Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things that boggle my mind

 We are engulfed in technology the Wii , the self parking cars running on batteries , the amazing i-phone and apps. We think of all the new gadgets that are invented by mans innovation, yet as an engineer these things do not boggle my mind. If we take the time to pick through our brain like we do to get the little bits of meat out of a Maryland crab, we would find our own innovations.
 What are the things that boggle my mind?
That little caterpillar that crawls into a cocoon and morphs into butterfly emerging with the skill and  power of flight. It would take me perhaps months to learn to fly an airplane but yet the butterfly has the skill instinctively. The way ants communicate as a colony to survive knowing which is going to be the scout or the guard , or which are to do the building almost inherently. The way many in the insect world perform amazing feats of strength lifting many time their weight greater than any machine we could ever create.
 I am also amazed at the cures for disease that are discovered by scientist , yet - they were always there. We are constantly uncovering myths about dietary , yet one with a phd will constantly disagree with another. Who do we believe then about our bodies ? I recently went to a specialist about an issue which caused pain and embarrassment, the answer was to let it go - time would heal. In most situations time will heal , doctors may just provides a pain medication but not an actual cure.
 What boggles my mind is the vastness of knowledge in God's wisdom - where does it come from? Is it instinctive like the butterfly, are we born with a sixth sense for protection? In scripture we are told by Jesus , the Spirit would teach and comfort us. How do we get in touch with the Spirit within or outside. My experience is both , that God is in us and around us and we just need to become sensitive to learning. In nature , in science and in our own minds. We morph or transform into new creature - similar to the butterfly not in appearance of course but in transformation.
 Do all believers transform , to be honest -no. Some will never leave the comfort of the cocoon, they will accept the Grace so freely given , but not seek the Truth. I am not sure what holds them back , perhaps fear or doubt. Maybe they need to see a butterfly to have something to reach for. For now I am still learning and doing as time and occasion permits God's will. The things that boggle my mind - keep me going all sorts of new learning in the Spirit.

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