Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quotes of Saint Eule

 >We humans tend to expand or shrink our social circles relative to the circumference of the circumstances.

 >The truth is like the stars often hidden by a cloud.

 >When we mix church and state, we crucify the common man.

 >Faith is a leap to higher ground, even a flea has mastered the art.

 >Gravity is explained in science, the grave in religion.

 >A holy man can open the gate, but only a shepherd can change their fate.

 >The heavens are a celestial opus, composed by a divine composer.

 >A democracy is a public playground where the common man has to pay to play.

 >The songbird sings during the day, in the darkness the cricket sings.

 >A village has many sons and daughters, a city is an orphanage.

 >A majestic illusion is that we exist to serve ourselves, until the master is in the house.

 >Whoever has the jug please return it full.

 >A man with a pain can be heard a mile away, a woman in labor can be heard in heaven.

 >Thank you are two welcome words.

 >A folly is often followed by judgement whether self imposed or by jurisdiction.

 >A fiddle never plays by the rules, A violin plays by the rules both are noteworthy.

 >A man in a hurry often forgets his purpose, a women often her purse.

 >A lemon is sour yet we put it in our sweet tea - just like a human to mix business with pleasure.

 >Why be in mourning for the righteous they are already in the stands cheering us on.

 >In school they spent a lot of time telling us what to think, instead of how to think- I wished they had spent more time on the latter.

 >What is ugliness by sight , is not always the consensus of all the senses.

 > My favorite book is you.

 > A stone is for gaining your footing while crossing a stream, not to be worshiped.

 > Clean air and pure water will be the commodity of the future as with anything in short supply.

 > In knowing nothing all wisdom is gained.

 > A virtual anything is not the same as a dream, a dream is a step into reality.

 > My grandmother Rose in her blindness, saw to all our needs.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gravity and the Grave

 We all know that science as taught in our schools is theory that was proven. Isaac Newton a great scientist whose biggest scientific claim was discovery of gravity. Isaac was considered to be one of the most influential thinkers of his time, physicist,mathematicianastronomernatural philosopheralchemist, and theologianI want to explore more on his theory of gravity , Isaac was supposedly inspired by this while watching an apple fall from a tree. Imagine  how his mind worked constantly in observation, how many apples have fallen from trees unnoticed. Yet , he was to derive an entire scientific principle in that observation. 
 Isaac continued his life's journey in observation he observed the stars, nature and Yes he was a theologian who believed in God. How can you observe , spend a lifetime in observation and not believe. I would like to now go back to the apple that fell to the ground. I am going to pick up that apple and with all my might throw it back into the sky. The apple will go upward about 35 - 50 feet and then it will return to the earth. So what ? Anti-gravity , nature let go of the apple and it fell but I sent  the apple in an upward direction 35-50 feet if I had more strength it may have gone 55 feet. We can go against nature but nature always wins, the apple will always return to the ground. Anti-gravity although it seems to work is only temporary, we as men with all our might cannot change the laws of nature. 
 Isaac believed in God, he was not a believer because it was ingrained as a child. Isaac let go of all human understanding and developed his own understanding through observation. The importance of this is first hand knowledge is best. We need to observe for ourselves and come to conclusions these are the truths that will hold fast. I can read a hundred books all about mens thoughts and might but the ones that excite me are the books that I can relate to. I think that is what happens when we read the bible. When I read the bible for the first time could not put it down. Eventually I just fell asleep from exhaustion still reading it in my sleep. Why did it have that effect on me , perhaps first hand I was getting to know God, by his Word. All this time I was struggling in anti-gravity and not going with the truth. Not by my might  but by Gods might can we change our lives and become to know Gods nature. Gods nature is Love, Hope and Forgiveness. 
 I am trying hard to spare you a lot of heartache, if you think of all the misery you have gone through , the sore arm trying to throw that apple back into the sky living the life of the anti-christ, trying to use your anti-gravity. Think about it - I am a creative being of original thought only because I choose to study the Creator. I must not only study the Creator but allow the Holy Spirit to guide me, so I can understand his divine nature. Nature always wins and that includes Gods divine nature as Jesus lived, as many of the saints have lived who followed him.
 The Grave , what we can be sure of is we will all return to dust. The grave will eventually claim us all. My that sounds gruesome , why think about it. Think about this of all the tombs of all the religious and mystical teachers only one tomb was found empty , the tomb of Jesus the Christ. The blessed Hope , that is something to think about. I would want to say even this he showed the nail prints to others walked about before returning to his place in heaven. The earth shook the coverings in the tabernacle of the jews to the holy of holies shredded at that very moment. All this was set in motion as Christ fully committed himself unto the Father, his last sentences were Father forgive them, and this day you shall be with me in paradise. Spoken to the world and to the believer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


