Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Recently I developed an interest in scriptural studies. For some reason I felt the need to study the Septuagint and the Apocryphal books used by some. Actually there were several greek versions of the bible and many did not survive the ages. In all 600 books were presented and only one tenth were put into the modern bible. Some are referred to as canon and other deuterocanonical depending on the conference in which they were approved. So, I spent some time reading the stories and trying to see if the book of wisdom and others actually contained divine wisdom. It appears in the old testament other books are mentioned in Numbers 23 the book of the War of Lords and found a few others.

What does all this mean will I be given extra credit for reading all the books possibly related to the christian world - probably not. Leave no stone unturned is usually the incentive. Actually my favorite book is you. I love people even more than any biblical book. In all my studies never put a book before a person. Jesus never wrote a book, buddha never wrote a book, Muhammad was said to have written the Quran even though he himself was illiterate - this in itself would be a miracle. Actually hindu scriptures were attributed to gurus - enlightened holy men. The scriptures written by the the various gurus used by the Sikhs are considered to be a guru , the final guru in a series of guru. I have read about two thirds of the Guru Granth Sahib which is very inspiring. To be honest it is very poetic and could be used for quiet meditation effectively.

We take great pride in our scriptures because they are the religious guidelines. Yet - many will not read the others books. If you are truly a student , it seems you will read every book produced by gurus or apostles or by men of wisdom such as Solomon, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle or saints. Even more important there is a common thread of universal truth in most inspirational books. Read your books but never put a book before a person, they are much more wonderful it seems. If you get a chance hold a newborn baby , it can make us tremble in amazement. The most memorable times in my life were holding my children and grandchildren in the moments following birth.


Monday, August 26, 2013


 While exploring other religions there is a possibility of hitting a pothole. You may realize your own religion is bringing you into a stale personal relationship with your inner being. This is not good, Luke 17:22 Jesus said' the kingdom of God is within you'.  This almost sounds like something the buddha would say , in fact many of the sayings of Jesus are found in other religions. Wisdom of the ages can be found in all religions , including christianity.

Consider the universal principal of the Golden Rule;
Buddha: Consider others as yourself
Jesus: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Mohammed:  Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you That which you want for yourself, seek for mankind.
The Talmud:  What is hurtful to yourself do not to your fellow man.  That is the whole of the Torah and the remainder is but commentary.
Egyptian Late Period Papyrus:  That which you hate to be done to you, do not do to another.
Epicurus: Neither harm nor be harmed.
Confucius: Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.

And what about Love your enemy it also appears in every religion as a universal principle.

We find there are many of these universal truths that are at the top of everyones list.

So why are people changing churches and some even switching religions?
Because  they can.... Freedom of religion allows us to be whoever we want in this country, we are not forced into a state religion. To me this is a good thing , it keeps everyone on their toes. You cannot get away with indifference or prejudice as in the past. People are realizing there are other choices and becoming braver to make that change.

Honestly I feel at home in a catholic church or a lutheran church. In a baptist or a methodist church or independent church. Do not involve myself in the dogma and reach out spiritually. It to me is a matter of choice but you should not ever act indifferent toward another christian. It seems this spirit of indifference is driving some to other religions, a pothole. 

In spirituality we search for wisdom. to me that is God's will - to obtain wisdom. There are many that leave other religions because of the same reason- indifference. Indifference is to me like a pothole , it means you do not love your neighbor , or your enemy and rather show them indifference. You may not even love the members of another church with the same lettering. I have seen this a lot. 

We need to hold onto all universal truths first , and then settle your dogma or minor disputes outside. It is important that we realize that we are all created in the image of the divine regardless of beliefs. We are all different in faith and character but of the same creator. If you do not believe in a creator , we are of the same fabric. 

To some science and philosophy is enough , some like to have both science and spirituality. I personally am this way. My mind and I get along very well. The most important thing is to be content with your own mind before you can help others. Getting along in this life is important, avoid potholes , if you are content in your beliefs , build upon them. I built this house with Jesus as the cornerstone, and somewhere in that foundation is my own mind. We find it is very much like building a house.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking on Water

This is definitely dealing in the area of neither possibility or probability. Though it would seem to me mind over matter is miraculous if not impossible the bible states that for Jesus it was a possibility. This is just a few of the suggestive ideas that had been rejected by the reasonable or current thinkers. Though Martin Luther stated faith is without reason, this means we are to go beyond the probable and the possible to grasp faith. This was at first hard for me to grasp, it seemed to be somewhat suggestive. Then it appears that Peter also followed this feat and began to walk then lost his faith and fell into the water. Not sure why Jesus did this miraculous feat, it would have satisfied me to have his wisdom only.

