Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pot holes , sink holes and hell

You cannot go through life without being aware of the various holes. The blind cannot lead the blind ,  a saying that is not an attack against those that have lost sight. It is more a metaphor that speaks more of judgement than actual sight.

Potholes - Why are potholes so important? A pothole can put you out of commission , it can cause you to lose direction. Small things can become bigger and eventually cause a break down. One way to avoid a pot hole is not to procrastinate. If you see something that needs attention make a list and keep track of it. Eventually get the list narrowed down or at least manageable and it will be smooth sailing. One dangerous pot hole besides procrastination is unsecured debt. Debt that is created by frivolous spending. Another pothole is worry, usually when things that bother us which are beyond our control. Remember in the end this is not our battle. All battles are the Lords, it is not to say take on no responsibility. We are to take our roles in life seriously , we are also are to avoid being sucked into things that are not our business, pot holes.

Sink holes- Even more dangerous than pot hole are sink holes. These are major life changes whether it is a divorce , a loss of a job , a death , a major life event. A sink hole can take down not only you , it can effect family and friends also. It can cause displacement or homelessness , it can bring you to deep depression or poverty. Sink holes cannot always be avoided , unlike potholes. They can wreak the utmost havoc. The only way to beat a sink hole is to hold onto hope. Have a path of recovery, preparation is key to beating sink holes. This is where it is important to have a support system in place. Family and friends can be part of this structure. Financial preparation in having a savings in place. The most important part of recovery is believe in ones own self. By building good character having a solid foundation sink holes can be avoided. The truth is not all sink holes can be avoided. We can also rely on our faith , wisdom of staying positive in attitude will get positive results.
 Let others know you need their help , sometimes you just cannot go it alone. It is ok , to ask for help. If you don't ask the answer is always no. Network whenever possible to have a strong support system. George Washington always spent the time to network friends and neighbors , he was big into belonging to every organization possible. Where a lot of people get hurt badly after falling into a sink hole is when they isolate themselves. Perhaps you may want to step out and join a club, learn to socialize. Join a church that offers a chance to socialize. A church is not a perfect institution it is however a place of refuge.

Hell - You have gone beyond normal help and need extra ordinary assistance. Perhaps you have an addiction or a severe mental condition. You have a few alternative when things are totally screwed up. One thing , never give up. You can be re- born or born again. Go to the source of your inner being and start over. Starting over is something that should be looked at as an adventure. Every day is an adventure. Be open to new ideas, organize your thoughts. Be positive and surround yourself with positive people. Do not care what others think , you are a new creature. One of my favorite saying is from the National Park Service, do not feed the bear and the bear will go away.
Avoid self pity and over thinking what went wrong. Think about what can go right , self assurance is needed. If it is because of a relationship you thought was perfect came to an end. I am telling you this happens more often than you can imagine. You should not rely on relationships, they are mostly temporary at best. If it ends just be grateful for the time it lasted, don't look at it negatively. Tomorrow you may find another relationship or realize how foolish you had been to put faith in relationships to begin with. Put your faith in things you control, never put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket. 
Addictions are not not easy to overcome. I find that many of us are pre- disposed to addiction. We have a parent or family history of addiction. Identify those things that have caused destruction in your own history and avoid them. Avoid them just as though they were poison because in fact , they are poison. Do not only avoid the things that are harmful, go toward the things that are beautiful and helpful. The worst hell of all is feeling trapped by self deprecation. We are our own worst enemy is the truth. If that is the truth then we can also say , we can be our own best friend. Take a minute to discover those thoughts that get make you happy. Happy thoughts are just as easy to create as sad ones. Just practice a couple happy thoughts. Then build up to several , eventually you will find happiness. It begins at the tiny thought level. Perhaps meditate on a happy place , could be a sail boat or a favorite vacation spot. You may be happy just taking a walk with a dog or petting a cat. I get happy when seeing babies , there is just something about them that makes me laugh. Maybe thinking yes at one time , I was one of those little guys.

Never under play hell. Recognize it and work hard to get out of it or avoid it all together. Some say it is a place we spend all eternity if caught up in it. I do not believe hell is a permanent state, that would be like giving up. We should know two things about hell, one it can be avoided, two we hold the key within to both hell and heaven.  Christ within is the key.



