Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cha Cha or Chant

Cha Cha is a phrase I will ping for spiritual dancing. Many religions include dancing as part of their ceremony from American Indians to Hindu or even biblical figures have danced before the Lord. It is an expression of joy and movement. Much more exciting than sitting in a pew for hours or just standing and singing. Dancing has been a part of spiritual revival since the beginning and will often accompany music. We hear a lot about stillness and quiet as with all activity there is a time for everything.

Chant along with meditation chanting is often used in eastern religions. We also see it in American Indian culture. This is something I practice on occasion to loosen the mind - to some it may seem like a loose screw ha ha ! What are some of the chants beside a popular Ommm which starts with a deep breath and rolls vibrantly off the lips. Thinking of the creator omnipotent and omniscient. We have a sense of praise. Hallelujah is a type of chant often used in Christian worship or praise. You can make your own custom chant whatever is pleasant sounding and to your own taste.

Last week trying some custom chanting to see what effect it had. Almost sounded like a sha nah nah or 50's musical however it was where the spirit led me. Whatever your beliefs are try mixing in some chants to spice up worship. How many times have we been on a long car ride and find ourselves singing jingles like row , row , row your boat or Do re mi fa so la to do voice exercises. These are all outlets for the mind much better than taking an aspirin for stress.

Cha Cha or chant mix it up there is a lot of energy in spirituality that needs to be expressed.

Praise and Peace,


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