It was Thomas Jefferson that removed all the things that were beyond reason from his bible. Now I am a believer in Christ had many experiences that may seem miraculous to some but do not call them miracles. I cannot fault Thomas Jefferson for writing his own version, wanting to hold onto the Christ he had come to know and love but not willing to give up all reason. He was expected to lead a new nation based upon sound decisions using all the reasonable powers at his disposal.

Then we have the story of the hindu guru that charged over 100 USD to watch him walk on water. He showed up with many of his followers and after the first step kirplunk, splash. Angrily he shook his fist at the crowd shouting one of you is an unbeliever!

We also see in certain buddhist and other religious writings long before Jesus time these claims were made of holy men performing the supernatural. We also see that Jesus warned of those that performed miracles in his name. So even Jesus downplayed the significance of the miracles. He taught it more important that we obeyed and did God's will than perform miracles.

We are on a path of wisdom not a path of miracles but for the argument...

Because though our brains are taught to believe with reason , using the probability and less likely possibility. We are forgetting the words of Martin Luther faith is without reason, and we are also forgetting the words of Habakkuk who said, " The just shall live by faith". So we are told to live in the world and not be of the world. As children of light this world becomes an illusion a dream and true reality awaits us or we can experience a glimpse of it in the miracle.

The whole purpose of the miracle is to unshackle the reasonable brain, to take us into another domain of possibilities. There are some willing to accept them and others who just will not go beyond reason. Some things we are told to just accept by faith and the truth will follow. In the world in which some  live reason precedes the truth, this is a logical precept. However to be aware of the ethereal , reason cannot perceive it. Light we are told precedes truth and we should become children of light.

To me reasonable thought is just current thought , but things that were never thought possible have become possible and even probable. So imagination leads to new ideas and creativity, it has been already proven.

The man who invented quantum physics, Max Planck  now a recognized science also said ' light precedes truth'. He also said that light becomes the truth when the opponents of it die out and a new generation is born. It will be without question that there will be a generation born that will someday think of walking on water as being possible. The same as our generation looked at flight and breaking the sound barrier, going to the moon, creating a cell phone that can access huge warehouses of information and sending pictures back and forth. Someday , that generation,  will look back and say , he did walk on water!


Saturday, August 17, 2013


We see the picture of the person walking in the sand , the gentle wave crosses over the footprints erasing them. We see the walk in hollywood were footprints are made to be permanent in the sidewalk. We see halls of fame where famous sports figures are recorded. Yes- I have even seen the cast footprint of Albert Einstein - a childhood friends father owned a shoe store in Princeton and this was a favorite item they liked to show guests.

A persons footprint does not have to be cast in stone for others to know they were there. To some fame is important , a sign of success that sometimes money can buy. Yet we see in the story of Mahatmas that very little was left behind , perhaps a few articles sandals , glasses and maybe a watch. In America fame and fortune is viewed as success, in other cultures royalty and subjection to royalty. Some cultures  success is having children as many as possible. 

In Truth success has a perfect relationship with the footprint that we want to leave behind. In studying the cultures that are based on religion, political and providence. We discover this is America , from the founding fathers till now , we see a constant struggle for power and fame. We even elevate those that have achieved this kind of success. We have a love relationship with them , this include passion, jealousy and other feelings. We the people, by the people and for the people really means certain people. If you belong to as many fraternities and churches as possible your chances for this kind of success improve greatly in America. This is what a democracy is about -people. 

