Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Buddhi or the Blood

The buddhi is from the ancient Sanskrit meaning a higher intelligence. It places aspects of becoming enlightened through the process of learning. Higher conscious is obtained through hearing and reading not through blood lines. Knowledge is gained not inherited eventually leading to awakening and some will say enlightenment. Preparing the mind to receive this knowledge is essential to the practice which requires emptying it of unnecessary thoughts or passive reasoning. You cannot be caught up with the daily chores or worldly worries to process a divine thought.
In the ancient religious Sanskrit there are many references to principles of love and peace. Usually they take on the character of a god. This makes me believe that compassion was always a part of mans nature even in the beginning. So did we eventually become more separated from compassion or closer to it? Society as a whole is becoming more separate but there are still compassionate beings that exist. If a person is isolated in a cave meditating how can they be a compassionate being? They may become an intelligent being with a collection of divine thoughts as they avoided distraction but would only be able to show compassion to an insect that was in the cave not another being. What is important is that belief be practical and lift society as a whole. The best thing that happened to the Dalai Lama is he was forced to leave Tibet. In his refuge from tyranny he was guided to make his thoughts known to the world. Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone of learning to become compassionate.
We look at the life of Jesus and see a highly intelligent being of divine thought and one that is full of grace and compassion. In the end Christs compassion would be divine. So in Christ we have a fully divine presence of both thought and compassion. That is why they say he is Wonderful.

The religions descended from Abraham through Moses and Isaac are by blood and inherited. The promise of God is passed eventually through a Davidic line or through houses very similar to royalty. The principles of royalty are that power is inherited through a house or bloodline. Remarkably over half the worlds religions have the belief that the priests and prophets are through a bloodline. Jewish, Islamic and Christian to name but a few.
It was important to the Christian theologians of blood to connect Jesus to a bloodline. I hear many songs and christian themes about blood. We even see in communion that we are to drink the wine that is represented as Christs blood. To an outsider this would appear as some occult practice, including turning the bread into the body of Christ. This communion is so important in the Lutheran religion that I was told it had to be taken at least once a year or  be ex-communicated. This would have been impossible during the year spent on a deserted island.
In the catholic church it is believed the host is actually mystically turned into the body and the wine into blood only by a qualified priest. In Lutheran the belief varies between consubstantiation and transubstantiation , in Methodist belief it is a reflection and in other protestant churches it is simply symbolic of the Lords Supper.
Now some denomination actually were created over the understanding of this sacrament. I personally do not get caught up in debate over this, since it is a sacrament or ritual. What is important is that we see a blood connection in the religion exist. We are also reminded that Christ shed his blood for our sins. Accepting this is essential to salvation in Christianity.
In Islam the blood line is traced back to Davidic origin for Jesus and Muhammad. Also prophets of both Jewish and Islamic are more venerated if traced back to King David. There are royal houses established to this day back to King David because he was the one who received the promises of God to be passed to his children.
Why do gentiles believe they are entitled to a promise if it is passed through the blood? Hmm that is a very good question, perhaps that is because Jesus said that this promise was to all persons of faith. Even though the blood religions are set on their connection back to a blood line all offer a spiritual path of belonging. Jewish, Islamic and Christian  teachings all present a way for the believer to receive God's promise. Now it would seem desirable to keep the association  of the old and new testament, since both are rich in wisdom and teaching. Also the prophetic nature of the bible concerning the messiah , Jesus often made references that were prophesied in the old testament. He was very conscious of prophecy. Is it possible to see through time and connect to other prophets. In the transfiguration not often talked about both Moses and Elijah appeared and conversed with Jesus - this shows a connection between the prophets. Gods spirit is not limited to time it is eternal. We sometimes think of God in terms of time and space , within our own reasoning. Jesus was not limited to time and space enjoying the company of spiritual beings from another time. In some other religions communicating with ancestors is believed possible and especially those that lived holy lives. In Eastern culture ancestor worship is practiced and the ancestors are given food and respected in ongoing rituals never forgotten. This is something that may seem inconceivable but is found throughout cultural religions. 

The amazing thing about all religions is that Jesus fills the Buddhi and the Blood line response to religion. He maintains the ancient scriptures of wisdom and those of blood. Amazing!



Sunday, December 23, 2012



The environment in which we live is so important to our well being. Essential to our survival and growth. Today society is returning to  Eco-friendly energy and waste recycling. More than in times past we are becoming conscious of waste. It has almost become a religion in itself but does an Eco friendly God have merit. Yes- I do believe in this without a doubt. We were taught from Genesis on to take care of and preserve the planet. There are numerous references in other ancient and aboriginal religions to being Eco-friendly. Some religions teach not to even kill insects which is why they do not go out at night. I personally do not kill anything that can be avoided and have not been taught this but instinctively do not.
My grandchildren have complained about not killing a spider in the house. When I was living in the Pacific Islands we had insects but it was common to keep a large spider or cane spider on the wall to eat other insects or sometimes a gecko. The gecko would sometimes make squeaky noises , so I actually preferred spiders. The chemicals used today for insecticides are unmerciful and sometimes more harmful. We usually had a cat for mice control , that also served as a pet. Also kept a dog for protection rather than a firearm and that usually was enough. I grew up in Pennsylvania were hunting was a top sport and exposed to this as a youth. Later I took up archery which to me was more sporting however, mostly just shoot at targets.
After studying most of the major religions find a common thread of compassion toward all living creatures. Even though most disagree on the degree of compassion it still exists. Especially in the aboriginal religions where it is believed that animals have spirits.  If an animal is taken for game usually a ceremony or prayer is done of thanks to the spirit and the Creator. To be Eco- aware is not to be taken lightly if we are to live on a planet that provides all our needs , it should be respected. We find in pagan beliefs nature is given a higher order than in most religions. Though I am not a believer in pagan gods or idol worship it is important to me to also appreciate nature in other ecological ways.

Thrust into new age religions where the destruction of Ego-Self is the main objective we sometimes become ego-centric. We have a fear of not doing the right, to the point of anxiety. What if I am not serving the right god or worship the right way? Who will protect me and keep my environment intact? Who will fight off my enemies? These are religious fears that most people encounter. Most of the worlds population is entangled by anxiety and fear of some sort.
My belief is that we are all unique and have a free will. There is nothing wrong with being a stone that does not follow a particular belief system. You really need to follow your own path but finding it through a guru or evangelist or just a mentor is quite normal. We sometimes just hear a story or word of wisdom that is inspiring to hold on to. Now karma is clinging to bad things , where dharma is finding refuge in good things.
Some religions teach the destruction of Ego as a basis for becoming enlightened to a higher path. Some teach a cleansing of the soul is what is needed versus total self destruction. Some christian apologetics follow a similar path of self destruction and some lean more toward a cleansing. I personally believe in retaining the unique creative character and in the cleansing of the soul. I will still have a favorite color blue and still be a family man versus a monk. Even the buddha after all his journeys returned to his family to live out the last days of life. But to some the path may be a monk who am I to judge- we are all unique.
What is important that we find refuge in the things that are good for the soul and let go of the thing s that are not. It is really that simple - we cannot find God because God is not lost. If we adhere to the principles of love and forgiveness God will find us. God will cleanse our soul and we will be content. I find that this is not a momentous but a continual cleansing over a lifetime. Living waters are closer to a fountain than a pond or lake. It is water in motion like a river and we know that water in motion tends to filter out the impurity. My faith is very close to Hindu except for the wide variety of gods, I have only one God. Where it is taught Thought, Word and Deed - I believe Word, Thought and Deed because I just place the Word first according to John 1:1 in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. My favorite verse in the new testament. So, I love the Hindu for being very close to my own, especially Gandhi who was an example of peace.
So do not get hung up on the Ego, let it go because it is not destruction but cleansing that is needed. We should not look at ourselves as an Ego but a soul. A soul that is seeking refuge will eventually find it. I see so many christian and other religious followers still with anxiety. Anxiety is caused by expectation of punishment, shame or judgement. These things are not tools for religious life to be used in the pulpit - they only cause anxiety and do not heal anything.

We should dwell on good things that provide refuge for the soul. The ego was a concept of philosophy, the soul is the precious pearl of religion.


