Monday, June 25, 2012


Is following Christ all glory - or take up your cross and follow me. My experience has been one of joy and suffering. They do not seem to fit in the same sentence however it is what it is.

Suffering  comes in a several forms:
Pain - is the most known , we read of the suffering of God's people throughout history and of Christ on his way to the cross. Pain is something we all deal with eventually , some have more tolerance than others. I do not believe in flagellation or deliberate pain, it may have been a practice of some of the early Christian mystics but I see no need for it.

Disappointment - In others we may have lost  trust or in ourselves can lead to a self imposed suffering. When our expectations are not met. Perhaps sin that we thought we had overcome.
We must always trust in God's grace it is truly the divine element. Perhaps a lost love, or friend maybe you saw your girlfriend or boyfriend kissing another, emotional suffering is also real.
We are to trust no one, not to say become overly suspicious or jealous but attachment of feelings can lead to painful separation. There is a way to have love but not be possessive.

Doubt - Yes, it is often we suffer from not believing we are good enough. Maybe you have been fooled into thinking you are not beautiful. Not saying we all have perfect bodies and minds but we should never let anyone control us into thinking we are not good enough. Yes- we all have sinned but grace is sufficient. Yes - we may not be the best athlete but can walk with God. Blessed assurance is knowing  who you are and accepting the truth, be not deceived. You are a child of God once you have knowledge of grace and salvation. Judge not lest you be judged. Jesus came to show us grace and truth not to judge.

Separation - Loneliness can be a form of suffering , being separated from family or a friend at a time when they are most needed. I believe this is the worst suffering- separation being apart from your loved ones. Soldiers and sailors often go through this it is more more painful than a wound and is often traumatic. Jesus was separated at the cross from His Father, why has thou forsaken me. I believe it was to experience the ultimate suffering of separation. There is nothing more painful than separation from God. It effects us in body , mind and spirit our health is affected , our joy is stolen. We often will feel periods of separation from God maybe from sin or to walk in faith. After awhile God removes our training wheels - with a little push we go forward in faith, like a child riding a bicycle on their own. God is watching to pick us up and is happy for our success. Only faith pleases God.
Matthew 3:17 
And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mind

There are psychologist and psychiatrist , priest , guru and shaman. There are Christian Mystics , Buddhism and Hinduism all sorts of mind experts. We have authors of varying degrees trying to interpret the human and perfect the human mind. After all we are body, mind and spirit and to maintain health we need to be aware of the workings and needs of each.
Objectively we reach outward to perceive input into the mind , and Subjectively we reach inward. We have a dualism in our nature it is the way the mind is formed (it is what it is). The Objective mind is observing,  more scientific and agnostic- it hold doubts because it is constantly exploring to find the truth. The Subjective mind looks inward , it is like holding a flashlight in a cave , seeing the writings on the wall. Going from place to place and is theosis - eventually becoming spiritually enlightened. It is the subjective mind that explores religion and the unseen world.

We all have this dualism whether we want it or not , we can deny it but it is there. The psychologist and psychiatrist use past memories or medicines much like the shamanic herbs to better oneself.  The Buddhist or Christian mystic , and shaman will go inward. Notice the shaman uses both the Objective and Subjective methods these are of medicinal , mushrooms, peyote , opiates and also prayer and meditation. It was often spoke of in the bible of the good plants.

Not understanding dualism can lead to depression and bi-polar dysfunction. Religious indifference and doubt all stem from lack of understanding dualism. Phillipians 2:5 Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus. Then goes on to say who, although He existed in the form of God, did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men. This is at the mind level where Christ confronted the mind in both divine and man, Objectively and Subjectively to become a bondman. We later read that he was no longer a bondsman but a son of God. He was also after looking inward and  fasting for 40 days confronted by satan (some say a demon) and this was his temptation. Jesus was to deny satans power and all that he was shown was already His by the way of his Father.

 Buddha went through similar events ascetic denial living on a single grain of rice for days. Searching inward he came across demons and Yes - the goblin.Buddhas was 500 or so years before Christ but he was also tempted and taunted by goblins, the buddhas answer was this  since, he had already ascended as enlightened the goblins had no power over him.They dispersed quickly.