What is the spiritual life about? Is it about influencing people or becoming powerful? You will find it is not. We find that our footprint is more like the person that walked upon the beach whose footprints were erased by the sand. This type of life seems so meaningless though- from the aspect of the average american, it is probably something you would regard more in India or Africa or a  more spiritually historic place. It is true! The spiritual communities are often destroyed by the religious , those who seek power and providence. As in the case of the american indian , the australian aboriginal, the canadian aboriginals - many of these were a spiritual people. They were saved by religion according to the salesman of providence. Now we are discovering they had a deeply rich heritage and are trying to understand some of the writings left behind. If you take the time to read some of the american indian poetry it is a taste of this rich heritage. Often reflect on the writings of the Lakota and Cherokee tribes as they leave me with a sense of balance and peace.

The footprint of the moccasin has a lot of character, as does the footprint of the sandal. The moccasin was often worn for comfort and the stealth it provided in hunting. The sandal is often the choice of a philosopher or man of knowledge. The boot was often worn by those more aggressive in society , kick ass is a popular american term.

Actually the first boots were found in the use by the american indians over 8000 years old. The moccasin came later as it was discovered they were more comfortable for average wear, so the evolution of footwear has regressed. Indians learned to soften the hide and produce this remarkable footwear over time. The buddha left his shoes behind for the more comfortable sandal.

You may wear whatever you choose and certainly you will judge your own success by the footprint left behind in this world. 


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mondo della luna

The opera by Joseph Haydn is a story about a venice man who liked to entertain with his own private observatory and a telescope pointed at the moon. He would tell his guests he could see the people on the moon carrying out mischief and had everyone convinced he was an astronomer.

Actually he had no training in astronomy and no idea what he was looking at. Sometimes the telescope was pointed into the sky with nothing in view. He would answer his guest that his telescope was so powerful that it could see right through the houses on the moon.

We appear to be so emaciated at times to belief just about anything , a man can set up a church, hold a service and claim to observe the heavens. It may all appear real and the trimmings all seem right , the guests are delighted.

Who am I to judge ones intentions , are they playing church and just having a delightful time. The whole scenario of the opera Mondo Della Luna, looking at the moon, believing whatever, that it must be real because we are in an observatory with a real telescope.

The findings are the same without the trained astronomer how can one see the moon and have it explained. People on the moon in houses - really? I do not think so , especially since men have already stepped on the moon and returned. Of course some are told this never happened , what an opera that religion can be. At least play along with science and change the story , you can still play the same music. This has been the way for ages science and religion. A Venice opera.

Actually people were more entertained by the bogus astronomer and that all had a great time. It seems that is what people want , they return from church and say wasn't the music wonderful, did you hear the choir? fantastic. Now they have copied the popular rock music to appease the young minds, they have video screens to view, just like TV. They roll out the sacraments like it is just another part of playing church, very seldom saying the sacramental prayers or convey the incense.

Everyone has their method of religion , but at least do not copy the rock bands and give in to entertaining. We are not there to entertain but yes - if someone has an opera voice - enjoy, it may even bring a tear to your eye that God had gifted someone with such a voice. The more the capacity is for emotion the greater the emotional experience one will seek. The greater the spiritual capacity one has, the greater the spiritual experience. This is what the people want an experience, but to me the quiet radiates its own music, a celestial opus. Not that I am against a full symphony orchestra with an opera voice if you can arrange it - that sounds wonderful. What is important is that the message be pointed in the right direction.

The relationship with God is a spiritual one, there is also a spatial significance. Spatial is our sense of direction, the telescope example is relative to the spatial relationship. If we meet together for  spiritual service and do not have this spatial relationship it was just entertainment or a social meeting. In the human brain the frontal lobe contains our capacity for spirituality and next to that is the spatial or our sense of direction or where we are. It is not by co-incidence that the design is this way.

We are there to maintain a focus on God, however it be in worship or the message. If we have spirituality without focus it is unlikely we will actually have a ethereal experience. My hope is that we understand spirituality without focus is like the Venice opera.


Saturday, August 10, 2013



We are driving in the car or on a bus and hear a noise. Because we know it is a mechanical failure usually when a noise occurs, it may bring concern or distress. There is however a growing attitude that is to wait till it breaks. We see more and more people ignoring the noise , they do not pull over at the next service station or peak under the hood to see if it is minor or major - they simply do not care.

Then they hear a hungry child or one that is in danger, it is the same attitude - not caring. They long for the quiet and complain when there is noise, but never check it out.