Friday, October 14, 2016

Phobia and over thinking

Phobia is a fear of something and is damaging to mental health. In fact we can say all fear is unhealthy. Usually fear is taught and this can be through experience or formal , parenting, teachers or even culture. Religion is one of the largest components of fear even though it often claims to be a proponent of love.

Fear can take on caricature in which it is given a personality and even a name. Most fears are caused by over thinking and accompanied by worry or continuos over thinking. It is counter productive to our very existence as the stress from such over thinking can actually harm the heart. The mind controls all bodily functions not only the heart , digestion and every other body system are at risk.

Religion is one cause of mental illness as it is also a source of mental healing. Children often are more imaginative than adults, it is actually very normal for a child to have imagination. Our imaginations may be to play a super hero or have magical powers. 1 Corinthians 13:11 is about being a child in thought and speech , looking through a glass darkly then growing to see clearer. Jesus says we are to become like children's to receive the kingdom of heaven . It seems he wants us to use our child imagination to open the doors.  Almost a contradiction to what is stated in Corinthians.

When we grow older we seem to have less ambition and less energy. The mind seems to be both childish and mature. Often childish thoughts will bring a smile to our face. Then we must face the reality of the times and a wrinkle appears or a grey hair. Adapting to life from the aspect of maturity and also retaining our childishness is perfect balance. Imagine having the wisdom of age and the simplicity of a child.

I believe Jesus wanted us to retain that child like simplicity , not worrying,  to be happy.  He wanted to cast out fear and caricatures that came with religion. So in fact the greatest religious figure of all time was not very religious.When Jesus spoke of God , he said the kingdom of God is within us all. He said , you are gods. In King James romantic style ye are gods. He did not teach a cosmic God as most seem to believe. He actually taught us to believe in ourselves our own gifted ability which got him in trouble with the older religious types. He taught us to be moral and that blessings were more than just wealth. The old religion was one that respected wealth and power. He taught good character was needed for happiness.

Jesus cast out demons, demons are phobias with caricature. Often the first step in curing a disease is naming it or diagnosis. Casting out demons was very popular back in the day. Caricature is also around today where fear will have a mind of its own. The mastermind overcomes fear  and is in charge. We are to have the mind of Christ. Cast down vain imagination, which can lead to worry.  We are each super heros inside , sons of a living God , all things are possible.

Over thinking is like walking through a swamp instead of a crystal clear pool. Be still and know that I am God. Take a moment to go into pause and then rethink the idea. When you have a clear mind the results are much better. God is not the author of confusion. We all have this need to focus and allow the beauty within to bloom. The kingdom of heaven is within.

Peace to you ,

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Franchise religion

In our modern age where franchising seems to be a popular business model , we find many churches are similar. Though we can usually rely on the menu being the same , there seems to be something missing. We are also seeing a lot of independent churches cropping up , offering a community format and sometimes other surprises on the menu.

The community church has been the format since the earlier days of christianity. We did not have denominations or sects. Timothy and Paul often referred to the church by their community and each had some unique attributes. They were not cookie cutter churches as some may believe. Some were praised by the apostles and some were even criticized. Even so they retained their own uniqueness.

As you may someday want to venture into a community church, I would highly recommend this. You will find a true wholesomeness often they are run by husband and wife. The elders are usually upstanding citizens in the community and many have just the basics of christianity no complex dogma. The community church is also more involved with the social aspects effecting their particular community.

Finding a good community church is easier today as they seem to be reaching out more, many still have the evangelical zeal of early christianity.

peace to you,


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Claim to fame

Everyone inherently wants fame, we all want to be successful. How do we become successful? What does success bring, first and foremost you like yourself. You are content with who you have become or at least at peace within. Does money determine success? Not always some of the most wealthy men and women do not feel successful. Does beauty determine success? Some of the most beautiful people are tormented with failure. Does having a lot of friends and admirers determine success? Many politicians and stars suffer from depression and turn to drugs. WHAT DETERMINES SUCCESS!!

First you have to find what NOT to claim.

