Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Quorum

We live in a society where geo political decisions can effect us more than ever before. Things that happen abroad effect us here at home. We are more mobile than any point in our history. We have the ability  through this mobility to rapidly spread disease. We also have something that can effect all our lives in either a positive or negative way " the Quorum", not to be confused with the Quran.

The quorum is this - the mystery number or mark spoke about in religious text -666. The mark on the forehead which I will write about is not some ancient evil though it seems more appealing to some. It is a geo political decision. When the bible speaks of one third of the angels being removed from heaven we see 33 per cent of the spiritual forces being subdued. We do however see 66 percent remain for the good.

In the decisive nature of society a quorum is critical, it is the same way in the spiritual. Whether viewed as political or mathematical 666 is the number. The mark in the forehead is a decision - you will notice the mark is also spoken about the chosen or good. This is the essential point at which we make good or bad decisions. Though religion expresses this in terms of angels and demons, we must see the mark can go either way. It is the entire basis of our evolution, the basis of whether we face destruction or survival as a species. Whether we have peace or war.

Whether we apply this number to the law , to finance or to society as a whole. We should note it is biblical, it is practical and the quorum is 666. It is up to us to decide whether there is peace on earth. We must let go of our ego and unite together. The beauty of this unity brings us peace and harmony if the quorum goes the other way it is war and destruction. Keep in mind the quorum is within our being and society as a whole our very life existence.

The bible speaks of the beast in spiritual terms as we are in such an age of where geo politics can effect our daily live - we need to be careful what society we build for our children. Today I see economies that borrowed from future generations  deep in debt. This is all actually just a state of mind - we can erase all the debt by forgiving it and starting over. This is why we must have jubilee a restart every 50 years - a day of forgiveness. If you had accumulated IOU's over this time as a generation you must forgive them. It sounds simple and I am sure those that have achieved great wealth will disagree. However it states on the money in God we trust. We are told not to trust in mammon. Though we can touch a dollar bill it only has value if we trust in the backer.  It is all a matter of the mind and has no real value.

Learn to forgive.

Peace to you,


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