 I do not claim to be an expert on Hindu or Buddhism and there are variations in both just as there are in all philosophy or religions. My own belief is that there are stones in time unique in faith and character. I believe Jesus was the stone the builders rejected in the Jewish faith and the promised messiah. I believe the holy spirit or comforter guides us toward good , comforts and cleanses us from sin. I believe in the concept of karma, sowing and reaping. I also believe in the concept of dharma seeking refuge in the good. I believe God is eternal, omniscient and omnipotent. Everyone has the potential for good and therefore there is not exclusiveness or inclusiveness given based solely on religion, philosophy, color , race , gender or creed to know or experience God's love or inner peace.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Samurai or Samaritan

 We often are entertained by violence or a contest between boxers or wrestling matches, the human spirit is competitive. We read in history of warriors and my favorite the Samurai. Is being competitive healthy? Are we all to become like passive young lambs or should we become lions? This often would seems the case as it is suggested and many stereotypes or misunderstandings exist for the christian that make it hard to accept the faith.  Who would want to become a sheep?


 The Samurai were a well trained warrior that served the shogun or lord. The Christian is not a sheep but more related to a lion. The truly healthy christian spirit is competitive and strong. The actual battle begins not in an arena dome but in the small dome we call the mind. The mind is a battleground worthy of any Samurai. The enemy would like us to crawl away in a cave and never be seen. It would seem strange that God would allow us to be attacked by evil. I once confronted the being called the evil one it was like a goblin creature. It was very strange indeed as even though it is written about in the bible and many spiritual text does evil exist?
 I am here to say it does and whether it is trickery of the mind or a force in the universe - evil exists. Many would say that only good exists and that would be a deception, even though we are to dwell on good things both exist.
Ephesians 6- 
10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

 We are reminded of these words from the bible that we more closely would resemble a warrior in truth than a sheep. Though we should dwell on good things it is important that we not especially not forget our helmet of salvation. For it is that helmet that protects the mind and helps us think more clearly. That helmet frees us from guilt and is needed to complete our attire , if you think you can win a spiritual battle without salvation , you are deceived. Check your attire , are you prepared for battle or have you been deceived into thinking life was a passive existence. Yes - it is easy to sit in idle meditation - in spiritual bliss. Even the Buddha knew of this warfare and to his credit was prepared for it came after enlightenment. If we are not enlightened or aware then we will remain as a sheep prepared for the slaughter and never become a lion. The Lord for the christian is Jesus , he is my salvation, my truth and the Word. 
 I also enjoy the wisdom from the various stones in time but Jesus is the rock of my salvation.  Here is a small poem on the Samurai:


Old Now
Till the garden , milk the cow.

forty years of labor
Yielding shield and saber.

Sitting on the mountain side
in reflection of protecting the
sacred nation.

All my life has past
and all I remember clearly is twenty minutes
of meditation.

After a lifetime of battle, we reflect back and remember life was only a vapor - short lived. All that was really important was perhaps a 20 minute period of meditation - enlightenment.


 One of the greatest stories and lessons in the bible is that of the good Samaritan. If we do not come back to this lesson regularly reminding ourselves of this example it would be a shame. The story was best explained by the great theologian Kierkegaard in his book Provocations. He explains the story of the travelers. One was a peaceful traveler who was the victim, one was a robber and another was a Levite or priest. The final traveler was the Samaritan. 
 The peaceful man was met by the robber who had beaten him unmercifully. Then the priest
came by and took pity but kept on walking. The Samaritan who was traveling the same road stopped and helped the victim, he showed mercy. 
 This is what it is to be a christian to not just take pity on the unfortunate but to show mercy. We are all travelers and perhaps on the same road. Which role we take is up to us.

- peace to you.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Be more careful

When I returned home from the trauma center my face was not completely healed , nose slightly out of place. My oldest grandsons  reaction was , Wow! My son with down syndrome just laughed guess he thought it was my clown face. My youngest grandson 3 years old more serious said, "Grandpa you have to be more careful. "
 The wisdom of a child , how practical and simple, be more careful. It has been over a week and my face is much better all of the gravel washed out with a couple scars that may be left. I thought to myself would life had been better if just being more careful about simple choices. Perhaps a couple less romances or a never trying to climb the cliffs or dive off them, drive a fast car or ride motorcycle in bad weather. Not sure but God tells us not to tempt fate and perhaps that wisdom could have been applied dozens of times over the years. Then hearing it from my grandson may be the last warning, it may have just as well been God's voice.
 We tempt fate when a person drinks and drives or even gets in the car with a drunk. We tempt fate when we take a man made drug even if it was prescribed over the counter and abused. We tempt fate when we let our feelings instead of our faith lead us. It is true over the years my body had endured many wrecks a few not my fault but some could have been avoided. Each time there was that oh no! right before the impact or in some cases oh God! A simple miscue or circumstance can change your entire life. The best advice a child can give - be more careful.

-Be safe for the holidays.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Interfaith Crossing

 I was recently in a motorcycle accident - last Friday and in the trauma center recovering.  It happened on a winding road in Pennsylvania and not sure if it was a malfunction of the bike or my clicking of the gears. The vintage motorcycle was restored and over 18 years old was given to me. Unfortunately it will need to be scrapped after all the effort but fortunately my body survived the wreckage. Anyway, I was in the trauma center recovering from a midlife crisis moment and met a woman who was an interfaith minister. It was like meeting a sister the bond was almost immediate. We prayed briefly to the Father as the minister led the prayer and we basically prayed for healing and peace.
 This interfaith crossing was rare as she was the first interfaith minister that I had the chance to pray with. What interfaith is may be somewhat different to one being as it is to another. We talked about the uniqueness of each persons faith and character. We talked about Jesus and his perfect love. It was a crossing of minds but could just as easily been a Catholic priest, Methodist minister or Hindu guru. Our uniqueness does not diminish the power of prayer it only strengthens it.
 My guess by talking to this minister is that she may have come from a Jewish background and pursued interfaith. Regardless it was a good crossing of faith and communication. We sometimes get lost in a belief system and trying to name or bring God into our chosen template instead of just reaching out together in faith. I pray for all those who suffer in body and mind, for those seeking God in the spirit of truth needing comfort. I pray this world becomes a better place by our understanding of one another. That we have peace throughout the world and that extremist do not sway the believers into committing acts that are not of God. That we all learn to live together on this planet not just as religious persons but as humane persons. More importantly is that this peace that passes all understanding is obtainable, is near.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Milk Boy

 It was June 17th, 1964 in Windsor Twp New Jersey that I received my first ever compensation of wages for 1.00 USD. Signed by Kathryn A. Mullen the 3rd grade teacher and principal of the school for service as the milk boy during lunch hour. It was an old 3 story brick school that housed only grades first to third. On the school grounds was a tiny house with tiny doors and windows. It was the home of a dwarf that kept the school grounds. The whole place seemed magical to me and would be the basic building block of my education.
 Mrs Mullen was a stern but kind lady about in her sixties as I remember. She was a widow and I did not know of the circumstances perhaps a war widow. If we put our hands in our pockets she would stitch them shut as to make us proper gentleman. She would also use the ruler when necessary and make us stand in the hallway if we talked during class. I do remember she was very keen on reading and read often classic literature. I truly respected her and she always had a smile in spite of her stern disposition.

 Here we are almost 50 years later and still remember her and thankful for the time she took to make us all gentleman. I owe her a bit of gratitude and never cashed the check even though it could have purchased a lot of candy or perhaps a few comic books. It seems appropriate that if ever my life amount to anything, in my memoirs or poetry you be given credit.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanks for giving

 A special thanks for the American Indians for giving us insight and knowledge to get through the harsh realities the forest and the new world we now call America. Teaching the Europeans how to grow native foods , fertilize and cultivate them. Especially the harvest grains of corn and various vegetables. The herbs used for healing and the story tellers that gave us comfort like the parables of old.
 We often remember the pilgrims who came to this land but forget the millions of those that already inhabited the forest and used their canoes to navigate the rivers. When we think of the thousands that remain in the worst poverty on reservations we call them nations within our nation. All subject to a life of dependency on the US government. Millions died of small pox and other diseases this was the tragic reward for peace with the Europeans whose culture was to kill millions of buffalo and let them rot for their carcass.
 Yes - I am thankful for having a roof over my head and food but will remember the other cultures that were willing to share despite our religious indifference. I will remember the prayers of the Lakota and the people of the Wolf, Bear, Deer and Turtle. Having so much affinity to the land and the native wildlife. We are finding the storytellers had much to share around the camp fires , perhaps not written to papyrus but on cave walls. I am oft reminded that Jesus was also a story teller and never actually wrote a book. Perhaps he would have enjoyed the native Indians tribes and sharing a campfire story with them.

-peace and blessings.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 Desires are something that have often sent us along a crooked path. Would we still arrive at the ultimate destination with our desires intact? In the buddhist beliefs we should empty ourselves of desire, since it leads to suffering. I do agree in part with that but would add also that good desires must be also be planted to replace the weeds with flowers.

