Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Clutter

Yes - I am still alive. Though recently had gone through a terrible bout of pneumonia and moved back home with my wife. We were not separated in marriage only location as for the past year had to re- locate for employment. We have been soul mates for over 30 years and have (2) sons and (2) grandsons.

Upon returning home and moving my things into one home from an apartment in Reading, PA. We had one problem - the problem was clutter. Having more than you need for the time being things had to be stored in spaces so that we could travel freely through the home. An extra couch or chair until we could decide what to do with them.

My mind for the past year was tied up with data science ,analytics and various technology. I became certified as an information specialist. In the final result not one poem was written in the past year, my blog was frozen - my mind was full of clutter.

To me creativity and ideas were reduced to whatever the corporation needed. Yes- I won monthly and quarterly medallions for these in my job. However my spirituality suffered and to me that is the most important thing in life. there must be a balance between employment and spirituality. Like every experience things happen for a reason. I met some interesting people and discovered more about myself.

So this was a period of self discovery and reducing clutter. As we can see clutter in the home is one thing, clutter in the mind is another. As we are exposed to the internet and a huge dynamic of knowledge and ideas this all seems so wonderful. We do however need to sort through the information and find out what is truly needed and what is just clutter.

The mind is our temple - when Jesus walked into the temple and saw all the commerce going on that had nothing with spirituality , he grew angry. He overturned the tables - his Fathers house had become a den of thieves robbing us of the true things that were precious -joy .peace of mind our love.
In a  capitalist society where commerce is the key element- we tend to fall into the same trap. The sanctuary should remain a sanctuary - a place of worship .prayer and communion.

The we go back to the brain which is an amazing space. Truly it is just a space where things are stored - sometimes clutter. Until we can sort through the information and make sense of it. One note is that we all desire recognition, yet we are all one. We all have mixed thoughts and all have this craziness called clutter. It is learning how to deal with it - be patient , all things will pass.

Peace to you,


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