or the quran each day and prays all the time must also take into consideration his own daily needs and those of his family. A need may be food or shelter or a simple hug to his children.

We can see lately that most terrorism is caused by religious fervor where instead of viewing life as being fair or unfair , right or wrong it should have been viewed in regards to balance.

We can also say that in a capitalist society balance can be achieved only by working to change the government or corporate structure to allow for a balance. Of course we see the executives having their own perks , washrooms, allowances and special options where the worker at the bottom seems to be neglected. There are some companies that do take care of their workers and they have no problem finding good ones to attain overall success. Those that do treat employees poorly usually end up out of business or create an environment of distrust.

Good balance brings trust.. Brings joy to our lives.

Bad balance causes distrust, lies and brings unhappiness to all.

Communism became popular when the royals and those in power where not concerned with the balance of those who had given them their power. The thing we should note is someone gave up something so they could be in the position they are in. Always be considerate of others sacrifices.
In communism we find that balance is achieved by affiliating everyone into the same party , putting the workers first. In capitalism we find the corporations are all in competition this creates a greater variety and quality of products. Competition is healthy as it helps to balance out the quality. Even in communism there can be a reward system to achieve a higher quality.

Quality is sometimes preferred over quantity. So there is a fine adjustment is you want quality called competition. If we want to compete we must have balance within and around us. Balance is not always a fair distribution , or right or wrong it may just be improving the way of doing things, actions. Balance by actions or change, balance by fine tuning later.

In the lesson of the chariot , we see that there are (2) horses that make up our nature a dark horse and a white horse. This same scenario was spoke about by Plato which he speaks of a dark horse being more the nature of desires and the white horse the heart , honor , victory and can be angry when they see a wrong being done. In both cases the mind must decide which horse will take the lead which is represented by the chariot driver. If the Lord of our mind is wise and leads us to make good decisions we will make better choices.

There are times when the dark horse may lead , it is another part of our nature. Sometimes the dark horse will represent a personal survival which is necessary. To balance our desires with the heart would involve an equal distribution of work. The three parts of our soul are the dark horse, the white horse and the chariot. Regardless of what we may think the chariot will always represent who we allow in the driver seat with us. In the case of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna was the driver and the one giving advise to the commander. We remain the commander , the Lord always gives us the free will to make the final choices. In the case of the Christian, Jesus is the one behind the wheel , we still make the final decision. Having the mind of Christ is having the one whose is in your chariot in the character of Jesus.

We are still limited by our own nature , the horses and the chariot driver. What if we had someone that did not give good advice , where would we be, perhaps in a ditch. In the story of the chariot in Buddhism Nagasena tries to tell the king he arrived on a chariot and is questioned about the existence of the chariot by identifying each piece as not being the chariot. Then tries do deny his existence in the same fashion. "Or is "Nagasena" a form, or feelings, or perceptions, or impulses, or consciousness?" Finally it was rationalized he could exist as the chariot did by having all the parts identified and named as a single entity or "being". We are merely the sum of all parts identified by a sound.

 So if we are traveling to a destination and someone asks where are your wheels we may point to our feet. What do we do when someone says who is your driver? Do we say no driver in the seat? These horses drive themselves like a runaway buggy. What buddha is saying the chariot does not exist at all without all the parts intact you are going nowhere.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Gift

One question that often comes up is did God create the world for himself or for us?

Are we here for the pleasure of a divine being like fish in an aquarium? Are we merely pawns in a game?

First after many years found out that creation is an act of love. Creation and life itself is not a game - it is a gift. We can say life is a gift of love. We may choose to experience this life as a gift of love or make it into a game. I do not believe it was intended to be a game where there are winners and losers. Are some are here for the benefit of an elite group? These type of conspiracy theories, UFO's , Aliens can seem to say humanity is a controlled environment like an aquarium. That we are controlled by alien beings or ghosts or any power outside our own minds is just fear mongering.

We have been given this gift called life and also the gift of the power of change. I would not be selfish to say we are just receivers of gifts. The gift is to be returned with gratitude. It is a life of receiving and giving. As freely as you have received also do give.

Does evil exist? Is it a struggle between angels and demons? I found that this type of fear is often imposed by religious archetypes. I have experienced spiritual forces and overcome them , simply put that we are to overcome such beliefs. When first in my journey such things did exist as no longer allowed evil to exist it did not. We let evil exist as a concept, we allow dark forces to be present. My reality evolved to going toward light not trying to escape darkness.

Are they the same thing escaping darkness and going toward light. No - they are different escaping from darkness is a life of fear. Going toward the light is a life of love.

Enlightenment is being in the light of love , accepting the gift of creation and being in harmony with that gift. I believe the Christian path can lead to enlightenment ,  is there also elements of fear in the dogma. I think there is both fear and love in the christian elements. It bothers me to say this that some are only moved by fear. I would reason that eventually it will lead to love.

In many belief systems including Buddhism there are levels of hell. In the Torah I do not find demons emphasized however they were used by Solomon to subdue his enemies. Did Solomon create them as a fear to use against his enemies. Or did Solomon recognize a weakness that could be utilized a tool of fear. I think it was the latter. Yes- fear can be a powerful weapon or a tool of control.

The gift was not fear it was love and creation.



Abstract versus Logic

The Logical mind is viewed by Plato as being the chariot that oversees the white horse and the dark horse.

In the Abstract mind we find hypothesis where various theories are thought out until a logical conclusion is reached. So really the Abstract mind is a one where new ideas are created. Imagery and art are often used in the abstract thought process.

Where the Logical mind takes preexisting concepts and ideas and utilizes them such as used in engineering. The Abstract mind is more creative than constructive.

Where do we find the source of creativity - it  is often compelled by imagination. As imagery and art are utilized to create new ideas the abstract view may appear to be out of place to the logical mind. Picasso was one of the greatest abstract thinkers of our time and also a catholic. He started out with a pencil and then painting his way to greatness. A typical painting will sell for millions at prestigious art auctions.

Picasso had love affairs and periods of inspiration from Africa. We find some of his most famous paintings were inspired during his African period. We also find that a lot of abstract thinking was found in African art.

So did abstract thought originate in Eastern philosophy or in the continent of Africa. I believe religion originated with the homosapiens in the Sahara Africa.  Though in Africa abstract thought  was more expressed in art than in writing.

I tend to believe all religions originated in Africa and Egypt being a part of Africa not in the middle east. So we can trace abstract or religious thought back to Africa. In fact it was probably spread by the slave trade that went on for thousands of years throughout the ancient world. It is also speculated that voodoo is the worlds oldest religion several thousand years old. The first concept of an invisible world coexisting with a real world.

In China logical thought is embraced they were not importing slaves as in the middle east or other ancient civilizations. In China a person  became a slave voluntarily it was a completely different culture as they had an abundant work force. They mostly and still do today embrace logic. We find a culture based on logical wisdom.



Energy has a lot to do with religion as the ancient religions of Greece and Rome often viewed energy as gods. The god of lightning Zeus was an example of the immense static energies released that could produce enormous damage deserving respect. The god of the sea Neptune could reduce a small fishing village to rubble. Then we have Odin and Thor from Norse mythology. We find energy has had it's place in mythology throughout history.

Beginning first with the harnessing of fire to keep warm , cook food and for protection. The earth, wind , fire and water all have been attributed to myths explaining energy. We have (2) basic types of energy static and dynamic.

Dynamic energies are often described as angels or demons. They are given similar caricature as gods except in lesser forms. Do angels and demons really exist outside of caricature? As there are natural forces, there are also super natural forces. They often take on caricature as our mind perceives theses forces. Negative energy was harnessed by king Solomon to build his palace we are told. We also see there are positive energies throughout mankind showing up on occasion during major events.

