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The environment in which we live is so important to our well being. Essential to our survival and growth. Today society is returning to  Eco-friendly energy and waste recycling. More than in times past we are becoming conscious of waste. It has almost become a religion in itself but does an Eco friendly God have merit. Yes- I do believe in this without a doubt. We were taught from Genesis on to take care of and preserve the planet. There are numerous references in other ancient and aboriginal religions to being Eco-friendly. Some religions teach not to even kill insects which is why they do not go out at night. I personally do not kill anything that can be avoided and have not been taught this but instinctively do not.
My grandchildren have complained about not killing a spider in the house. When I was living in the Pacific Islands we had insects but it was common to keep a large spider or cane spider on the wall to eat other insects or sometimes a gecko. The gecko would sometimes make squeaky noises , so I actually preferred spiders. The chemicals used today for insecticides are unmerciful and sometimes more harmful. We usually had a cat for mice control , that also served as a pet. Also kept a dog for protection rather than a firearm and that usually was enough. I grew up in Pennsylvania were hunting was a top sport and exposed to this as a youth. Later I took up archery which to me was more sporting however, mostly just shoot at targets.
After studying most of the major religions find a common thread of compassion toward all living creatures. Even though most disagree on the degree of compassion it still exists. Especially in the aboriginal religions where it is believed that animals have spirits.  If an animal is taken for game usually a ceremony or prayer is done of thanks to the spirit and the Creator. To be Eco- aware is not to be taken lightly if we are to live on a planet that provides all our needs , it should be respected. We find in pagan beliefs nature is given a higher order than in most religions. Though I am not a believer in pagan gods or idol worship it is important to me to also appreciate nature in other ecological ways.

Thrust into new age religions where the destruction of Ego-Self is the main objective we sometimes become ego-centric. We have a fear of not doing the right, to the point of anxiety. What if I am not serving the right god or worship the right way? Who will protect me and keep my environment intact? Who will fight off my enemies? These are religious fears that most people encounter. Most of the worlds population is entangled by anxiety and fear of some sort.
My belief is that we are all unique and have a free will. There is nothing wrong with being a stone that does not follow a particular belief system. You really need to follow your own path but finding it through a guru or evangelist or just a mentor is quite normal. We sometimes just hear a story or word of wisdom that is inspiring to hold on to. Now karma is clinging to bad things , where dharma is finding refuge in good things.
Some religions teach the destruction of Ego as a basis for becoming enlightened to a higher path. Some teach a cleansing of the soul is what is needed versus total self destruction. Some christian apologetics follow a similar path of self destruction and some lean more toward a cleansing. I personally believe in retaining the unique creative character and in the cleansing of the soul. I will still have a favorite color blue and still be a family man versus a monk. Even the buddha after all his journeys returned to his family to live out the last days of life. But to some the path may be a monk who am I to judge- we are all unique.
What is important that we find refuge in the things that are good for the soul and let go of the thing s that are not. It is really that simple - we cannot find God because God is not lost. If we adhere to the principles of love and forgiveness God will find us. God will cleanse our soul and we will be content. I find that this is not a momentous but a continual cleansing over a lifetime. Living waters are closer to a fountain than a pond or lake. It is water in motion like a river and we know that water in motion tends to filter out the impurity. My faith is very close to Hindu except for the wide variety of gods, I have only one God. Where it is taught Thought, Word and Deed - I believe Word, Thought and Deed because I just place the Word first according to John 1:1 in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. My favorite verse in the new testament. So, I love the Hindu for being very close to my own, especially Gandhi who was an example of peace.
So do not get hung up on the Ego, let it go because it is not destruction but cleansing that is needed. We should not look at ourselves as an Ego but a soul. A soul that is seeking refuge will eventually find it. I see so many christian and other religious followers still with anxiety. Anxiety is caused by expectation of punishment, shame or judgement. These things are not tools for religious life to be used in the pulpit - they only cause anxiety and do not heal anything.

We should dwell on good things that provide refuge for the soul. The ego was a concept of philosophy, the soul is the precious pearl of religion.


 I do not claim to be an expert on Hindu or Buddhism and there are variations in both just as there are in all philosophy or religions. My own belief is that there are stones in time unique in faith and character. I believe Jesus was the stone the builders rejected in the Jewish faith and the promised messiah. I believe the holy spirit or comforter guides us toward good , comforts and cleanses us from sin. I believe in the concept of karma, sowing and reaping. I also believe in the concept of dharma seeking refuge in the good. I believe God is eternal, omniscient and omnipotent. Everyone has the potential for good and therefore there is not exclusiveness or inclusiveness given based solely on religion, philosophy, color , race , gender or creed to know or experience God's love or inner peace.

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