 Seeing the fallen soldiers in battle , the patient who is waiting for a cure. Whether fighting for liberty or our very lives Bravery is not boldness or destitution. Bravery is not unconditional surrender or giving in without a battle. As in war Bravery is a life fought , a fortitude of Hope.
 We cannot be brave unless we are tested, it is the final proof the seal of honor. Many tested rest in peace knowing that they have above all things ephemeral have claimed the victory to be counted among the Brave. Life as we know it is precious and many the years will pass in time many will be forgotten but the Brave are always remembered.
  Selah is a word in the hebrew which some in a choir know as a pause in a song, some say it is a measure, it is often the word spoken before the amen. In the last days of time when all are  singing angels and men together Holy unto the Lord almighty just before the final amen, will come a pause- the selah. The saints of God , the brave will march in some shielded in armor , some in white robes, they will gather before the Lord and will shout all honor and glory be unto God. The angels will join in singing once more and the righteous will lay before God praising him, saying hosanna unto the Lord. The Brave will lay their treasures at the Lords feet. Then they will be counted among the righteous, forever throughout eternity.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When to Let Go and When to Hold On.

 I guess we all have driven by a house that had the front yard all full of junk , the front porch - the back yard. There was actually someone living there and No, it was not a yard sale. My guess it would take a couple tractor trailers to just haul away that junk or was it junk? To the person who lived there obviously it had some value whether intrinsic or monetary, memorable or useful. I hardly can judge but it really seemed strange to me. We can all be pack rats , I have a lot of old hardware laying around the garage just in case stuff , something may need repair or want to build something with it -yeah right. I have a bicycle that is over 30 years old , I still ride - my son tried to throw it away once. I pulled it out of the dumpster and scolded him. It was a solid aluminum frame and wheels not a spot of rust and I just would not part with it.
 So, we are just talking about stuff , things . Now lets talk about people , ha! ha! let's get down to gritty. When do we let go, I let go when I feel not needed. Whats wrong with not being needed unfortunately everything. When someone else moves in and takes your spot, or God forbid you get bored. I find it in tolerable to be looked down upon. Yet - how can I be truthful and not say the person with all that junk around their house , did I not look down upon. Would it take a minute for me to say hello, and maybe help that person, listen for awhile. Maybe that junk is not the problem, they could have  deeper issue and just need a friend. We can always help cleanup later perhaps they will just tell me to mind my own business and then I will.
 So , when do we hold on. I have been married for over 30 years to a wonderful lady who rarely complains and always treats me with respect and love. God forbid I will ever be bored because you never know what daily adventure will come. When I met her we enjoyed each others humor, I guess it takes a little humor to endure life. She always got up in the morning to see me off to work and greeted me when I came home. Hold on there is more she was catholic and I was protestant. My family and friends , her family and friends said it would never last. My parents were strict reformed protestant , hers were strict irish catholic. Her mother had pictures of priests on the wall bigger than the family photos.
We surprised them all because religion is not everything - Love, Hope and Forgiveness is how we lived.
 We always shared our feelings and never stayed angry. Eventually our families came around and we even grew our own family. We still believe in our separate faiths and yet have more in common than religion could ever bring. I cherish the time we spent together traveling , being with our grand children.
We never got rusty and will always hold on, do not base your feelings on religion. Always be truthful and hold on for the ride.

Blogged another Blog

I found this Baptist minister who is a great teacher  and has gained my respect. A retired army soldier 30 years with 25 years in the ministry, Wow! Now you know this guy has been a lot of places and can quote scriptures. I always get uplifted by reading his blog, thanks Jerry.

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Two Arks

 Wait I thought there was just one ark, the one Noah built. If you read Genesis and the story of how the Ark was built , and how God instructed him to gather the animals and seven and seven clean of certain animals and seven  , two unclean of certain animals. What was the meaning of this why would God save anything unclean. Why not just leave behind the unclean and create a perfect world anew. I have thought of this deeply and believe God showed compassion as an example of how we are to treat handicapped, the gay, the hunchback, those that are different from the rest of society and made a special place for them also.

 Wait you said there was another Ark, Yes -the Ark of Zoroaster which was written 1200 BC or thereabouts. In this Ark story no unclean thing was allowed. The hunchback, the gay , the barren, the blemished were all left behind. Remarkable a totally different view point one called the Aryan way or very much like the way you see many hate groups today think and also taught in some churches, yes -christian churches. Adolph Hitler was their benefactor and it lead to the death of many jews and in modern day the persecution of gay persons. This Aryan Ark and belief is something that cultivated itself by deception. For every good thing there is a forgery or copy in the spiritual world of evil. Even the Ark , just like money is often forged so is spirituality. Anyone can put up a sign and say open for business - new church. Beware of the phonies if they do not teach Love, Hope and Forgiveness leading to Word , Thought and Deed. They may just want your money or worse your soul.