The use and harnessing of energy is what separates us from animals. Are we in control of energy or is energy in control of us?

It appears to be a co-existent relationship.

We are stewards of this power of change called energy. Whether it is wind, fire or at the atomic level. Whether we as stewards realize this gift, it is in fact a gift. The dynamic energy which Solomon utilized could have been electromechanical or magnetic. We only know this energy was referred to as demons. Our understanding always used caricature and put a face on the power of energy. We used caricature to express our emotions , our fears also.

Is energy the same as spirit? We find that new age and esoteric religions use terms such as life force or borrow some of the Hindu teachings in yoga forms. We find in the New Age teachings those similar to Hinduism that energy is channeled through the body through various chakra points.

The difference between just energy and the Spirit is having a teacher that comforts us and empowers us in our daily lives. The Holy Spirit is a more personal than just a force of energy.




If we analyze the quantum as Max Planc did when he studied photons we will find a lot of answers are in the electromagnetic spectrum which encompasses both sound and light.

At the lower end we have sound at the lowest end stillness. be still and know that I am God.

At the higher end we have radioactivity and light waves, I am the light.

What we see is that energy is presented in two forms static and dynamic.

We see that lighting is created from static energy being released. Other forms of enormous energy exists in a static form.

We see that the ocean is full of dynamic energy. Tsunami and tidal waves can wipe out whole regions. hurricanes and tornadoes can destroy inland areas just as much through wind. Earthquakes can be damaging by the shear movement of the earth itself. We find other forms of energy that exist in dynamic form.

So what are these other forms of static and dynamic energy?

It is said God is spirit. What is spirit ? Is spirit energy?

First we need to know our nature. What separates man from beast? Certainly it is not our five senses.
An eagle has better sight.
A bloodhound has better smell.
A lion has a lot better roar or sound.
A dog can hear much better than we do.
And we are assured a cat has a greater sense of balance.
I am sure a lot of animals sense of taste are better.

What makes humans so special? it is actually the sixth sense. The ability to to detect energy and utilize it. To make fire, to sail around the world, to fly in an airplane. We have this ability to tap into energy. To move mountains , to create weapons of mass destruction E=MC2 . We are constantly finding out more about the energy around us. We use it to heat , to cool down, to transport (motion).
We find that this knowledge of energy is what gives us power, power to change.

In the static form we called this energy gods. In the dynamic form Angels and Demons for lack of better understanding. We utilize emotions such as love or hate, fear or sorrow to become aware of these the static and fill a need.

In the dynamic form we find negative and positive feelings or desires that move us. We find things such as greed or war dwell in this realm. We find dynamic energy is in constant motion seeking to devour the innocent. We find there is also positive or angelic energy out there to helps us.

We have those who create caricature out of these energy forms to give them life. We have others who are satisfied just utilizing the energy around them , no need for caricature. Do we need to have a name for God, or just accept that God is I am that I am. It appears that many want to know the names of God. That by knowing these names or creating caricature it will give them ultimate power.

The same with the angels and demons they need to know their names to create caricature to understand the dynamic forces of energy.

I will propose that we do not need the caricature. That God does exist as do these dynamic forces without the caricature we can know them better. Without vain imagination or any belief system at all. The amazing part is Jesus was trying to explain this also.Jesus said: "God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth."John 4:24 " He also said , I am the Way , the Truth and the Life.
The life not being a higher consciousness of self, it is merely living a life where you can find joy in all things. James 1:2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.



Excuses and Limitations

One of the things I find myself doing is making excuses. Actually covering up for the past only makes the situation worse. What you can do is be in the now and say I will get it done now, or will find a way. Its is always best to tell the truth or nothing at all. I was once asked a questions about someones character and chose not to say anything.

Limitations are very real and we should not be ashamed of them. It only gets you into the excuse rut. Be positive and yet know your limitations. One of my biggest problems in life was being over committed not able to say "No". Then I ended up being burnt out and no good to myself or anyone. My last job was lost by being over committed and fighting a bout of pneumonia , I should have just taken the extra days to rest.

The story of my life being stretched thin , even with time management. Delegating to others in your network can also help if you have that in place. One of the most misunderstood verse is 'all  things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.' Yes you can do more things , all things is a little stretch. Even Jesus was tempted by the satan to jump from the top of the temple and refused to as it made no sense. We need to be able to divine the realm of possibilities and learn to act on good intentions not destructive ones.

In the realm of possibilities we also need common sense. You need to balance common sense with faith. Common sense is something your pappy taught you or your father.

Peace ,


The Dramatic and Stoic life

Stoic existence is avoiding emotions , not getting angry or tearful, avoiding emotional traps.
Drama is getting caught up in the emotions.

So what is the correct way to live life.

A man asked me the other day , do you love yourself. I had to ponder for a minute of course we all love ourselves to a degree. However after contemplation realized it not really about loving yourself, its about loving life.

Its all about life not self.

We exist to experience the drama and emotion , however it can be destructive to get caught up in them. We are all just actors in a divine play called life.

If we take a rose which is the perfect depiction of life , it has the fiery red flower in most cases and also the thorns. We need to experience the pain of the thorns and the soft petals - all of the rose.

In the past year I had totally eliminated anger from my feelings constantly meditating peacefully. However then not much was happening until my wife had an affair. I experienced the thorns and the pain of losing her. If I was totally wrapped up in self love it would have been devastating. I felt in the end it was all a part of the beauty of life. The drama was excruciating it did however add to the growth of my whole being. To be or not to be is this experience of the rose.

So should we all become monks and just experience the soft petals of the flower. Was the buddha correct in avoiding any desire that would lead to pain. I have to say No. This may come as a shock to most religions , everything that exists in life the petals and the thorns are needed. Worrying about whether we will feel pain if this happens or that is not about life. Protecting ourselves by becoming celibate from irrational relationships and totally devoting ourselves to a divine concept of petals is not life. We may be able to elevate the self by avoiding drama , becoming stoic will help.

The military and in the corporate society stoicism is desired. To become a finely tuned machine , to defeat an enemy without feeling , kill or fire people without emotion. This also goes on in the spiritual realm we take attacks upon us as a personal attack upon self. We learn to love self and that can destroy us. It will not destroy you if you just look and understand it is just another aspect of life.

As Shakespeare put it to be or not to be, that is the question. It is not do you love yourself or not.

When after a year of being in a peaceful bliss my life was turned upside down, the snow globe was shaken as my ex wife put it. I had different experiences and it was all a part of the beauty of life.
I am not saying the quiet peaceful contemplation was not good, it was. I also needed the drama to awaken me , it was all good. We quickly label things as good or evil , it is not about the good god or the evil satan, or attacking or enlightening self. It is about being , living and experiencing life.

To walk about in drab clothing all day avoiding conversation , protecting self as if self were a god. God is Spirit , life itself. If you want to find happiness , you will not find it in appeasing self or even self contentment, you will find it in the joy of life.

Jesus who was the perfect example of life, the rose felt the thorns, he also felt the softness of the petals, he wept. Jesus wept is one of the shortest verses. He did not come to bring us to a higher consciousness of self as some say, his mission was to show us the way to live life to have joy in all things. To not be totally sheltered , to be able to find joy and comfort when needed. He experienced the temptations , he experienced the humiliation all of the things life brings. If you have been through a divorce or a relationship breakup, it is humiliating it is humbling and you know what - it is ok. You are not defective , it is just another life experience , do not blame yourself.

Peace and joy to you,


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Infinite Possibilties

 When you explore the many life choices you can make, the possibilities are infinite. When you feel your choices are diminished , you are enslaved.

