Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Often we get the explanation stating faith healing was only for biblical times or yes- they heard of someone through the grapevine who may have been healed. Healing is not necessarily being rid of cancer or disease. Healing is preparing the body, mind and spirit to a better state. The patient often says I am feeling better. The doctor provides us with medicine sometimes to not feel the pain. That is in a sense healing from pain. What concerns me is that ministers go to the hospital and pray believing if the person does not immediately get up and do a dance they may have failed. If they are ministering to the spirit and the spirit is doing better , than that is was what was needed.

We find also that in healing the mind from despair and providing a comfort to the person is also important. Even most doctors and medications do not heal the body, the body heals itself if it is able. The antibiotic only aids in the body itself to produce the cure. The balancing of the various chemicals or nutrition enables the body to get in the proper shape or condition to heal. The body is the miracle as it is able to do amazing things. This notion of people healing other people is really not true. God created the body which is able to respond to a catalyst of medication, treatment and yes - prayer.

We should never curse the body if it is diseased or ill. The body, mind and spirit are all gifts we should learn to appreciate. Each are miracles of life.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Supper and Supposition

We often miss the whole meaning of consuming words. Did you ever hear the phrase , you will eat your words. It is really often what happens, words are supper. Some words are filled with wisdom these are the ones we should consume. They provide nourishment for the soul and some are good advice for the mind and body. It is also true that our words should be tried by fire before leaving our lips. Because they can be harmful to others. Would you invite someone to supper with you only to give them something that will make them sick. We often hear someone say , it was a healthy conversation. Yes- a conversation is like a meal between two or more people - supper.

One of the methods used by seers is illusion. They will use a supposition to create an illusion , this is also called superstition. Superstition or vain imagination was rebuked by the apostles and also is considered witchcraft. Because it has nothing to do with wisdom it is not healthy. How can we know healthy wisdom from superstition. If it provides nourishment and builds your body , mind and spirit it is wisdom. Wisdom is something you will want to share, you instinctively do not want to cause harm to your family and friends. Unfortunately most of the population of the earth is being led by superstition and very few wisdom.

Consume wisdom.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Agenda and will

If you are a spiritual person often charitable with your time and giving it seems to be a fault to the world. A fault that they can take advantage of by imposing a hidden agenda or their will upon you. A friend told me the nice guys always come in last. Yes- the nice guys do but not the wise. It should be a path of wisdom and humility not stupidity. If you are in the spirit then you are following wisdom and will lead by example.

People that say to be a good leader means you have to learn to follow - usually want you to follow their agenda. That's right actually to be a good leader you need to follow wisdom not others agenda. We are also told to be charitable and charity begins at home. Yes - be charitable in wisdom - give good advice.

We find that once we give up our own agenda, we give up our will. Usually this means control of our own lives and time. Time is a precious gift always be conscious of it and keep your joy. Do not let others steal your joy. Usually when you catch someone imposing their agenda over your will, it will lead to them becoming angry. Do not let them pass that anger unto you - just smile and politely say -No. Sometimes we become overwhelmed with agenda  - not my will be done does not mean my happiness.

When we say Lord let thy will be done, we are saying let thy wisdom be done. God's will is wisdom.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Woodsman

The woodsman is hungry he is relying on the forest for food. If he eats the wrong mushroom or plant it could be fatal. What does he do? He should have read the book - the survival guide before venturing into the forest.

Isn't that is what it is like to be a christian believer now a days. This mushroom beckons me, this plant but we are unsure. What is the old saying - you cannot see the forest from the trees. We are told to step back and get a glimpse of the whole forest. So we do and we see all of christianity is like the forest. Each tree shaped according its family the elm, the poplar, the oak and the pines. The list goes on and on yet all of this is life in the forest. So are they each as important in the world of God. Well I would say so  why would God make them all different. That is the beauty of the forest. The elm is saying I am the tree of life, the oak is saying I am the tree of life, the pine is saying I am the tree of life.

The woodsman is weary he knows the beauty of the forest. It is a haven for the birds , the animals small and large. The variety of flora and color all of it is life.

The woodsman can only discern what to eat from a past memory. The wild dandelion was something his indian grandfather told him in a story that was edible. So he looks about and everywhere there is dandelions, he pulls of a couple leaves and begins chewing. He gets another and another soon he is filled. Thanks to his indian grandfather and the old stories.

Yes - perhaps he may have read the book and could have eaten some mushrooms or roots. Even perhaps asked a tree but they were too busy arguing.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Judgement and Measurement

In all my spiritual quest the concept of the judgement is perhaps the most important. We read in all the various religious scriptures and find God is the final judge. We also hear of the phrase judge thyself to be approved. We are also not told to judge others, all of this is in scripture. In the philosopher view it is told to get rid of Ego or Self. We ponder all this judgement and it brings guilt which is unhealthy. Jesus said, " Judge not less ye be judged". This is really the final word in judgement it is counter productive to growth in actually any form. We see at one point we were judged by the law and some religions believe the law is the principle of judgement but actually this is not true. We are told about grace , does grace mean we are above the law - No. In grace we live in spiritual laws not mans law - spiritual law is for our growth. If we fail - we forgive, we rebound and this is all necessary for growth. We see judgement is under a law of sin, Jesus died to do away with sin. Paul says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. That is perhaps a religious teachers view - Yes we all fail but go on to say, all things are possible. The only unforgivable sin , is to deny God's power to overcome or in essence the holy spirit.