American Indian and Aboriginal studies

 I always admired the American Indian and Aboriginal people of Australia , Canada and Africa to mention a few. They developed in nature , hunting for game and fishing for food. It amazed me how they treated each other as brothers and sisters and their love for each tribe member. I have read the books of the Lakota and other Aboriginal writings and they describe the Great Mystery. When I think of how the drums of Africa and the drums of american indians all have a spiritual and communicative purpose. I believe God revealed himself to these people in the same way more cultured societies received spiritual knowledge. They often would talk of the creator , the Son and the Holy Spirit with no knowledge of the bible.
 I think modern society encroached upon them with disease and looked down upon them, actually they could have taught us something and we are just beginning to realize this. God created the earth and the natural realm, they were true to the Creator by living in harmony with that realm. We on the other hand pollute , destroy and take more than we need. They are the hunters and we are the gatherers, a hunter takes only what he needs a gatherer takes all that he can.
 I was once on a deserted island with just a few people , there were no stores or television, radio and experienced some of the same feelings. We always greeted each other and when alone I prayed not having a minister to preach the word, I relied totally on the Holy Spirit. The reason I mentioned this is because the pollution in the earth can also take place in the spiritual realm. A peaceful loving people can be turned to aggression when their faith is attacked. They probably knew of the creator and of God thousands of years before modern man had written the bible or any scriptural books. They just taught through the use of stories around the campfire and beating the drums from generation to generation. How naive we are to think we discovered God, almost like we discovered America when people were already there.
 Praise God and forgive us for our pride. I respect the people of the forest in the Amazon , the Aboriginal peoples of the world who were not polluted by the gatherers. They have many accepted Christ because some already had a knowledge of Him revealed by their prophets just as the jews had prophets that predicted a messiah. A proof yet that God is universal and his Love is everywhere. When people seek Hope they usually will find a spiritual communication with God. I do believe in missionary work as to bring the teaching of forgiveness and salvation. They should not infringe however on the current brotherly love and try to replace the existing culture with one less in tune with nature.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Compass and compassion

 This is not just a play on words as a poet , I believe with all my heart , mind and being. God is  compassionate. I also believe he sends His angels to the compassionate  like a bee to the flower. In a world where so many are lost , the compass was a tool used to navigate the seas. The compass I speak of is Gods divine nature as revealed in christ. We must also give instruction onto how to use a compass , it is actually a very simple device yet can guide us through oceans where no visible signs or light is. It is made of a stylus and a drawing device and usually a scale for measurement.
 Where do we point the stylus - where do we draw, what measurements. The stylus is pointed at you - the kingdom of God is with in you, today in the present. The drawing end is pointed outward in a circular motion in the past and future. The measure is compassion what measure of compassion we show toward others is what will be shown to us. Drawing these circles depends on your faith if it only reaches your family the circle is smaller , if it reaches the community larger, the nation even larger, the world -wow!
With compassion often comes sorrow, I cannot explain this but one of the most famous verses about Jesus is Jesus wept. I will often say Love, Hope and Forgiveness leads to Word , Thought and Deed. God will give compassion to the believer to produce Word , Thought and Deed. By their fruits you will know them and good deeds will follow the christian. Though it may seem too simple , a compass is a simple tool. We often speak of a morale compass in living a holy life. I believe holiness is devotion and Thought is a resultant  Word, Thought and Deed.

God bully or a friend

 One of the main arguments of atheist, or gnostics is that God is a bully. You can see their argument based on imposing fear, how the children of Israel were told to slay their enemies every last women and child. What a gruesome God this must be ,Yet in the book of psalms it it written he shows mercy unto even the undeserving are we talking about the same God in the bible? There is only one God , so what is it , has He not made up his mind, to be angry and jealous or to be Loving, giver of Hope and Forgiveness.
 God is viewed in time as being the sword and not the word, in early history. Even Jesus which often mystified me with some of his parables , he said he was the Word but another verse  brings  a sword. This is often misinterpreted as a real sword a knife or weapon. It would depict an angry Christ that would plow down his enemies with a sword. Often religion stumbles upon this and even use this to start wars , terror and crusades. Yet, perhaps the sword and the word are the same. Throughout the scripture it is referred to the word of God as being a sword.Hebr 4,12 For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. 
 We have seen times where the plagues of Egypt were dealt upon the egyptians , yet God even offered his salvation to the pharoah and many of the people repented. What of frenzy killing of innocent children of the first born was this an action of the jews who were scorned and tortured in slavery a rebellion attributed to God. It is written as being actions that were commanded by God. Often someone does something wrong and says the devil made me do it , or God spoke to me. Was this the case here? God was jealous and it was said' even many jews were killed after they erected idols by the command of God. I do not know the answer to this, the God of the old testament and the new are the same God. I do think God under law is perceived differently by man than God under grace, so God did not change mans perception did.
 This I do know - that Jesus was sent as a new covenant to the human race. The truly forgiving God nature had to experience the nature of man to make the new covenant. It disturbs me that many think the old testament law , including the jew is more important than the nature of God. When he revealed to us his divine nature in Jesus Christ he created the new covenant. No one can keep the old testament  law but we can experience Gods divine nature Love, Hope and Forgiveness. God is a friend , he created us to communicate with Him and he loves us. Our whole purpose of being created was not to be a bully's punching bag but a friend. I borrowed this from a baptist minister as a confirmation, their is a requirement and that is obedience:
"I command you to love each other in the same way that I love you. And here is how to measure it -- the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends. You are my friends if you obey me. I no longer call you servants because a master doesn't confide in his servants. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me" (John 15:12-15 NLT).A friend to spend eternity with , a forever friend. Do not be deceived to think otherwise , whosoever believes in the Son of God has everlasting life. Does that mean that the Son is greater than the Father, no it means accepting his covenant and knowing his divine nature we can be reconciled to the Father. There is only one God 
and Jesus himself declares no one is good but God. Jesus had the nature of God , so that we could know Him and defeat the power of sin.
 So when Jesus said, he did not come to replace the law , he actually was showing us that to know Gods divine nature is more important, that is the new covenant. His nature is Love, Hope and Forgiveness. Love your enemies, give Hope to the poor and needy, Forgive others as he forgives us.

