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Philosophy means the Love of Wisdom. It is a pure process in which the philosopher poses an idea to answer a question. The philosopher is an abstract thinker that merely poses theories to the unknown. Using all the available resources and thought processes throughout their lifetime, they engage heavily in debate with other philosophers to arrive at the best outcome. They also use observation and of course wisdom.

What is the wisdom of philosophy versus the wisdom of religion. You will find the philosopher is more concerned with  questions where the religious person is more concerned with answers. Some have the same conclusions however the philosopher leaves the answer open where the religious person may commit to it by faith. The religious mind will sometimes create a myth as a place holder to provide an answer. That is where a lot of confusion comes in about religion and the various belief systems.

Science is normally thought of as non-abstract and is purely reason. However we are finding that science is evolving to abstract theories such as quantum physics and big bang theories. Every system whether Science , Religion or Philosophy has its fringe thinkers. Sometimes they come up with a theory of everything (TOE) which is actually a form of religion. We see the ego is rampant in religion and in science. The ego is identified in philosophy. The religious man says I am, the scientist says I know, the philosopher says I know nothing. Socrates and the Buddha were the greatest philosophical thinkers who became nothing. Perhaps we should focus on unknowing , empty ourselves, still the mind and enjoy the bliss.  

The religious mind is best explained by the story of Moses. Moses went to the top of the mountain to receive from God. He waited patiently upon the Lord many days. The tribe below became impatient and had built a golden calf. Moses had a set of tablets upon returning from the mountain and seeing the people of Israel with the golden calf he destroyed the tablets. Later these tablets were reproduced from the Moses memory.
This story explains religious impatience.
The religious mind says I have the answers and you will accept it or go to hell. The mind that is also sweeping across the middle east killing and maiming. The mind that brings guilt and shame - mental instability. The mind that breaks up families and whole countries. The mind so divided it splinters into a million fragments of dispute. It even recognizes the harm caused and calls for unity.

The science mind is explained in the medical practice drilling a hole in the head to relieve a headache. The shaman produced an herb and was put to death for practicing magic when science was popular. Later the scientist tried the herb , packaged it and sold it as aspirin. The scientist unleashed the atomic bomb which was described long before in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Oppenheimer who was in charge of the project realized this at that very moment he unleashed death. It was dropped upon a civilian population killing nearly a million. It was justified by saying it put an end to the war that had already killed millions more.
What caused the war? The root cause was ego. The Germans , Italians and Japanese formed a pack to obtain power. It did not start out that way however the ego got out of hand. These events that lead to the tragic death of millions started with the ego. Science realizes the harm caused and calls for disarmament.

The philosophical mind acknowledges science and religion. The philosopher just injects wisdom with more questions. What will happen if we release the atom is the reward greater than the risk? What will happen if we use energy and release it into the atmosphere? What will this religion do for me and my family bring us apart or together? What will state religion do for a country divide it , cause more suffering? We need more questions not just answers.

PATIENCE is the key to all WISDOM. If you do not understand something , say I don't know like Socrates often did and pose another question. The light will eventually unravel the truth. The light was always there, the truth was always there- there was never a mystery.

Wait upon the Lord with patience. The Lord is Truth.



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