Monday, December 1, 2014

Gnosis or Hypnosis

Gnosticism is a movement that has gone around for many years in various circles. We find there were several books not included in the four gospels that  gnosticism hold dear. We find they have derived their own theories regarding these new found gospels. Regarding these ancient books which can shed new light on the truth. I will not deprive them of the excitement of discovery. It is this crazy theology that always spring up from the ancient world mystery.

How about we look to the present and future for answers. If the truth is not fully known lets move onto something else until we are capable of perceiving it instead of just making something up.

Hypnosis is using the subliminal consciousness to make a person believe one way or another. Sometimes it is used to produce an altered state of reality. This is real - we cannot rely on our own thoughts if hypnosis is used by some false ideology to dominate our mind.

We read in the psalms I am a lamp unto thy feet. We are told not to lean on our own understanding. What does all this mean?

We are to be patient in our ways - even in seeking the truth. Even the Qur'an teaches to wait patiently on the Lord's decision. Noah patiently waited upon the Lord. What separated David from many in the bible was his patience. He waited upon the Lord for answers instead of just making them up.

Who is the Lord? His name is Truth , the Creator - Guru Nanak
The Torah teaches truth about G_d. 
In the christian bible Jesus states , I am the Way the Truth and the Life.
Buddha taught the four noble truths and stated also three things cannot stay hidden long the sun, the moon and the Truth.
Hinduism teaches Brahman , creator is the eternal spiritual Truth.

So we see the Truth is not a mystery to be hidden. Mystery is not Truth , Truth is revelation. When we awaken to the Truth this is enlightenment. It is simple to understand even a child can. Mystery is darkness , Truth is light. Jesus never said I am the mystery.

So is religion just a thinking mechanism to overcome mystery? 

I believe we should not live to try and understand our shadow, we must come away from the shadows and toward the light.  Jesus said "I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won't have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light."
We also see in Buddhism that the dark world is ignorance, and the light which chases away the darkness is wisdom.

The Native Americans sometimes referred to the great Mystery. However they referred more often to the great Spirit. The Tao represents both mystery and truth in a symbolic gesture. We are finding the purpose of life is to evolve our consciousness. An intelligent being does not hold the concept of good and evil. Wisdom teaches us it is more about mystery and truth. Many have it right when we cross the threshold of wisdom evil disappears. We remain in the light as consummate spiritual beings.



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