Gods portfolio

 In a time where most people check the DOW JONES, NASDAQ, Nikkei and EURO markets daily but say their prayers weekly, it would be interesting to know Gods portfolio. Of course maybe He is not so much interested in money as some churches would have you think. Counting the weekly offerings and trying to determine if the right messages are sent out based on the count. They misinterpret Gods glory as actually meaning money, but Jesus himself examining a roman coin said , render unto Caesar the things are are Caesars and the things that are Gods belong to God.
 What kind of portfolio does God have then if not invested in coin. My brothers and sisters God has a diversified portfolio, being the Creator and Wiser than all of us can imagine. He chose to diversify in a unique way. When he sent the Holy Spirit unto mankind , he made all believers a part of his portfolio.
Was this always the way God invested, Yes. He always invested in faith, the just shall live by faith. He
sent his Hoy Spirit to build our faith. I will tell you not all christians are poor but that is not a sign of lack of faith. Faith is just not just imparted to the rich but to all believers. I will remember the parable of not hiding your gifts under a basket as the three sons went forth to invest or choose not to taught by Jesus.
 When the Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus to all men it was a major diversification, it meant that not just a few the prophets or holy men but many millions would receive this blessing. This is why I discount some christian teachings that only a few will make it to heaven, they use the verse many are called but few were chosen. Many were called to preach the word but few were chosen but we are not all preachers. It is Gods desire to bring all people onto Him, many will dissent and some will not hear but his plan is to reach as many living souls as possible. A greatly diversified portfolio if you think about it , we sometimes forget why the Holy Spirit was sent. To comfort the believer to empower the believer and to teach us. Would you belong to Gods portfolio or invest yourself in a life that has no purpose or meaning.
Even the rich in this life would give up all to have a single share in Gods portfolio in the end.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pea in the pod

 Often a pea the pod is referred to as a baby in the mothers belly. I speak of a pea in the pod as being a Christian that makes a church his religion. A pew warmer that has never grown in faith. They can spend years belonging to a denomination , usually a large body and put themselves at rest thinking the pod will get them to God. Actually missing any true personal relationship with Christ or experiencing the Holy Spirit. It is somewhat a social club to them and it may even lead to humanitarian efforts or an elder position in the church. They are the ones 3 feet away from heaven , when Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within you.
 You must ask yourself as a Christian are you a pea in the pod or taking part in the fruits of the Holy Spirit. A pea in the pod may have good intentions but miss out on the whole purpose of our creation which is personal communication with God. They may lift up their pastor or priest but not Christ. The Holy Spirit was sent to glorify Jesus Christ not an assembly or minister or ourselves. If you bring glory to Christ you will be filled with the Holy Spirit. You will bear fruit that is pleasing to God and not just be a pea in the pod.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Popsicles in Paradise

Popsicles in Paradise - I would not be truthful if saying that all is joy and popsicles in paradise as a Christian. Myself spent a year on a deserted island. The plane crashed that left the island with all the persons I spent the year with all were killed, I gave up my seat to a filipino who was to attend his fathers funeral. Spent  years in pain clinics strapped to a bed getting 8 inch needles of cocktail pain medication shot into my chest ,they lasted a month, then off to work. At an early point in my life I was in the US Coast Guard and we did not have all the fancy swim gear and protection after years of many bouts of pneumonia diving into the icey waters at 2am my chest wall became separated from the rib cage nerves dangling and abscessed tumors. I was given heart catheters , several trips in an ambulance with sudden bursts of pain. Actually ended up in a steel cell locked up after having unbearable pain and taking too much medication. I pounded my fist bloody into the steel walls asking God why the suffering. A doctor Victor Gordon experimented on me and shot liquid nitrogen into my chest with 1/8 inch diameter needles with a device that looked like a drill press a 50/50 chance of survival, like being shot with several 22 caliber bullets. It killed all my nerves and the pain was relieved. My first born child had Downs syndrome and many complications of blindness and deafness, heart surgery pacemaker. My father was hurt at an early age and spent 2 years in the hospital after breaking his vertebra in a neck injury. I had to support my family at 12 years old mowing lawns , delivering groceries and 2 paper routes one at 5am and another after school till dark. 
 I myself suffered a major accident in which a neck injury occurred rear ended by a tractor trailer and the car totaled. We lost our home to foreclosure while I was in the hospital. Once a tornado took the roof off another house and totally destroyed it, it had to be re-built , it is where I live today. No it was not all popsicles in paradise but through all of this I remained faithful to God and knew he loved me.
 Numerous other trials but I will not reflect on because what is important faith got me through it. I am now secure and own homes, cars and property - vacations in Canada , Maine well travelled. I have a doctorate and other degrees in advanced technologies all thanks to God. I have been visited by angels and the Holy Spirit has blessed me with spiritual gifts. I will say of all this the greatest gift is salvation for I had sinned and fallen short of his glory , it was at my lowest and highest points that God came through. I should have perished several times but here I am in near perfect health with two wonderful grandchildren. Amazing grace what if not tested , what if the Holy Spirit not revealed himself to me many years ago.