Desire for Peace:
 We are asked to love even our enemies ,  that kind of love is not a result of religion. Contrary to what some may believe religion does not bring love into the world. In fact a lot of the worlds wars are over a difference in religious beliefs. What is planted in ones heart must first be a desire for peace. Then a desire for love , Yes - it would be easy to sit effortlessly in a cave to find individual peace with no suffering, or on a mountaintop. Buddhists are finding that the world will eventually engulf them and they cannot stay hidden forever. It is better to grow the desire for peace even if it means making yourself known to the world. Suffering cannot be avoided if we pursue the desire for peace.

 In the Christian faith suffering for peace sake is acceptable. I do agree with the Buddhist that the cause of suffering is desire, but there is sometimes a need for good desire. There is a saying no good deed goes unpunished, I am not sure if it applies in karma but do know a lot of times it seems that way. I remember various times trying to do a good deed and found myself with a flat tire or wrecked car perhaps these would have happened anyway but in the good deed mode thought invincibility should be granted, ha  ha ! Do not be dismayed if you seem to be suffering for a cause it is par for the course. 

 God does promise to give us the desires of our heart but we are not invincible. We are in Grace , though some believe they are not subject to gravity or nature. Actually if you ask the Buddhist monk they have issues also. All fall short - it is our reaction to these shortcomings that makes the difference. What separates the Christian from others religions and the so called world is Grace. There are peaceful Christian sects that do not believe in going to war , but even the Buddhist realized it was necessary to defend oneself against an attack , uh (kung fu).

Do the Jews desire peace? Does the Muslim?  I think we all do deep inside but the desire must be there. Why they continue to fight each other for thousands of years makes the rest of us question the far left and far right of both of these world religions. Extremism is counter productive to peace on earth and can be found in all religions. Which is why I strongly belief in separation of church and state, especially in mixed cultures. I would ask a person who is religious if their desire is to promote peace or religion if the answer is clearly for peace they have the Truth, blessed are the peacemakers.

Desires for Change:
 I try to avoid politics but sometimes if we do not voice our views and let the far right or left have their way it will eventually come back on us or our children. A belief system does not mean giving up your opinion or common sense. We should be grateful for living in a democracy that gives a voice rather than being dictated to. We desire safe playgrounds for our children, and decent wages. Perhaps just basic food and shelter that is affordable. Being told how to dress or to follow laws that condemn a man for drinking a soda or coffee. A man or woman that builds faith or spiritual bridges does not mean they can build a real road or bridge to travel on. They each have a distinct purpose not to belittle one or the other.

 I honor Gandhi who was a Hindu but through peaceful revolution brought about change. He had a desire for change and was willing to suffer for it and even do it peacefully. We will probably see one Gandhi in a thousand years if we are lucky but there are many out there that share the same views. How many Christs will there be just one or many. I believe though one Jesus Christ, many actual persons with the nature of Christ. Even though Jesus came to bring peace we still see wars and division , so the desire for change continues whether a Hindu or a christian.

 Maybe your desires are not their desires or perhaps we need to set an example. Presenting an olive branch was often a sign of willingness or desire for peace. Peace can never be gotten by forcing a religion over another that Yes- teaches peace. Most wars do not end by force either , if so it is temporary, to have peace there must be a desire.

 Desires are not necessarily sin or contrary to inner and outer peace - good desire is needed for  healthy changes to society and to promote peace.

- amen.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

All fall short


 We are often reminded that all fall short of the glory of God and must rely on grace. From our favorite General to the best Golfer. The greatest Coach or the Evangelist even a President or Priest - the list goes on and on. That is why we are to not look up to men but only one man stood the test of time Jesus Christ. Even as perfect as Jesus was he said only one was good his father who was in heaven.
 I would find no fault in him declared the magistrates but still he was crucified. It seems unjust but a lot of good people suffer and some die early. Some from disease or some in war time, some die because of stress just trying to survive. My hope is that we grow in understanding grace even if we fall short. Perhaps you have a loved one that seems messed up and it would be easier to judge them.
How about telling them about God's grace instead of putting them down.
 I believe more than ever we are reminded we are human not perfect. It seems there is always a gossip out there or some poison to fill our ears. We are reminded of the three monkeys hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. How can we escape from from evil by denying its existence or not partaking in it like the three monkeys. Bad news always seems to sell more than good news, frequently we are drawn into gossip. Jesus said "judge not less you be judged".
 I believe the year 2013 will be a year of rebuilding , faith will be tested but prevail. As we saw the dictators and wars come close to an end in 2012. It will be a new age of nation building , some will reconstruct their financial futures others their basic freedoms.
-peace .

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Nature

 Taking a little break from the spiritual blog format to contemplate on nature. The past week has been hectic evacuating my elderly father-in-law to my home in central Pennsylvania. He was living in Cape May county, NJ. Also had my mother-in-law in a hospice care home only a few miles from the storms center where it reached landfall. It seems those in the center were not hit as hard as the outer bands where the higher winds and surges actually occurred. Just today returned back home and little damage was done to their home but trees were on houses and power lines lost around them. I had to upright a shed and put the contents back in place - just basic cleanup.
 Moved my mother-in-law to a long term care facility as her health had improved and she is out of hospice care, thank God. In the end all the prayer though beneficial was nice but she needed nutrition and nurses helped with that. I even stayed and hand fed her a few days which was a different experience , she was always the one preparing the Thanksgiving meal or making breakfast for everyone. It was time for payback and she certainly deserved it. Nutrition is so important though we cannot live by bread alone, we still need food. Jesus always made sure that people were fed along with spiritual teaching.
 Nature often can remind us that things are temporal. There were a lot of beautiful homes along the oceanfront destroyed in the hurricane. Many thought they would just retire and enjoy the beach with nice homes and cars. It only takes a storm to bring us to the reality of this temporal life. Nature and all the common disturbances of earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes often serve as a time for reflection. I myself once had a tornado completely remove a roof and destroy all our belongings years ago. We were homeless for awhile but rebuilt and survived. Hurricane Sandy was only a category one but hitting major populations and the vast size of the storm made it much worst than anyone realized. I have to give the weather persons credit for giving precise landing points and excellent information on which to base decisions.
 One thing we see a lot of in human nature , even though people are warned and given plenty of notice they ignore the warnings. They make foolish decisions based on pride or possession instead of letting go and just seeking higher ground. Many lost their lives trying to hold on to property which is nothing compared to life. My birthday was actually the day after the storm passed and it was over shadowed by the storm but will be one to remember.
-peace and love.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sink or Swim

 We are all familiar the story of Jesus walking on water. Recently I was reminded this can be applied to a family and not just an individual. When a family is broken or in trouble they need to be reminded they will sink or swim together - that is what a family is about. In recent times we see families that are constantly sunk  because their stronghold is broken like a ship wrecked upon the corals. It seems it was easier for the captain to bail than to save the ship.
 Sadly, some will go on to captain and sink another ship, repeating the cycle of divorce and despair a few times. How can we avoid sinking the ship as in the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water , Peter started out walking on water but later the winds prevailed as his eyes were off the Lord. We start out marriages dedicated to our christian faith but seemingly lose sight of the Lord. A family is very much like a ship at sea , we should always hold the premise and the promise we will sink or swim together. When our children are seemingly committing mutiny and want to abandon the family they also need to be reminded.
 The hull of ship is watertight whether made of wood or steel. The principle of family closeness each member being integral and a part of the hull is important. If even one seam is cracked the whole ship can sink. We remember the story of the prodigal son, where one of the sons had strayed and was greeted with Joy and Love.  The son who had been faithful to his father and did all he asked was somewhat jealous of this love. We should assure each family member that they are loved but sometimes the lost sheep need more attention so they can stay in the fold. I have a child with special needs if we go to a place where a lot of walking is necessary like a zoo or on the boardwalk , we have to put him in a wheelchair. Now it seems irrelevant but each child is unique in character and each has special needs. My two grandchildren are over for dinner often together but picky about their food. They are complacent about most things in life and like many of the same things , except when it comes to food. I usually have to make separate meals for them , some may say just make them eat what is put in front of them but I disagree. It is more important to me that they are nourished and a little effort on my part is not a problem. They are each unique in character and as a grandfather it makes me happy to fill the desires of their hearts and bellies.
 Does God want us to spoil our children - No! We much teach them contentment is great gain, and teach them that we cannot live by bread alone. If we set an example of this contentment and are not ourselves praising others for worldly gain but looking for good examples to emulate they will be fine.
Examples of the Lord or saints , some may be stories like those of David and Goliath. So even though we are unique it is up to us as parents to take a part in the building process by the examples we set for our children.

