Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day remembrance

                                    Rose Petals
There is no glory in War,
Say goodbye to this wretch, to this whore.
Stolen love from a son or a daughter,
Needless suffering and aimless slaughter.
Peace, a marriage for the bride and the groom,
Brings wonderful flowers to blossom and bloom.
But some soldiers or sailors will never be wed.
The stranger, the grave hath claimed them instead.
Some like to wear war pins in their hats,
and join clubs to have their war chats.
But I took all my ribbons and medals,
and buried them neath the rose petals.
In the spring when the roses come callen,
I remember the warriors! the lovers! the petals! that hath fallen.
To this wretch, this whore.
There is no glory in war.

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