Saturday, June 21, 2014

Expression and Suppression

 We have feelings brought on by inside and outside influence. Feelings are often tied to emotions.

 We need to note there are some days feelings will overtake emotion. Recognize feelings are influenced by inside and outside stigma. That means you need to have something inside to overcome the outside influence. This is being in control of your environment. Learn to suppress feelings when outside influence is not healthy or productive otherwise your credibility is lost.

 When having what seems like a good day learn to turn that into expression. Expression is art , it is creativity, it is musical - energetic and wonderful. Perhaps pick up a guitar or musical instrument. Maybe you have a woodcraft or knit blankets. To some it can even be spiritual.

 Once met a man who believed in bio-rythyms and studied all these charts to find out what days would be good ones and which would be bad ones.  We also hear the gypsy tales about were wolfs that become a wolf when the moon is full. Then there is astrology when there is a certain alignment of stars various events will happen. 

 Our feelings can be controlled by outside influence tied to emotion in many unexpected ways. The key to happiness is to have something inside to be stronger. It is said the kingdom of heaven is within.
We also need to know when to suppress our feelings and when to express them. This is often called anger management which without an inside influence is useless. Management of our feelings and thus emotions takes practice and above all understanding.

 Learn to breath properly by practicing breathing inward and outward at least 20 minutes a day. This is necessary to fight off toxins in the body and other influences. You will learn eventually to calm or suppress your feelings and avoid irrational behavior. This may sound too easy. You say the doctor prescribed a pill - perhaps it cost 5 dollars for each pill when all you actually needed was to practice breathing. Use the money instead to buy a good meal and enjoy it with a friend.

 You have a choice when to express and when to suppress , you also have a choice to keep a little heaven inside for the hard times.

Peace and Joy,


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