- amen

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eunuch or Unique

 Years ago some early Christian men would actually have themselves castrated to dedicate their lives to God. They were called eunuchs , it seemed quite extreme and not a thing that is practiced today but who knows a few may be around. I do not believe that sexuality is an offense to God. In the Song of Solomon there is a lot of passion and there is a reason it was placed in the bible. It is God's will that we reproduce if possible and become a father or mother, to have a family. One of the first directive from God to humans was be fruitful and multiply.
 We see some of the religions of our time were abstention is practiced and it is commendable but not practical. The early Shakers disappeared from existence but for their fine furniture. In the roman catholic tradition a priest takes a vow of chastity. Personally , I always was against taking oaths or vows as they are not applicable because we do not need to bargain with God. If the priests were given the option of marriage , we would have a lineage of dedicated families not just individuals and it would strengthen the church. We do have traditional marriage vows and they are the building block of forming a relationship to begin a family or show loyalty. Even the most reverent and sincere christian may break these vows , though unfortunate it is reality. I am married myself to my wife of over 30 years but do not condemn anyone for a relationship that did not work out. I was fortunate that we did get along over the years mostly because we had a love and a sense of humor about the little things in life.
  So - is there a template that each of us must follow are we all the same? God said my thoughts are not your thoughts. We are each unique in faith and character like the stones in the creek as the water flows over through the years they are all stones but shaped differently. We do share the basic elements of Grace and Love but develop wonderfully unique. We are expected to follow paths of morality and responsibility to each other as human social order requires it. We live by Grace as we are not perfect in thought , God's thoughts are much higher than our own. Though we are in Grace that is not an excuse to not live moral lives. As the water flows over our mortal souls to cleanse us , goodness and mercy follow us.

 Unique in faith and character , I believe that if we accept this it will make us lest likely to pass judgement. Jesus said he did not come to judge but to teach us Grace and Truth, and the apostles always taught not to judge one another. Yet - the early church became a judging one - puritan clans often put those to death those who could not follow their codes and we see it in other religions were people are stoned to death. Yet - Jesus was in opposition to this as in the case of Mary Magdalene. Jesus said, those among you without sin  , let them cast the first stone. So, we must accept the differences and competencies are not the same for each person. My pastor always taught that when we point a finger there are four pointing back at us.
 How is our uniqueness important? In a cult there is a tendency to do away with this uniqueness it is of man. Usually a person will appoint themselves alpha  making all the rules and judgements , sometimes distorting the truth to get what they want. We have seen this throughout history and it goes against God. God is the Alpha and Omega not man. Perhaps- we would hold on to our uniqueness if we knew  that we are all stones. We would have less tendency to pass judgement on another persons character.



Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beggars and Thieves

 Seems like an unlikely composition for a writer of a spiritual blog but it came to mind. I was once a beggar when praying would ask continually for the same thing. It seemed like it was necessary to convince myself if I was persistent enough God would hear me. It took many years to realize this sort of prayer was simply not effective. It was something that was probably picked up in a prayer meeting in my youth. How many times do you have to knock for the door to be opened, how many times do you have to ask? How hard do you have to seek to find an answer? The answer to all these questions is simply once. One time in truth - for if you are trying to convince God it is irrational.
 First be truthful with yourself if you are holding back it seems all that begging is just trying to fool yourself because you know we cannot fool God. Before you even start asking make an honest appointment with your own mind find out why you are asking , is this really the desire of your heart. Are you just praying out loud to impress others in the room or are you sincere. I was recently at a bedside when a priest was looking for a prayer for the sick in his little black book, like it was some sort of incantation that needed to be recited. It actually took a few minutes for the priest to find it and it seemed like some in the room already had it memorized. Was that a moment of truth or speaking of the desires from the heart. God bless the priest for taking on the task and reading the book. Another priest came a few days later , he brought no book was actually in his casual wear just coming from the beach. He prayed from his heart for everyone in the room and we were in union with the spirit of God.
 Prayer must be consistent with our true desires and our desires will be aligned with God's answer when they are sincere. We only need ask once , we are not beggars but God's vessel or instrument of love and compassion. How can one be sure their prayer will be answered unless we ourselves are convinced? That is just the point we do not need to convince ourselves the request is valid, that being the desires of a truthful heart will be heard. Imagine your own children coming to you and saying they need something when in fact you know they are just asking out of want because someone else wanted it. You must speak from your own heart not copy someone else- perhaps two hearts can conjoin in prayer but even then it must be sincere.
 Repetitive prayer is equivalent to begging and is not scriptural. The first things I asked for when becoming a christian were to be free of personal habits of smoking and drinking. It seemed like a noble request but was not easy these desires had to be replaced with others. My heart had to change and my desires followed. Eventually a long time habit of smoking , since childhood was kicked. Not only did I benefit financially but physically and spiritually. That was a win situation were my desires were actually removed , the same eventually happened with other things in my personal life which to all of us may be different. All of these were controlling desires but we also need at times to put a desire there. Some say it is a burden they receive for others , it is not really a burden but a desire or compassion out of love to act on. As you receive freely, also give freely.

 When are we a thief ? When we are stealing from God. Did I ever steal from God, of course we all did without realizing it at one time or another. We steal time by not honoring God during our day , we still glory by not giving God the praise for things provided. We steal not materially but spiritually when we ask in vain. Remember a quote from John F. Kennedy - ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. It sounded pretty patriotic , that we would serve our country even more so serving God is important. This may seem awkward for some but as time goes on you will be guided by the Holy Spirit and your prayer life will align with God and not act out of vanity.
 So why align ourselves with God to only do what God wants. What about my needs or desires? God promises to fill the desires of our hearts. What does God need? Is there a payback system, not really. We cannot bargain with God , there is nothing you can promise - actually you will discover that God makes all the promises. You are better off not making promises because eventually they will be broken or forgotten- just do the best you can. God only wants to fill the desires of a truthful heart. We need again to do that heart check thing and be truthful.
 Matthew 6:5  "When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.
 John 4:23-24 "But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seek  such to worship him. God is a spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."
 I often will recite the Lord prayer and it is probably the only prayer that verbatim fits most situations but otherwise will pray from the heart and often in silence. But that is up to you , it is the desires of your heart, that which is between you and God that are important. One last thing we live by grace and do not deserve it , it is a gift. The bible does say the prayers of the righteous availeth much but none are truly righteous in Corinthians the apostle admits he is a sinner asks for forgiveness first, then after aligning his heart makes a request.

 -peace and love.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

What is a relic?

 I was recently in a hospice facility visiting a close friend an elderly woman that had been near death but her tenacity and will kept her alive. She was my adopted mother-in-law, my wife was raised by her and an uncle since she was three. I felt the need to spend the week with her in the hospice facility in prayer and company.
 As it was at least six catholic priests came to pray and visit , since she was once the cook and housekeeper at a local rectory. It was interesting how each had a different approach all were of various orders of priesthood. One asked me which parish I had belonged to and it was kind of an awkward moment. I am not a catholic by the catholic standard of catechisms and other upbringing but feel united in faith at a time when a loved one is in need. Joined them in prayer but when it was mentioned about bringing a relic it made me think about why some put their faith in such things.
 A relic often is a part of the body of a saint or an object that belonged to a saint. Since God is Spirit it did not seem scriptural to dabble in such things. Now it would seem more important to bring Love , Hope and Forgiveness than a relic. The priest I think was trying to bring something more tangible but really he already brought what was needed his presence and prayer. We are instruments of God's love and that is more powerful than any object. I cannot put my faith in relics and it is enough for me to trust in the power within. However I see relics exist in many religions and they seem to be also in the christian faiths. I also see some Christians that wear a cross or an image of a fish in jewelry. Some wear a collar or use a sash to show they are a clergy.
 Jesus never wore a collar while preaching and it seems that that tradition was man made some time later. Also I do not believe he ever said, wait here till I get a relic to heal you. Jesus only said by your faith you are healed or used a mere touch of human and divine kindness. Faith healing is not magical, it simply takes the will to be healthier. The body , mind and the spirit of the individual must be strengthened. Sometimes it takes nutrition or physical therapy, and a word of prayer to strengthen the spirit. We can sometimes over emphasis a mystical power but it is just a simple love bond between us that heals.
 Also wanted to add by the end of the week she was up and walking with the aide of a walker and celebrated her birthday today. God is good!
 The relic is not an instrument of God's love , we are.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things that boggle my mind

