Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Scarab beetle

We have evolved as the early Egyptian once worshiped the sacred and interesting Scarab beetle then the god RA of the sun who eventually took on the title of creator god. We find the Jews lead from captivity were once idol worshipers and heathens themselves. They were then chosen to worship the one God who has many names. Instead of many gods with many names this was quite an improvement. This new faith gave them strength to defeat their enemies and endurance during the time of wandering as the compass was not yet invented by the Chinese.

 Why was the dung beetle such an advancement in religion as it's tiny hairs that surround it's body seem almost alien. Then it can be mummified and carried in a purse if you can get the smell out. The god Khepri was said to have been a scarab that created man from clay. We can trace the scarab beetle back to millions of years before man in modern science. It is also the view that the scarab is the most sacred symbol of all to the ancient Egyptian and other societies. They were often used as royal seals for the rulers to seal marriage documents or other writs of importance. This went on for thousands of years longer than most religions. At the center of the human brain is the shape of two scarabs quite interesting.

  So what does all this prove and how does it relate to religious studies. It is actually very important to realize religion is evolutionary. The scarab still looks the same as it did millions of years ago, however man was said to have changed from a reptile to a monkey then to a man in far less time. The bible story that man was created from clay could have been derived from the story of the dung beetle.
We have yet to know all the mysteries of our own creation. Did the insect roll us out of dung apparent creating an image of themselves in our brains? Well it would seem far fetched however this was once believed.

 Then we hope we were not created just for the dung beetles amusement as we speed around in our Volkswagen beetles. Adoring the most popular group of all time the Beatles now wait that is spelled 'beatles'. Fondly how we are so imaginative , so full of illusion and dreams. What amazing creatures we are and we worry about such nonsense like what another is wearing and the length of it.

 Can we take a minute for a sanity check when it come's to religion. What are we really looking for? Is it enough to shake the primordial self and seek enlightenment. Then we return to the earth and become rolled into another piece of dung thanks to those magnificent creatures.

 I would prefer to believe in a heavenly place that is as beautiful as the mind can imagine.



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