Do not claim pain! Do not claim suffering! Do not claim glory!

All of these belong to God , which is actually an insult if you claim them. We may feel pain at times , we may feel like suffering ... Do not claim them. Jesus the Christ , who died on the cross claimed all your pain and suffering. You may think this is radical , however it is the truth. Believe in this and it will set you free from pain and suffering.

Do not claim the Glory. All Glory belongs to God , whatever your religious belief is. Claiming Glory leads to pride and that leads to a fall. God knows that glory can lead to a fall , therefore we give all the glory to God. Yes it is OK to take credit for your hard work as long as you give it back to God in the form of Glory. These are concepts few will understand which in fact lead to success.

Claim these things - PEACE , JOY and HAPPINESS.
It is an insult to refuse such wonderful gifts. Peace that passes all understanding, Joy that is beyond measure and Happiness which is the true measure of success.

Pray with me the claim to fame prayer, Refuse to claim pain and suffering or any glory.
Claim Peace , Joy and Happiness.


Friday, July 29, 2016

Templates and Temples

We read Plato and philosophy , we read religious text , we find a lot of similarity explained in a different way. One of the most fascinating  religions and philosophies  is Buddhism and another which is very close to that Christianity. So if we study Plato, Buddhism and Christianity we will find a common thread a template. In Plato's writings he speaks of perfect form for every living creature. If we are to understand this in terms of modern knowledge it would be called a template.

In Buddhism we have the Buddha who had lived his life to experience enlightenment. Dealing with past karma , and living an ascetic life for a time. Knowing deep inside he was different than others yet somewhat the same. He struggles between the human and divine nature.The Buddha could be called a template or source, each Buddha following the original an example of perfect form that Plato speaks of.

In Christianity , Jesus who was the Christ. The entirely human yet fully divine. We are to live our lives following the example of Christ. It is what Christianity is about , Jesus is our template. He said to follow him and also said those that did would do even great works. We are told we must be born again with the new nature of Christ.

I have been involved with computer science my entire life. One of the aspects of this is to have an image from which to build upon. If we through a virus or just accumulation of junk need to go back to this image we simply reload it and start over. This may also be called the source. Realizing that sometimes our identity becomes corrupted by junk or infection of a sort , we can always return to the source and rebuild our image. In computer science templates are saved as each is progressive. Actually sometimes it gets to the point where we just need to load the source over again.

I believe Jesus was this perfect image or source . It is not to say other saints or templates followed Christ, however we can say without a doubt Jesus was that perfect image.

We exist as an ID , a self. Self is a product of our genes and environment and life experience. It is in fact what we have become. However we are not limited to self, we have the other part of us that exists in an image which is the source. We are created in God own image, which exists within each of us. Yet we have this evolving identity of self. This self or identity is uniquely created to survive in our environment. We sometimes have heroes or mentors that we can mimic , sometimes saints , sometimes they are even what we would consider bad examples whatever template we choose to survive.

That is actually the whole of it , we choose. To be or not to be. We have that right to choose. To follow a leader or not . To follow one of the many Buddhas or Saints, to follow Christ. To follow a guru or other teacher.

We are temples our minds can host the most wonderful of images or even the most vile. What we allow into our temple is what will be there.

We have two parts to our brain, the first is very sensitive to change. It is connected to our five senses , it reacts to our environment. Fear , desires , anxiety and is basically its own processor of input and output. It is the survival part of us. We feel emotions , it is connected to the chemistry of our bodies. Hormones are released internally and pheromones externally we are beings of complex chemistry.
However there is another part of us few will ever find , this internal image that connects us to each other and yes to the cosmos to other forms or gods. We inherently know and seek out this connection.

Jesus said , is it not written - ye are gods.

Peace to you,

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Catholism in a modern world

Identifying yourself is a hard decision to make in the modern world. The term christian can be applied to any of over a thousand sects that identify with Christianity. The term catholic can be used to identify with many sects of adherents to the catholic church. Choosing to identify is a tough decision as we all have the need for spirituality.