 We are engulfed in technology the Wii , the self parking cars running on batteries , the amazing i-phone and apps. We think of all the new gadgets that are invented by mans innovation, yet as an engineer these things do not boggle my mind. If we take the time to pick through our brain like we do to get the little bits of meat out of a Maryland crab, we would find our own innovations.
 What are the things that boggle my mind?
That little caterpillar that crawls into a cocoon and morphs into butterfly emerging with the skill and  power of flight. It would take me perhaps months to learn to fly an airplane but yet the butterfly has the skill instinctively. The way ants communicate as a colony to survive knowing which is going to be the scout or the guard , or which are to do the building almost inherently. The way many in the insect world perform amazing feats of strength lifting many time their weight greater than any machine we could ever create.
 I am also amazed at the cures for disease that are discovered by scientist , yet - they were always there. We are constantly uncovering myths about dietary , yet one with a phd will constantly disagree with another. Who do we believe then about our bodies ? I recently went to a specialist about an issue which caused pain and embarrassment, the answer was to let it go - time would heal. In most situations time will heal , doctors may just provides a pain medication but not an actual cure.
 What boggles my mind is the vastness of knowledge in God's wisdom - where does it come from? Is it instinctive like the butterfly, are we born with a sixth sense for protection? In scripture we are told by Jesus , the Spirit would teach and comfort us. How do we get in touch with the Spirit within or outside. My experience is both , that God is in us and around us and we just need to become sensitive to learning. In nature , in science and in our own minds. We morph or transform into new creature - similar to the butterfly not in appearance of course but in transformation.
 Do all believers transform , to be honest -no. Some will never leave the comfort of the cocoon, they will accept the Grace so freely given , but not seek the Truth. I am not sure what holds them back , perhaps fear or doubt. Maybe they need to see a butterfly to have something to reach for. For now I am still learning and doing as time and occasion permits God's will. The things that boggle my mind - keep me going all sorts of new learning in the Spirit.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Separation or Unity

 This is a subject that may be controversial but I am going to tackle it - with God' help. This past week I have been focusing on 2 Corinthians and this struck me.

Separation -  2 Cor 6:14-7:1. 14 Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness?   2 Cor 6:17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

 What is this verse talking about obvious it is referring to those that worship idols and do evil things. It is not taking about having fellowship with other Christians that may believe in a different way of doing baptism whether it is by sprinkle or submersion, or a part in confessing- separation of Lutheran from Catholic or Baptist from Methodist or Latter Day Saint from Orthodox. That is only a beginning the list goes on and on. I have come to the conclusion a cult is a religion that keeps to itself and will not break bread with someone of slightly different faith or color, or with a person that is generally good in intentions and thought but may not wear the same garb. Joseph in the bible wore a coat of many colors why is this specifically mentioned it is because we are of many colors in faith.

The Truth is John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. This powerful verse gives me goosebumps , it is so wonderful. God loved everyone even the unworthy, not just the christian or the Hindu or the Muslim or the the Sikh- God loved everyone. It would not be wrong to say , he even loved the sinner. He only asked us to accept that simple truth. If you feel separate or apart from God because of a teaching , then that is a false teaching. God wants us to feel loved and not be separated, whatever your taught that should be the main truth.

Perhaps we are not clear on how powerful and reaching God's love is and should reflect on Unity as a part of our vision. We are to even love our enemies , how can that be. In other words Peace can only be gotten through love, not just a treatise. Love is an everlasting treatise , and an everlasting peace. Now where can we find common ground certainly in Love and Peace. This is the Truth.


Friday, August 10, 2012

The Corporeal or corporate world

 We often hear of being worldly or corporeal. Unfortunately it is the world in what much of Americana is about. Certainly we are patriotic and fight for freedom or do we really. I served my country in the military for eight years and also lived in the corporate world for 30 years. The military is protecting the interest of the corporate world and the corporations are formed for profit. There is no true liberty in the sense most of us expect. The corporate world a few at the top plan out their weekends of golf and pleasure while those at the bottom struggle sometimes working two jobs and those in the middle plan out their weekend work routine to finish out a 60 work hour week.  Repeating this week after week and year after year until their health gives out or they come to the realization there is another existence.
  The corporate world eventually traps you with temporal wealth and leaves you to escape to video games or save up for an expensive vacation that provides relaxation until it is over. You live in a godless society that is centered on wealth being the success and path to happiness. Yet - we see the children of the wealthy and most successful committing suicide  by drugs or alcohol, they have no other reality other than the one created by the corporeal sense of being.
 If we live a minimalist life style not totally devoid of all necessity but a balanced life, we will be much happier and less controlled by the corporate world. Forget keeping up with the Jones a metaphor often used, live a simple life and learn contentment of mind , body and spirit. Godliness with contentment is great gain - even more than wealth. I am all for prosperity but not as a ultimate goal. A healthy mind, body and spirit are first if prosperity follows then that is ok. The spiritual guide to riches is only a corporate underling and not the true faith. Not something you will find in most countries where capitalism is not preached.
 Perhaps that is why doctors are so prosperous, the mind and body eventually break down under such stresses and there is never time for spirituality. Please take a moment and prioritize your life - Christ first , in mind , body and spirit and do not get caught up in the corporeal world. In the book of 2 Corinthians we see how the apostle is teaching the church about the corporeal world and how it can rob you of happiness. We see it on the TV where it is constantly being fed into the mind, learn to control your environment - what enters your mind becomes your reality- let it be spiritual.
-peace and contentment.

The Son

 It came to mind that if we take the T and E from the word STONE we are left with SON. Does this have any significance Jesus being the cornerstone, probably not. It only shows one thing the way my mind works. It seems to decrypt phenomenal things that may go unnoticed. I noticed my grandson is the same way. He was looking at a tree , some may have glanced at the tree but he told me there was a bird that just snatched a worm from the tree and he was wondering how the tree felt , the bird felt and the worm felt. He is very compassionate and assumed all things had feelings - this from a four year old child.
 We are reminded that to enter the kingdom of God we must be as a child. That does not mean to be unlearned in the ways of the world but it means to have the same thirst for knowledge. It is when we loose our thirst we become know it all, but that is contrary to all knowing or God. So , we come back to the the Son who did not claim to know when the world would pass , only the Father knows the time. It is an appointed time not a random occurrence - Yet it is kept from humanity. All humanity has appointments we are appointed a time for Salvation, appointed a time for various moments of births and Yes- eventually death.
 Now when Jesus was praying in the garden of Gethsemane , he prayed the cup be removed from him.
This cup was the cup of wrath which seemingly was disturbing Christ. He was only a day away from the crucifixion and wanted his most beloved disciples to pray with him through the night , however they kept falling asleep. This was a time of great agony because he knew it would be easy to leave and take flight. It was not to be though , it was an appointed time for Christ to do the will of the Father. Like so many times we have an appointment with fate and can be distracted. It takes  prayer to do God's will and sometimes we need the help of others to pray along. Even Jesus recognized the prayers of his companions would be needed to get through the ordeal.
 Yes- the Son of man was human but divinely called to do the will of the Father. As many are stones in time called , and few answer to become out of a stone a son to do God's will. It is not enough to know God's will but to do it takes prayer even into the wee hours of the night. Find a prayer partner or group you cannot go it alone.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Ring

 As Jesus forgave the thief on the cross , I believe he forgave me.

