Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Ring

 As Jesus forgave the thief on the cross , I believe he forgave me.

 Over four decades ago a young man was sitting at the dinner table as his father slumped over into his hot bowl of soup. He was taken to the hospital and would spend the next year there in surgery and recovery. Earlier that day he was injured at an assembly plant and the car door struck his neck, his wallet was taken and a gold watch, which the son was awarded by the Trenton Times newspaper and he had given to his father for fathers day.
Meanwhile the lad was faced with taking care of his siblings two sisters a brother and a mother.
There would be occasional visits to the hospital to check on the fathers progress and it was a gradual recovery.
 Soon the family funds became depleted and it was then he became a thief. Already delivering two paper routes a morning Trentonian and the evening Trenton Times after school and caring for lawns on weekends it did not seem enough. Also delivering the groceries for some elderly for a dime tip taking orders on the paper route. One night decided to go to the nearby farmers field where sometimes we would fish in the pond. Yes- with a small sack and flashlight picked through cabbages and would bring them home for cabbage soup. One particular night the farmer came out with a shotgun and fired some shots overhead. A stubborn cabbage left me stuck there as I lay closely to the ground hoping not to get caught.
 I waited till the farmer left and went quietly home , the next morning noticed my most valuable possession a silver school ring was gone. I went back and searched and could not find it.
 About a year later my father returned home from the hospital in Philadelphia , Pa we went to the nearby market and bought some cabbages -ugh, I thought not another cabbage. As I was ripping off the leaves a very strange thing happened - what fell from the cabbage was a dirty ring. I rinsed off the dirt and located the initials , Yes - it was mine. I am not sure if it was a miracle but it certainly was amazing that of all the cabbages at the farmers market we purchased that particular one. The chance of that happening was astonishing and it was a gift from God.
 It was a terrible thing to become a thief and I never took anything again. When I hear the story of the thief on the cross , often am reminded of my own miracle. The ring reminds me of forgiveness and Gods love , it seems like through all adversity there is a lesson to be learned.
 Thank you Lord for watching over me and returning the ring even though I did not deserve it.

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