 In my own spiritual walk have encountered a goblin, it was not in a dream. Now - it would seem irrational but it happened. The answer given to the goblin in this case was , you would not be here unless God allowed it , for it would only be by Gods permission that I would be tempted and also asked the goblin if it where looking for help. The ancient goblin uttered some words which were not of my common tongue and quickly dispersed. I have never heard from a goblin , since. Now I told this to my mother and brother and they are  of the christian faith. I rationalize in my mind that the goblin may have or not existed but it was very real to me. In fact later realized I was the goblin my Subjective mind overpowered my Objective mind. It was kind of like flying a jet and pushing the eject button now the goblin is gone, theosis has won. Perhaps it is just part of the spiritual experience another gatekeeper in the mind.

 This and other experiences has led me into understanding Christ more and knowing that the Buddha was enlightened in a similar way .  I wrote a poem soon after the experience but few will understand it , they may think it was just a poem.  I pray everyday God's will be done, in heaven and earth.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


 I noticed in the news lately two persons that have claims to royalty and royalties.

Queen Elizabeth - Platinum jubilee , surely she is the queen of England. A dominant elegant looking lady that has inherited her royal title from past generations of the house of Windsor. In England there is always a house , the house of Lords, the house of Parliament , the house of Commons just to name a few. Each of the royal lineages have a house, house of York - house of Windsor, house of Hanover etc.. So, we have under each ruling house servants , those that are knighted and a whole trail of riches and lands. Those include castles , princes , princesss , Earls, Dukes and clergy that are under the royals. We also have whole countries under the royals , England, Australia , Canada just to name a few.
 How did the royals separate themselves from the peasants and even more so, get the peasants to pay them royaties and taxes. Obviously there was a vote or a power grab of some sort and some got left out - others became royals. Realizing this is just an earthly realm nonetheless it is a realm. The royals had power not only over lands and wealth but life and death. Even Jesus recognized the power of Caesar , render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars, unto God the things that are Gods. Amazing statement not one of rebellion or conflict to overthrow the roman civil authority.
 Jesus did not care much about earthly power or wealth as some may preach. He was more concerned about the spiritual, knowing all things will pass away. Did he fullfill the prophecy of the King , whose house did Jesus reign over. This is a question that many jewish scholars use to deny Jesus as the messiah. We have the Lord of lords , King of kings and all he had was a crown of thorns. Yes- what a crown it was , no gold or jewels or glory. Jesus represented not this world but many realms , dimensions of various creations not just this one. Although his crown was not a glorious one - it represented a willingness to suffer for His followers . To take their judgement - to be an eternal King of kings. Many will say who would want a life of suffering, who would want to follow Jesus. I would - knowing also this life will pass and believing in eternity that we have eternal essence, character. Yes- I have followed Christ through suffering and also the rewards of a kingdom of peace and tranquility that many will never know.

Creflo Dollar- In the news for an encounter with his daughter who had rebelled. Not so much a royal in the sense of the house of Windsor but a charismatic preacher that can easily covince thousands - he can deliver them from poverty and sin. Using the good book, the holy bible found a formula for wealth. Now you might say that is greedy or sinfull but really not much different than any other religious money machine. Why suffer , why be in poverty - claim your piece of heaven now, that is the message. I really cannot find a reason to dislike Creflow, he has imagination , faith and power that comes with wealth. He did not inherit anything from the house of a lord, but claims for himself a piece of happiness on earth. He might just even be happy , I do not know. What I do know is he has found out how to collect royalties no different than any pope or King or queen of this earth. He learned to use fear , he learned to use his wits and even made it scriptual. When fear does not work they use words of love. Love me because - God loves you and I am His servant therefore deserving of glory.
 Not sure if God cares so much about sharing money , he is more powerful than the FED and can just create more things if desired. God is spirit - God is light  what does that have to do with men. That is why Jesus did not care about Caesars wealth or money - give it to him, let Caesar collect taxes and royalties. God is not about taking from the poor and the peasants. Although some will disagree , they will say they are ultimately the authority of God, their wealth is evidence. Tell that to the real Jesus , Jesus said there would be many false Christs and many would speak in His name. I am telling you many are charismatic, many have a holy claim but Jesus does not need your earthly treasure, hold on to it. Give to the poor directly or make an effort to help the elderly or helpless hungry children. Stay away from  those that would swindle your last dollar. There is nothing spiritual or nothing in the realm of light about giving to an ego maniac or self proclaimed royal. God will forgive you for not being stupid.

 Jesus King of kings , Lord of lords - there is no other.