Thursday, November 22, 2012

Milk Boy

 It was June 17th, 1964 in Windsor Twp New Jersey that I received my first ever compensation of wages for 1.00 USD. Signed by Kathryn A. Mullen the 3rd grade teacher and principal of the school for service as the milk boy during lunch hour. It was an old 3 story brick school that housed only grades first to third. On the school grounds was a tiny house with tiny doors and windows. It was the home of a dwarf that kept the school grounds. The whole place seemed magical to me and would be the basic building block of my education.
 Mrs Mullen was a stern but kind lady about in her sixties as I remember. She was a widow and I did not know of the circumstances perhaps a war widow. If we put our hands in our pockets she would stitch them shut as to make us proper gentleman. She would also use the ruler when necessary and make us stand in the hallway if we talked during class. I do remember she was very keen on reading and read often classic literature. I truly respected her and she always had a smile in spite of her stern disposition.

 Here we are almost 50 years later and still remember her and thankful for the time she took to make us all gentleman. I owe her a bit of gratitude and never cashed the check even though it could have purchased a lot of candy or perhaps a few comic books. It seems appropriate that if ever my life amount to anything, in my memoirs or poetry you be given credit.


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