 Life choices are a matter of conscious thought. Perhaps you are praying for a mate and your mind explores many possible eligible persons. Perhaps a childhood sweetheart or someone you met through an acquaintance, the list appears in your head and eventually you select. A chance meeting is sometimes what happens.

 Who is actually doing the selecting is this the I in you? Are we responsible for the choices we make or are all choices predestined. Destiny has been a form of opinion and often division among the most elite of thinkers. What is often missed is not the thought or choice it is the one. We are actually a unique part of the one. When you release your individuality you realize in the second samadhi you are just one being with the universe. In the first samadhi you find yourself , know thyself, you discover the part that is you. In the second samadhi you are in the realization of the whole. Jesus put it simply "I and the Father are one. " Did this become the basis for Christianity? We must all eventually come to that realization.

So, as you pray the mind becomes heightened. You expect an answer from a hidden force , perhaps a light will click on in your head. Or maybe you will expect great things without knowing just let Gods will be done. In fact perhaps God's will be done no matter what we say or think. We are just to accept that fact. So are we praying merely for acceptance? Is there such a thing as free will , infinite choice? infinite possibility? Yes, we are part of the infinite. Part of the whole. In fact it is written in the book of Psalms , you are gods, all sons of the most high. In fact Jesus restated this , is it not written you are gods.

When you meditate , meditate on a singular particle - the part. Then meditate on the whole - the infinite. The space between the part and the whole is consciousness.



Saturday, July 4, 2015


Some mystics believe we live in a world of illusion. We are told the kingdom of God is within. As we view the world around us it is comprised of circumstance. The kingdom within in us is comprised of the power to change. What is circumstance is not a permanent state , it is virtual or temporary. We know this by going from indoors to outdoors or from room to room in a house. We can just as easily move to another part of the country or even another country.

When we feel trapped by an environment that was not of our own doing , we should look for a means of change. Whether we can produce change to our current environment or relocate to a safer or more acceptable one.

Men or woman that have made this change are often admired. They have overcome the illusion of circumstance, which is the most difficult obstacle of all.

My circumstances are very real , we have war and famine and even hunger. Yes- to say that hunger is an illusion would be a crime. Hunger is based on need and anything based on need is not an illusion. We find it is the things based on desire that are illusion. Hunger is reality and we as humanity must face all needs together.

What is the cause of hunger?
Was there a natural disaster? Was there a war? Was there a lack of leadership or planning?
Unfortunately most of the time it is woman and children that suffer from hunger, or the elderly. It is the most vulnerable in our society. We as a whole need to first recognize hunger, then act to alleviate it. Hunger is sometimes caused by lack of knowledge, new farming techniques or available resources that are unknown.

A man in a wilderness is sometimes surrounded by food sources unknown to them. We can say that survival is not often taught as a school subject where it should be. Religion often does not address basic survival and actually it should. I would say we need to be as a Lion in this world , a lionhearted person. The mind is more like a lamb , it needs direction and often protection. We need to protect the mind from subconscious attacks or suggestions. This means we need to stay on our toes and even be willing to rebuke attacks instantly.

When looking back over various instances where a critical decision needed to be made it was often hampered even more by delay.

Don't worry be happy! That sounds easy and can also be deceptive. We need to have compassion, we need to effect change when there is a need. Need = Need. Know the difference between care and worry.

So we have a sense due to the media that everything is fine. We would rather view a comedian or celebrity than a commercial about hunger. Illusion that is presented by the media is not entertainment it is only a distraction from reality.

Facing reality is facing a need. The only thing that is real is what is needed, everything else is just an illusion.

Peace ,


Saturday, May 30, 2015


Is non belief (atheism) actually a system?

Realism is a pertinent factor in atheism. I found a lot of atheist like to play computer games as a distraction from reality.

Why do we need a distraction from reality at all?
Even the atheist have dreams. We find that our perception of the physical world can often wear us out or a relationship may be disrupted. A marriage or relationship being disrupted can cause a person harm.

I do admire one aspect of atheism - responsibility for action. To me we are responsible for the changes in humanity. The only difference in knowing divine love is a part of my reality.

The atheist do not worship idols and many believe in a moral code. The atheist have not ascribed to religion however many do ascribe to psychology or philosophy. As we know there are as many versions of psychology or philosophy as there are any religion. So even the path of atheism is not a clear path.

We all see through a glass darkly and a lot of life is perception. The atheist usually will go to a hospital or seek the help of a counselor or psychologist when their reality is in distress.

To hate someone because of being an atheist is no different than any other racial or other form of discrimination. Atheist do have children and many do belong to clubs or other organizations. I have a son who from a small child did not want to be involved with religion or any organization associated with religion. I did not force my beliefs upon him or make him attend a church.

I think we need atheist to keep us from going over the deep end. We also need those willing to go to the deep end to find out what is there.

In the end it is not about imposing our beliefs on another person. That we are each unique and not programmed like machines is what makes us human. To find a higher source of love is what makes us believers.



Sunday, May 17, 2015

Undiscovered Truth

Theory, Mystery, Faith .

Theory- When a scientist works on a problem they often use something called a theory. It is not a law like cause and effect or gravity. It is merely a proposal of ideas that have merit due to experiments and some evidence. These theories can be used to solve problems and they work until a better one comes along.

Mystery- I get so upset by the word mystery. It does sell a lot of books and perhaps there is nothing more inviting than Pandora's box. We will find that it is often a religious tool used for control which was never intended. It is an art , a craft of the rich and powerful. If I can keep you in the dark like a mushroom, no offense, you can be controlled. We should be seeking enlightenment --- all things are possibilities. Undiscovered truths is the term you should be using as a person of enlightenment all truths are obtainable.

Faith is similar in fact to theory used to explain the unseen or undiscovered truth. Perhaps faith can even be a myth or a concept. Faith is without reason according to Martin Luther. It is appealing to the power of change within is what I would say. We are the source of change , whereas God is the source of love. Faith appeals not to God as some would think, since we all have a different concept of who or what God is. Faith appeals to the power or source of change within us.

God did not leave us empty handed, say I love you and walk away into the cosmos. We have been given the power of change. Though some may want you to think you cannot change, they say it is what it is - accept it. We are sometimes poor , despondent - untouchable or unappealing. So what we have the power of change. The greatest gift ever and all it needs is faith. We have been duped by society by prejudgement , we have accepted a lie. However we know that the choice is within us. We are not predestined. Yes -we may have been born handicapped or in a poor community. We may have circumstance against us. It is merely temporary - you can easily walk over to the other side of the tracks and claim it. Someone may say what are you doing  here, hey what is he or she doing here!
Step aside , they claimed their power of change! They are exercising their faith - their potential.

Whether you are Hindu, Muslim or Jew. Christian or pagan just realize that you have the power of change within you. It is all about matters of the heart and that is where change will start. Your mind may tell you things are impossible , it may wander. Your heart will get you where you want to be if you desire wisdom. God is the source of love.

Peace to you.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015


What is the true structure of the universe.

What is the anti-matter of the universe.

So out of Chaos came Harmony..... Truly Harmony was always there it just was not being perceived.

One aspect of harmony is music.

If we were to encounter the greatest composer of all time in essence a divine composer we would be blessed.

Actually looking at the very structure from chemistry to the atomic layers we find harmony. All of the same laws seem to apply.

Another aspect of harmony is relationships.

As in music we are like melodies , merry melodies. We can get off on a good note or leave on a bad note. Harmony in relationships is very important.
Bad dreams are sometimes because of relationships that ended on a bad note. Does it mean we are not good to have a bad dream. Actually it is the opposite , having bad dreams means you care about relationships. It means you have the mind of a great composer that wants to get music right. You will play the song over and over again to see if maybe it will find the correct melody. Can you change the past -No, you can change yourself perhaps go up an octave to become in harmony. It is really all just a melody this thing we call life.