 Over four decades ago a young man was sitting at the dinner table as his father slumped over into his hot bowl of soup. He was taken to the hospital and would spend the next year there in surgery and recovery. Earlier that day he was injured at an assembly plant and the car door struck his neck, his wallet was taken and a gold watch, which the son was awarded by the Trenton Times newspaper and he had given to his father for fathers day.
Meanwhile the lad was faced with taking care of his siblings two sisters a brother and a mother.
There would be occasional visits to the hospital to check on the fathers progress and it was a gradual recovery.
 Soon the family funds became depleted and it was then he became a thief. Already delivering two paper routes a morning Trentonian and the evening Trenton Times after school and caring for lawns on weekends it did not seem enough. Also delivering the groceries for some elderly for a dime tip taking orders on the paper route. One night decided to go to the nearby farmers field where sometimes we would fish in the pond. Yes- with a small sack and flashlight picked through cabbages and would bring them home for cabbage soup. One particular night the farmer came out with a shotgun and fired some shots overhead. A stubborn cabbage left me stuck there as I lay closely to the ground hoping not to get caught.
 I waited till the farmer left and went quietly home , the next morning noticed my most valuable possession a silver school ring was gone. I went back and searched and could not find it.
 About a year later my father returned home from the hospital in Philadelphia , Pa we went to the nearby market and bought some cabbages -ugh, I thought not another cabbage. As I was ripping off the leaves a very strange thing happened - what fell from the cabbage was a dirty ring. I rinsed off the dirt and located the initials , Yes - it was mine. I am not sure if it was a miracle but it certainly was amazing that of all the cabbages at the farmers market we purchased that particular one. The chance of that happening was astonishing and it was a gift from God.
 It was a terrible thing to become a thief and I never took anything again. When I hear the story of the thief on the cross , often am reminded of my own miracle. The ring reminds me of forgiveness and Gods love , it seems like through all adversity there is a lesson to be learned.
 Thank you Lord for watching over me and returning the ring even though I did not deserve it.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Joseph Priestly

 Growing up very near to the Priestly home in Northumberland county Pa and often passing by it wondering who he was. A deist and dissenting  christian believed God created the universe then just stepped away like a master clock maker would create a clock and just stand aside to admire it. He was a scientist who was accredited with the discovery of oxygen and identifying other gaseous elements. He was also authored the Institutes , a history of the corruptions of Christianity. Now also is accredited with the start of Unitarian beliefs. A favorite of Thomas Jefferson who read and concurred his beliefs to be similar to those of Priestly.
 In response to the Priestly argument on the non-intervening God, we have the Son - Christ who if we deny that God did not intervene sending His only begotten Son to be a sacrifice for humanity to bring both Grace and Truth to humanity is the very basis of Christianity. Though I do not judge free thinking on any level as that is the free will of every man and women to think as they may and digest their thoughts through their experience and surroundings. To say that God is non-intervening too distant from humanity to even care. When God cares for even the sparrow ,  God intervenes more often than most realize actually on a moment by moment basis.
 If the clock was in theory a clock it is certainly one that needs winding and synchronicity. The saints throughout time acting as stones are in communion with God to perform these functions. Our minds are not imposed on by God  but welcome to Gods voice and calling. For in this I believe and experience , therefore disagree with the notions of Priestly and Jefferson not disrespecting their contributions to humanity and science but only their discourses on religion.
 We have the Orthodox mind that can digest spirituality and the natural mind that can only digest thought within the natural realm. One that accepts miracles and an intervening God, the other rejects miracles and assume God to be non intervening. Why pray if God  has no intent to watch over creation,  I can feel the very vibrant though quiet voice of God every moment. This may seem contrary to some that await a return to faith or cannot grasp or digest the Orthodox view but I am definitely 100% sure Christ exists in the mystical form today - and performed the miracles in the Son , Jesus the Christ.
 We also must examine the words of Jesus Christ closely as they are the keys to our faith. Jesus prayed, he fasted, he cried and also lived out his humanity , withstanding suffering and did not try to change scripture but fulfill it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Spirit and the cloth

 I was sitting in the hospital with my mother-in-law by adoption, who had for many years been a cook and housekeeper for the catholic church. She was faithful in her tithes and giving. Always working with the local school to raise funds for a new roof or gymnasium. Her entire life dedicated to the church on her walls are pictures of the priests that served in the parish.
 She was in the hospital for weeks waiting for a visit from the local priest, a man of the cloth. Every day she waited the man of the cloth never came. She called the church each day they said' someone would come - no one did'. For it was this reliance on the cloth that she lived being brought up to believe she could confess her sins, be prayed for by a priest when the need arose. However God is Spirit not cloth I asked if she wanted prayer , No the priest will be here soon. I was once an ordained minister of a non denominational , a generic pastor but never wore a collar and did pray in silence as I held her hand and washed her feet.
 How sad we rely on the cloth to bring us spiritual renewal. Today there are a shortage of priests they have had a few scandal ridden decades where many called are reluctant to be associated or answer the call. The church is relying more and more on lay persons to fill the gaps and there are few of them. What we must realize is God is Spirit , let us gather together and pray for the sick - brothers and sisters in Christ. John the revelator said' John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.  How can we rely on a person dressed in cloth , when we are all ordained to serve as Christians we are to pray for one another. James 5:16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.
 It is sad that some believe only a priest can pray for them or even confess their sins to. We are all adjoined in Christ to be uplifting each other whether of the cloth or not. I do uplift those dedicated to Gods work in prayer , as they travel the highways and byways but also realize there is no special power given them that is not given to all. Where two or more are gathered n my name ,  I am there amongst you.
 It was sad , once we had a seminar on prayer and a pastor stated he never in twenty years had someone healed by prayer. A statement that caused me distress , it may have been that he had the cloth but not the spirit. God's promise is to heal us mind , body and spirit and bring peace to our souls. If we are not being heard perhaps the cloth has become our refuge and not the spirit. God is spirit-John 4:24
God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

 Recently went again to visit my mother-in-law in the same hospital. God works in mysterious ways this time not waiting on the cloth, since it was on my mind. Reaching out to all the people in the room we all joined hands and led in prayer - sometimes we just need to capture the moment and we all felt much better - especially my mother -in - law.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Passive and Active

 What does passive have to do with Christianity? All things will pass away Matthew 24:35 Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will not pass away. This may sound a little deep for some and almost new age. Actually this is scripture and all things will pass away , if we think about it more - heaven and earth. Wow, I was planning on spending eternity in heaven - it was like my eternal retirement village. What now- the only thing left is the Word. Think about time it passes from second to second, and space it becomes empty - then full. So time and space are passive - we have memories of the past but really even eventually our memories fade. We can see it in our elderly or in my case my own son whose mind is diminishing. Then where is our Hope, where can we find refuge?
 We are in the moment living in a state of grace , however Christ longs to bring us further into truth. Jesus came to bring Grace and Truth , it was his mission. Grace the divine element was bought with a great price for all , and that is a wonderful gift. The truth however is gained not by finding, since the truth is not lost, we are lost. The truth is revealed by Christ in an appointed time to each of us. It is something we must submit to , like sheep we are led by the shepherd to truth. No one wants to be compared to sheep , even I was offended by this parable. I guess you will eventually realize it is the best way to describe our relationship to the truth.
 God will never leave us or forsake us, it is a promise made to those who trust God, simply put. We are living in time and space - yet these passive conditions will not exist someday being they are temporary. Life itself was described as a vapor by a prophet. So we see all that remains is the transformation, which is energy. God is spirit , spirit is God - we can find this all throughout the bible and many other religious books written by holy men and woman. Also revealed to teachers and guru's throughout the ages is that this transformation is more than just change , we become active. We become the living Word that is also Christ. We become one with Christ , this is scriptural.
And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
 So, I am not expecting what many are to think in my current reality and try to transpose that into another reality. My thoughts are now centered on Christ , being one with the Word. How is this accomplished - no longer being in the flesh but in the spirit. All that matters is Christ , not putting our hopes in passive things. All these things will pass away , trust in God only. I am not a religious fan or even a regular church goer though occasional. We think in terms of here and now - yet the clock is ticking people and things pass. What does that mean , why should we fear passive things eventually they will disappear. Time is passing , my hair is grey and white not long ago it was amber and brown.
Soon- I too will pass but hopefully not before being transformed into that spirit called the Word. We are one with the word.
And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to you. Holy Father, keep through your own name those whom you have given me, that they may be one, as we are.

Monday, July 9, 2012


 Where does doubt become a help and another form of doubt a hinderance. Doubt is linked to the faculties of the mind , in the objective mind it helps to formulate the filter for Truth. We can say that trust is even protected by doubt. The bible says trust no one , simply put a filter to protect your inner feelings. In the objective mind doubt is a helper.
 When we think of faith we think of the opposite of doubt to overcome doubt leads to faith. However the doubt we are speaking of is in the subjective mind. Subjective doubt is a hinderance where objective doubt a help or filter. Subjective doubt can be overcome once you reach beyond the veils of various self imposed limitations. When this happens a creative force is evolving in the mind, inspiration and imagination are released to new levels. We also can enter different evolutions of time and other realms that to the objective mind are not visible. Doubt no longer is a friend in the subjective space , we often need to meditate or contemplate to overcome it.
 Doubt has a purpose otherwise God would have not built it into our minds to begin with. There is a purpose and reason for everything under the sun. We should not be ashamed of objectivity as it exists to filter out lies and formulate the truth. Once we are in the subjective mindset it needs to be released to gain access to the creative forces that exist. We can pray with faith that is much different than just blurring out requests. It is in the subjective mind or spiritual mind that revelation takes place, visions or prophecy. These are not illusions or fantasy (vain imagination)  not to be confused with real faith that takes you into the places of understanding and spiritual gifts are found.
 All life has meaning but it needs to be willing to release the subjective doubt to find it. We learn the free will has control of the objective mind only, to live out God's will we need to be subjective also.
There is no one formula as each person is different but Jesus said in John 10:9.  "I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture."
Does this mean when we die we shall find peace , no it means now. I often find those waiting for the door to be open , they are waiting for the Lord to appear in the sky, however Jesus said, knock and the door shall be open.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


 A story and a place so magical Eden was where it all began. There in the ultra famous Garden of Eden man was first tempted and our first introduction to Satan the deceiver, some say in the form of a snake or perhaps a reptilian quality that resembled one.