Dogma and Depression

Dogma and Depression - Dogma and depression exist not only in the world but believe it or not in the Christian church. How is this possible a church that teaches spirituality and faith have within their walls these faults. The answer lies again in the mans keeping the Holy Spirit out of the equation. First we think we are wiser than we are, we think that we are the creator and forget that we are creation. We get excited after a miracle and then when we are asked to walk by faith get depressed. The just shall live by faith not by miracles. When Jesus was tempted by satan he was asked to turn a stone into bread. He refused the miracle because knowing that it would set the precedence of believers looking to the miracle and not on God. We were created for the purpose of communication with God not to be entertained. My experience with dogma has left me churchless for periods during my life , things just did not seem right. It was not the devil it was the church. When a church feels they must threaten us with hell or ex communication, and heresy, what a pea in the pod religion. What happened to Love , Hope and Forgiveness leading to Word , Thought and Deed. 
 Also  if someone new in Christ makes an attempt to belong - reach out to them with all the compassion you can muster. Do not belittle them they are simply trying to begin the journey like a babe trying to walk for the first time they may fall to the floor pick them up. If others in the church seem to lose interest in the new face , you should persevere.
Do not just get caught in a click with the elders or saints - God will bless you for your effort.
  I have been a victim of dogma , if someone does not know what true faith is or cannot grasp the Holy Spirit , they will try to interpret scripture to their advantage or use an early scholars writing Calvin, Luther , Wesley  or whomever to try to sway your faith. These are all great theologians and anointed by the holy spirit  but they are also men. They dispute even themselves. The Holy Spirit is not the author of confusion - you need to have him as your personal guide otherwise get lost in the dogma. I love Martin Luther and his teachings what reform he brought and Calvin was a scholar of prophecy unmatched by none. Wesley taught us  Gods grace and about justification. I say they were the stones of their time libre abaci. 
 The apostles who lead us into the faith and eventually a Catholic church formed. They were libre abaci many old saints were martyred for their christian beliefs , we cannot hate Mary , the early apostles , and the various order of monks Augustines etc. because we are reformed. They were the stones in their time libre abaci the early saints of God. Mother Thersea all the work she did in india and other places blessed with more compassion than we can imagine by her faith in Christ, why would we not as christian return that love to her. Preaching is the foolishness of men but nonetheless the method God chose to lead others to salvation. What of great preachers who brought about revival and outpouring of the spirit. Charles Moody, Billy Graham many more great preachers I will submit this again they were just men. We need to invite the Holy Spirit into our lives and be the stone in time , not rely on men.


Karma - This is not a religion or a belief but a spiritual law. The law of reaping what you sow is not just hindu it is universal law. Therefore karma is reality - you get out of life what you put in. If we constantly complain -we will receive  a lot of things to complain about. If we are joyful then life will be bring us joy. There are a lot of inspirational songs , writings and poetry that can lift us up from despair if we choose those thoughts. How can I choose thoughts, first be master of your own mind- choose positive results. Watch out for the doubters and what I will call peas in the pod. They will befriend you only to have you give an ear to their misery.
 Hinduism is an ancient religion which has some rules that are proven scientific and spiritual. The tales of a myriad of gods  all variations of the One God. As a method of dealing with deep feelings of love or expression a new perception of God would be created. Some followers  had practices of fasting and extreme physical self punishment to achieve layers of faith.  I realize that a lot of good comes out of hinduism. Yoga, clean living and karma all are attributed to this colorful religion. I respect the holy gurus of their faith and search of truth. Buddhism and Hinduism do not claim to be religions but philosophies as to avoid any contentions with religion, to me anything that involves worship is a religion. Even the buddha tried for many years to achieve enlightenment through some of these practices. Who am I to sit in judgement of the hindu faith, they actually believe in the same principle of Word, Thought and Deed as I do. The difference being that God has since revealed His nature in Christ.
 I will contend that buddha realized he would need to not isolate himself from his family and friends in the end , enlightenment came from facing the demons and grounding himself to the earth. Not escaping reality but confronting it therefore balancing out reality and the spiritual world of good and evil. He was himself worshipped even though it was not his desire. He merely wanted to share the journey. Buddha was libre abaci in his time and abhorred religion, teaching only what he experienced first hand , and for that I respect the journey. 
 It is important to note God put us here in this place and time, if it were his will to put us  thousands of years ago at buddha's time or of the time hinduism was popular , he would have done so. We are put here as a stone in our time to find our own journey with what science and spiritual evolution that we are in today. I avoid ancient religion as the sole basis of my journey for that reason, often we can learn from them though. 
 It may seem funny but in journey , my wife and I both tried Kung fu , Yoga and enjoyed the physical aspects and health benefits, some of these should be a part of Christian living, as we are a temple for the Holy Spirit and he wants us healthy.

