Sunday, June 15, 2014

Image of Christ

 We often think of the image of Christ as the portrait of the bearded man in the front of the church. In contemplating it would be different for each of us. To the Catholic or Lutheran one of many saints - men and women representing various life lessons and works of faith and charity. To many it could be a mother or father that have been examples of a life well lived. We are all called to be living examples of Christ. Whether you are a Jew, Catholic, Hindu or of any other faith or religion.

 To me Christ is for all not just a few. We all should strive to be more like Jesus or one of the many examples not only in the dead but the living. Realizing the truth is in us does not mean living in fantasy or in a virtual reality. It just means to face reality with a forgiving heart, a kind thought. To make a conscious effort to live a more purposeful life.

 When we speak of the image of Christ - that image is represented in all creation. In all the living not just the dead. We should also look for that image within. Instead of looking for the evil or the weakness. Look for your strength whether it be artistic or athletic. We all have strengths , we all have some ability to glorify Christ.

 There is much more than that portrait of the bearded man than most realize. To someone first visiting a church it may seem counter productive to hear gossip. We should represent that image of Christ as much as anyone that had gone before us. Many times it seems we can fall to our knees and admit failure. Then we must also build on our strengths and get off our knees. If we are able to walk - walk with Christ. All have ability and capability, there is not such thing as disability with Christ. I have a son severely handicapped and still he shows a smile and thank you.

 Often remember it is good to be with others and become a part of something. There is strength in a congregation of believers, there is strength in a common good.

Peace and Love.


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