I have attended the catholic church many times even though not being identified as catholic. Most of my friends and some relatives identify as catholic. Though I share many of the same religious views concerning Christ and even Mary , I remain without identity. My journey has been quite different and with all respect to others uniqueness. As a stone in time , respecting the beliefs of all persons. Keeping the peace at all costs, so that we can all co-exist without mass destruction.

There are good sides to identifying as it gives the opportunity to socialize with others of similar beliefs and unite in common cause. The main reason for uniting is to fill the greater needs of society. Currently we find there are great needs in the world.

In modern society we see many caught up in virtual games and mobile communications. Perhaps children may skip church to play a video game. Most of the services are filled with older and middle age and lately less children. The catholic schools are struggling to support themselves and there are fewer persons going into the priesthood and becoming nuns. Those we have are mostly elderly and ready to retire.

Will the catholic church survive change?

I will say , yes. There will always be voids and God's spirit will fill them. We also need to learn to adapt to change and bring our best to the table. We have only just begun, it is not the end of the world. Remain positive - in attitude and behavior. Be a catholic , identify if you choose. It is not about catholic or non-catholic it is about filling the void.



Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Who is Mary?

Some may believe Mary was special and some do not. Jesus himself said that it was more important to do his fathers will than to honor each other. He also was concerned for his mothers care before going to the cross, and Mary brought birth to Christ and was filled with the holy spirit.

Does Mary appear to others through time , to comfort the sick and promote peace?
I believe that Mary existed even at the beginning in a goddess form and exists today. Appearing as needed throughout life. The Hindus sometimes have a shakti experience where a goddess appears. In my own life have experienced that divine loving female presence. Of course each person has an explanation of this presence according to their belief system.

As the Catholics have elevated Mary to the queen of heaven. To me the most loving being ever and full of joy was and is Mary. I am not a catholic by upbringing however do uphold the presence of Mary is real.

Is the Mary of the bible , Jesus mother the same goddess of the Hindu? I have wrestled about this question for years. I believe it is possibly so. Though many would argue Mary was only Jesus mother in human form. Merely a vessel to bring forth the Christ. Some may say this is just a story , created by just another religious mind. No matter which theory you go with the loving and joyful presence of some feminine divine character appears throughout history.

Peace to you,



When we think of celibacy it brings to mind a monk or a nun that is consecrated to holy living. We think of man or a woman that has made a vow. However most of us think it is a stupid idea. Yet we find that even Plato remained celibate who was one of the greatest philosophers of all time. He felt that it was fine to have a relationship or close friendship with women as long as it was only platonic.

The bible has various passages honoring celibacy as a high form of spirituality. It also teaches marriage is the ultimate form of spirituality.

I believe that we are all unique in character like stones. Uniqueness is the whole theme of this blog and something I hold to closely. To respect the unique character of each other is fundamental toward harmony in our various cultures and society as a whole.

Celibacy may be viewed by most as quite unnatural. Because it is not natural perhaps we can say it is supernatural. Because it takes a will that is above normal and it is in fact practiced by many religious and non religious.

If everyone became celibate humanity would cease to exist. This is a true argument as in the case of the early shakers that no longer exist. We should note that sex is enjoyable to most , certainly with the right partner can be even wonderful. Chemistry seems to play a role in sex and it not always about looks. Personality chemistry , interaction beyond just the physical aspect.

So what is the chemistry involved with the celibate. They seem to have a devotional chemistry with their order and with their inner sanctum. If we look at this from an information data perspective a hole is filled with either live data or with null characters in able to process thought. Either way the mind is able to continue processing and stay healthy. It is when the data stops flowing a troubled mind occurs then we need to explore the use of nulls. So we are better off with a partner and a system that provides the ability to think clearly without one. That is why the mind has the ability to transcend and think beyond purely a physical level.

Our bodies seem to be a chemist lab , and our brains have amazing abilities. Perhaps these fluids are put to other uses within the kingdom of our beings. Some of the celibate saints that passed away are said to have had a sweet odor.

It takes all kinds to make up the world , and to say it is right or wrong would just be judging.

