Saturday, July 4, 2015


Some mystics believe we live in a world of illusion. We are told the kingdom of God is within. As we view the world around us it is comprised of circumstance. The kingdom within in us is comprised of the power to change. What is circumstance is not a permanent state , it is virtual or temporary. We know this by going from indoors to outdoors or from room to room in a house. We can just as easily move to another part of the country or even another country.

When we feel trapped by an environment that was not of our own doing , we should look for a means of change. Whether we can produce change to our current environment or relocate to a safer or more acceptable one.

Men or woman that have made this change are often admired. They have overcome the illusion of circumstance, which is the most difficult obstacle of all.

My circumstances are very real , we have war and famine and even hunger. Yes- to say that hunger is an illusion would be a crime. Hunger is based on need and anything based on need is not an illusion. We find it is the things based on desire that are illusion. Hunger is reality and we as humanity must face all needs together.

What is the cause of hunger?
Was there a natural disaster? Was there a war? Was there a lack of leadership or planning?
Unfortunately most of the time it is woman and children that suffer from hunger, or the elderly. It is the most vulnerable in our society. We as a whole need to first recognize hunger, then act to alleviate it. Hunger is sometimes caused by lack of knowledge, new farming techniques or available resources that are unknown.

A man in a wilderness is sometimes surrounded by food sources unknown to them. We can say that survival is not often taught as a school subject where it should be. Religion often does not address basic survival and actually it should. I would say we need to be as a Lion in this world , a lionhearted person. The mind is more like a lamb , it needs direction and often protection. We need to protect the mind from subconscious attacks or suggestions. This means we need to stay on our toes and even be willing to rebuke attacks instantly.

When looking back over various instances where a critical decision needed to be made it was often hampered even more by delay.

Don't worry be happy! That sounds easy and can also be deceptive. We need to have compassion, we need to effect change when there is a need. Need = Need. Know the difference between care and worry.

So we have a sense due to the media that everything is fine. We would rather view a comedian or celebrity than a commercial about hunger. Illusion that is presented by the media is not entertainment it is only a distraction from reality.

Facing reality is facing a need. The only thing that is real is what is needed, everything else is just an illusion.

Peace ,