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Filio in the Latin has (2) distinct meanings the first being son. The second meaning which we will explore is branch.

In Jesus words he often referred to himself as the vine. In prophesy we are told a branch will grow out of the root of Jesse. We are also told by Jesus he is the vine and we are the branches. We are also told the story of the fig tree that did not have any figs growing on it. In this story Jesus caused the fig tree to dry up or whither.

We know that we have many physical characteristics some have blue eyes , some brown or even green or even hazel. We are sometimes characterized by the color of our skin. We can be short or tall , skinny or obese. God's image was not a physical characteristic what was this image?

The image was transferred from Father to son, similar to the root , vine and branch. In my belief it is in our very DNA given at birth. With modern science the discovery of DNA has opened new meaning to the image. We also can understand how all the various people of the world came to the same stories of the Great Flood.
The kingdom of God is within us all. How different cultures arrived to similar conclusions , the golden rule. Why the Buddha taught similar lessons as Jesus or the many of similarities of religions that are found even amongst aboriginal peoples with no other human contact. This is because their humanity alone entitles them to knowledge , this intelligence is inherent.

Those that look within for knowledge , the mystics are constantly revealing thoughts of divine origin. Over many years have discovered the answers or truth was within not just me but us all. We have from birth received this image in our DNA. Remarkably every living human being has the capacity to unravel mystery and find the truth.

In gnostic belief and per Carl Jung there is also a germ , this belief is also held by Hindu mystics. Myself believe this is a bean or seed. As you will see later explained in modern program techniques.

My belief is all knowledge comes from God , all of it. It is in each human being from the beginning of birth. We unravel the knowledge - sort of like decompressing and decrypting it in computer science only at a much higher level through experience and introspection.

Today we find the worlds most powerful computers are being used to try to unravel this DNA externally. To discover the biometrics of the human anatomy for heath science and other uses. Imagine this all the super computing just to unravel one strain of human DNA. This DNA can be taken from a single hair from any human. DNA is a substance of protein a material it is however capable of coding. Similar to the machine code of a computer it can run micro programs as experience or introspection touches them.

Imagine the entire history from the tree of Life in our every strand. The kingdom of God within our very being. Imagine all the knowledge of God in every human entity nothing is hidden - no mystery.
This is one of my core beliefs that God is truth , mystery is just emptiness waiting for the truth. Plato also believed as I do though this idea did not come to me from Plato it was realized.

The very reason  the internet came about was to spread the knowledge across many diverse locations in the event of nuclear attack it could be recovered. Are we Gods version of the internet all the knowledge spread across billions of humans. Is it our purpose to store and recollect that knowledge of the aeons. With each experience we unravel another piece or with each introspection.

The Hindus were told to desire the primal seed and the germ of the Spirit. In Gnostic belief it is the nous or germ in every human entity that through the use of a divine guide can uncover mystery. I think the Hindu has more clearly defined the primal seed long before the discovery of DNA it was known about for thousands of years and taught we had this primal seed and the germ of the Spirit is used to decipher the seed.

I believe we all have the primal seed. The mustard seed explained in the bible is this germ. We think of germs as having disease in modern times that is the most common use. For a seed to grow it must be germinated this is learned in horticulture. In the germination process the seed already contains all the nutrients to start the growth process. What is need is water or moisture to break the outer shell to release the nutrients. Later after the seed has broken the surface it needs light and when the roots start to form good soil to continue feeding.

So will the scientist uncover the cures for diseases in the DNA and the origins of the species? It is my guess they have already uncovered some answers. We will also find that the mind itself which is more powerful than all the supercomputers in existence and we can unravel these microcosm of books contained within each of us.

I always say, My favorite book is you. We learn through horticulture that branches are often grafted to produce a more robust variety of fruit. Perhaps the original races of intelligent species were not able to conform to the climate or environment of the age. A new species needed to be created that had the necessary characteristics to hold information and survive in the present - humans.

The human body contains billions of tiny factories at the molecular level, the brain can hold more data than the most advanced computers. Our hearts are constantly in motion more powerful than any machine that will ever be invented. Each living human being has all these characteristics and more.
Whats even more fantastic is each is has a record of all human history. Why do some have the ability to speak different languages and some are scientist, some engineers, some are farmers and some nurses. The list goes on and on , we actually all have the capacity (not all have the ability or desire) to unravel the knowledge within.

So we are endowed from birth with all the information of the aeons - Yes. Some have the ability to tap into the resource using meditation or simply thought. In the computer world there is a language called java. Java has the ability to execute within the machine language it is called a java bean. There are also enterprise beans that work at the server level to execute shared programs. If we can create such a powerful computing tools today , what do you think our creator can do?

We are constantly searching for our identity in fact searching for knowledge. Nothing is hidden it just needs to be unraveled like tiny bits of code stored in our primal seed.

Is this what Jesus was trying to tell us in the lesson of the vine and branches? I think so in a more simplistic analogy. I think science has its place and religion also has its place in humanity. The main point I would like to make is simply how precious we each are and how amazing is our creator.



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