 I will first tell you a short story of my own that may relate to this ancient beginning. While a young man on a deserted island , once occupied by the Japanese during WW11 came across a diary of a Japanese sailor, one who eventually committed the rite of suicide - hari kari because of starvation. In the annuls of the diary he described abuse by officers and limited rations. It was unbearable and the honorable thing in his culture was to take his life with a small sword.
 The amazing thing about this island was that fish were plentiful , they surrounded the tiny island and flourished in the lagoon. The island however was also beautified by coral , in the coral lived tiny bacteria poisonous to man but not to the fish. Therefore the fish could not be eaten less a painful poison enter your body , even though some have tried to their regret. It struck me as somewhat ironic that God would place us there in the midst of this temptation.

 Back to the Garden of Eden we have a similar incident involving  fruit , but this was no ordinary fruit it made the person aware of the sin of desire. The fruit of the tree of knowledge had been forbidden by God and so the story goes anything else could be eaten, Adam had eaten of this fruit.  Now remember this was before books were written , so this story had to be passed on through story tellers , and it was to explain our separation from God and being expelled from this place called Eden.
 Was Eden the place God inhabited or was it a testing ground for God's creation. We will never know this place called Eden - was it just a metaphor or actual place. If it were a place it was the most beautiful on earth , without a doubt a place one would want to stay forever. It was not to be though Adam and the generations that followed would experience suffering and at times hunger. One thing that stands out in particular is that Satan actually told the truth. Satan spoke that of the fruit of desire , how wonderful desire felt. God on the other hand warned of the fruit of desire and of its consequences. We are told Adam saw his nakedness and turned to the fig leaf for cover, as so the story goes.
 How many of us have tasted forbidden desires and later regretted it, how many have taken a drug and became addicted. The worst suffering is separation from God , be not fooled. This will often be something to ponder on, inner peace is within reach but we must know what fruit to avoid and what fruit is good. - peace to you.

Where is Christ now?

 Where is Christ now?
 We see thousands of Christian churches across every continent , dotted across rural communities they surpass all the fast food restaurants combined. Some are almost like franchises , some are independently formed , other massive corporations. The question is where is Christ now? We last hear of Jesus in the bible visiting the apostles after the resurrection, as it is told. He then ascended and sits on the right hand of the Father to return in glory. The Jews are still awaiting the coming of the messiah - king. This is what is taught in some circles not my words, scripture.
 If you ask the Ana baptist they will tell you Jesus is in your heart.
 If you ask the mystic they will say in your mind.
 If you ask the catholic they will say in the communion , bread and wine.
 If you ask some they will say the messiah has already returned in their holy man or leader.
 If you ask the hindu they will tell you Christ was just another representation of God perhaps an avatar.
 If you ask the buddhist , they will say Christ is a journey.
 If you ask the atheist they will say a story.
 If you ask the philosopher a story teller.
 If you ask the scientist he became another energy or force.

 Where is Christ now? This very moment. If Christ is present in all the multitude of churches and alliances formed in his name - where (2) or more are gathered in my name - I am there amongst them.
If Christ is a personal savior , he dwells in each believer. How can he then later return , the second coming - with all His angels to bring judgement upon the world? The same Jesus that said, while he was here I came not to judge but save the world. Perhaps he chose a few to save as some say, perhaps we all have the opportunity to accept the invitation of salvation- some say.
 OR - perhaps we are  all lost in our perceptions and just believe what the educated tell us. Educated by Yale or Harvard or some Ivy school - even more credible. Maybe if they attended a seminary or were in a monastery- more credible. Perhaps the more humble and quiet guru that looks homeless is more credible or the loud good looking charismatic evangelist in a suit.
 We have those who say Jesus left and will return , but he is really in their heart, in their church right now. Well what does the bible say - God is light, God is spirit , God is the Word - but then who is Christ and where is Christ now? Many will say they have the answer Christ is God, God is omniscient, omnipotent. I can tell you this Christ is not lost , we are.
 Someday you will come to the realization , God was always here. We put up the barriers , the veils and we can take them down. God will reveal the truth , Jesus came to bring Grace and Truth. I cannot speak to all these other claims of religion concerning Christ whereabouts.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Is following Christ all glory - or take up your cross and follow me. My experience has been one of joy and suffering. They do not seem to fit in the same sentence however it is what it is.

Suffering  comes in a several forms:
Pain - is the most known , we read of the suffering of God's people throughout history and of Christ on his way to the cross. Pain is something we all deal with eventually , some have more tolerance than others. I do not believe in flagellation or deliberate pain, it may have been a practice of some of the early Christian mystics but I see no need for it.

Disappointment - In others we may have lost  trust or in ourselves can lead to a self imposed suffering. When our expectations are not met. Perhaps sin that we thought we had overcome.
We must always trust in God's grace it is truly the divine element. Perhaps a lost love, or friend maybe you saw your girlfriend or boyfriend kissing another, emotional suffering is also real.
We are to trust no one, not to say become overly suspicious or jealous but attachment of feelings can lead to painful separation. There is a way to have love but not be possessive.

Doubt - Yes, it is often we suffer from not believing we are good enough. Maybe you have been fooled into thinking you are not beautiful. Not saying we all have perfect bodies and minds but we should never let anyone control us into thinking we are not good enough. Yes- we all have sinned but grace is sufficient. Yes - we may not be the best athlete but can walk with God. Blessed assurance is knowing  who you are and accepting the truth, be not deceived. You are a child of God once you have knowledge of grace and salvation. Judge not lest you be judged. Jesus came to show us grace and truth not to judge.

Separation - Loneliness can be a form of suffering , being separated from family or a friend at a time when they are most needed. I believe this is the worst suffering- separation being apart from your loved ones. Soldiers and sailors often go through this it is more more painful than a wound and is often traumatic. Jesus was separated at the cross from His Father, why has thou forsaken me. I believe it was to experience the ultimate suffering of separation. There is nothing more painful than separation from God. It effects us in body , mind and spirit our health is affected , our joy is stolen. We often will feel periods of separation from God maybe from sin or to walk in faith. After awhile God removes our training wheels - with a little push we go forward in faith, like a child riding a bicycle on their own. God is watching to pick us up and is happy for our success. Only faith pleases God.
Matthew 3:17 
And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mind

There are psychologist and psychiatrist , priest , guru and shaman. There are Christian Mystics , Buddhism and Hinduism all sorts of mind experts. We have authors of varying degrees trying to interpret the human and perfect the human mind. After all we are body, mind and spirit and to maintain health we need to be aware of the workings and needs of each.
Objectively we reach outward to perceive input into the mind , and Subjectively we reach inward. We have a dualism in our nature it is the way the mind is formed (it is what it is). The Objective mind is observing,  more scientific and agnostic- it hold doubts because it is constantly exploring to find the truth. The Subjective mind looks inward , it is like holding a flashlight in a cave , seeing the writings on the wall. Going from place to place and is theosis - eventually becoming spiritually enlightened. It is the subjective mind that explores religion and the unseen world.

We all have this dualism whether we want it or not , we can deny it but it is there. The psychologist and psychiatrist use past memories or medicines much like the shamanic herbs to better oneself.  The Buddhist or Christian mystic , and shaman will go inward. Notice the shaman uses both the Objective and Subjective methods these are of medicinal , mushrooms, peyote , opiates and also prayer and meditation. It was often spoke of in the bible of the good plants.

Not understanding dualism can lead to depression and bi-polar dysfunction. Religious indifference and doubt all stem from lack of understanding dualism. Phillipians 2:5 Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus. Then goes on to say who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. This is at the mind level where Christ confronted the mind in both divine and man, Objectively and Subjectively to become a bondman. We later read that he was no longer a bondsman but a son of God. He was also after looking inward and  fasting for 40 days confronted by satan (some say a demon) and this was his temptation. Jesus was to deny satans power and all that he was shown was already His by the way of his Father.