Christianity today

Christianity today - Catholic , Lutheran , Methodist , Baptist , Pentecostal , Anglican , Wesleyan, Apostolic , Holiness   , or Independent or New age many many more all claiming Christ. Who is right or wrong all have their roots in Christ - I choose not to get caught up in the variations of claimants. Love , Hope and Forgiveness leading to Word, Thought and Deed this is my only creed. Jesus himself was misunderstood among the jews in his time. Why would the present be any different. My belief is first hand knowledge is best, second hand is the rest. Faith rests with the believer, they may have been brought up in a local church that I will call their resting place. They are content in being - and godliness with contentment is great gain. I choose not to argue with someone of a different view point it is useless. I even refuse to argue between other religious entities, because religion is not the point. Faith is what matters building it takes the help of the Holy Spirit. I contend not to contend but to look at the results of good intentions gone wrong. By their fruits you shall know them is my only measure. If a belief brings hate, prejudice and not joy and mercy it is not of the true faith. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Will

Free Will - For as much as many may believe we are pre-destined to hell or heaven. It would be contradictory to the gift of salvation through grace to believe that there is no hope. I strongly believe in Love , Hope and Forgiveness- if we reject God's grace then we make a clear decision based upon free will. God even forgives the undeserving as stated in the old and new testaments. Salvation is a gift , not something offered to some and not others it is for all man kind any other teaching is contradictory to God's word. Jesus himself was tempted by Satan and felt in human form what free will was. Not my will but thine will be done. He chose to follow his Fathers will knowing the suffering he would endure. Those who are the elect of God , have a calling but a case can be made in the teaching of Christ about the wedding feast where many received invitations but not all came, then the invitation was sent out to all the people in the highways and byways many did come, of those that did- those that did not prepare their garments were cast down into the pit. What does all this mean - Salvation is offered to all , we must accept the invitation and show up with the proper dress which is repentance and faith in Christ, we must become new creatures a transformation must take place with the help of the Holy Spirit, even Christ received the Holy Spirit  as an example for us to follow. For as the Father and Son are one, they are also one with the Holy Spirit. Jesus was both man and God, he could not have freed us from sin without being a man of free will, accepting not to follow the temptations of the flesh but to follow his Fathers will. We all fall short of Gods perfection therefore all are in need of salvation.

Walking with God

Walking with God- We often refer to an old testament verse where Enoch walked with God, but was not. We hear of other great prophets who walked with God. I like to think of this as the journey , we often become so close to God that it is like taking a walk with a friend. Many would  loathe us for calling God the almighty a friend but yet
he is. To clarify this point we were created for the sole purpose of communication with God , he was glad to have us. He only asked for obedience to simple rules that were mainly for our benefit. God loves us more than we can imagine. He went to great lengths to reconcile us to him by sending his only begotten Son , Jesus Christ to undergo a crown of thorns and be humiliated and later crucified. Imagine what that must have been like but that act changed
humanity forever and is still felt today. 
 We are also called upon to walk with God , we often recognize a few saints that made major contributions but will never know all the real saints of God. Some often un-recognized in this life but they have a walk with God all the same. Many are from different cultures and faiths , we will be surprised to find out in the end of times.  I was always leery of those who say they are the chosen and only a certain number will reach heaven. The Holy Spirit teaches us to walk with God , we should never think belonging to a church or making a one time resolution is enough. We can easily fall back into our old habits but it is never too late to re-connect with God. Gods love is always reaching out with everlasting arms. 
 The impact we make while our own life journey , is very similar to that of Christ as we become more spiritual and making personal sacrifices  , libre abaci causing a ripple however large or small. Some think God is an illusion or imaginary being or friend. Actually some day you will discover that we are the illusion or creation.
 He created man and woman with a single thought  - how great thou art.  