When we look into the sky at night some will see stars, I see music. Something that a great composer was playing.

When you enter into a relationship view it as divine music, do not see it as a game. Not many will see the harmony that is around them , some just will just remain in the chaos. If you are having bad dreams be thankful it just means you care. You will eventually work on a different melody like every composer and have a song for the heart.



Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mind Drugs

Scientist are discovering that the human brain can produce every medicine and is chemically complete. That means the brain has the ability to heal pain chemically and probably most diseases.

Why doesn't the system work?
We have the chemistry , the ability and the receptors.

The fact is the system does work. Most diseases are controlled without us knowing it and this includes pain.

It is a known fact that blocked arteries seek other paths to distribute oxygen and blood to the body. The brain is self repairing when an minor injury occurs. Some of this takes time and sometimes we hinder the healing process by taking inhibiting substances that set off balance.

Balance is important to healing. Drugs we receive by prescription merely help us to maintain balance or speed up an already existing system. Stress is the main obstacle to balance in our healing system.

There is another way that is more natural called rest and relaxation. We can also include meditation in the column with relaxation. We can also learn techniques as the yogis have to help distribute oxygen to the body including the brain.

Is faith healing real - absolutely. It is not the people falling over after being prayed for , it is the person that practices daily breathing and getting the brain to relax.  We find the best medicine is at a fully relaxed state free from stress. The brain has micro pharmacies within it that release natural chemicals and this has nothing to do with religion. We do do find that religion may help in the process - just like a placebo can set off the production of these chemicals.

We are endowed with more powerful medicines than can be found in a hundred Amazons or labs. Mind Drugs are an untouched science that will be the next revolution in health science. We will find some are able to produce these better than others and perhaps can be donors. There are natural substances produced by our bodies that can heal others.

I believe the Methuselah and Noah of old lived to be ripe old ages because their systems worked perfectly in their bodies. They we able to control these mind labs by being in balance with nature. We today can do the same by unblocking passages and awaking parts of the brain. As you will find it takes practice and commitment to learning techniques lost in time.

One of the techniques is re-directing energy from one part of the brain to another. There are two ways which will share.

1.  Pray for healing.  I believe in divine healing.

2.  Speech and language.
Almost a third of the brain is used to interpret speech and language. You can use a silent technique of being still , you will find a quiet spot. After you have found the place - start quieting the mind. Whether you realize it or not we all have residual speech patterns that continue in self conversation. Learn to center upon your heart and release the mind. The most frequently prescribed cure is rest.

3. Polarity training. Think of hot and cold, high and low, forward and backward . Think of all the possible opposites then pause do this several times. What will happen is your brain will not be able to process after  a while from the left side and will have to engage the right side for assistance. This is called yoking ( not joking). The right side of the brain will engage other processes to produce healing chemicals. You may actually feel your head getting warm then cool.

4. Facial massage is excellent therapy.

Spatial and balance comes from the forehead or frontal area. It presses around the face to the chin. Every facial muscles from a smile to a frown or what causes wrinkles is from the frontal lobe. You become worried when you lose a sense of direction it effects your facial expression. You can picture the famous statue of the thinker with his hand under the chin. Deep thinking involves the face from the chin to the top of the forehead. Practice putting your hand under your chin , raising and lowering the eyebrows, then frown and smile. Use your facial muscles to keep them from sagging and wrinkles.  Breath through the nose. Use facial cremes that unblock pores.

5. See a medical doctor or one that practices natural healing. Actually a doctor can only prescribe medicines to bring about balance , there is no guarantee they will work. The body system itself is the healer. We are finding more recently immune deficiency is making it very hard to maintain this balance. If a person cannot be healed by standard techniques they should be allowed to take whatever comfort means are necessary whether a plant or other stimulus.

6. Environment outside air or water. Inside stress or energy blockage.

Peace and Joy,


Saturday, April 11, 2015


O Allah purify my heart from anything but You - Islam.

You will find many references to the heart within Islam. Actually it is the main message of Islam which is why it is so beautiful.

Then why are so many being killed in the name of Islam?
Islamic terrorist are even killing other Islamic people. What happen to the unconditional love of the heart?

We find in Christianity the good shepherd Jesus is to be in the heart.
We find in Hinduism the Heart Chakra , the place of unconditional love.

If they are so similar why is there so much hate.
Most religions start out with a revelation of the heart. Later we have have scriptures that are written.

The prophets often do not write books of any kind, the books are written by scribes. Heart to heart it would make perfect sense in each case. These scriptures can be left to the interpretation of the priests or mullahs or anyone with authority in each case. That is why we have so much division within even the Islam community. There is division amongst Jews and Christians also. Jews have gone to war against each other since the beginning,  Christians have historically been the most atrocious in religious wars- it is nothing new.

How can we avoid religious bloodshed and hatred?

Return to the true source the matters of the heart.  The literature that was meant to be an aide has taken over the matters of the heart. Sometimes those in authority will use the literature to their own devices.

There are zealots in every religion. Religion is often used as a motivator and a way to unite against a real source of oppression. We are seeing in many areas where the very rich have oppressed the people that Islam is a welcome message. Is this just a struggle against oppression with a religious vehicle? For now and always.

My favorite book is YOU.

Peace to all,


Monday, March 30, 2015


A man was walking in the desert with no water or food. He was too far in to go back and had no sense of direction. Dune after dune the journey seemed endless. The only hope was an idea in his head that began to appear in a visual form. This was an oasis , there were trees and other vegetation which meant there must be water.

The man grew closer and closer amazingly soon the oasis disappeared.

What was the purpose of the oasis?

Why did his mind play tricks on him. Perhaps it was for mere survival. He somehow managed the strength to get there a little further from where he was.

Perhaps to some religion is an oasis. A little paradise on earth to get a person through the daily chores or suffering. To some that is all their religion is, a safe place. That is OK , we all need a spiritual oasis. Then something happens the thrill of the oasis seems to evaporate , we are no longer are encouraged by the idea.

Would it have been better if we had struggled without the oasis?

It really depends on your perception. Sometimes the oasis is actually a real paradise with water to quench the thirst. We have to make the journey to find out. When visiting the Canadian Rockies for the first time on a business trip discovered what appeared to be a mountain close by actually took hours to reach them. Upon reaching them the tops were not even visible disappearing into the clouds.
The best words describing them would be majestic.
Very similar to an iceberg with a small area exposed can actually reach for a mile beneath the surface.
Which is why they are so dangerous to ships.

When someone from the country visits a city or stadium they suddenly realize it is easy to get lost in a crowd.

Within our brain is a portion that is dedicated to spatial awareness. When we meditate correctly our mind will amplify certain regions and this is one. Perhaps our speech center will shut down and our body will enter into a sort of energy efficient mode. Sort of like the personal computers of today that have a similar feature. The sticker with the green star means it has this capability. We find the brain actually consumes a lot of oxygen. Without the oxygen it will not function properly and that is why breathing is most critical in meditation.

We should actually learn to breath deeply before meditating. Most of us and I am one will take shallow breaths without noticing it. We should actually practice taking a deep breath every hour or more if possible. One of the therapies for a damaged lung would be to breath into a tube and watch a meter. Perhaps you can just learn to form your mouth like a kiss or pucker and produce the same effect. Actually very similar to blowing a trumpet. When our mouths are open more we tend to become lazy with breathing. Even some are able to breath through the nose which is even better.

Anyway not to get off subject meditation is a lot like an iceberg or the rocky mountains. It is also an oasis which you can count on. The more you meditate , the more you discover about your surroundings, the more you observe. There is nothing mystical or religious about meditation. It only enhances your brain regions that often lay dormant. They become excited just to wake up. Again one of my favorite saying is there is no mystery. It is actually better not to think about anything just relax. Mystery is not light.