Noise is a symptom of a failure or success, we just cannot ignore it. The cost to repair or the danger to yourself and others will be far greater if not repaired sooner. My dog will bark sometimes and we check it out - usually it means a stranger is about and sometimes it is merely a rabbit. When we hear a child who is engrossed in play a quiet man - it means he is learning and intent. When we hear one that is yelling or making a lot of noise it means they have nothing to fulfill their attention we call it a disorder or a deficit.

Jesus said to us let them who have ears let them hear! He wants us to hear the noise not ignore it and to do something about it.Some will say he was referring to the gospel but the gospels were not written until over a hundred years later. He wanted us to hear the hungry , the needy and also the wisdom - all these are important. Jesus also said to see in the same sentence. If we see a person doing harm to another intervene. Jesus saw Mary Magdalene being stoned for being a prostitute, he intervened on her behalf. He who is without sin throw the first stone. The noise of the crowd drew him toward the situation.

Some will say you are being nosey and mind your own business. It happened to me once , I was staying in a hotel and the room next door was very noisy, a girl was crying, a man was threatening. It was near New York City and could not afford an expensive room was waiting for parts to be delivered to repair some machinery. I knocked on the door and asked if anyone needed help. An angry man answered the door , he had just beaten his wife, she was crying. He told me to mind my own business. I told him right now my business was getting some sleep and he was interfering with it. Now I am not a small person and not that handsome - though normally quiet and peaceful have had my share of wars and battles.

The man knew I meant business and quieted down. To my surprise the next day he actually thanked me for being concerned and said he had a problem with anger, even the wife was grateful and we all had a good nights rest. We ended up just talking and departed in peace and smiles. Perhaps they made up - do not know what transpired , perhaps they just needed to be aware of their hurt. Yes- he could have had a gun and shot me - it was that kind of neighborhood. It also could have been disastrous for the wife if it continued. It is not for me to judge the man but the situation - the noise sent a signal.

We sometimes need to come out of the quiet and pay attention to the noise.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Where is Waldo?

There was an interesting puzzle that was popular years ago, it was called "where is Waldo?" Of course you were given an image of hundreds of scenes and people and tried to find the character Waldo in his crazy hat and scarf.

We hear about out of body experiences and this thing called science. It was something that was explored and interestingly discovered something. The puzzle is not where is Waldo , it is where is your mind.

Where is your mind?

You have a body, mind and spirit supposedly in theory and it seems to be that sometimes people have out of body experiences , it actually happened to me several times. Not intentionally it just happened. It was not until after many years it was realized that something else was happening. It was not losing the mind , or going out of the body but actually finding the mind.

The mind was not in the body, it was this realization that helped me to understand the relationship of the mind to the body and eventually the spirit. The senses - the eyes are like fibre optic transmissions that pass light waves to the brain to form images, the ears are like sonar that pass sound, the smell aromatic sequences of chemistry, the touch warmth and cold and taste the delicate texture of nourishment or deserts. All of these sensory's input to the brain which interprets it to an image , a word, a healthy organism or chemistry, a source of nourishment -food.

After being processed in the brain in series of thoughts or data transmissions it is determined what is good , what is truth or reality is then passed to the mind. The mystery is where is the mind? Where is Waldo? The out of body experience is not losing the mind but finding the mind, it is out of the body. The brain is a processor the mind is the reality or truth, the truth is not of the body. So we technically exist ,at least our minds do, somewhere else.

Perhaps , someday if not already you will have this realization. While in my experience found that there were some disconnected from their minds, some had bodies - some spiritual entities. My theory is that our minds exist outside the body. We somehow sort through the garbage and chatter and pass on any discerned truth. As we have miraculous bodies , the mind is also very amazing. Where some put the brain in the mind category ,  the brain is with the body. The mind is part of the spirit not the body- at least this was my realization.

We may feel at times we are floating out of the body but it is actually toward the mind. Here is where the spiritual realm seems to be also.This is all that may be shared as to not spoil your experiences.


Sunday, August 4, 2013


The policy of indifference shown by some religious orders to me is an offense to christ. While visiting hospitals or hospice it seems some priests will only pray for the catholic persons. I have held the funeral services for many catholics in slums even soliciting funds to pay for the burials, always keeping to the catholic prayers to honor their faith. Have done the same for jewish persons  honoring their prayers usually the 23rd psalm because a rabbi or priest may not be available or want to bother with a destitute we bury them in a wooden coffin. Even holding the hand of a hindu praying with them for healing. Did christ show indifference ? Did Peter ? Did Paul?  Does not God even care for the sparrow and all of creation?

