Friday, May 30, 2014

Next Generation

We envision what we want the next generation to be like. Will religion be as predominant as it was in the last 5 generations. If you visit many of the current church families the youth is scarce in the traditional churches many are over the age of 55 , few children and teenagers. My prediction is the traditional church will disappear. The lack of funding for one and the internet and fast paced education another. People want a more customized religion one size does not suit all.
 Years ago ethnicity was a part of the church - today many are reaching out to the eastern thought. Of those that do become a part of a church very few remain. We find that because of the traditional methods of learning and lack of leadership many leave.

 There is still a great need to fill the spatial mind and there is always that looming primordial self that needs to be confronted. The modern church was good at this until people became more educated. They now demand more answers - questions. Years ago no one questioned faith it was almost unthinkable, now everyone is questioning and thinking for themselves.

 The new generation will not easily accept religion perhaps until they reach maturity. They will be more involved with technology and socialization. Socialization that comes from a click of  a button.
My grandchildren are only 4 and 7 years old and already have started networking, They no longer wait to go to school or church events it is a daily item.

 The advent of the cell phone , the tablet, and the personal computer - the internet have changed socialization forever. This is all positive and we should not be discouraging new learning techniques.
Children will still have the inherent desire to fill that spatial mind, and they will confront the primordial self in a more prepared state  and without dogma. They will learn to grow more spiritually than the previous generation. They will no longer be limited by geographic boundaries . Children in China will be working on projects with those in the US at an early age. Children in Africa will share ideas with those in Germany.
 The next generation will be at peace.


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