Sunday, March 29, 2015

Coal and Coral

These basic hardened structures have valuable lessons to tell. Both are made from life forms that were carbonized later to produce eloquent beauty.

Coal as we know was formed from the fern and other plant life that was around during the Pennsylvania era and other geographical regions. We can see some of the fern implanted in broken pieces. It is used as a source of fuel throughout the world. Amazingly coal can through another million years become a diamond. In fact most of our diamonds are found in Africa shows how old the continent really is.

I always tell people that are going through pain not to dwell on the coal. Dwell on the diamond.

Many years ago a 6-foot wingspan dragonfly was flying over this very spot where I am writing this. On the way to the river it may have captured a glimpse of me , who knows.

Then there is the coral another living being made up of many living organisms organized in polyps. They range in various shapes and beauty mainly found along the coastlines and amongst island reefs. Coral can feed on organisms as it is actually alive. We sometimes break a piece off from a rock and remove it from the ocean.

Mankind is very similar to coral in the sense we are made up of the same substance and form societies that feed off their surroundings. We can be colorful and each human organism forms the whole of humanity. Even when we die our carbon footprint is left behind to become part of the flora.
We do however put our corpses into boxes to try to prevents decay - why? This seems to me to be wasteful for land and resources. Many spend a good portion of their final estate on burial rather than leave to their grandchildren for education.

The coral is probably one of the most interesting of all of natures surprises. Many years of my life were spent in coral regions in the Pacific. This is where I first became a mystic , there was no place to go except inward. On the islands I grew to appreciate the local customs and languages. The language was spiritual in a sense that each character had a meaning, this is the same for the Chinese and the Hebrew. Two beautiful languages that it is hard to interpret without losing the original meaning. It may be that perhaps interpretation did not do justice.

What is the language of coal, the language of coral? Every life form has a language whether we perceive it or not. Sometimes it is just telling us about history or even nature itself. Just like we have body language frowns or smiles they also have a story. A mystic can become one with a piece of coral and listen to a story. They are quite interesting as some of the stories are millions of years old. They tell of different sea creatures and their civilizations long before mankind.

We think we are the only creatures with memories and find all living forms have memories. The coral is trying to tell us not to pollute the shorelines. The coral wants us to not drill for oil , to use the energy of the sun and wind. Peaceful creatures that have no voice except for a frequency beyond the common ear.

Let us hear the stories and live in our environment carefully.



Rules and Laws

These are the rules and by the way the last rule is rules are sometimes broken.

This is the Law and by the way a law should never be broken. Laws are sometimes broken.

This is the Truth.

This is the Way. the path to the Truth.

This is the  Light that shows the way to the path , to the truth.

We must first have the light to find the way to the truth.

The rules are sometimes broken. In the Bhagavad Gita the Chariot driver Krishna invited Shikhandi to go to battle with him. The odd thing was Shikhandi was a man born with female parts. He was actually a transsexual that was married to a woman until their wedding when she discovered the female organs. He was considered to be the greatest warrior of the army.

It goes to show us that regardless of someones gender or transgender the best person for the task should be chosen. Even thousands of years before Christ , homosexual and transgender existed. It never effected their position in life and it was always viewed with compassion.

We see that dharma is a spiritual rule which can at times be broken. When nature does not agree with dharma. Natural laws have no respect for spiritual laws. Nature will do what nature wants to do regardless of what spiritual mandates are put in place.

A law should never be broken. First we have to say what is a law. Is this mans law or natures law. Nature can sometimes be cruel , it can also be nourishing. If we are to co-exist with nature then we have to accept its oddities or change. Nature can break its own laws , just like man can break the rules occasionally.

We cannot count on rules and laws period.

We can only count on the light, to show us the way, to the truth.

Quit discriminating , stop bashing.



Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Chariot

Enoch walked with God and was not.
Elijah was carried away in a flaming chariot.
Elisha asked his servant eyes to be open and when he did , he saw flaming chariots around Elisha.

Krishna was a chariot driver.
Plato explained the chariot as having a dark and a white horse.
Buddha explained the chariot as both body and mind presence.

What exactly is the chariot and why was Elijah taken away?

We should understand the lesson of the chariot is in various cultures. It was no co-incidence that Krishna was a chariot driver in the Bhagavad Gita or that the book of Kings mentions the chariots Even that Plato mentioned this in the Republic. Buddha explains the ultimate goal would be to unite body and mind.

What is this chariot everyone spoke of?

 Philip and the Ethiopian
…37And Philip said, "If you believe with all your heart, you may." And he answered and said, "I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God." 38And he ordered the chariot to stop; and they both went down into the water, Philip as well as the eunuch, and he baptized him. 39When they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away; and the eunuch no longer saw him, but went on his way rejoicing.…

Philip was seen later in another town Azotus. The spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away wow!

Elijah was not heard of since until mentioned in the christian new testament with Jesus at the transfiguration along with Moses.

When we see study the Bhagavad Gita and the bible along with Plato's book of Republic and the Buddhas rendition it becomes clear. The chariot is the spirit of the Lord.
We are to live as if in a chariot.
Plato explained the dark horse as being the appetites and comforts needed for survival.
Plato explained the white horse as being the higher attributes more spirited horse.
The chariot is the guardian.

We find it is also a concept in the Tao. With the symbolic dark and white circles.

The Apostle Paul said something that was key, we are not to be too heavenly minded to be of no earthly good.
The Buddha said the key is to walk the middle path.

We find many speak of the path of enlightenment in Hindu as two part samadhi. The first part may be when you realize yourself or Buddha nature. You may actually hear your own thoughts as you are residing in higher self.

The second part is where few will ever achieve is what the Buddha tried to explain  - the middle path. Plato also tried to explain this as also did the Tao. The highest enlightenment is the chariot - to be able to balance our natures. This can only be done with the help of the Spirit of the Lord or Chariot.
When we realize this we become fully enlightened. Jesus life was both equally human and divine.

We live in the Spirit as the chariot driver. You will find it explained in many systems this second part samadhi can take you away to other worlds once it is achieved. It would be hard to explain this where sometimes you are in a split second living in another reality or consciousness then being returned.
Do not be surprised if this happens once you are in the chariot anything goes!



Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Often we find ourselves wondering why me Lord, I am kind.

We pray for the Lord to smile upon us, for blessings.

We find after many years perhaps , kindness is often rewarded with defamation. Kindness is often rewarded with harm or even hatred. Why are things that way?

We will never see the Lords face on earth, in this life. We will never see the blessings we expect from kindness. Actually people will despise you for being kind, if not a person perhaps an animal, if not an animal a microbe. By being kind you are approaching the throne of the most high. You dare to be good, there is none that is good except the Lord.

Better to lay your treasures up in heaven and not to expose them on earth. It makes me feel uneasy to get an award or to be honored. It is Ok to expect great things, if they have nothing to do with rewards from kindness.

Someday when we see the Lord's face , we can then appreciate the treasure and enjoy the smile.
Always be kind whenever possible and keep your treasure in heaven for none to steal.



Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Soul

Observing all beliefs and matters relating to the soul I agree in full with Plato again my favorite of all thinkers. In his book Republic it is explained what also I have concluded on the soul. I did not read the book before coming up with the same conclusions.

The soul exist in self, in humanity includes natural sciences, and in the cosmos.

We can know much about ourselves and Plato proceeds to explain our three part self soul.

The appetite - dark horse/Merchant
The spirited - white horse/Soldier
The nous - the chariot/Guardian

As you can see the dark horse represents appetites which relate to physical needs or comfort.

Ignoring any of these parts does not constitute happiness.