At least once a week pray for persons of diverse faiths with no respect to color or orientation. This is why understanding divine will is important. Holiness is a combination of love and wisdom not a sectarian idea. Our Father who art in heaven , hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

When it was said, do not cast your pearls before the swine , it means those who refuse divine love not those who are not a member of your circle. Now I have seen some priests and rabbis that do evangelical work and reach out to other faiths, this is true love, but it does go against the policy of indifference.

When does a person or group decide who is under divine providence or general providence? These are questions that need to be answered , they are of the utmost disgrace. Often attend catholic services and even join with the various charities in helping the poor as a joint effort. My calling is to all of humanity not to a select group. This policy of indifference has hurt certain religious groups and not promoted love, peace and good will to man.

Jesus said suffer not the little children , yet some will not even hold an un baptized child because of this inbred policy of indifference. Then we ask why there is not peace in the world! Because you preach love but show indifference! Divine love knows no boundaries, it needs only to be accepted. To reject someone who is willing to accept divine love merely on their membership status is a disgrace!

I do not believe Mother Teresa checked to see if persons were of a certain affiliation to provide them with prayer, nor did many of the proclaimed saints to my knowledge.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beers and Bears

The Beer-
This may sound odd but recently have encountered both just last week. My father-in-law who is a dear old soul needed a ride to the hospital and a companion for some testing. It was a trying time for him and fortunately everything turned out ok for now. He was insistent at stopping at the bar after the test for a relaxing beer. Normally this is not a place for me to stop, but it was his day and he wanted to stop at this pub ( for a beer). We stopped and sat at the bar ordered up two beers. Everyone was friendly and I felt very guilty not for the beer but being judgmental. It dawned on me that these friends of my father-in-law met everyday and discussed their problems , shared in their sorrows not much different than being at a church social. By the way beer is perfectly acceptable in catholic and lutheran practice.

 It was like being the only person with their clothes on at a nude beach, this happened to me once on a bike hike waking up to discover being at a nudist beach. Things like this happen in life - who are we to judge? Once I was invited to a neighbors house for dinner and he peaked his head out asking me to come in. I went in and discovered everyone was nude, this was in Florida. It was quite a different experience everyone was eating dinner and enjoying each others company , they were not lewd just nude. This may sound extreme but it was only me that was embarrassed - keeping on my clothes but did take off my shoes. On some of the islands in the Pacific it is normal to not wear tops , even for the woman.

 To me each situation we find ourselves is to be handled with wisdom and love not judgement. Yes- it is not a perfect world we live in and some have a different idea of perfection than we do. To my father-in-law it is a perfect beer with the right temperature and glass, this was also a favorite of Martin Luther. To me it is just sitting on the back porch admiring the birds and reading a book. We are all unique.

 My father-in-law being irish catholic was in his normal surroundings in a local pub with friends and neighbors. He also prayed three times a day the Lords Prayer and attended mass at least once a week.
Is it wrong for me to judge others even though they may enjoy beer or be nudists. I really do not know!
I was the one who felt the shame and guilt for being judgmental. Does the spirit make allowances for such situations? 

I remember the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden , they were as we are told nude. As they ate from a certain tree they became embarrassed and used the leaves to cover themselves. When at first they were perfectly fine , then they were judgmental after gaining this knowledge from the fruit they had eaten  (forbidden fruit). Is guilt really self imposed by the knowledge of a standard or norm perhaps it is not really the act. 

When a young minister often went to various churches of different standards or norms. I remember one particular church where it was considered unholy to wear jewelry. We had to remove our watches and necklaces , another church it was unholy to wear a tie - removed the tie. Then again another place it was casual but still another formal. Judgement is rampant in the christian community - we find that has nothing to do with love, with joy, with peace. 

Not sure what Adam and Eve found in the fruit that made us so judgmental, but it eventually got them kicked out of the garden. Perhaps we should not rely on knowledge so much and rely on wisdom. Is it better to lose a soul over a watch or necklace, than just preach the true message of love. Not saying we should all put on the love beads and sit naked like in the sixties but we also need to be real and learn to love each other beyond the attire.

