Friday, November 21, 2014

Implied or Applied

In science there is that which is implied and that which is applied. Similar to mathematics or philosophy and even religion.  What is implied first starts as an idea which is developed into a theory. Applied is absolute that can be used in various areas or in a new application.

So we divide ourselves into various schools of science and thought is either wrong?  No - we will someday realize what is implied can lead to creativity. We discover what is applied can lead to engineering marvels such as a bridge held by cables or a ship that floats made of steel.

Implied or theoretic thinking is sometimes improved upon. It may at first seem suggestive start a  ray of light or a tiny seed. All faith is implied much of it is without reason. It is abstract  and takes on different meaning depending on the eye of the beholder. Abstraction is an art form just as much as an exact image.

Valued in the art world is not perfection or photographic images. The value is in the imagination or the extended view beyond the eye. Dreams are where this imagination can flourish while the applied mind is at rest. Do not be afraid of dreams they may be abstract or exaggerations. The myth was an implication often formed to explain the natural evens like lightning or lava. Then there are things so uncanny they seem magical we later discover an explanation for.

Whatever cannot be seen , touched , heard , smelled or tasted has to be implied. The study of microorganisms or air , the ethereal. What is able to be sensed is ephemeral . The ethereal becomes clear through science and sometimes consciousness. We speak of the cosmos implied or the emptiness of a hole - which later we find colonies of micro organic life forms. We see things in 3 dimensions however it may be that we are just an part of a fourth dimension a mere expression.

We create games and videos as another dimension to our thinking is there another power where we are similar - just a creative image.



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