Plato expounded on also social , the city , humanity and natural sciences. This sphere of the soul encompasses our environment or surroundings.

The Cosmos is beyond our world and is left to interpretation. We see that Plato viewed the cosmos as having a soul. In this cosmos Plato does accept it as a mythical form. He does not deny the existence of a creator or gods, he merely states it is beyond the scope of understanding.

Through my own experience Plato is correct on all forms. Also noting that much of what is in the bible agrees with Plato also. The bible has both the dark and white horse images in Revelations which almost sounds like a Platonic guide. We find that in various religious experience or systems one or more of these are implied.

So did the church use Plato's writings to architect these forms into their own beliefs?
Some think so, however Plato also states in other writing inherent knowledge available to everyone.
So the blueprint is inherent in our genes or the creation itself. We can reverse engineer through observation of the natural sciences.

Some believe in an over soul - that we are just a drop of water that return to the ocean. I also believe this as every aspect of the soul whether in self , community or the cosmos is a part of the whole.

What may be hard for some to grasp is the dark horse , because some would say the dark horse is not part of the soul. Actually sex , food and prosperity are of the soul. Some say they need to starve themselves of those things to satisfy God.  This is where I disagree whereas we may view it righteous to be chaste. What happen to the puritans - they died out. What if only the lazy and ignorant had sex. We would only have generations of lazy and ignorant humans. What if we starved and did not get enough vitamins or proteins That is why I believe a healthy balanced diet is necessary. Eliminating only certain foods if they are proved to be unhealthy. Each persons diet may be different as some have allergies and others may need more of certain vitamins , healthy diets are more important than religious diets. I would consult a doctor before a guru concerning a diet.

The dark horse is an important part of happiness.
If a man says you will not be able to live a holy life for eating fish, that is pure nonsense. Nothing is unclean it may not be healthy though- last time I checked fish contains many healthy oils and vitamins. Now can the soul be polluted by drugs or alcohol, I would say that if a person needs a drug for health it would be the same as food for health. Certainly an over indulgence of anything is not healthy.

Why would something as wonderful as sex be attributed to evil. This belief can scar a person from having children or enjoying their partner in a beautiful way. We are told to enjoy sex in harmony with our wife or husband. If you feel it is better not to procreate and want to remain a virgin that is fine also. Many men and women had children and still have  spiritual lives it is of no consequence.

Religious diets vary from one to another, as do sexual practices. I believe it is up to the person to decide their best diet and sexual practice that suit them for health and happiness. If a religious institution starts to regulate how and when we are to eat or have sex it is taking away our freedom and joy. We can become affixed to the practice of religion and lose our true course which is matters of the heart.

In certain Hindu and Sikh beliefs the soul is God and God is soul. In a way we have the over soul. This is a universal concept of we are a drop of water returning to the ocean. That is one ways of understanding the soul. The bible does say all souls are mine which also point to this understanding.

So should we take the position of the dark horse or white horse?
The Chariot oversees both and we should be in the chariot with the Lord. We should oversee our emotions , our desires and our needs. The final test should be health and happiness not what others think.

Peace and Joy,




There seems to be a growing use of drugs in the nation and the world . Many think this is due to moral decay and perhaps even permeation of evil. Actually it is due to wage imbalance and people are using these drugs as an escape from a gruesome reality. We are seeing the current economics of trickle down not working and the effects of such an economy.

We are seeing that wages are not keeping up with debt. As the government accumulates huge central bank reserves the personal debt is at very high limits. Massive personal bankruptcies and political will has become detrimental to society as a whole. Advertising constantly on the TV has weakened buying restraint. People are going into debt  due to the subconscious drilling of the tube.

How can we survive the current economy?

I recommend living below your means and holding onto your cheese. There is an excellent book "Who moved my cheese" that everyone should read.

What you should not do is buy into the religious prosperity games we are seeing televised. They just want your cheese. Big rats looking for the mouses cheese. The best prosperity game is patience and living in contentment. Contentment is great gain.

When we start to see a trickle of income or funds learn to invest in yourself then you will be able to bless others. We will start to see even more drug use as it becomes legalized and even more rats looking for cheese.

Start investing in your family if they are what is important to you. Unfortunately you may say that money is not important however if you read Plato appetite is a part of the psyche along with victory and the mind. Appetite , Victory and the Mind. Appetite does not mean being greedy it meets meeting the physical needs and bodily comforts. Victory does not mean squashing a bug, it means setting goals and looking for achievement. Mind does not mean playing mind games it means learning an equitable skill and using rationality.

I really think the mindset of rationality is most successful. Doing things with no thought of tomorrow is not good. In essence we should not worry about the future when we live according to our means. We should also plan out the future by organizing our time. To become a puppet to another persons agenda is not the answer. Become self reliant to whatever means you can then start to network others as your circle expands. This is the trickle up that will work for you. Propping up idols does not work (trickle down).

I would recommend any self help courses or life coaches . It is trickle up not trickle down. This is biblical it is solid advice.

Peace to you,


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ox mind

Having stated in prior writings  the heart is the shepherd and the mind is the sheep. This is referring to the religious mindset. In the philosophical mindset the heart is similar to an ox herdsman and the mind is spoken of being oxen. When we think of oxen we think of the yoke that keeps the two together so that work can be performed. The bible also mentions the yoke between a man and a woman each working equally. The yoke is simply trust in whatever belief you have. Trust is a yoke because it takes away some freedom to perform work rather than play in the fields.

While many will have their own explanation of the oxen. I believe it is the upper and lower self. The Buddha was about balance , the middle path. He believed that our nature was not to be extreme in ascetic practice or indulgent in desires either. He also accepted that women were entitled to be enlightened as much as anyone which for that time period was remarkable. Buddha spent much of his life trying different things from meditation to physical asceticism. He studied the current religions of that time.

Buddha was about yoking the mind rather than letting it wander like sheep. In yoking the mind it is about the questions. Ask the right questions rather than try to provide an answer. That is why I would consider Buddha the greatest philosopher or herdsman and Jesus the good shepherd.

To still the mind in order to receive mystic knowledge you have to provide an answer or control the question. The great philosophers always were about asking a better question.

We also find there are humans that are in touch with nature and matter especially the natural sciences. We are all connected through the human form as a species. You may say we are all one and yet different vessels. We are also one with our surroundings in the human form. The vessel is what makes each of us unique, we all have a different finger print a different iris which we see out of. It is supposed to be that way. What makes a cult is saying we are all the same, no we are all different and that is the beauty.

In the Ox mind , which the Buddha prescribed for the self. He realized to be balanced a yoke would need to be put in place. We need have trust and rules in which to live, this was the yoke. In religion it is in God we trust, in Buddhism it about the five rights (morals)  balancing both our lower and higher self without religions it is more about finding the Buddha nature and following a natural way. Worry and fear can come from religion , that perhaps we should not be concerned with anything except our own nature. 



Friday, March 13, 2015


There is a meditation that is very peaceful which I will share though it may seem contrary to any belief system on the planet.


You are to purchase a Matryoshka doll which is of Russian origin. This doll is one that has a baby inside the very center. Within each doll is another and so on this can continue for several layers.
Take the doll apart till you arrive at the baby. Hold the baby for a few minutes then put the doll back together.

Do this for several days.

Think of each day starting with being a baby a new life begins. A new person each day. Contrary to belief that we have one life that gets soiled and remains. As you put on your new clothes every morning you think of putting on a new person. When you take off your clothes at night think of returning your old rags to the Lord. In the evening take the doll apart to the baby and hold it then re-assemble the doll.

Give us this day our daily bread. The bread is life with each day a new person is created. You are born again each day. You need not wait to be re-incarnated. Every day as the sun rises you are a new person. The Matryoshka doll helps to understand this concept.