Gifts of the Spirit

Gifts of the Spirit - Many christians avoid the subject of faith healing and gifts of the spirit because they may have
no idea of the truth regarding these wonderful gifts. They are relevant only to the early church - they would say or 
only for saints. I become disheartened when hearing these things as knowing them to not be true. Faith as Jesus 
explained is like a mustard seed. I often say a flea has mastered the art of leaping to higher ground but we struggle.
What did Jesus say about those he healed, he said to the sick or the needy by your faith you are healed. He also 
admitted not being able to perform a lot of healing where he was from because a prophet is without honor in his own
town. So faith is not just the faith of the healer but the one being healed. We are faith builders but actually the believer has a part in the act. This gift has a duality of the person receiving and the person that is praying for the healing.
 Often the most desired gift healing however is not the most important, a holy man can open the gate-but only a 
shepherd can change their fate. The best gift one can give is the word of salvation - the Holy Spirit will anoint
the soul winner with words of knowledge, healing and prophecy to mention a few but the main objective is
salvation. We often hear of the gift of tongues which though can be thought of as a gift because it can be a
faith builder, as in the gift of interpretation of the message. Some will say in pentecostal churches this is a 
manifestation of the Holy Spirit. I agree but also would not be labeled as a pentecostal , since it is only a part
of the faith building process not as important as the gift of salvation.
 Later I would like to discuss acceptance of labels Catholic, Lutheran and Pentecostal to name a few . These 
labels often cause division not unity in christianity. What we should be calling ourselves is brothers and sisters
much like the nuns, monks and some of the faithful. We are not condemned for doing otherwise but is almost 
like calling a christian an ethnical slur to me. What is important is that all these gifts not  tempt us with spiritual pride or to be used for self profit because the main gift is salvation. 

Fruits of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit- One of the greatest truths of the bible in most versions is by their fruits you shall know them. What 
is this fruit often we have heard Adam was tempted by Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit and that old testament version
of original sin. The fruit we are talking about is more in a spiritual sense and is good. These are love, joy, peace, long suffering , gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance as written in early christian church writings. We should look for these things in ourselves and strife to achieve them with the help of the Holy Spirit. I will go even further as to say they are not achievable without God's help. We seem to think we can be humanitarian and
that may be all that is needed but as good as it sounds , humanitarian efforts are not sustainable without help. You may lift a person out of poverty for a day but what is needed is something that can give sustenance throughout life journey, man cannot live by bread alone. Survival of the fittest is an Aryan culture belief that only the strong are worthy of survival. Yet many persons deaf , blind and handicapped have added great contributions to society and we
should not look upon them as deficient but as one on the the same life journey. The real ones that are handicapped
are those lacking the fruit of the spirit. These will be gone into more detail as each has its importance we will study
also the pea in the pod.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Baptism in the Holy Spirit- What now I have chosen to be a person of faith , submitted to God accepted his Son Jesus Christ as savior , his birth -resurrection and atonement for sin believe sincerely. Where do I go from here? I am a christian according to most definition. What about the promise of Jesus to send the comforter, have I received this  promise. Ask and you shall receive - pray to God to send the Holy Spirit , the comforter. When you do -prepare to receive the most amazing experience of your life. When the prophet Isaiah was moved to serve God and said, here I am , send me. He was met with the most amazing experience a visit from the Holy Spirit, the prophet was cleansed and given power to serve God. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to serve God whether jew or christian or whatever your faith. I will restrict my writing here to christianity but the Holy Spirit has been known to man throughout history as the spirit of truth and a life changer. I submit to you when you act in faith the Holy Spirit will give you strength to cast that stone into the pond and you will effect the law of mathematics the libre abaci, and send forth a ripple through time.  God the Father commands and as Jesus taught us we are to become that person of faith and commit to our life journey. At that very moment a cleansing and peace that passes all understanding will come over us. Wow all the time I  was going against the tide now I am actually  confident in Gods will.
 All the scripture , all the teachings, the ritual baptism in water were just a taste of understanding. My journey has only just begun now, I will make a ripple as Christ ordained and know I have a comforter who will always be with me. To help discern the true meaning of scriptures , help me to forgive, teach me love and to hope for a better outcome of my life journey. I will be a ripple of faith no longer in the dark my words will inspire others , libre abaci. We need to become the stone cast into the pond, cares of this life no longer matter . Have we become perfect , no but we begin the journey , for Jesus said, not my will but thy will be done. Was this a sacrifice to pain , no but one that leads to peace, one that leads to joy.

  • And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever." and "It is expedient for you that I go away; for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you."

Baptism in Water - considering the unborn and indiginous.

