Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mirage or Miracle

A man is alone in the desert - suffering from hunger and thirst. He see in the distance an oasis of trees sprouting with fresh fruit. He goes toward the oasis - the closer he gets the further away it seems. Like the enormous mountain ranges of the world they seem to take forever to arrive.

Is the oasis a mirage or a miracle? The mind can seem both kind and cruel. It offers both hope for survival and can see beyond circumstance.

In my writing mostly focused on comparative studies and uniqueness I sometimes mention scriptures or stories in reference. A fine line between hope and deception. I see the mind as being both within and around us. It is both present and beyond. We are told to have the mind of Christ in the christian life. To some to seek the Pure land. Where is this place the kingdom of God within , the kingdom of Heaven. To me it is the mind within and beyond.

As far as the the miracle - it is the future state of hope. The dream that came true whether it was a cure for a disease or a new birth. A miracle can be an outcome beyond the odds a spark of energy or creation. So if a man heads toward an oasis only to find it to be a mirage. Was it an act of a vain imagination or just someone that needed a miracle. The mind preserved the man in his journey toward this mirage had he not seen it perhaps he would have perished long ago. Then again it may had been the oasis was real. We have no way of knowing till we get there.

The mind preserves us through mirages and miracles. It seems we often dispel that life itself is a miracle , even though the odds of earthlings even to have made it this far are very great. The fact that we exist is a miracle. We live in a world of tides , both men and women go through changes in the physical and mental. We see the economies change , the governments change. The planet and universe changes. The internal tides and beyond tides are all connected to the mind. The mind can sense these changes.

We call this sense of change awareness. It is tied into our survival as a person and as a species. We feel a sense of peace when our survival is not threatened.

To sum it up Mirage or Miracle , all bring hope. The mind is kind.



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