Peace to you,


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Is evil neccessary?

We often hear the term necessary evil. Why would evil be necessary?

All things work together for the good.

What if you were being stubborn.The good shepherd was trying to get you out of a rut onto a path that led to pasture. You being the stubborn sheep and the good shepherd being the Christos within. We need a good whack with the shepherds staff , it may seem at the moment cruel. Then on the path to the pasture we realize it was necessary to get to the pasture for nourishment.

We hear about terror in today's world , we hear about droughts and famine, we hear about hurricanes and tidal waves (tsunami) some causing total destruction. We see in some cultures they draw the face of a demon on these events. Even in our own lives we have micro events that seem to warrant that same face. This is the mindset that will get you into the rut , the mud.

Should we avoid caricature or drama ? .  How we react to a situation is in essence who we are or will become. If we need to paint a face on each dynamic in our lives , if we create drama out of each situation we may not get to pasture. Caricature and drama is what separates us from animals. Imagination makes us human. We do however get to choose which games we play. Stan Lee was one of the greatest humans , Walt Disney was one of the great humans - they expressed their ideology using imagination. If you want to find a true Zen master choose a great cartoonist. We find in ourselves this wonderful human experience called imagination. It can be used or abused.

Is imagination real? It can be .. New inventions , major innovation all of this came from imagination. Anything that is created came from imagination. Sometimes we think we have dejavu
because we experience something that somehow may have happened before. What actually occurred was you dared to imagine it, it then came into being.

Many including myself have been drawn into the caricature of ideology. Actually religion is really an ideology. We have an event and create a face on it to identify it. This caricature is then put into a dramatic play of sorts and acted upon. As we are purposely entertained by all of this the director will say this is real. We are then spun into an alternate reality that perhaps is a war between good and evil. This game is played out over and over until we arrive back at the beginning. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Everything that was created was good, God the creator said it was.

Where then did evil come from? It did not come from God. Did the darkness and light get packaged together? Similar to the Tao where we have both darkness and light. Actually the Tao is right , to simplify all of this. The only questions that would remain will be:

Do we need the caricature ? Do we need the drama? Is evil necessary?

It does tend to make a clearer point this sort of mindset. We have energies that flow in our head , we feel them ebbing and residing patterns start to evolve.  We have an awakening which we call something like kundalini or maybe we say we have entered an alternate state of consciousness. We find a sort of butterfly effect can occur or we have a vision. All of this happens as a result of merely allowing it to happen. Evil happens because we allow it.  It is simply by our own permission.

When Job was being tested and wreaked out of his family and possessions it may seem most bothersome. In this story satan had a conference with God. The story goes as thus:
Then the LORD said to Satan, "Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil. And he still maintains his integrity, though you incited me against him to ruin him without any reason."

In truth this story so upset me, I wanted to rip the pages out. Poor Job was allowed to be tormented. He was righteous and decent why? Even the Lord suggested he be considered as something to be devoured.

Because in the spiritual world we are considered food. Its seems to be a culinary art , we find that Christ however turns the tables on all this. He says go ahead and eat me. Do it as often as you like in remembrance of the Christ.

We can avoid evil by simply not allowing it. Deny it the pleasure of devouring you. Do not become part of the game - try another game. If you feel abused leave the game unless you feel it will bring you some value you absolutely need. It is your choice.

To be or not to be. We in essence allow things to happen. You may say some things are out of our control. Events happen we however create the drama , the caricature. We love cartoons , loony tunes.
We love caricature and drama. That is what separates us from animals. Animals just see things in reality and we live in a loony tune. Think about it , humans are all loony. It is their nature only some take it to the extreme.

Mystery , there is no mystery. Jesus never said, I am the mystery. He said, I am the light. Some say we are predestined , whatever happens is out of our control. We are merely players in these culinary games of eat or be eaten. Sounds barbaric to me , in actuality many things happen because we allow it. We have choice to be used or abused in some cases we are the user or abuser. We as a whole allow ourselves to be used or as an individual. We should always think of ourselves as one in part and in whole. If you hurt the least of these , I am offended.

Deny evil , it will cease to exist. Be patient wait upon the truth and the truth will set you free.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We find that we are generally impatient. This is perhaps the greatest obstacle in becoming successful , in becoming happy. If you are reading this and are a young person it is one of the most important lessons of your life patience.

You will find one characteristic in most successful  people is patience.

Wait patiently upon the Lord.  This is taught in the holy bible , the Quran , the Torah or any book of wisdom. When a person places a stock trade , when they get married , when you have a child, anything thing you do should be done with patience.

We are told in the bible the greatest men of wisdom and wealth King Solomon and King David were patient.

Events that happen in our appointed time bring happiness. We think perhaps a sense of desire is filled by having a sex partner before our appointed time and end up in hot soup. Perhaps we should wait for the appointed time. You may want to begin a business and it may seem like a good one. Then the business fails and you are questioning God. Did you wait for the right time to start the business , in the business world demand is important. Everything is not just about supply and therefore timing is important.

When you pray ask Our Father thy will be done. You will find that patience is as important as knowledge. It is easy in a world of fast food and hurry up society to become impatient. Believe me I have learned the hard way and am still learning the art of patience. Most grief is caused by being impatient. Had we waited to finish our education before getting married or having children. Had we just stayed at one job a little longer instead of looking for greener grass. Had we taught our children patience instead of spoiling them. All these things and more can make the difference in future happiness.

We all have an appointed time for each major activity in life. Ask for patience not just substance.



Saturday, February 28, 2015


We find that there is a lot of speak about the cloud lately. What does this mean to society? Is it the latest advancement or just scrambled eggs.

Thousands of years ago the story tellers passed on knowledge through parables and myths. They sat around the table or campfires and told these stories with frowns and laughter. Human warmth and expression were often even acted out. The first original form of literacy was in essence acting. The original point of acting was not just for entertainment, it was to deliver a message. It was charismatic expression there was an audience and an enlightened.

Where two or more are gathered , I am there amongst them. There was warmth and a collaboration of ideas. There was love for one another.

Then hundreds of years later came book literacy. We received knowledge from books and it was passed on from paper to mind. The acting , the laughter , the frowns were removed. Though some will say this was a great leap. We invented a system of degrees that was a measure of the books read. We had some write holy books and others books of science all of this was considered literacy. The illiterate were counted as being dumb or penalized by their lack of degrees. They may have learned a trade from their father or from experience, the illiterate were subjugated.
Then the books became more important than the purpose, actually the purpose was forgotten.
We had replaced our love for each other with a love for books.

Then came an age of computing. If you could not use a computer , you were computer illiterate. You could not obtain a degree or be successful without this new degree of literacy. Every facet of society was based on information stored or transferred by computer. This was the an age of personal computing. The first trillion dollar corporation would be the Apple company, inventor of the modern day personal computer. The software companies would go head to head as the next wave of literacy moved society. Information technology advanced so quickly a single PC was more advanced than all the mainframes combined on earth fifty years earlier.
We had replaced our love for each other with a love of the PC.

Then came a new and the latest form of literacy - the cloud. PC's were networked, mobile communications were networked. The massive storage devices that held the knowledge of the aeons were created. People were no longer even needed in some instances just a cloud. We find our children tied to tablets that have no computing ability , they just communicate with the cloud. All computing and storage is done in the cloud. Governments are regulating the cloud as the newest utility. Cloud literacy will soon be the newest form toward a degree. Cyber schools will replace the public school, no buses will be needed, no school buildings or even teachers. All that will be needed is the cloud.