Where two or more are gathered, I am there among them. Spirituality is a form of meeting others needs, sometimes it is one to one = two. Other times meeting the needs of society by charity or other giving. Spirituality is giving and receiving. It is not as some may suggest about some enchantment or mystery. We have spirituality by meeting the needs of others and society as a whole. Giving food to the hungry or shelter to the homeless is a spiritual act.

We must look for the holes (the need) and the holy will come. Saying prayers is just a method of searching for the right path to a need whether it be your own need or the needs of others. God is spirit , the spirit that comes forth to aid us in filling all the holes in our own life and in society. The spirit of creation , the spirit that connects all of us. We are just an image or expression of that same spirit.

Perhaps we can view the whole of humanity as a huge repository of chemistry. Whether you are celibate or not is a personal choice. I just hope that you do not become a recluse , learn to be outgoing and mix with others at some level.  We were made for each other.

Peace to you,


Monday, January 4, 2016

New Years Resolution

New years is seen as a beginning point for change. Sometimes it is a re-commitment to a healthier life style.

I made the resolution:
1. To Cherish the Rose.
2. To distance myself from the Ivy.

To cherish the rose means to count my blessings. In embracing my children and grandchildren and those that are in my inner circle. This includes friends that have encouraged me over the years and showing them how much they are appreciated.  Embracing life in general whether good or bad times , taking the entire rose soft petals , fragrance or even the thorns as all a part of life.

To distance myself from the Ivy means not to become strangled by those that require constant attention and time. We all need time for ourselves and many will be over demanding to the point of strangling us like a vine that grows in places we do not want them. There is another aspect of itching , discomfort or even poison to the Ivy. An Ivy has no flower or fruit or enjoyment.

We can not always avoid the Ivy , we can keep our distance.



Caution and Cowardice

We often associate bravery with the lion. Usually brave and strong are linked together. Yet there is a character we find in the famed story of the wizard of OZ that seems out of place - the cowardly lion. The cowardly lion looks like a lion however cringes at the first sign of adversity.

Then we learn about being wise and cautious before leaping into a situation. When we are perceived as being overly cautious it can be viewed as cowardice.

So how do we remain as a lion and not appear cowardly when exercising caution.

First realize that all battles , yes ALL BATTLES are not ours. Take your personal vendettas, anger all those feelings and put them aside - it is not your battle. 2 Corinthians 20 Says the battle is not yours but Gods. There is also another metaphor used in the charge of the last brigade,  "Ours is not to reason why , ours is just to do or die. "

We are sometimes faced with acting out of duty and not personal feelings. When this is the case duty should always prevail. It is also the lesson in the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna points out that duty prevails even over feelings for family. That puts a twist in the old thought of family first. No , family is not first when it comes to right or wrong. Family can sometimes hinder our relationship with God.

Mark 3:31-35 Then Jesus' mother and brothers came. They stood outside and sent a person in to tell Jesus to come out. Many people were sitting around Jesus. They said to him, "Your mother and brothers are waiting for you outside." Jesus asked, "Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?" Then Jesus looked at those people sitting around him. He said, "These people are my mother and my brothers! My true brother and sister and mother are those people that do the things God wants."

We can see it is often taken even further when we take on a personal battle. ALL BATTLES are Gods, not my will but thine. The Hindus have taken this one step further and to realize this is one of the lessons in enlightenment . God in Hinduism is living in each of us acting out our lives. In Christianity the enlightened Christian says the same thing, Galatians 2:20 it is not me who lives but the Christ in me.
The enlightened Hindu realizes also that God lives out our lives. Our identity is merely a mask we wear and perhaps may just easily pick up another mask. In Buddhism to be become nothing is an enlightened state. In essence we find that nothingness is to put aside the mask and show our true self.

The cowardly lion is the one who forgets that he or she is a lion. The overly cautious person is one that is merely lacking experience in the life of faith. It is not a weakness to be over cautious, it is merely a matter of practice and experience.

Pride often is evoked to overcome cowardice , where this ego response may seem to work, it only causes more ripples. The best way to overcome a battle is to not own it at all. The lion that seeks to devour you , would love to see the person with the mask enter the ring rather than the lion which is Christ.

Whether you are in the position of a soldier or a general everyone has a duty to perform - cowardice only comes when we forget we are lions.

Peace ,