 Buddha went through similar events ascetic denial living on a single grain of rice for days. Searching inward he came across demons and Yes - the goblin.Buddhas was 500 or so years before Christ but he was also tempted and taunted by goblins, the buddhas answer was this  since, he had already ascended as enlightened the goblins had no power over him.They dispersed quickly.

 In my own spiritual walk have encountered a goblin, it was not in a dream. Now - it would seem irrational but it happened. The answer given to the goblin in this case was , you would not be here unless God allowed it , for it would only be by Gods permission that I would be tempted and also asked the goblin if it where looking for help. The ancient goblin uttered some words which were not of my common tongue and quickly dispersed. I have never heard from a goblin , since. Now I told this to my mother and brother and they are  of the christian faith. I rationalize in my mind that the goblin may have or not existed but it was very real to me. In fact later realized I was the goblin my Subjective mind overpowered my Objective mind. It was kind of like flying a jet and pushing the eject button now the goblin is gone, theosis has won. Perhaps it is just part of the spiritual experience another gatekeeper in the mind.

 This and other experiences has led me into understanding Christ more and knowing that the Buddha was enlightened in a similar way .  I wrote a poem soon after the experience but few will understand it , they may think it was just a poem.  I pray everyday God's will be done, in heaven and earth.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


 I noticed in the news lately two persons that have claims to royalty and royalties.

Queen Elizabeth - Platinum jubilee , surely she is the queen of England. A dominant elegant looking lady that has inherited her royal title from past generations of the house of Windsor. In England there is always a house , the house of Lords, the house of Parliament , the house of Commons just to name a few. Each of the royal lineages have a house, house of York - house of Windsor, house of Hanover etc.. So, we have under each ruling house servants , those that are knighted and a whole trail of riches and lands. Those include castles , princes , princesss , Earls, Dukes and clergy that are under the royals. We also have whole countries under the royals , England, Australia , Canada just to name a few.
 How did the royals separate themselves from the peasants and even more so, get the peasants to pay them royaties and taxes. Obviously there was a vote or a power grab of some sort and some got left out - others became royals. Realizing this is just an earthly realm nonetheless it is a realm. The royals had power not only over lands and wealth but life and death. Even Jesus recognized the power of Caesar , render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars, unto God the things that are Gods. Amazing statement not one of rebellion or conflict to overthrow the roman civil authority.
 Jesus did not care much about earthly power or wealth as some may preach. He was more concerned about the spiritual, knowing all things will pass away. Did he fullfill the prophecy of the King , whose house did Jesus reign over. This is a question that many jewish scholars use to deny Jesus as the messiah. We have the Lord of lords , King of kings and all he had was a crown of thorns. Yes- what a crown it was , no gold or jewels or glory. Jesus represented not this world but many realms , dimensions of various creations not just this one. Although his crown was not a glorious one - it represented a willingness to suffer for His followers . To take their judgement - to be an eternal King of kings. Many will say who would want a life of suffering, who would want to follow Jesus. I would - knowing also this life will pass and believing in eternity that we have eternal essence, character. Yes- I have followed Christ through suffering and also the rewards of a kingdom of peace and tranquility that many will never know.

Creflo Dollar- In the news for an encounter with his daughter who had rebelled. Not so much a royal in the sense of the house of Windsor but a charismatic preacher that can easily covince thousands - he can deliver them from poverty and sin. Using the good book, the holy bible found a formula for wealth. Now you might say that is greedy or sinfull but really not much different than any other religious money machine. Why suffer , why be in poverty - claim your piece of heaven now, that is the message. I really cannot find a reason to dislike Creflow, he has imagination , faith and power that comes with wealth. He did not inherit anything from the house of a lord, but claims for himself a piece of happiness on earth. He might just even be happy , I do not know. What I do know is he has found out how to collect royalties no different than any pope or King or queen of this earth. He learned to use fear , he learned to use his wits and even made it scriptual. When fear does not work they use words of love. Love me because - God loves you and I am His servant therefore deserving of glory.
 Not sure if God cares so much about sharing money , he is more powerful than the FED and can just create more things if desired. God is spirit - God is light  what does that have to do with men. That is why Jesus did not care about Caesars wealth or money - give it to him, let Caesar collect taxes and royalties. God is not about taking from the poor and the peasants. Although some will disagree , they will say they are ultimately the authority of God, their wealth is evidence. Tell that to the real Jesus , Jesus said there would be many false Christs and many would speak in His name. I am telling you many are charismatic, many have a holy claim but Jesus does not need your earthly treasure, hold on to it. Give to the poor directly or make an effort to help the elderly or helpless hungry children. Stay away from  those that would swindle your last dollar. There is nothing spiritual or nothing in the realm of light about giving to an ego maniac or self proclaimed royal. God will forgive you for not being stupid.

 Jesus King of kings , Lord of lords - there is no other.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day remembrance

                                    Rose Petals
There is no glory in War,
Say goodbye to this wretch, to this whore.
Stolen love from a son or a daughter,
Needless suffering and aimless slaughter.
Peace, a marriage for the bride and the groom,
Brings wonderful flowers to blossom and bloom.
But some soldiers or sailors will never be wed.
The stranger, the grave hath claimed them instead.
Some like to wear war pins in their hats,
and join clubs to have their war chats.
But I took all my ribbons and medals,
and buried them neath the rose petals.
In the spring when the roses come callen,
I remember the warriors! the lovers! the petals! that hath fallen.
To this wretch, this whore.
There is no glory in war.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Growing in Love

We humans tend to expand and shrink our social circles , due to the circumference of the circumstances.

This explains the social makeup of human nature , we are effected by circumstance including human social reasoning and yes- love. When our family is in need we will covet our food to feed them, when there is plenty it is often shared with the local community. This often relates to love and caring for others. In the ultimate survival ploy - we become alone . The circle completely collapsed to the church of one. Was this the plan that God had for humanity being subject to the circumstances of life , not growing beyond ourselves, our family, our community.

When we think of God's love - we think of love that is not effected by circumstance. Not self love or mere survival. Not just a love of family or community -yes, it must dwell in those circles also. To grow in God's love is to be willing to love even our enemies. To love even those who despite fully use us and endure the hardship without regret. Many times our charitable intentions are abused and we seem to want to get angry. I have been in this position it can be discouraging- we give expecting nothing in return and it is seen as annoying to the unbeliever. Like we are trying to be self righteous only God knows our intentions are to just be obedient to God's spirit.

We hear the songs and the sacraments teach us to let our light shine. This is divine love exceed your present circle and try to make it to the next. We hear lots of sermons on Gods love but how far does that love reach. Amazingly , I recently discovered it is inter dimensional. It reaches not only our world but beyond. We live on planet earth - God's love is spread throughout the universe. How great thou art Oh God!  to create such a celestial opus beyond our own.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grace the divine element

 While we often fall short in faith, Grace is in abundance. It is like oxygen the very air we breath. Grace if compared to the planet would be the ocean. It is Grace that keeps all of us afloat in an ever changing world. Amazing Grace is a gospel favorite , and certainly one of mine.
 How did mankind come by Grace - did it always exist? Can we see it - can we feel it? Is it the same as faith or forgiveness -  they are often used in the same context. Grace however has a divine essence that far exceeds any other spiritual element. Is there a definition for Grace that is adequate. It is often said' it is Grace that will see us through', or 'saved by Grace'.
 One thing that is commonly accepted among all theology is that Grace is divine. It is from God, we cannot fathom it or define it. It is often thought of as a gift from God. We sing about how God shed his Grace on thee, like rain pouring from the skies Grace pours upon all mankind. It is the element that makes our faith grow like watering a plant. When our faith seems to waiver Grace never waivers. Forgiveness and Faith are held together by Grace, miracles are performed by Grace. When Jesus walked on the water - I believe he was teaching us divine Grace. When we are baptized by water - we are sprinkled with Grace.
 It is an undeserved element and it is without reserve. God will never withhold Grace - it is given freely and continually to all men and women. Like oxygen it is essential to life itself , it is needed to produce fire , Grace is the divine element.
 Noah found grace and was spared the flood, Jesus was the messenger of Gods grace through salvation. It was Grace that replaced the Law , the divine element when mixed with others such as faith , forgiveness , mercy is essential to our salvation.We are told the Son of God came from the Father abundant in Grace and Truth.

 Never beg for mercy just ask God to show the divine Grace that is already abundantly there. Take a deep breath and breath in grace , this is an exercise - exhale emptiness, sin and doubt- breath in grace. Whenever in need of Gods intervention it will be through grace it is received. Let your grace permeate my soul oh God! Let me receive your grace even though unworthy, let your grace heal me spiritually and bodily, thank you - amen.