Monday, August 11, 2014

Matters of the Mind

We often hear the phrase mind over matter. Actually the realm of the mind was not destined to control matter. In fact all matter will eventually disappear  or corrode into nothing. Matter will change into another form of energy as it is melted , burned or simply ages. We are then left with an amazing truth what is really important are matters of the mind.

The mind that has conquered fear , the mind that can find such heavenly peace that it is called the pure land. So what are matters of the mind versus matters of the heart. The heart full of passion and compassion. The mind has attitude not altitude - it has the ability to be both humble and steadfast. It has the ability to take a leap of faith and use imagination. Imagination that is creative and can see the future. Imagination that is finely developed through devotion or meditation. It takes practice  to develop the mind like any athlete or leader. The genesis of the mind is grounded in wisdom.

What if you had all the riches the world could offer and your mind was mud. It has happened many kings have been vexed over simple belief. They lost confidence or made a terrible decision as you will discover the higher you are toward the throne - the more wisdom you will need to just hold on. That is why a man/woman  with great wisdom and is humble cannot be conquered. Having an unconquerable mind means it must be guarded. Guarded by a thousand angels the mind that has found Christ. The heavenly vibrations that are beyond explanation. Rejoice in the mind , rejoice in the heart and rejoice in life.

Peace and Joy,


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