What is the cloud?
If you go to the store and get a carton of eggs. Processed and packaged stick it in the fridge. In the morning you wake up you choose a few eggs, crack them open , scramble them in a frying pan and have scrambled eggs. You may add a few pieces of toast for your breakfast or bacon and the protein and starch will provide a high energy meal to kick start your day.
So the cloud is very similar to scrambled eggs ideas come to the plate, it is quick and easy. High energy is perpetuated throughout society. We sometimes become overcome and addicted to it. There is an impersonal identify formed with the cloud. Love toward one another becomes a lost art. We can can act out our feelings in the cloud through social networks. We know longer meet in person with employers or recruiters. Just send me your resume over the cloud word or PDF format preferred. We can have the initial interview over the phone. In fact it doesn't really matter if you are a real person maybe even work from home or another country.
We can be sure all forms of entertainment will be received from the cloud. We may even take a virtual vacation no need to fly to a destination. Perhaps even a virtual wife or husband that we find on the cloud. We are seeing that web meetings are the preferred format, there is no need for the heart, it is all about the mind. People become impersonal - the purpose is forgotten. We have replaced our love for each other with the cloud. A formless entity that just returns what is browsed for whether it has any merit or is right. We no longer a need a book or printed format or even a PC, only the cloud is needed.

If you are not attached to the cloud you cannot be educated, cannot find a job or even hold a degree. Without a cloud degree you may be again illiterate those who control the cloud will control society.

Instead of people meeting together touching and smiling- you will get an emoticon smiley face. Instead of eyes sparkling you will get a screen of pixels.

The egg will no longer be given warmth allowed to grow into a beautiful bird to fly toward heaven. The spiritual essence that came in the form of a dove will be lost. All the eggs will be scrambled into cryptic languages for a quick meal.

When this occurs and we get to the final stage of what we call literacy, and you feel the loneliness. The yearning for human touch, a real smile remember this - my favorite book is you. Our purpose is to love one another.



Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heart Meditation

Valentines day is soon approaching.

I wanted to give a gift to the world .

This may be a little re-gifting and something new.

Heart Meditation

Meditate on these things over the holiday:

1. Home is where the heart is.

2. Love conquers all.

3. The heart is the shepherd , the mind is the sheep.

4. Singularity is found in the heart.

5. When you love what you do, you will do what you love.
In order to be successful you must put your heart into something you love. Some things we do out of necessity or circumstance. We should always pursue our way out of circumstance and follow our heart. Most of the time the situation is only temporary. Search you heart , think of a lion heart. Judah had the heart of a lion. Pursue your path.

6. Avoid mind traps , the true mystic knows the mind. Avoids duality struggles. The true mystic flows with the heart.

7. It is not about mind over matter, mind over anything (ego).

8. Quiesce the mind, search the heart.

9. Love , Joy , Compassion and Happiness are all matters of the heart.

10. Laughter comes from the heart.

When the mind wanders, practice heart meditation.

The heart is the shepherd , the mind is the sheep.

We spend countless energies in mind struggles (guilt and worry). These are counter productive wasted moments. When we concentrate this energy in the center of our being - the heart. The mind will have more moments for creativity and good thoughts and ideas will flow.
Joy to you,


Friday, January 30, 2015

Shepherd and Sheep

Who is the sheep?

Who is the Shepherd?

Who is the Lamb of God?

Our Heart is to be like a Lion and is also to be the Shepherd. When Christ is in the heart , we have the good shepherd.

Our mind is the sheep which the shepherd is leading to pasture. When we lean to our own understanding and try to let the mind lead we will get lost. Our heart is the shepherd and knows the way to Truth.

Beliefs may vary between one group and another. What matters most is the focus is on the heart. In the end when you are in the presence of the creator will you say I was a follower of religion or my philosophy was sound. If you present the mind to the creator after passing it will be too late. You must present it now as a sacrifice and let the shepherd, the heart guide you.

The Lamb of God Jesus was called the lamb because he presented his mind to the creator. He willfully became fully compassionate, fully love. When we let our heart become the shepherd then we are being led by the Lord.

Let Christ into your heart.



Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mind Science

I have read many of the mind science writings especially of the christian venue and some Hindu.
We can find many inspiring writing amongst the mind science teachers. As a mystic you would think that the mind would be my central focus. It is important to understand the teachings of the great masters. It will surprise you though my focus is on the heart.

The religious mindset is about answers and many of the internet personalities seemed to have answers. There is a new trend of these internet gurus that have fragments of these teaching and some of it sounds good. My spirit does not always bear witness with the answers , partly because they are trying to explain things to appease the mind. The same is with philosophy which tries to satisfy the mind with questions. There are many good philosophers and they can quiet the mind by removing the desire or asking another question.

Heart science would be a good study only not many would be interested in examining the heart. What does the heart have to offer?

The kingdom of heaven is within you --- where? your heart.
You must be as a child does not mean gullible. It means to have the heart of a child.
Heart is about attitude , it is about love.  The mind can only store what it receives and compute from it. The heart is where the journey begins and ends.

In reading holy books we are told not to lean to our understanding and this means using the mind. We are to use the heart which is pure. Minds can vary from one to another ,  the oneness is found in the heart of humanity.

Preparing for prayer does not involve the mind or a fancy set of words, even a mantra. If only to repeat words that condition our attitude. Silent prayer is sometime the most effective. Mystics are not always teachers as some may reason, they are not always the most intelligent. The mystic life is about the heart , learning to love deeper not think deeper. The philosopher is the thinker , the religious man the practitioner and the mystic the lover.

Often I say inner peace is all that matters, this is related to the heart.

All my heart,


Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Musketeer

We can study teamwork in the family, in the workplace and in the community. The best example of teamwork and one of my favorite is the Musketeer. They were the soldiers that used muskets which required they work as a tight unit. While one was reloading the other was firing their musket it took precise timing and ultimate teamwork.

The famous motto of the Musketeer was all for one, and one for all.

The three Musketeers would hold their swords toward the heavens and shout those words. They had their escapades and adventure while protecting the royals or going on missions.  In life when things seems to be going wrong in the family, workplace or community we can apply this simple principle.

The Musketeers had only a few seconds to fire a shot however it took over a minute to reload. It was nice to know someone had your back during the reload. The Musketeers could not go it alone they literally needed each other to survive.

If you pick your friends based on the Musketeer principles you will never have to worry again.

Peace and Joy,


Sunday, January 4, 2015


We hear a lot about kingdoms two of them we may dwell in are the animal kingdom and the kingdom of God.

In the animal kingdom we see a phenomena known as mobbing. It is where an animal or even bird will pick or peck at one that is different. Sometimes they will devour it afterwards to remove all traces. This also goes on in the workplace which is where someone is picked on by the team either discredited or bullied with innuendos or rumors. It is part of the animal nature in humans to do this, the beast nature.

What separates us from the animal kingdom is intelligence however we still live in an animal kingdom. Racism , bullying and mobbing all stem from the animal nature. It is a natural phenomena which is why it is so hard to defeat. Whether it is religious , nationality, color or gender it goes on in society and in the workplace. The only way to escape it is to create a new environment to dwell. This means putting rules in place or laws that forbid animal behavior.

In the kingdom of God we find the beast is tamed , we live by rules that represent freedom or liberty for all humankind. In America we tried to create such a kingdom and the process is ongoing. One nation under God, which means to put aside animal behavior. Then someone will say the kingdom of God is within, Yes -it starts within developing the right attitude toward others.

We can learn a lot about ourselves by studying the animal kingdom, we can learn a lot about the primordial beast. We have to identify our nature in order to change it. We find that the Buddha after searching for enlightenment found it within. He called it his Buddha nature, there was a nature inside him that existed total joy , total peace and love. This nature was pure and bliss. We find that Jesus also said, the kingdom of God is within you. Seek you first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added. Perhaps we need to change our attitude before expecting things from God. 

We are just a part of the whole of humanity.

Peace to you,