Monday, July 21, 2014

Knots and Nerds

Interesting that we are socially keeping more to ourselves lately. Becoming a familiar example of the nerd. Caught up in science and searching for answers in databases and yet we find ourselves feeling lonely. We feel more comfortable at a desk living for our work and solving the puzzle of the day. We may not even care what others think as we dress to our own taste and comfort. Most of the time I personally prefer sandals to sneakers except when shooting hoops my favorite past time.

The other day a friend asked me to go to the temple with him. He is a hindu and I always wanted to visit a temple and this was a great opportunity to meet others beside people shopping in the mall. I used to be a regular church goer mostly to be with other people and share a peaceful time of prayer and meditation. Then found myself losing time to work eventually missing sundays to a demanding job, corporate America does not respect quiet time , products must ship if you want to stay employed. It also seems we live to work rather than work to live. After a time felt like just another cog in the wheel a type of abuse.

The typical nerd - I did not even work for the money at times forgetting to cash paychecks for several months until my wife would find them in a drawer. Truly often forgetting to count the first button one side of the collar a little higher than the other noticed after half a day went by. As long as the data was flowing and the end users were happy my day was complete.

So my friend invited me to a temple , a hindu temple which I had never been. Already having an established relationship directly with God through the teachings of Jesus  at least felt comfortable in my faith. After all God was not lost , omniscient in every particle of light and molecular energy - certainly not lost.

So why do people go to the church if not to find the un-lost God that is everywhere we look throughout creation in the visible and unseen. Why would I go to the temple with my friend we both agreed God is everywhere , it was not to find but to unwind. The many knots twisted in our consciousness needed to be unwound. To greater experience the consciousness and light around us these knots had to be dealt with. Whether we became twisted by our own habits or by chance it did not matter. As a nerd it was difficult to even care about knots , I was lucky to tie my own shoes or button a shirt properly.

Deep in my consciousness once I faced off with the primordial self this was written in earlier blog entries. That was a major knot to overcome. The other knots included pre concepts that were taught to me as a child. I was not exposed to meditation practice or a deep concern for life. I ate at fast foods and was not aware of glucose or monosodium or all the things organic. Even unaware of the spiritual world around me. I did not care about non-christians even though they were humans the same as me. There was no real sense of unity with others a sort of oddness.

The knots eventually became untied - I felt peaceful assured - blessed assurance . My circle seemed to expand as did my consciousness. No longer felt odd or indifferent  toward others, though unique as a human learned we are all a part of this reality we call life. We learn to appreciate each other no matter how difficult it may seem.

Anyway the knot I was now facing was not anything so complex actually rather simple. It was the hybrid knot. I had become so attached to technology missed the warmth of the spirit. Found myself habitually going to a search engine or querying a database rather than googling should have sought first the place we call the kingdom of God, or to the buddhist the Pure land. To the hindu Nirvana and to some just a place of inner peace. In terms of awareness the consciousness which seems to reach to the cosmos. Yes - perhaps I could undo that knot at the temple.

I have not gone yet and will let you know how it went in the next post. I am sure many already have found peace out there and a lot of joy - just occasionally deal with the knots.



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