Friday, October 12, 2012

Sink or Swim

 We are all familiar the story of Jesus walking on water. Recently I was reminded this can be applied to a family and not just an individual. When a family is broken or in trouble they need to be reminded they will sink or swim together - that is what a family is about. In recent times we see families that are constantly sunk  because their stronghold is broken like a ship wrecked upon the corals. It seems it was easier for the captain to bail than to save the ship.
 Sadly, some will go on to captain and sink another ship, repeating the cycle of divorce and despair a few times. How can we avoid sinking the ship as in the story of Jesus and Peter walking on water , Peter started out walking on water but later the winds prevailed as his eyes were off the Lord. We start out marriages dedicated to our christian faith but seemingly lose sight of the Lord. A family is very much like a ship at sea , we should always hold the premise and the promise we will sink or swim together. When our children are seemingly committing mutiny and want to abandon the family they also need to be reminded.
 The hull of ship is watertight whether made of wood or steel. The principle of family closeness each member being integral and a part of the hull is important. If even one seam is cracked the whole ship can sink. We remember the story of the prodigal son, where one of the sons had strayed and was greeted with Joy and Love.  The son who had been faithful to his father and did all he asked was somewhat jealous of this love. We should assure each family member that they are loved but sometimes the lost sheep need more attention so they can stay in the fold. I have a child with special needs if we go to a place where a lot of walking is necessary like a zoo or on the boardwalk , we have to put him in a wheelchair. Now it seems irrelevant but each child is unique in character and each has special needs. My two grandchildren are over for dinner often together but picky about their food. They are complacent about most things in life and like many of the same things , except when it comes to food. I usually have to make separate meals for them , some may say just make them eat what is put in front of them but I disagree. It is more important to me that they are nourished and a little effort on my part is not a problem. They are each unique in character and as a grandfather it makes me happy to fill the desires of their hearts and bellies.
 Does God want us to spoil our children - No! We much teach them contentment is great gain, and teach them that we cannot live by bread alone. If we set an example of this contentment and are not ourselves praising others for worldly gain but looking for good examples to emulate they will be fine.
Examples of the Lord or saints , some may be stories like those of David and Goliath. So even though we are unique it is up to us as parents to take a part in the building process by the examples we set for our children.

- amen