Sunday, April 13, 2014

Past , Present and Future

We can live in various states of thought. We can dwell on these for moments , days or even years. We can become historians , students or scientist depending on the degree of this contemplation. Often the monk that spent their entire life in prayer and meditation only highlight that one brief moment of enlightenment. The moment that creator and creation were united consciously. Even though they were never really parted.

The pure land is the place between the inner and outer. We often will say I remember the good old days, when taxes were not so high and the land was full of game and the waters fish. We did not need a license to hunt or fish or permission to  produce or sell goods.
We also say life is good -we no longer have to hunt game or grow food - there are stores and shops. We just need to get in our cars and go to the malls.

Future is here we can go online , we can stay home and the mail person will deliver us food or clothing. We can earn a degree or even work from home. We have Google glasses that will remember all we see and allow us to search other minds or sources with just a blink. We are integrating into technology. Soon we will spend less time bathing or in the bathroom. Our fluids and bionics will be regulated by technology. We will live in a virtual reality within a virtual reality. Our dreams will be replaced by programmed utopias not much different than now. Our memories will be stored on a chip, we will have redundant existences in various parts of the world to avoid extinction.  We will exist in a cloud like the angels we once hoped to be like.
 The cloud will hold our memories Past , Present and Future.


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