  Baptism in water - We as christian are encouraged to participate in this act of submersing by clergy in water. Some say all is needed is a sprinkling of a few drops God forbid we drown the new babe in Christ. However so much as this act is performed, men will debate even that. As they tend to lose sight of the true meaning of baptism. Baptism is an act of faith the fount or spring or pond whatever container or source of water used is relevant only that it is water. Water being a necessity of life itself bringing forth the spiritual life or journey we will embark upon as Christians. In blessed hope we follow in the foot steps of Christ or create in essence the libre abaci as to make our own ripples as transformed spiritual beings. I can honestly say without hesitation I do not remember the day in which my dedication took place but do remember explicitly the day in which the Holy Ghost did visit and I did receive , the day in which my filthy soul was cleansed, the comforter has stayed with me since and guided me, fore bearing my sinful nature and teaching me not the will of men but that of God.
  Where does this rite of faith come from as it was practiced long before Jesus Christ himself was baptized in water. We hear of the voice in the wilderness calling upon all to be baptized in the name of God, does John the baptist come to mind. Where did John the baptist come up with this notion that all are to submit to act. I say to you it did not come from man , it come from God himself but he John the baptist said, there will be one who follows me that will baptize with the Holy Ghost and  (with) fire . God creates not only in the sense of a material, physical world but also in the spiritual heavenly world. He desires us to be not only stewards of this world but part of the heavenly world. Yes- he wants to share in an after life an actual place called heaven. Many religions will say we are cursed to dwell only in the world we can see with our natural eyes , then return to dust. That was the teaching before Christ even in some religious  and also in atheistic society. So do we need a baptism of water as expressed in most christian faiths -this I honestly believe did no harm but to dedicate my soul until the Holy Ghost did come to purge the dross from my soul and cleanse me. The Quaker belief is that water baptism is not needed, Lutherans belief is that it is absolutely necessary to salvation. I following in the footsteps of Christ have been baptized in water in the earthly fashion as an adult. Dedicated in the Brethren tradition as a baby but it was a time of innocence which responsibility was on the part of the parents and I have no such remembrance but a piece of paper saying so. I do not believe Christ would deny entrance to the kingdom of a little baby that died in birth or in an indigenous part of the world that had no availability of a clergy, for he said- suffer not the little children to come unto me. I would prefer to engage in the water baptism if it is possible but never condemn a child of innocence to hell or anyone for that matter. Judge not lest you be judged , I have come not to judge the world but to save it, saith the Lord.
  What do I personally believe concerning water baptism, being a member of the Lutheran church and an advocate of the Society of Friends puts me in a predicative quorum. Jesus after his resurrection appeared to the apostles and breathed upon them the Holy Ghost bidding them peace. The inner peace that passes all understanding , this precious gift to be shared and he sent them to all the ends of the world to preach His gospel. I believe the path to inner peace is the concern of the individual being. All I know is this inner peace is obtainable through Christ our Lord and who am I to judge.

Libre Abaci - The Stone in Time

                                                                The Libre Abaci - the Stone in Time
                                                                               by Saint Eule

   Many years have passed since Christ has risen and the effect on humanity is still felt. Many benefiting from his teaching and some stumbling upon the words written in scriptures. How many a scholar have devoted their entire lives to translations and interpretations of words written in the language of men. Can we be sure , that we are sure read it in the hebrew or was a faction lost in the greek,latin or  our own english or other language. I do believe scripture was divinely inspired, but also believe it is best interpreted by the author who is the Holy Spirit not by man. We see dozens of versions of the bible in written form usually because men try to improve upon a previous version and sometimes wanting to bring more clarity to what was written thousands of years ago, but in some cases it becomes almost counter productive as in a bible study the pastor will say what does the amplified or American Standard version say. Sometimes there is a slight difference as to lead me to only a taste of understanding, I will need to pray for the Holy Spirit to bring it to light.
   For Christ with his wisdom knew that Judas would betray him , yet he was willing to go to the cross. He also knew we would stumble through time and sent the comforter, the Holy Spirit to assist in the interpretations of the meaning of the word of God. The Holy Spirit is often left out of all mans equations and yet we still will say the kingdom is but three feet away. Jesus said, the kingdom of God is within you, how close many have come. 
   It is not my intention to preach in this writing but to reveal what mysteries that I can to not weaken your faith but give it strength. What the title is , contains what this book will be about, I hope to maintain that thread without becoming just another  proclamation of authority with regards to scripture and interpretation thereof. What does libre abaci a mathematical formula rediscovered by Leonardo of Pisa also known by Fibonacci have to do with the Christian faith and how will it help to build our faith. Reader -I present the challenge to you  read objectively through these passages and also re-discover your faith.
 The formula found in the libre abaci is 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 and so forth with each consecutive numeric added sequentially to the previous. We can compare this to the dropping of a stone into the middle of a pond of water and ripples protruding forth as their height or effectiveness   diminishing as it reaches the end of the pond. The major part being the dropping of the stone, the minor part the ripple of the wave as it travels through time on the journey.
  We  know it was over 2000 years, since Christ has risen how the effect on humanity is still felt not yet reaching the end of the pond. The major event Christ resurrection the minor cause and effect upon all humanity. Yet, we are still not sure if we will give ourselves completely to Christ. He set an example and now we are to follow. We also must become the stone and send forth the effectually wave of faith,  libre abaci in our time. A hundred
or a thousand or many thousands all happening in the realm of humanity. We through the Holy Spirit can change humanity as Christ taught us and wills us to commit to the journey.