The most important lesson in spiritual growth is measurement. Like the time your mother had you backed up against the wall and drew a line to measure your height. We see the way to get around chaos is to learn how to measure not how to judge. Measurement is sometimes averages and other times precise measurement. We learn to calculate our strength by the law of averages. Sometime we do not even realize we are doing it. We know our ability based on past performance or we can even go to a specialist to measure a precise breaking point. Actually precision comes with practice , we are given a modest ability within the mind called memory in order to calculate the averages to guide our steps. We are also given acquired knowledge through failure and success that is called practice. Yes- practice can be painful but not if you understand the purpose. Usually they will stick you on a treadmill until you are about to fall over. This is also true with the spiritual , we elect to venture on a path of growth and sometimes find ourselves on a treadmill. Is the treadmill experience a bad one, not if you use it for measurement. 
The measurement of oneself is to understand the value of true self. Perhaps you are someone that is constantly asking did I make the right decision. In practice the right decisions get better but do not expect to make the right decisions each time. If you measure your failures also measure your success. That is not to say be pompous up or proud but if you find peace and joy keep it within. It is ok to be happy with yourself to a point and reward a vacation well deserved. One should seek contentment with godliness. Godliness comes by constant measures and thoughts on growth, contentment is enjoying that growth - Joy.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Common sense

At what point should we give up our common sense for a belief? - never.

A belief should be practical and not be totally subjective. We have both an objective and subjective brain for a reason. The bible states by their fruits you shall know them. We are also told the blind should not lead the blind. He who has an ear let them hear. Touch not the unclean thing. So, we are to use all of our senses before tasting.

If you see something that just doesn't look or feel right - it probably is not right. Some beliefs will try to woo you with uncertainty in your basic senses, then evoke a mystery. The harmful belief systems usually involve a spider, a fly and a web. One thing to always remember- it is your house or mind, in the end your the one who allows any guests to enter. Believing strongly that we are all different in faith and character. Accepting that we are all unique does not mean there is no evil out there. The spider can weave a web of uncertainty. Then evoke a mystery not all all mysteries lead to truth , some lead to lies. Which is why we have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell and touch to feel. Really common sense is a combination of all the senses to come to a rational conclusion.

My life has led me to mystical experiences but they have always been in accordance with the search for truth. Christian mystics are followers of  Christ. Yes - meditation is a part of living a life of inner peace, but when we empty the mind of unclean thoughts we also fill the mind with good ones.
We often say we are going beyond or becoming mindful. Really the christian life should also be practical. Anything that departs from practical living does not produce good fruit. We practice detachment but we also attach to a healthy and joyful life. Fasting till you die is not practical , since life is a precious gift. Fasting for lent or a special goal usually is a joyful not miserable experience.

Conclusion is we should not taste something until common sense is applied. What is the end goal to disappear from reality or go beyond to bring something back that will make reality better.

Abstinence should also include a path to substance.


Thursday, May 2, 2013


Nature is full of beauty and bounty. Today I went up into the mountains where we have a cabin. Usually go there in the spring and part of the summer. After arriving realized I forgot to shop at the store but others were coming later in the day. Collected some dandelions and made a fresh salad and rounded up some other free food, ha ha. Actually felt very good.

When I was a young man spent a year on a deserted Island. Lived off cocoanuts and honey or whatever  else was available. The fish could not be eaten because of the poisonous coral. There was a large cat that once came into my dwelling. It may have been a descendent of a jaguar or maybe a pirates cat. It was very large but I never ate it, and obviously it never ate me. We usually just had a stare down then with a proud gait the cat would just walk away. My hair reached the shoulders and beard my chest - so I was quite a sight when returning to the mainland.

Once I found a sea turtle and it had a tag - which also did not eat but released it. Found a diary of a japanese sailor that committed hari kari a form of suicide rather than starve. Caught water in rain barrels and that is all we had, no rivers or streams. Being up in the mountains brought back those youthful memories. I remember buying a pack of gum when arriving at the mainland, started to chew it and something squirted out. I took it back thinking it was bad and the gentleman laughed saying it was supposed to have that in the gum. Other things changed Jimmy Carter was the president and never even heard of him before.

When I first saw the movie Jaws it reminded me of all the shark encounters that were for real. At night thousands of crabs would be lurking about looking for a meal or a mate. There were tens of thousands of terns and other birds which fascinated me. I specifically remember the guni birds with their red balloons hanging from the chin and long beaks. Overall it was a good experience. 

Here I am in the fast paced world again of computers and technology. Worked in just about every field from robotics to electronics and computer engineering. Now it is nice to go to the cabin and get some fresh air , get away from all the news. Perhaps we overindulge in media and most of it is commercials or infomercials. Nature has its own announcers a stout woodpecker trying to get some grubs out of a tree. A bluejay yelling at another bird fighting for territory. I did notice there is always something going on in nature providing its own amusements.

The lesson that nature taught me was not to have attachments, use things but do not get attached to them.

Yes- it is a beautiful day.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It isolates me to be not akin to one particular belief system or religion or philosophy. Because those of a feather tend to stick together, yet I am the speckled bird - the phoenix with no particular plumage. Finding we all have the goals of Love and Peace each grasping at whatever will get us there. My experience was quite by accident , God chose to use me in an unusual way. To show that we are each unique in faith and character. Even those that do not believe in anything or had taken another path perhaps academics in a particular field and had not the time to contemplate.

Time - whatever the course , time is so valuable. In the business world they say time is money. In the world that is what is valued. In reality time is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega. We were given life in essence time. It was not the intention to keep it hidden away or convert time to money. Time was to be given back , our lives to the benefit of humanity. Keeping time to ourselves is greed. Time is not a commodity but a gift.

Thank you God for the gift of life, for howbeit this time. I pray it not be wasted, that it be used wisely.