The Bear -
I remember waking up to my own father finding the back of his pickup ripped off last week. Yes- he was planning on taking out the garbage but the bear got to it first. He was actually in tears over this because of being elderly and he was one to keep his truck immaculate as possible. Having mixed feelings first calmed down dad then proceeded to clean up the mess. Went to the hardware store and replaced the bolts and rivets with new ones. It took the better part of a day but it was as good as new if not better. 
Sometimes we can feel the pain before the bee stings, or the drama. Life is sometimes full of bears but we also need to make sure we clean the trash out before they show up. We cannot think of everything but we can face the situation with less drama. I told my dad it was easily fixed and not to despair. My house was once demolished by a tornado and we lived through it. The tornado story did not work but a trip to the hardware store made him feel better.

Peace and Joy

Thursday, August 1, 2013


One of the most important thoughts that recently came to mind driving from the shore to my mountain home. All along the way I saw the beauty of the scenery but it also made me think upon the others distractions - traffic. In life there are ways to view things , we hear of the Clint Eastwood movie the Good , the Bad  and the Ugly. Actually in life it is the Beauty, the Good , the Bad and the Ugly.

Some look for the good in everything , some look for the bad - optimist and pessimist. Some even look for the ugly - they are downright mean. Then there are the few that like in the song - everything is beautiful in its own way - look for beauty. They usually are not bothered by life and maintain a smile.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder actually it is also in the heart or attitude. My grandmother was this type of person , diabetic and blind she always had a smile. Her name was Rose and even when the children were into mischief she would laugh with joy. She had very little and was the mother of twelve. Probably one of the most wonderful persons in my life and the lives of others.

Is it enough to say all is good, in dharma we seek refuge in the good. We also need to be artistic and creative and that comes from the beauty within. Solomon was one of the wisest men of his time and he often spoke of beauty.

A favorite song is everything is beautiful , in its own way by Ray Stevens.

We can go through life looking for the good , the bad or the ugly but how about looking for the beauty.


The Pentecost

We read of the day of pentecost where many diverse tongues were spoken and this was seen as a sign from God. Myself occasionally speak in tongues in prayer, and yes I am a mystic. Perhaps many desire this mystical experience it often brings on revivals at churches, even the catholics are seeking the experience but they call it charismatic. Some say it is of God others the devil. Others a gift or sign of the holy spirit. Even the apostles thought it was some sort of sign. On the day of pentecost this sign was witnessed by many.

What is pentecost, whole divisions of christians were formed from this phenomenon?
Some say if you do not speak in tongues you do not have the holy spirit but what is this gift?

After being a tongue speaker for over 40 years , and experiencing many emotional and displays of worship. Here is my answer.

Alone on a deserted island with no clergy or church, I first started to speak in tongues. Did not know what this was nor was there anyone to ask. Living on cocoanuts and honey for a year praying often and in these tongues. Were they to be a witness to others - NO. I was alone on a deserted island. Were they mystical? Yes -- my brain had somehow shut down the neurological center that produced speech. It was bypassed and all the mind was concentrated in prayer

In my case it was not a sign but more of a gift. Eventually my mind would shut down other areas of the brain , now I did have water caught in rain barrels so it was not lack of thirst. Eventually my mind would shut down entirely producing a trance like state and had out of body experiences. Now I do not think this was supernatural. It was merely a reaction of the brain as it was created. Just as in the case of healing the body is created to react to certain stimulus.

So every year the churches celebrate the day of pentecost , we see it as a divine mystery. Yet - is it a mystery or a gift - is it a function of the mind. 

In my being with the elderly near death often hear them speak unintelligibly , especially just before death. Did their brains became partially claimed by death. What about their other sensibilities ? They often act child like even those that may have held high degrees in science or education. We claim levels of consciousness or mystery when actually the mind is the mystery. Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ. We are to have the mind of Christ, which is a sound mind, a perfect mind.

So how does the pentecostal speak in tongues? In my experience it is a spiritual gift of the mind.
So how do some leave their bodies? In my experience it is a gift of the mind and body relaxation.
So how do some have visions? The mind.

