Sunday, November 23, 2014

Zen the power of Insight

Zen though it grew out of Buddhism is not a religion. Rather it seeks to take the mystery out of religion to a more practical and simple understanding of life.  No matter what your religious preference is Zen can be applied.

God is not the author of confusion - sound familiar.

Simplicity removes anxiety - Zen has no religious barriers. It is merely a thought process that means insight usually brought about by meditation. It is however not limited to meditation.  Zen is not limited to books of wisdom. Wisdom can come from nature or any source.

It is really Up to the Cup. If you  fill your cup with good overflowing thoughts that can be shared with others this is Zen.

Zen  is not mystery as some would think, it is actually simplicity. Originating in China it can be applied to anything in our daily lives. Zen is just a term for simplifying things to remove the anxiety. I often go to the bookstore and purchase the one for dummies - cooking for dummies or gardening for dummies there are many published by IDG. Which is somewhat of a zen publisher finding easy ways to get things done or understand them.

Zen is all about Easy , Relaxing and Healthy attitude. It is the opposite of Complex, Anxious and Sickness.

Zen is the power of Insight.

It is OK to laugh at ourselves.
My car would not start occasionally at first thought perhaps the starter is going or there is a short. After deciding to clear the  computer codes by removing the battery cable noticed it was the cable itself that was loose. Tightened it and the problem was gone, how simple yet all the worry for nothing.

We can also call it contemplation if the result is a smile or laughter. Fruitful contemplation is not looking into the past feeling Sorry for yourself or thinking if only I would have remained or left or done things another way. It is definitely not Worry. Take all the _orry out of life and learn to use this amazing gift from the Chinese. Take that fallen fruit and making it into a smoothie, a  cool relaxing drink. Take the lessons learned and maybe share it with others.

Peace and joy,


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