Is this dangerous to the person? Most feel peaceful afterwards. 
Is it sane? It is actually very natural to release the mind.
Can anyone do this? In my case it was not taught but realized.
In religious circles we are told these gifts are for ministry and to promote the gospel of Christ.
Jesus never wrote a book, he told us to love, forgive and about grace and truth, these are spiritual ways. He also revealed the Father to some. The gospel we are speaking of does it teach grace and truth, then go for it.

Does this have a religious meaning. NO, it is a spiritual practice (the holy spirit). Many Catholics, Lutherans, Baptist and almost every denomination have had this experience. We see it is central to the pentecostal faith and is practiced during normal services. They call this the moving of the spirit, in catholic services it is usually only during charismatic meet ups this is practiced. Some believe that this was limited to the day of pentecost, however Paul explains he spoke in tongues regularly.

Why do I atribute this to the mind rather than the spirit, actually it is releasing the mind to the spirit. As in healing releasing the body to the spirit. The body , the mind and the spirit work together in life. When either is in disparity it effects the other parts. It does not mean a handicapped person is not spiritual , actually the spirit is usually heightened to overcome this handicap, similar to a person that is blind usually has a higher sense of hearing and touch.


Darkness and Light

We have through time feared the night , the creatures of the night that were nocturnal were considered an abomination by the jews, They included the eagle, the falcon, the owl, seagulls and  bats just to name a few. WHY?

The moon was also associated with bizarre creatures such as werewolves and vampires. The moon was the simeon brother of the sun. Like it had a dark side and could not be trusted. Night predators and wandering mice. The larger cats the lions , the tigers all like to prey at night. WHY?

The night seemed to be a time of fear , dreams came at night. We often see shadows and death associated with the night. Why was it created ?

Perhaps the dark side of the moon is only a place on the other side of a sphere, perhaps a cave is just another place. Perhaps we have been wrong to place the eagle , the owl and the falcon in an abomination  category because of the screeching sounds they make to drive out small rodents and other such prey. But religion has categorized them because of this lack of understanding, because of fear.

I have always admired the eagle, the falcon and the owl does that make me an abomination. It seems that religion and lack of the understanding of nature can take a wrong turn. What about the nature of men if religion cannot properly discern animals. Is it any better with understanding men and women?

My conclusion throughout studying the throwing of dice in determining religious intention. The study of religion versus lack of basic understanding of nature has brought me to state anything that is not understood is an abomination.

Knowledge + Understanding = Wisdom. Superstition and lack of understanding is a religious characteristic. Many were burned at the stake for the production of common aspirin to relieve a headache or other herbal medicines.

Gays and Lesbians were at first persecuted until their numbers grew and many came out of  the closet, in fact many were priests and nuns. Does that mean they were ever evil or unnatural. Yes- they will not produce or evolve the human species physically but what about spiritually. Many will contribute to the cause of wisdom and over time many have been involved with charity and kindness.


What is the path of light , we are often told it goes with truth. I am the way , the truth and the light. Did Jesus ever write a book? No. If he had the book itself would be glorified. Did Jesus ever place himself above others? No. He said even greater things we should do. Did he teach to both the young and the old , suffer not the little children to come unto me.

I have just given a christian example but what about the hindu and the buddhist, the Islamic and the Sikhs. There is light in every spiritual path. Unfortunately the religions fight amongst each other to who has the best light. It is usually recorded in a book and the book becomes the glory not our Father or creator.

It amuses me that religion has lasted this long , but we can see the power rings that form under the name of providence. God is spirit. I find a mix of the spiritual with the religious in most of these books and it is so cleverly disguised. That is why I love the aboriginal studies where story telling was the main method of conveyance, it is also the method Jesus used.

The awareness we gain through spirituality is to be not afraid of the darkness. An american indian bonds with the eagle and understands its need for food, often wore the feathers. The original people of Hawaii held the owl as sacred - especially the white owl, understanding their majestic form. Many ancient people respected the cycles of the moon as it controlled the tides - later proven by science. More and more we are finding the herbs to be of use that were once tabu. Myself eat dandelions and benefit from the calming and physical benefits. They have replaced over the counter medicines and save a lot of pain.

Light is truth , darkness is lack of understanding, both are created and good.